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12/21/2002 Thanks to Harry Clark, Chester, PA, for providing some photos of the Ford Assembly Plant. As of Monday, December 16, 2002, the main administration building has now been leveled for development in the area.
12/21/2002 Our thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers, Aston, PA, for providing a copy of the Wednesday April 21, 1971 Delaware County Daily Times with their coverage and a photo by Walter Chernokal of the fire that destroyed the Great Leopard. Jack has also provided pictures of Brookhaven Cemetery and the Bond Bakery
12/9/2002 Betty-Jane Bennett Smith and her husband Robert spent a great deal of time recently to OCR the history that was provided to us by Baldt Anchor. I got the fruits of their efforts posted over this past weekend. Thanks very much for sharing Betty-Jane and Robert! This history also covers a number of familiar Chester names and other Chester businesses with which Frederick Baldt was associated.
12/7/2002 Many thanks to Mike Majeski, mmajeski@middletowntownship.org, for sharing a picture taken in 1960 in front of the shrine to Mary at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, a scan of an order from from his great grandfather, Joseph P. Gaskill's butchering business, and some recollections about Miss Mooney's candy store on 2nd St.
12/3/2002 Many thanks to Kyle Alderfer-O'Malley, KAOM63@aol.com, daughter of Dr. Kenneth G. & Josephine Alderfer, for sharing a clipping about her parents' unique teamwork at Chester Hospital from the February 13, 1958 edition of the Chester Times.
12/1/2002 Many thanks to Rocky (Hazel Hillard) Bohlmann, fatgarfield2002@yahoo.com, for sharing some wonderful pictures with us taken in 1958 with her very first brownie camera. Included are: the Taxi Station along 6th St., Food Fair on 7th St., Shooster's, Chester Hospital, and the Boat Dock along 7th Street
11/21/2002 With great pleasure today we welcome a long-time visitor and contributor to our growing list of Individual Sponsors. Terry Owsiany McHugh has chosen to honor her father, Leonard (Len) Owsiany with a biography page. Terry's words about her father certainly reflect the deep love that he shared with his family and that they also felt for him!
11/16/2002 We welcome another of Dave Komarnicki's wonderful stories about his recollections of growing up in Chester - A Night to Remember. Thank you so much, Dave, for sharing your recollections and your writing talents with us! A reminder - if you'd like to communicate with Dave, please send him an email but be sure to include your phone number so that he can call you back.
11/15/2002 Many thanks to Lamonte Rawlings, the chairman of the board of trustees at the Temple Baptist Church for providing a history of the church as well as a complete listing of their pastors.
11/12/2002 Thanks to one of our newest visitors, Michele D. Williams, for sharing a 1949 picture of her father, John Decot (Denesowicz) at work at Sun Ray Drug Store. There are two other Sun Ray employees in the picture too. Can anyone help identify either or both of the two ladies?
11/9/2002 After reading Mr. Jon Clayton's history of the World's First Summer Bible School, Betty Embert (Martino) has shared with us a scan of one of her Summer Bible School Report Cards c. 1947-1949.
11/8/2002 Many thanks to Peter Mariani, '79, VP of Archmere Alumni Association for providing a picture of Archmere Academy, some Chester Students Arriving at Archmere, and a listing of some known Chester Archmere graduates.
11/7/2002 Many thanks to Mr. Jon M. Clayton, Chester, PA, for permitting us to reprint his history of the World's First Summer Bible School which was begun right in Chester by Dr. Abraham Lance Lathem, Ph.D., D.D. at Third Presbyterian Church in the summer of 1912.
11/4/2002 Many thanks to Mr. Rod Powell from the Delco Blind/Sight Center for some information and pictures of the center (organized in 1941 by the Chester Lions Club) and their clients. For more information, there's also a link at the top of the page to their website.
11/4/2002 Many thanks to David Chominski, Davidski3@aol.com, for more information about Pulaski Day Celebrations and for pictures of some of the Pulaski Day Parades in Chester between 1955-1977. If you'd like to add some of your own recollections, there's a place to do that right on the Pulaski Day page!
11/3/2002 Over the weekend I have made numerous additions of information to our listing of retail businesses. Also, new pictures added today include:

Chester Park Band Shell and Irving Swim Club, both courtesy of the architect, Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA who we were honored to have present at our October 2002 "Get-Together"
The Pacific Sun, built by Sun Ship and served during World War II
Morton Ave. School Early Class picture
Mt. Hope Methodist Church
, c. 1909 and Chester Traction Company Strike 1909, courtesy of Martha (Pancoast) Perchalski

10/30/2002 Additional recollections in this morning from Tim McFarland, senior staff announcer at WVCH from 1970 - 1978. Tim produced the "Sounds Like Bluegrass" show along with Roger McCabe on the original WVCH console!
10/28/2002 A couple more pictures today from the St. James' 1950 "Blue & Gray", courtesy of Ray Agent. - A Lunch Time Group and Driver Training Car from General Chevrolet. Also from some early Chester High annuals courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Havercamp's Photo Studio ad and Allison Forgings of Metallic Quality
10/27 & 28/2002 Among other additions, I have added approximately 110 new small businesses from their ads in 1915, 1916, 1917 & 1918 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
10/22/2002 Thanks to a CHS 1917 yearbook from Janet Andrews Moulder, we now know that there was a Chester High Army.
10/22/2002 Florence (Smalley) Knott emailed a picture today of the Good Will Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary in a parade on Edgmont Ave. that I think you'll agree with me is outstanding enough to revive the "Featured Photo" selection on our main page! - A great view not only of the ladies but also of the main business district on Edgmont Ave. between 6th & 7th Streets!
10/22/2002 Welcome Nether Providence to our class reunions section. Didn't mean to overlook my own fellow Bulldogs - just waiting until someone else requested a page.
10/21/2002 I recently received an inquiry along with some information from Karen Jacobs, Chester, PA, about the Perry A. Wright School in Chester Township. If you can help us to fill in any other information about the school, please let me know.
10/16/2002 More pictures from our Get-Together:
Sun Ship Hull Drawing Room, c. 1941 - courtesy of Irene Norton
Lahn's Coal Yard Coal Bin Sign
Another horse-drawn Diamond Ice wagon
10/16/2002 As promised earlier, John Harrison, Aston, PA, has come through for us with a tremendous addition to our picture collection. The Crosby St. Substation of the Delaware County Electric Company, and the famous "What Chester Makes Makes Chester" sign! - Thanks very much John for this treasure!
10/15/2002 Many thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder of Wilmington, DE for allowing us to borrow her Mother's collection of Chester High Annuals (1915-1918) and to Caroline for spending the time to key in the lists for the Class of 1917 and Class of February 1918 and share them with us!
10/14/2002 Thanks to Florence (Smalley) Knott for some early pictures of the members of the Good Will Fire Department, their baseball & football teams and a picture of the Ladies Auxiliary c. 1948.
Also a pictures of: her grandfather, Thomas R. Canavan, Fire Chief.
Sun Ship Officers & an Aerial View from the 1940 Employees' Picnic program book.
Thanks also to Irene Norton for additional Sun Ship pictures and articles from the May 1956 "Our Yard" magazine. Irene also shared some other Sun Ship pictures by my time and energies have about run out for tonight. Stay tuned for those...


