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12/31/2001 Many thanks to Larry D. Hunter, Sr., LARRY603@msn.com, for a complete 2001 Membership List for Garden City Fire Company, and also to William H. Crystle 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com, for pictures of the Garden City Fire Company's buildings and apparatus.
12/31/2001 Thanks to William H. Crystle, 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com, also for some excellent pictures from Harry Bomberger's collection from Good Will, Felton, and Franklin Fire Companies.  The members shown from Good Will and Felton are identified. Can anyone help with the identities of the men from Franklin?
12/30/2001 Thanks to Vince Casciato, SJ '56, vcasciat@tampabay.rr.com, for some pictures of the 1954 St. James Championship Varsity Football Team and their Coaches, from the 1954 St. James Yearbook.
12/28/2001 More current photos thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers, Jokerjak908@yahoo.com: Crozer Library (Engle St.), Spencer Memorial U AME Church, Lloyd Athletic Club, Israel S. Ray Funeral Home, Trinity United Methodist Church, "Old" Chester High as it stands today, "New" Chester High School, and the Chester High Vocational Building. Jack has really spent some time scouring the town to take these pictures especially for us - why not send him a quick email to say "Thanks!"
12/28/2001 John (Jack) Read, johnread@ihug.com.au, sends a picture of Eddy Brogan, Jack Kerr, Herby Knewll (sp?), -?-, and himself taken at Great Lakes Boot Camp when they had enlisted in the Navy for the Korean War. Can anyone help us identify the other Chester sailor in the picture?
12/27/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers, Jokerjak908@yahoo.com, was out and around the city with his camera last fall and took quite a few pics to share with us.  Posted this evening are some current pictures of First Baptist Church, currently Range's Temple COGIC, at 7th & Fulton Streets.
12/27/2001 Added a page for Carter Cemetery on Concord Rd. in Chester Township.  Many thanks to Ben Jones, bjay0970@home.com, for the pictures of this historic family burying ground!
12/26/2001 Pat Bartusik, Bartusik@RCN.com, has a special request about Baldt Anchor. Can anyone help?

"In the early 1950's , the company gave a replica of the Baldt anchor to every employee. I am looking for any replicas that are out there--I will purchase them or pay for shipping --whatever the owner desires."

12/26/2001 Some months ago Diane Trout, Cuder99@aol.com, sent me some pictures of her grandmother, Stella Owsiany Ayars Snyder, at work at Chester Packaging Company which later became Medford's. These pics are from the WWII era when many Chester men were overseas serving our country and women had to fill jobs like butchers that had traditionally been filled by men.

Diane also sent a picture of the CHS Class of 1958 from their 41st reunion held in 1999. This picture is in memory of Diane's mother, Patricia Ayars (Murphy), from grandson, Brian Trout.

In memory of her grandfather, Richard Snyder, Diane sends a clipping about the Opening of the 6th Street Bridge in the 1960's.

