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Parkside Elementary School

Parkside Elementary School; Photo courtesy of Ralph L. Hall

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Photos above c.1952 courtesy of Ralph L. Hall, walf1947@juno.com

Click here for a picture of the new construction, July 2002

Edgmont Ave. across from Forestview Rd.
Parkside, PA

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Faculty: Some Teachers:
John Brushak (sp) (6th grade and as a Basketball coach)
Robert Schwabe (Gym)

Some teachers from 1936 - 1944:

Miss Esther Tonge (later married and was named Mrs. Woods)
Miss Alice Cohen
Mrs. Kilpatrick
Miss Simmons
Mrs. Wood


Sports: Some Coaches/Athletic Directors:


School History:

Recollections: "I went to Parkside School from the 1st through the 8th grade. Some of the teachers at the time I attended (1936 - 1944) included Miss Esther Tonge (later married and was named Mrs. Woods), Miss Alice Cohen, Mrs. Kilpatrick, Miss Simmons, Mrs. Wood. There used to be a little copse of trees, where the stores are located now, and we used to play in there during recess. I have only fond memories of my childhood in Parkside. In one of my albums, I have the article that was written about our 8th grade graduation."

- Marge Osifat

"Even though I only attended Parkside school for a very short time half a session in 6th grade. The one teacher I had was John Brushak(sp) and as a Basketball coach, the gym teacher was Robert Schwabe. Prior to attending Parkside school I attended Our Lady Of Charity and I used to walk through the parking lot of the school and would run into a crossing guard on the corner, Mr. Weible (sp). He was a fixture on Edgemont and Forrestview for a long time back in the '50's and '60's."

- "The Deaf One"








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