10/12/2002 Pictures added today brought to last Saturday's "OldChesterPa.com Fall Get-Together":
Mr. Bennie Wright, courtesy of Craig "Fled" Rainey
Powell School, c. 1900
William Penn Restaurant ash tray & Central Rest Recreation Club banquet March 3, 1954, courtesy of Dave Guleke
City Hotel, Joe Barbacane, bartender
Diamond Ice
Early Southern Penn Buses & Employees
1937 Chester High Basketball Team
, courtesy of John Lastowka

Cooper Jesse Prescott's Barber Shop, 3rd & Jeffrey, & Chester Light Supply, Edgmont above 7th St., courtesy of Alice Ritter
1954 Chester High Varsity Basketball Team, courtesy of Dan McGinniss
Wetherill School Kindergarten class 1938, courtesy of Florence (Smalley) Knott
1980 Chester High Track Team & Chester High Class of 1980 courtesy of Craig "Fled" Rainey
Martin School
1928 Franklin School, 8th Grade Class

Note: Due to the volume of pictures that we scanned at the reunion, some contributors were not identified. If you provided any of these pictures, please let me know so that I can credit you.


10/11/2002 Many thanks to Florence E O'Bryan, FOBionicBlonde@aol.com, for providing a list of all Chester Fire Chiefs and their years of service from 1869 through 1956!
10/10/2002 Thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers, Aston, PA, for some pictures of St. Martin's Cemetery, Marcus Hook.
10/10/2002 Many thanks to Ray Agent for making his "Blue & Gray" available to us for a listing of the St. James Class of 1950, and to Caroline for keying in the list. Thanks also to "Joker" Jack Chambers, Aston, PA, for sharing with us some pictures of St. James High School (currently St. James Place).
10/8/2002 Thanks to Caroline, we have a number of pictures of Saturday's "OldChesterPa.com Fall Get-Together". I have assembled them into a slide show. Because of the large number of pictures, you may want to click "Next" until all 97 pictures have been displayed. Then you can click "Auto/Stop" to play the show. "Joker" Jack Chambers also took lots of pictures and I'll be getting his posted for all to enjoy just as soon as possible.
9/30/2002 Many thanks to Joan M. Guzek for allowing us to borrow her collection of Annuals (1950-1954) and to Caroline for spending the time to key in the lists and share them with us! All of the classes, "Who's Who" lists, Prom Queens, Faculty & Staff, etc. are now posted for all of those years. Each year is linked from the "Classes" section of our Chester High School page.
9/27/2002 Caroline is giving her fingers a real workout on the keyboard but thanks to her efforts we also now have a complete list of Students, Faculty & Staff for the Chester High Class of 1951!
9/26/2002 Thanks to John (Jack) Gresch, JGresch@aol.com, for a picture of Chester's brand new 2002 Pierce 85' Aerial Platform Truck. A fantastic new piece of equipment for the Fire Department, but let's just hope they don't have to use it too often!
9/26/2002 Many thanks to Caroline for keying in and sharing with us the Chester High Class of 1950 from the yearbook. Her list also includes Faculty, Staff, Coaches and a list of the Senior Football players! - Stay tuned, there will be more classes yet to come!
9/25/2002 For those who have been anxiously awaiting another treat from the pen of Dave Komarnicki, "The Jawbreaker" is now posted on the main page of Komarnicki's Korner. This is a story that Dave wrote in 1976, 10 years before returning from LA to live in Delaware County. There are links to post a note or to email Dave at the bottom of his page. However, it will be quicker for him to respond to you if you'll leave him your phone number. 
9/23/2002 For some time Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia, hmwebber@aol.com, has been very involved in a project to construct a Soldier & Sailor Walk to commemorate the veterans interred at St. Martin's Cemetery, Marcus Hook, PA. She reports that construction is about to get underway and has shared with us with a list of the veterans interred there from the Revolution through the Spanish American War. The memorial is scheduled to be completed within the next 90 days!
9/16/2002 Lately several people have asked about Sonny May's Water Ice Shop. Founded by Sonny's father in 1947, the shop was recently forced to move just across the street due to the improvements to 291. Many thanks to Gloria Evers, GME118@aol.com, for sharing a recent article from the Delaware County Daily Times about the move. Gloria sent this as a *.pdf file so you'll need the Adobe acrobat reader (a free download from www.Adobe.com) to open it.
9/15/2002 Many thanks to Laura Blow Turner, LTurner685@aol.com, daughter of Beverly Y. Blow, for sharing allot of pictures and information about her father and of the staff of Frederick Douglass Jr. High School from the school's 1966 yearbook. Mr. Blow was principal of the school for 17 years and in 1966 the school's yearbook, "The Helm", was dedicated to him.
9/8/2002 Earlier this year we opened a section for Holidays & Special Events in Chester. With the fall season almost upon us, it's that time of year to recall Chester's annual celebration of Pulaski Day. If you'd like to share your recollections of the parade or other festivities, there's now a link there to an interactive form where you can add to our knowledge of the celebration.
9/8/2002 Keli Smith, kelidsmith@yahoo.com, President of the Chester High Class of 1998 tells me they're about to get started on plans for their 5-year reunion in 2004. I hope that you'll stop by that page and get signed in so that they can get in touch with you and get your input (and help) with the reunion!
9/8/2002 Now open, a class reunion page for the Chester High Class of 1997. If you're a part of that class, we hope that you'll sign in and re-connect with some classmates so that you can keep in touch! - There are also now pages for the remaining '90's classes, 1993, 1994 and 1999.
9/2/2002 Many thanks to Sylvia Walls, Gigi339sw@aol.com, for a picture of the 1941 7th Ward Football Team. Can you help to identify any of the others in the picture?
8/30/2002 Thanks to Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, for sharing biographies of judges Joseph W. deFuria and E. Wallace Chadwick, both Chester natives, scanned from from A History of Rose Valley - Published by Borough of Rose Valley - Copyright 1973.
8/30/2002 Recently I had a request for some information about Trainer School. Thanks to Jack McCall, I had a little history of the school from a Trainer Biocentennial book printed in 1976. Also, there's now a Trainer School Class Reunions page for any graduates who would like to sign in and get back in touch with some classmates.
8/29/2002 A very belated "Thank You!" to Lee Bennington, RLbenni@netscape.net, for some pictures of the Presidents and information he shared some time ago about the history of the A.H. Wirz Company. I posted the history on the page a few weeks ago but overlooked a mention of it here. The pictures of some of the Presidents have also now been added.
8/23/2002 Congratulations to the organizers and to all 700 who participated in last Saturday's Rez Reunion! - Fantastic! Don't panic Rezzers - I just did a little housekeeping tonight on your class reunion pages. The two pages are now consolidated into one Resurrection of Our Lord "Rez" Class Reunions page. All of the old messages are also still there - they're just archived now onto two additional pages. This should help the page load lots faster. Happy continued reminiscing!
8/22/2002 Thanks to J.R. Gach, JRGach@aol.com, for some great recollections, history, a listing of announcers, and a picture of WEEZ! J.R. worked there in the late 1960's and broadcasted as "Jay Roberts".

J.R. has also added some interesting history about WVCH (where he began his broadcasting career) including the actual daily sign-on/sign-off copy that was read at the beginning and end of every broadcast day. Remember the bell that tolled in the background? J.R. reveals the true origin of that sound!

