G.A.R. Convention
Atlantic City, 1912

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GAR Convention, Atlantic City 1912; Photo courtesy of Jacki Frye Stein, TheFryeFamlyTree@cs.com

Photo courtesy of Jacki Frye Stein, TheFryeFamlyTree@cs.com

Standing -Elevated:

Left 1. Joseph Kestner
Right 2._____________

Second Row Standing:- left to right

5.William Davis Taylor
6.Patrick J Cassidy
7. Charles Moore
9. John Barrowclough
10. Richard Leggett
12. Herman Wolf
15. John D. Howard
17 Samuel Oglesby
18. Theodore Bell Sr. ?
19 Thomas D Les
20. William J Bolton

Front Row, Seated:- left to right

21. Joel Hollingsworth
22. Nelson Platt
23. "Nat" Gamble
24. Louis Lomax
25. Hiram Williams
26. Arthur Martin
27. John Keeley
28 James Fryer
30. Theodore VanZant
31. John M Allen*
33. James J Bray
34. Robert Wood

* "I first thought this was my great grandfather, Dr. John M. Allen, of Chester, but realized that it couldn't be because he died 20 Apr 1903. He was a member of Wilde Post No. 25 G. A. R. He did have a son, John B. Allen, who was also a G. A. R. member there in Chester. He was also a member of the Franklin Fire Company and was known as "Doc." Is it possible that # 31 is John B. Allen or is it some other person who happens to have the same name as my great grandfather.

According to the newspaper article on the death of John B. Allen he was an adjutant of the G. A. R., the oldest member of the Franklin Fire Company and a member of the Larkin Lodge, Knights of Pythias"

- Charles Allen, Jacksonville, FL 2/9/2003

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