8/20/2002 Many thanks to Gloria Evers, CE6548@aol.com and to Bill Crystle, MISERABILL@aol.com, for sharing some pictures taken during last Friday morning's fire that destroyed Linvilla's signature 1889 octagonal barn. There is also a link at the top of the page to visit Linvilla's website, and links at the bottom of the page for local news coverage. From the Linvilla website: "At this time we ask for everyone's continued to support by shopping at Linvilla and by signing up for our mailing list.  This will enable us to keep you up to date on our progress."
8/17/2002 Many thanks to Mrs. Irma Mailman Kohn, Chester, PA, for some wonderful pictures that she made available for me to scan during my visit to Chester earlier this summer. Mrs. Kohn is the daughter of Morris Mailman, founder of Mailman's Department Store. Included are:
Mailman's Department Store
Homes built by Mr. Mailmay at 2nd & Flower St.
(also Harry's Market, 2nd & Flower St.)
1933 Cooking Class at Smedley Jr. High
Smedley Jr. High Class of February 1936
Chester High School Student Strike c. 1937-38
lead by John Gilman
8/10/2002 We now have a list of names from the Dewey Class of 1954. The names were copied from handwritten names on a class picture - let me know if you'd like to add to our knowledge of any of the full first names of these class members.
8/9/2002 Many thanks to Ed Spellacy, espel57070@cs.com,  for a picture of his Dad, Ed Spellacy Sr. and fellow Chester officer Lloyd Garman.
8/9/2002 Joe Zachoremy reports that they have now set a date (April 26, 2003) for the reunion of the Smedley Class of '65 and Friends. Stop by their page if you'd like to sign in and stay informed.
8/1/2002 A new month and another great new story from Dave Komarnicki, "Big Sting Saturday". If you enjoy Dave's writings about growing up in Chester, there's a form at the bottom of the page where you can leave him a note or there's an email link so that you can write to him directly. Enjoy!
8/1/2002 Many thanks to Wanita Pierce, WanitaPierce@aol.com, for providing more information about Life in Christ Cathedral of Faith, and Bishop Dickie & Lady Tina Robbins, pastors. The church will be holding a "Marriage Matters" marriage conference August 16-18, 2002. More information about the conference is available on their page.
7/30/2002 This one comes under the category of "better late than never" <g>. I was so busy scanning pictures at last year's "Fall 2001 Get-Together" that I never did get a chance to take any pictures. Fortunately, however, Marion Hampton took quite a few and they're now posted on the link above.

Also, if you would like to help spread the word about this year's "Fall 2002 Get-Together", there are links on the top of that page for invitations that you can print out to share with friends or your organization. There's a full-size (letter-size) invitation and also a half-sheet that's perfect for church bulletin inserts. To open and print the invitations, you'll an Adobe Acrobat reader. If you don't already have one installed, it is a free download from Adobe.com.

7/27/2002 Many thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com, for sharing a picture of the very first Wetherill School Kindergarten class (1930). Janet has identified many of the students in the class - can you help with any of the others?
7/26/2002 Many thanks to Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, and to Caroline, carpete@bellatlantic.net for some current pictures of the new homes at Wellington Ridge, former site of McCaffery Village and of the site of the proposed new 150,000 square foot shopping center planned for 15th St. & Highland Ave.
7/25/2002 Thanks to Diane Hawrylak Mangiapane, PCMANGIA@email.msn.com, for a wonderful synopsis of the history of her parents' store, Pete & Lovana's Corner Store, at 800 E 8th St.
7/25/2002 Many thanks to Harold J. Haltaman, hhaltaman@ezy.net, for sharing a scan of the program of the Chester High Certification Exercises of the Commercial Class, June 24, 1919. This now gives us the names of the Commercial Class member of the Class of 1919.
7/25/2002 I received an email from Albert I. Layton, albert.layton@lmco.com, Class President, requesting a class reunion page for the Chester High Class of 1996. I hope that you'll stop by the page and sign in!
7/23/2002 This evening I have added lists of Chester High graduates for the following classes: June 1925, February & June 1926, February 1927.
7/22/2002 Thanks to a request from Beth Stevenson-Anderson, we welcome the Notre Dame Class of 1973! - No news yet of any reunion plans but their page is now up on the website. If you're from that class or would like to keep in touch with them, please stop by their page and sign in.
7/17/2002 Thanks to One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank 1814-1914, we now have a complete listing of the Presidents, Cashiers, Solicitors and Board members of The Bank of Delaware County and The Delaware County National Bank. Follow the links from that page to the lists and some concise biographical sketches done by Henry Graham Ashmead on most all of prominent these early Chester men. Also pictures of the buildings that housed the bank on Market Square at the corner of 3rd & Market St.
7/15/2002 The Chester High Class of 1967 has announced plans for a reunion on November 29, 2002. If you're a member of that class, you might like to stop by the page and sign in so that they can get in touch with you. There is also contact information for the committee members on the page.
7/15/2002 Thanks to Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, for a couple of other new pictures for our website. We now have a group of some of the Weinberg's Employees (taken summer 1958) - Can you identify any of the others? We also now have a beautiful current picture of Our Lady of Charity in Brookhaven. The parish will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in November - details about their special plans are on that page.
7/10/2002 Thanks to Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, for taking a picture of the new construction going on at Parkside Elementary School.
7/9/2002 Joan Shorter, mommomjoan@aol.com, has been come across three very interesting Chester pictures for us. The first is of WPWA's Jock Laurence, the second may be WVCH's Cowboy Tiny Adams (?), and the third is a group of "Chester Lace Mill Girls". Let me know if you can confirm the identity of Cowboy Tiny Adams and if you can help us to identify any of the ladies in the Lace Mill photo. Thanks for sharing Joan!
7/9/2002 Thanks once again to our friend Dave Komarnicki for yet another wonderful story about his days growing up in Chester, "The Oxblood Incident". If you enjoy it, there's a place at the bottom of the page where you can leave comments for Dave or, if you prefer, email him here.
7/6/2002 Thanks once again to Caroline, carpete@verizon.net, for capturing some very familiar places with her camera for us. Today I have added her pictures of Trainer Rocks/Turtle Rocks and of Riverview Beach Park. Be sure to follow the navigation links from the Riverview page back to our Recreation page for links to more Riverview websites.
6/29/2002 Many thanks to Tom Dewey, tom7365@msn.com, for sharing some excellent yet sad pictures of the Floods and damages in Eyre Park in September 1971. Be sure to follow the links there to see all 3 pages (10 pictures in all).
6/29/2002 Chester High School Class of 1934 will hold it's 68th Class Reunion on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at "THE LITTLE INN", Media, PA. For more information or with information contact Sid Rennett at 610 544-1065. E-mail: PM772@rcn.com 
6/27/2002 Thanks to Caroline, carpete@verizon.net for pictures of the American Legion: Szymanski-Rywacki Post 546, and a 1967 Ukrainian Nite Dinner & Dance.
Also, Caroline has shared a number of pictures of St. Hedwig's Mass and the Memorial Day Ceremonies at Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery. I have used these pictures for our very first Slide Show! See the instructions below the picture for playing the show.
6/27/2002 I have now completed posting all of the lists of Chester High School graduates (1875-1916). For those folks working on genealogy, this has added a total of another 1653 names to the website!
6/26/2002 Many thanks to Tom Dewey, tom7365@msn.com, for providing a list of Chester's 28 Casualties in Vietnam. There is also a link at the top of the page for more information on each one at The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall Page.
6/25/2002 Many thanks to Terry Redden Peters for sharing with us another great picture! - We now have both an interior and exterior view of the Welsh Restaurant.
6/25/2002 More CHS classes added - now up through the class of 1911. Check the lists here: Chester High School graduates, or use our Search Form to search for your family names.
6/23/2002 In keeping with this weekend's "schools" project, I have added something of particular interest to our visitors who are researching genealogy. The same "Manuals of the Public Schools of Chester" cited below contained complete lists of Chester High School graduates from 1875 through 1916. So far I have all of the 781 graduates posted from 1875 through 1905. I will be adding the other years as soon as possible.
A reminder: If you're working on genealogy, be sure to take advantage of our Search Form which will search all of the now 1,153 pages of the website for your name.
6/22/2002 Today I'm posting allot of early information on Chester Schools. One of the early "Manuals of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA", contained some historical notes on individuals for whom the various schools were named. Included are: Hoskins, Starr, Harvey, Morton, Larkin, Graham, Martin, Powell, John Wetherill (Oak Grove), Gartside, Patterson, Howell, Dewey, Horace Mann, Thurlow, Clayton, McCay, Watts, & Jones schools. Also, I have posted a picture of the plaque mounted in the parking lot at Chester Water Authority regarding the four schools that previous stood on that site and pictures of the two corner stones that are also on display.
6/22/2002 Attention Horace Mann graduates. Scroll down to the third picture on the page for a view of the school you have probably never seen. Taken from the "Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA 1916-1917", it's a view of the "proposed" Horace Mann School. Somewhat different from what was eventually built!
6/22/2002 Many thanks to Bill Crowther, Zippo829@juno.com, for digging out a historic treasure from his collection - a 1940's advertising blotter for the brand new homes in Highland Gardens! The blotter has a complete map of the area, a picture of one of the homes, plus all the details on how to buy for just a $10 deposit! To see a close-up of the map, be sure to click on the blotter.
6/20/2002 Some historic school pictures added this afternoon including pictures of Starr School (the original Chester High), Immaculate Heart of Mary School, and also a glimpse of Harvey School which was next to Starr School at 5th & Welsh St. Many thanks to Mr. Bill Dandridge & Delores Freeman for sharing these pictures!
6/20/2002 A few current pictures added today from my recent trip to Chester last week. A few weeks ago the city purchased the former Supplee-Wills-Jones Sealtest Dairy at 12th & Deshong St. Demolition is already underway but I did get there in time to get a few pictures.
Renovation work is well underway on the new City Hall at the foot of 4th & Market St. and also sidewalk renovations on Market St. between 4th & 5th are progressing. Also in this block will be the new Delaware County Historical Society's library and museum and I understand that a restaurant is in the planning stages for one of the other two buildings to the north of the old 1724 Courthouse.
LaSpada's Steaks & Hoagies, Parkside
Edgmont Ave., Phil & Jim's Steaks & Hoagies, etc., Parkside
6/17/2002 Today we welcome a long-time contributor yet a brand new Individual Sponsor. Harvey S. Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, has chosen to honor Leedom "Lee" B. Morrison, Planning Director of the City of Chester from October 1969 until January 1990. Harvey has contributed almost since the beginning very generously of his time and knowledge to our website, and we thank him for his sponsorship in memory of Mr. Morrison. 6/19/2002: Harvey has also provided a picture of Mr. Morrison.
6/16/2002 Thanks to Jack Ralston, Jfralston55@aol.com, for a picture of the 1948 Championship Sinclair Delco League Baseball Team. Ok Delco sports buffs, can you help to identify the players?
6/16/2002 Thanks to Lee Bennington, RLBenni@netscape.net, for a September 7, 1951 feature article from the Chester Times about the American Viscose Company. It is an excellent early history of the company and adds quite a few names to our list of known employees and plant managers. - Thanks Lee for taking the time to type up the article and share it with us!
6/16/2002 Thanks to Harry Vercoe, hpvmdv@mchsi.com, for a 1945 picture of Boy Scout Troop 6 at First Presbyterian Church.
6/4/2002 Thanks to Fred Ungarino, fcjmu@rcn.com, for pictures of the 1979 Chester East Little League and 1979 Chester Police Little League teams.
6/3/2002 I'm still in the process of posting lots more Chester Fire Department information from the Felton Fire Company's 100th Anniversary book courtesy of Leigh Allvord, ldamm3usn@comcast.net. Added today:
Historical Sketch of the Chester Fire Department in 1902
Years of Service of Felton Fire Co. members as of 1982
6/3/2002 Now open, a class reunion page for Notre Dame Class of 1978. Join Charlene Weimar, Reds78@aol.com, and get signed in!
6/2/2002 Thanks to Joe Archacki, archacki69@attbi.com, for passing along pictures of another of Chester's claims to fame, the Baldt Anchor from the U.S.S. Arizona, which is on display at Pearl Harbor, HI.
6/1/2002 Today I'm in the process of posting lots of new Chester Fire Department information from the Felton Fire Company's 100th Anniversary book courtesy of Leigh Allvord, ldamm3usn@comcast.net. So far I have added pictures of 7 of Chester's Past Fire Chiefs, a history of the Felton Fire Company, and the company's primary officers 1882-1982. Keep checking back, as there's lots more to come from that source! Thanks Leigh!
Deceased Members of the Felton Fire Company
WWI & WWII Honor Roll
6/1/2002 Thanks to Bud Haynes, KV7G@prodigy.net, for a short biography and a picture of his grandfather, M. P. Maitland. Mr. Maitland is pictured along with two Notre Dame High School students in the doorway of the school bus. The picture is most likely from the mid to late 1940's. Take a look Notre Dame students and see if you recognize the young ladies on the bus!
6/1/2002 Once upon a time, "Joker" Jack Chambers reminisced that as he recalled, the original Shooster's was a small, round, white building. Thanks to Leigh Allvord, ldamm3usn@comcast.net, we now have a picture of that building from the Felton Fire Company's 100th Anniversary book! (Scroll down to the third picture on the Shooster's main page.)
5/31/2002 Folks, believe it or not, I still have lots of wonderful info and some pictures yet to post from last October's Fall "Get-Together" in Chester. Here are a couple of today's additions:
A Picture of Miss Springer's Kindergarten class, 1945-46, (Wetherill School),
courtesy of Janet (Goldsworthy) Kelly-Ogurko, born2beluved@aol.com
A picture of the Franklin School Class of February 1936, courtesy of Father Joe Hess, frjoehess@cs.com
A picture of a Franklin School Class in 1945, courtesy of Lydia Johnson
Pictures of the two locations of Morrison's Ice Cream Store, courtesy of William Morrison. One of these stores was later the location of the 1948 Market Street Massacre.
5/31/2002 Thanks to Josephine Burke for compiling a list of Delaware County Daily Times Employees during her tenure there c. 1965-1990, and to Paul Burke for a list of Chester Post Office Employees during his career there, c. 1950-1985.
5/30/2002 Many thanks to John & Laura Jean Podgajny, pod76@rcn.com, for a picture of John's Dad, Johnny Podgajny and of Danny Murtaugh taken on Chester Day at Shibe Park, September 21, 1941. Can you find yourself or someone you know in the crowd?
5/30/2002 Some time ago William H. Crystle & Harry Bomberger provided two pictures (early 1940's) of Members of the Franklin Fire Company. Thanks to Gene Fusco and his daughter Laura Jean Podgajny, pod76@rcn.com, we now know the identities of these men.
5/30/2002 Thanks to the many entries recently on the Guest Book at "The Newsstand", I have begun pages for known Speare's and Weinberg's employees. If you can add to our lists, just let me know.
5/26/2002 Many months ago Stephen Shooster, shoosty@bellsouth.net, sent along a copy of a letter written by Harry & Herman Shooster at the time that Shooster's Restaurant was renovated. I have finally gotten it posted this evening and there's also a pen and ink sketch of the new restaurant. If you haven't seen the other Shooster's pages yet, there are links there for them including one to pictures of some of the Car hops.
5/26/2002 Thanks to Peggy Mealy, peggy@mealy.com, for a picture of Easter eggs being produced at Deakyne Bros. Candy and also for a 1949 Chester Times article about their Easter egg decorator, Walter "Pete"Chadwick.
5/25/2002 Many thanks to Caroline, carpete@verizon.net, for sharing "Peat Moss and Geraniums", her recollections of Memorial Day observances at St. Hedwig's and Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery.
5/24/2002 Again this week Dave Komarnicki has provided a very timely story, "A Trip Down Chester's Memory Lane" which includes some vivid recollections of Chester's traditional Memorial Day observance. For those in the area who might enjoy attending, the annual Memorial Day service still takes place around noon or 1:00 p.m. on Monday (Memorial Day) at Soldiers' Circle in Chester Rural Cemetery.
5/23/2002 Thanks to Ron Burke, rpburke1@rcn.com, for news about the upcoming (June 8th) 60th reunion for the Eddystone Class of 1942. Contact information for the class is on their page.
5/20/2002 Today we welcome a new "Individual Sponsor", A. Harold (Hal) Showalter, hshowalter@pa.net, in memory of his father, Addison H. Showalter. Addison was principal of Dewey-Mann School (1921-1942), Assistant Superintendent of Chester Schools from 1942-1950, Superintendent of Schools from 1950-58 and a member of the School Board from 1959-1969. He was honored by the Keystone Automobile Club (AAA) in 1955 for his work in originating the Safety Patrol Program. Hal has also shared with us some info and memorabilia from Dewey-Mann School and a copy of the letter his dad wrote to him the day following the testimonial dinner when it was announced that the new junior high school would be named for him. What a wonderful opportunity for us to have this personal glimpse of his reactions to that honor!
5/16/2002 Jan Ross, jwrjar@aol.com, announces plans for the Media High School Class of 1952's 50th reunion to be held on September 28, 2002. She has a short list of "missing" members and would appreciate it if you could stop by their page and see if you can help to locate any of those folks.
5/16/2002 No immediate reunion plans right now, but Tracy (Lyons) Kline, kaky412@aol.com, has asked for a page for the Notre Dame Class of 1981, the school's last graduating class. Stop by and sign in!
5/16/2002 Patricia (Marshall) Sullivan, patriciasul@yahoo.com, announces that the Chester High Class of 1961 is planning an "everybody birthday party" in lieu of a class reunion. The event will be held on September 27, 2002. Stop by that page for details and to get signed in so that they can get in touch with you.
5/14/2002 Thanks to Lisa Witomski, lisa@tfrankmccalls.com, president, for a history of T. Frank McCall's, Inc.
5/14/2002 Thanks to Ralph L. Hall, walf1947@juno.com, for some pictures of First Presbyterian Church before the construction of Lindsay Hall (in 1942), of the original church building at 4th & Welsh St, and the Good Friday Sign that was erected each year at 9th & Edgmont Ave.
5/14/2002 Thanks to Fr. Joe & Helen Stauffer Hess, frjoehess@cs.com, for a picture of the Chester High Class of 1939 taken at their most recent reunion in 1999.
5/14/2002 Thanks to Jack Ralston, Jfralston55@aol.com, for sharing another picture of the Boyd Theatre!
5/14/2002 Many thanks to Irene Ramos-Vaul, itvaul@fast.net, for a picture of the Caruso Band in 1928. Many of the band members are identified, including Irene's father and her uncle. Can you help with any of the rest?
5/7/2002 Folks, I'm doing lots of work "behind the scenes" so to speak this week. Am making a concerted effort to finally catch up on all of the wonderful emails that I received last August after the Daily Times article about our website. All of these updates are too numerous to list but if you haven't checked the various small business pages lately, you'll find a number of new ones have been added.
5/5/2002 Thanks to Pat (Venables) Murray, Mur513@aol.com, for a picture of the Rez Class of 1971. Pat has also added to our list of Rez teachers and principals and an interesting story about the auditorium entranceway built by her grandfather, Otto Venables.
5/4/2002 Thanks to Vincent Gabriel Lavella, vincent.lavella@mma.mass.edu, for some pictures of his family's Night Owls Wholesale Foods / Lavella Brothers, in Chester since 1937. (Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see all four larger pictures including one of Vincent himself!)
5/4/2002 The Chester High Class of 1952 has submitted an extensive list of their "Missing" members. Please stop by their page and let them know if you can help to locate any of these classmates. Also, there is a new date (Oct 12) and place (Holiday Inn Select, Naamans Rd., Wilmington, DE) for their reunion.
5/4/2002 I have posted a synopsis of last week's Walking Tour sponsored by the Chester Cultural Tour Committee. As you read through the article, be sure to click on the links for additional current pictures.
5/3/2002 Mr. Joe Cirilli, delcofame@aol.com, one of the founders of the Chester Teener Baseball League reports, "there is a desire of former teener league players to hold a reunion affair of teener leaguer players.  I would like to hear if there is an interest of such a venture which I would gladly undertake." If you're a member, stop by the page and sign in so that he can get in touch with you.
5/2/2002 Joe Zakorchemny, Smedley65@aol.com, announces that the Smedley Class of '65 is planning a reunion for the members of its Class and Friends. They are currently in the planning stages. The tentative date is May 17, 2003. Please visit the page to sign in so that they can get in touch with you.
5/2/2002 This just in from Bob Blisard, BOB31854@aol.com - The August 2002 reunion originally planned for the '65-'85 classes is now open for All Rez Graduating Classes. If you're planning to attend, be sure to sign in on that page so that they can get an idea of how many to plan for.
5/1/2002 Class reunion pages are now set up for All 1980's and 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1995 Chester High classes and also for the Chester High Class of '39. Stop by and get signed in!
4/24/2002 Many thanks to Terry Redden Peters for sharing an interior picture of the Yellow Bowl Tea Room.   (Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see the larger version).
4/22/2002 Mary Ann Barrow, mabarrow@att.net, reports that the details are now finalized for the St. Michael's Class of 1952 50th Reunion. She has also sent along an updated list of their "missing" members and would appreciate any help in locating these folks.
4/21/2002 The Deed, a new story by Dave Komarnicki about growing up in Chester, is now posted on his page, Komarnicki's Korner. There's a place on the page to leave Dave a note as well as an email link if you'd like to write to him personally. If you'd like to chat with Dave, be sure to include your phone number in your email to him.
4/13/2002 Bob Blisard, BOB31854@aol.com, and others are putting together a reunion to be held in August 2002 for the 1965-1985 "Rez" Classes. If you're a member of one of these classes or know someone who is, please stop by that new page and sign in so that they can get in touch with you and have some idea of how many people to plan for.
4/8/2002 Thanks to Marion Hampton, Boothwyn, PA, for providing maps of a number of Chester area cemeteries. Today I have added maps of both the Old & New Sections of Upland Baptist Cemetery. Unfortunately, the older records of this cemetery were lost in the fire that destroyed Upland Baptist Church in February 1955. However, if you have been working on your genealogy and would like to help us to reconstruct these records, there is a form here where you can submit information about people interred in this cemetery. I will be posting maps of some of the other area cemeteries soon.
4/8/2002 Kyle Alderfer-O'Malley, KAOM63@aol.com, is in search of members of the Swarthmore High School Class of 1982 for their upcoming reunion. Please check their page and sign in if you can help or if you're a Swarthmore High graduate of any year we hope that you'll take advantage of this page to get back in touch with some other classmates.
4/3/2002 Many thanks to Caroline, carpete@bellatlantic.net, for two new beautiful pictures of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church and two pictures of Wellington Ridge. (What's that you say? Never heard of Wellington Ridge? That's the new development underway on the site of the former McCaffery Village!)
4/3/2002 Thanks to Kate Brittian (Nolan), ludydesi8@comcast.net, for supplying a picture of Notre Dame High School in Moylan for our class reunion pages and also for a picture of the Rez Class of 1961.
4/1/2002 Thanks to Ralph L. Hall, walf1947@juno.com, for a couple of 1952-vintage pictures of Parkside Elementary School. Ralph was also able to locate a newspaper clipping that identified the remainder of the men in the picture he had sent earlier of the Y.M.C.A. Glee Club taken in the 1940's.
4/1/2002 Thanks to Madeline A. Jenkins-Steiner, maddyjs@juno.com, for an announcement about the CHS Class of 1957 Reunion coming up on September 28, 2002.
4/1/2002 Nick Constantine, monick@bellatlantic.net, would like your help in locating some "missing" members of the CHS Class of 1947. If you know the whereabouts of any of those folks, please let him or Carol Buonsante Hindsley know.
3/29/2002 Thanks to Tammy Long Degand, moonchild713@charter.net, for sharing a picture of her father's business, Long's Auto Service taken in 1965.
3/29/2002 Thanks to Mike Semcheski, msem@ix.netcom.com, for sharing a picture of McClurg's Colts taken c. 1929 in Deshong Park. Mike has also provided a link for us to a Satellite Photo of Chester taken on March 29, 1992.
3/27/2002 In celebration of our 2nd Anniversary, I have added another of Dave Komarnicki's stories about growing up in Chester, "There's no running away from some memories".
3/26/2002 Thanks to Caroline, carpete@bellatlantic.net, for providing three pictures of Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery.
3/23/2002 Many thanks to Florence E. O'Bryan, FOBionicBlonde@aol.com, who some months ago provided a list of many of the Deceased Members of Chester Fire Departments.
3/23/2002 Many thanks to David Chominski, Davidski3@aol.com, for sending pictures of the "Old" and the "New" St. Hedwig's Schools.
3/21/2002 The Chester High Class of '42 reunion committee would appreciate your help in locating some of their members whose addresses are no longer valid. Click here to check the list on their page and, if you can help them catch up with any of these folks, contact any of the committee members listed on the page.
3/20/2002 Thanks to Nancy Dwyer, dwyjnc@comcast.net, for sharing a picture of some Hanley Hose Company Member, September 12, 1934. So far only one of the members is identified. - Let me know if you can identify any of the others for us!
3/16/2002 Today we welcome a new (and we hope regular) contributor to our pages. David Komarnicki, who grew up at 151 E. 7th St., has lived on both coasts of this great country but two years ago became one of the growing number of people who have returned to live in the city of Chester. Dave wrote several articles during his time as a Community Advisor to the Daily Times and continues to reminisce and write about growing up in his native city. He has very graciously agreed to share his writings with us in our new Komarnicki's Korner. After you have read the first letter and story posted today, there's a link on the page to email your comments to Dave or you may enter them on a form right at the bottom of the page. If you too have a flair for writing and would like to write about life in Chester, please email your stories to me, john@oldchesterpa.com
3/16/2002 Many thanks to Sam Lemon, samlemon@comcast.net, for contributing a biography and several pictures of his great grandfather, William Henry Ridley, Esq., Delaware County's first African-American attorney who practiced at 1707 W. 3rd St. in Chester beginning in 1891.
3/12/2002 Thanks to Sheree McGowan, picabostow@hotmail.com, for providing a list of the Smedley Junior High Class of 1953.
3/10/2002 At our "Get-Together" in Chester last October, Terry Redden Peters lent me her copy of the Souvenir History of Chester, PA with a historical sketch by Ashmead published by the Board of Trade in 1903. The book has some histories as well as excellent photos from the era that I have been anxious to share with you. Over the weekend I got the following scanned and posted on the site: Cambridge, Chester National & First National Banks, Chester Brewing, Deakyne Bros. Confectionery, Irving & Leiper Mills, and the Chester Traction Company Car Barn. As they say, "stay tuned", because there are more yet to come!
3/7/2002 Thanks to Joan Zueger Shorter, mommomjoan@aol.com, for sending along a couple of great pictures - Miss Irene & Miss Doris Yelton, who had their dance, acordion & baton studio on 8th St., plus a wonderful scene of Market Street.
3/4/2002 Thanks to Joe Greenwalt, RET, Chester Police Department, MajorJG@aol.com for some pictures of Chester Beer from the Chester Brewery. (Be sure to click on the link on that page for all of the pictures.) Also, if you'd be interesting in purchasing the case and bottles as an entire set, you can get in touch with him.
3/4/2002 Many thanks to Tom Bulger, t9257@yahoo.com for scanning and sharing some Chester pictures from photo albums that he found some years ago. Included are: Officer Roy Stewart, April 1922; Unidentified Civil War (G.A.R.) Veteran 1920; Chester Soldiers Memorial 1919; U.S. Tractors on Market Street 1919 & 1920; Private Clarence Buckalew, Chester's last return dead from WWI, France; Chester Rural Cemetery Lake 1917; 1920's pictures of the 1724 Court House and City Hall; Deshong Mansion 1925 1925 (scroll to the bottom of the page).
3/3/2002 Speaking of radio (as quite a few have been yesterday and today on the Guest Book at "The Newsstand", I received a very informative email from Frank Kelly, fkelly@adelphia.net, former WPWA and WDRF announcer. He has provided an excellent first-hand account of some of the programs and personalities on WDRF and also a picture of Master Control (link at the top of the WDRF page) from a different station, but nearly identical in appearance to that of WDRF in Brookhaven.
3/2/2002 Added a page for General Casimir Pulaski Junior High School with some pictures and a listing of the faculty from the school's dedication program book, courtesy of Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com
3/2/2002 Added pictures of the school and faculty from the Margaret C. Stetser School dedication program book, courtesy of Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com
3/2/2002 Thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder, JMoulder@aol.com, for two new pictures - the Smedley Jr. High Harmonica Band, 1927, and a Century Club Costume Dance, 1938. Let me know if you can help to identify any of the other idividuals in these pictures.
2/26/2002 Bill Crystle, MISERABILL@aol.com, reports that the CHS Class of 1942 has finalized their reunion plans for Friday June 14, 2002. Please check their page for all of the details.

Thanks to Dot Wood Ferrari, dot-ferrari@juno.com, for keeping us updated on the following sad, yet somewhat expected piece of news: "The congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Chester voted to dissolve our church as of April 7, 2002.  This was done with much prayer, thought, discussion, and sadness. However, with an ever declining and aging congregation we felt we had no alternative. We would like to issue an invitation to former First Pres. members to come and worship with us on or before April 7th.  Services are at 10:00 AM. After April 7th, The Way Through Christ Ministry will be holding services at the church."

2/26/2002 By special request, now open - a St. James High School Class Reunion page! Stop on by Bulldogs and get signed in!
2/25/2002 Thanks to Pat McFadden, CHS '50, pidipat@earthlink.net, for sharing a picture of the Caruso Radio Orchestra. Can anyone help to identify these Chester musicians?
2/24/2002 Folks, we have been on the web for nearly two years now and it's hard to believe that we have survived all of that time without better representation of two Chester "institutions". Thanks to the Delaware County Historical Society's archives of Daily Times clippings, we have been able to remedy these shortcomings:

I'm sure that even folks who were not born until after he died in 1965 have still heard the name of John J. McClure, "Mr. Republican" himself. Now we have a picture of him on his bio page.

The name Mrs. Marin D. Garvey was never as famous as John J. McClure's but her legacy lives on perhaps even more strongly than his. It was Mrs. Garvey who won a washing machine and a modern vacuum cleaner in the Philadelphia Electric Company's 1926 contest for a city slogan. Her name never went up in lights but her words did until the sign was dismantled in 1973. Here's to you, Mrs. Garvey, for giving us "WHAT CHESTER MAKES MAKES CHESTER" -  a wonderful motto that applied not only to long-gone industries but even today inspires us, the sons and daughters of Chester, as well!

2/23/2002 Some time ago William H. Crystle 3rd share with us an early photo of Members of Hanley Hose Company. Thanks to the Hanley's 100th Anniversary book on file at Delaware County Historical Society, we now have all of those members identified plus a historical sketch prepared by the 100th Anniversary committee.
2/17/2002 Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, has provided a very timely article from John E. McDonough's 1932 Idyls of the Old Couth Ward about the Jackson Pyrotechnical Explosion that happened 120 years ago today, February 17, 1882, one day after the fire that destroyed PMC's Old Main.
2/14/2002 Now open - our brand new "Maps" section, something I've been wanting to get added for some time. Thanks to Jack Ralston, Jfralston55@aol.com, for a 1920's AAA map of the city. Also to David Andrews, dandrewsdh@aol.com, for a 1941 Industrial Map. It's too large to post in full so I have it in 5 sections from East to West.
2/13/2002 It's not often that I list outside links here but this one is just too important to pass by without a prominent mention. It's a link that I just discovered a day or two ago that will be a real treat especially for those of us who grew up in the 50's and 60's. WFIL and WPVI personality Sally Starr now has her own website at SallyStarrShow.com! There are pics there from some of her personal appearances, the old Popeye Theatre days, a biography, a schedule of her current personal appearances and even a link to send her an email. You may know that Sally lost most everything (including tapes of her old shows) in a fire at her home a few years ago and that she has also had some other financial difficulties in recent years. On her website, you can also purchase some Sally Starr Memorabilia which I'm sure will be a big help to Our Gal Sal! I have emailed her to let her know about OldChesterPa.com so if you drop her a note, be sure to mention that you found out about her site here at OldChesterPa.
2/12/2002 The CHS Class of 1977 announces plans for their 25th Reunion to be held on November 30, 2002. They're also planning a fund-raiser on March 23 in Chester. Check their page for all of the details and if you are a member of the class, be sure to sign in so that they can get in touch with you.
2/10/2002 A few months ago there were a number of recollections posted on the Guest Book at "The Newsstand" about the many kindnesses of Chester physician Dr. Joseph DiMedio. Thanks to his nephew Joe O'Melia, jeomelia@penn.com, we now have two pictures of Dr. Joe, one of which was taken in his office at 8th & Kerlin St. Also, from that same picture we have a photo of a portrait of his daughter, Dr. Mary DiMedio.
2/9/2002 Many thanks to David Chominski, Davidski3@aol.com, for providing a copy of St. Hedwig's 75th Anniversary book (1902-1977). I have posted a complete listing of the Pastors and Assistant Pastors of the church as well as the history from that book. In November 2002 St. Hedwig's will celebrate 100 years as a community of faith!
2/8/2002 Thanks to Joe O'Melia, jeomelia@penn.com, for sharing an old picture and some recollections of Dr. DiMedios' House on Foulk Rd.
2/8/2002 Many thanks to one of our newest visitors, Jack Ralston, Jfralston55@aol.com, for some recollections about Resurrection Of Our Lord Church and also two pictures of the Resurrection School Class of 1951.
2/2/2002 We're happy to welcome Through the Word Bible Fellowship Church to our "Church" neighborhood. Many thanks to Pastor David B. Mills, DDavenbern@aol.com, for letting us know about their ministry and for sharing some of the church's history. Later this month when construction is complete, he will also be sharing a picture of their building with us.
2/2/2002 Thanks to Eleanor Carroll Nealy, Trainer, PA, for her recent mailing to me with some additional school information. Mrs. Nealy's late husband, William G. Nealy, Jr., was principal of Wetherill School from July 1956 until June 1982. She has provided us with a picture of him as well as his notes that he had kept over the years of the names and dates of service of the Wetherill School faculty. Eleanor also sent me copies of the Graduation Programs for Franklin Grammar School, June 1943, and both the Baccalaureate and Graduation programs from Chester High Class of 1947. I have posted a summary of the programs and the complete listings of class members on those pages.
2/2/2002 Jacki Frye Stein, TheFryeFamilyTree@cs.com, has shared with us a photograph of some Chester Civil War Veterans at a G.A.R. Convention in Atlantic City, NJ - 1912. The majority of the 34 men in the picture are identified. If you can identify any of the others, be sure to let me know. Thank you, Jacki, for sharing such a rare photo with us. Perhaps like you did, others will now have a chance to see a picture of their great, great grandfather too!
2/1/2002 Many thanks to Dave Smith, daves@mitre.org for some Chester-Bridgeport Ferry and Commodore Barry Bridge pictures. The pictures were taken by Dave's father in 1974 on the last day that the ferry operated (February 1, 1974 - 28 years ago today!) and the bridge opened.
2/1/2002 Also in regards to transportation, John R. Spedden, Jrstrolley@aol.com, has corrected some erroneous info that I had about the Red Arrow Bus Line's route in Chester. Thanks to John for taking the time to map out the complete and correct route for us!
2/1/2002 Thanks to Betty McCarthy Kerr, Liz19061@aol.com, we now have the identity of the fifth person in a picture of a Chester group that enlisted when the Korean War began. The picture was originally contributed by John (Jack) Read, johnread@ihug.com.au, who is also in the picture. Betty's husband Jack Kerr is also in the picture and the previously unidentified man is James Curly. - Yet another mystery solved thanks to our great website visitors!
1/30/2002 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and there was also a Rainbow Diner at 4th & Morton Avenue from 1941-1946! Those you who have been regular visitors to the website know that for over a year there as been a debate about the existence of the Rainbow Diner at 4th & Morton Ave.  Some who even lived in that neighborhood said it was never there, others had vague recollections and yet others confirmed that indeed it once was there.

Recently I had an email from Gigi339sw@aol.com whose own Mother did not remember it but a friend, Helen DiMeglio, not only remembers it but worked there as a waitress when Pearl Harbor was attacked!

Yesterday evening the definitive story arrived from Carly Subashi, csubashi@temple.edu. Many, many thanks to her for providing the complete history on this diner as well as the Rainbow that many of us remember at 9th & Sproul. There are even connections to the Bridge Cafe (9th & Chester Creek), the Yellow Bowl, and the Midtown Inn (Old Imperial Hotel), 7th & Welsh.

1/27/2002 Yesterday's comments on the Guest Book at "The Newsstand" have prompted me to get on the ball and post a picture of one of Chester's more famous daughters, the great Ethel Waters. Many thanks to Larry & Martha Wood, mwoodstocked@aol.com, for sharing this snapshot that was taken during Miss Waters' visit to Chester in 1972 when a park was named in her honor.
1/27/2002 We've all heard about how things can be done through the "miracle of TV" but recently we've had another example of the "miracle of the world wide web"! - While doing a web search, Tom Brennan discovered our "Ranger Joe Cereal" page. Tom was the writer, director and producer of the Ranger Joe TV Show and has very generously provided us with an excellent first-hand account of the show's history.

Speaking of TV, I added a couple of links to other websites to our Radio/TV page this evening. One is for Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers and the other, to TVParty.com, which has a very complete section on all of the Philly Kids TV Shows - hope that you enjoy!

1/27/2002 Many thank to Caroline, carpete@bellatlantic.net, for taking time to get out and around town to provide us with some current pictures of some of the West End churches including Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic, St. Nicholas' Russian Orthodox, St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox, and St. Hedwig's. She has also shared a beautiful picture of the very colorful and traditional Polish Christmas altar at St. Hedwig's.
1/20/2002 News today via Robin (Moon) Boykin, ann929@juno.com, of some reunion plans for the CHS Class of '72 for this coming August - if that's your class, stop by the page, check out the announcement and sign in so they'll be sure to be able to get in touch with you.
1/19/2002 Many thanks to Anita Sammons, Neeeet@aol.com, Publicity Chair, Tau Delta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for some submitting some historical information on the chapter and their continuing work in Chester. Congratulations also to them for being recognized as the North Atlantic Small Chapter of the Year at the North Atlantic Regional Conference held in Philadelphia, PA in March 1999!
1/17/2002 Many thanks to Joe O'Donnell, JROD4857@aol.com, for providing some very complete additions to our lists of Grocery Stores, Barber Shops, Finance Companies, Bars and Service Stations. In most every case Joe has been able to give us the locations, owners names, approximate dates of operation and even some interesting background info.
1/14/2002 Folks, in the early days of our website, I was very conscious about not making this the "John Bullock" site. Therefore, I have intentionally made very little mention of my own family members. Today, however, I have made an exception. I needed a sample biography page for our new Individual Sponsorships and what better subject to write about than one I knew pretty well, my own father, John A. Bullock, Jr. For many of you CHS graduates prior to 1964 and neighborhood residents, Bullock's Pharmacy at 720 Parker St. was a popular gathering spot and you were certainly very much a part of the store's history. Margaret Minner Turner, Brookhaven, PA, shared with me a great picture of the exterior of the store from her CHS 1945 Annual. I have also added a couple of other historic pictures plus a more recent view of the block taken in October 1998.
1/14/2002 Individual Sponsorships debut today as a way to honor your loved ones and at the same time support the website.
1/12/2002 Thanks to Lee Bennington, RLBenni@netscape.net, for several additions to our list of known teachers at Dewey Mann School, and for a December 1945 clipping from the Chester Times about the Chester Rotary Club Award for Outstanding Service meeting at which a number of Chester Firefighters received recognition for their services. This article and Lee's recollections have also added a number of names of known members to our various volunteer fire department pages.
1/12/2002 At our October "Get-Together", Bob Weigand brought along several excellent pictures including a portrait of his grandfather Elmer Weigand, who became Fire Chief in January 1944, and later chiefs Ellwood Webster and James Devlin .  Bob also shared an early picture of Five Chester Police Officers.   Unfortunately, none of them is identified. Can anyone help put some names with these faces?
1/12/2002 Back in December, Margie, Ssnow13@aol.com, asked about the "Lions" that once flanked the entrance of the Deshong Gallery. This prompted me to get busy and post a number of pages and pictures (too numerous to list here) relating to the Deshong Gallery, Deshong family, PMC and Widener University that I have had for nearly a year (including one of the "lions"). As many of you know, the Widener University Art Collection & Gallery's permanent collection now includes the Alfred O. Deshong collection. Browse through the links from the pages listed above for a full tour including pictures of Alfred O. Deshong, his mother Emeline Terrill Deshong, sister Louisa Deshong Woodbridge and her husband Jonathan Edwards Woodbridge, the PMC Museum, Hyatt Hall, etc. There is also information about the Widener Art Collection & Gallery and contact information for them. Many thanks to Widener for making many of these pictures available to us!
1/10/2002 As promised, I have made a permanent home for Delaware County Population numbers from 1789-1980, also with 1990 and 2000 numbers for the city of Chester and Delaware County totals.
1/1/2002 Happy New Year! - Some very old pictures to kick off the new year! Thanks to David Andrews, dandrewsdh@aol.com, we have quite a few very interesting pictures added today.  Many of you will enjoy seeing the Boyd Theatre, a picture taken before its opening in November 1935. Before you peek at the picture, do you know what Will Rogers movie the theatre opened with? (Answer is on that page.).  In other Boyd trivia, do you know what was on this lot before the Boyd? Thanks to David, we not only have the answer but a picture! - Lord's Garage, Berman Brothers Auto Service. While you're on the "Theatres" page, there's also a picture of Washburn's Theatre. Don't remember Washburn's? It opened in 1890 as Hargreaves Opera House but in 1936 it became the State. - Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full size pictures.

Here's another that falls into the category of "that's before my time". Most of us know the YMCA in Eyre Park, others remember the YMCA on the corner of 7th Street.  But chances are very few will remember the newest picture at the top of the page when the Y was on the west side of Edgmont Avenue at 5th Street c. 1905.

1/1/2002 (1/4/2002 Update! Correction!: Dot Wood Ferrari, dot-ferrari@juno.com, informs me that this was a shoe store so I have moved it to its correct page.)  Many thanks to Mary Jane Burn, mjburn@gva.net for an 1885 picture of the Daniel Wood Store at 141 3rd St. Based on the washing machine in one window and sewing machine in the other, I have listed the store on our "Appliance" store page. Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.
1/1/2002 Some class reunion pages open now by request for some of the more recent Chester High classes - the Class of 1987 is planning for a 15th anniversary cruise, and the Class of 1992 is making plans for their 10th anniversary reunion.

For earlier additions to the site, check the "What's New" Archives: 2000, 2001


2002, 2003 John A. Bullock III.

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