12/26/2001 During my most recent visit to Chester, Dave Komarnicki offered to share with us some pictures that he has of many of the "Founding Fathers" of the city. Many of these men are names that we recognize for the streets that now bear their names. Although I don't have biographies on them yet, I have put the pictures on pages in our "Biographies" section so that I can go ahead and make them available to you.  Bios can then later be added as they arrive. Just browse down the list looking for entries with names only that will take you to their picture pages.
12/20/2001 Here's a little something especially for our genealogy researchers. I have just posted a listing of the burials at the Chester Friends Cemetery / Quaker Burying Ground that was removed from Edgmont Ave. in October 1959. Sorry, I don't have any additional details other than the info on that page, but here's hoping this will remove a genealogy brick wall for someone!
12/20/2001 Added some pictures from my recent trip to Chester last weekend: Chester Friends Meeting, Wetherill School, the Rainbow Diner in Marcus Hook, and the former St. Martin's Episcopal Church (now Bible Presbyterian Church) also in Marcus Hook. Many thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers for taking us on the tour of these Marcus Hook landmarks!
12/19/2001 Thanks to Bob Vaughan, BBVAUGHAN@aol.com, for a history of the Chester Kiwanis Club, and a picture of some of the club's Past Presidents taken in 1969.
12/19/2001 Many thanks to John Harrison, RTRDLD@aol.com, for adding to and correcting some of my historical notes about Philadelphia Electric Company in Chester, and for a great picture of the Chester Generating Station at Front & Ward Streets with its sign, "Electricity is Cheap in Chester"!
12/19/2001 Added a picture of the First Presbyterian Church Junior Choir, April 1962, courtesy of Jane Brown, Chester, PA.
12/19/2001 Added a picture and a June 1947 historical sketch of Belmont Iron Works in Eddystone, courtesy of Jim Brown, Chester, PA.
12/10/2001 Please take a minute to read the update about the Rainbow Diner in Marcus Hook. We could be in danger of losing yet another historic landmark!
12/8/2001 I have just added a brand new feature to our main page - an event calendar for events of Historic Chester interest. If you know of an event (meeting, lecture, church anniversary or special service, community event, etc.) that would be of interest for our visitors, you can add the event to the list. I did set this up as a "moderated" calendar so that the event will come to me via email first.   I did this just so that pranksters droping by our site wouldn't fill up our calendar with events like "Donald Duck's birthday", etc. Look for this new calendar right below the Full-Color mugs and OldChester Emporium info.
12/8/2001 The annual Open House Tour sponsored by the Chester Historical Preservation Committee will be held on Sunday afternoon 12/16 from 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.  Tickets are $8 per person for 11 historic Chester sites. Tickets can be purchased at the beginning of the tour at the Friends Meetinghouse, 24th & Chestnut St. - I hope to see you there!
12/7/2001 Many thanks to Larry Hunter, hunter1298@home.com, for checking his archives to give us the exact date of the fire that destroyed the original Great Leopard.
12/7/2001 Thanks to Ginny (Lee) Cook, Ginnycook1@aol.com, for some recollections about the fire c. 1946 that destroyed the Southern Penn Bus Barn, and also for adding info about her parents' candy store, Lee's Confectionery Store, to our list of candy businesses.
12/7/2001 Thanks to Bob Vaughan, BBVAUGHAN@aol.com, for a great picture of the 1956 Wetherill School Faculty!
12/4/2001 Often I see questions posted and receive emails about what resources are available for additional historical and genealogical research. To help you narrow down what might be available, I have posted a general listing of the Research Resources at the Delaware County Historical Society's research library. The list includes specifics (including time period covered) for their newspaper collection. If you don't live in the area, you can contact them to inquire about fees .
12/1/2001 Many thanks to Jane Baker Calhoun Brown, Chester, PA for passing along the program book from the Dedication of the "new" Chester Post Office on August 28, 1937. Thanks to this book, we now have a complete listing of Chester Postmasters through that time, names and pictures of Letter Carriers and of Clerks. Plus, it has also provided pictures in the item below...
12/1/2001 Added pictures of the Columbia House Hotel, Bickley's Drug Store, Harpur's Store, the James' Building. All of these served as early locations of the Chester Post Office.
12/1/2001 This one goes under the category of "you asked for it".  Some months ago someone raised the question about whether there used to be a cemetery on Edgmont Avenue between 6th & 7th Streets.  I remembered that indeed there was a Quaker Burying Ground there until October 1959 when it was removed to build a new 5 & 10. It was right next to the Lincoln Store. Now, thanks to one of Chester F. Baker's photo albums, we have a picture to proove it and also a few historical notes about the cemetery.
11/30/2001 Too numerous to list here, but I have been through many pages on the site today and added notes that were given to me at the meeting of the Delaware Valley Chapter of Hadassah.   Many thanks to these ladies (and also a few gentlemen) who shared their knowledge and recollections of Old Chester with us! Thanks once again to them too for their warmth and hospitality to me at their November meeting.
11/30/2001 At around the time that OldChesterPa.com went online (March 2000), Georgia Reber Elliott, reberjo@citlink.net, very kindly took the time to scan and share an 80+ page history of Christ Episcopal Church, Ridley Park written on the church's 100th Anniversary. At the time I only got the Rectors listed but now the entire text of this very thorough history (plus pics of many and biographies of all of the Rectors) is online.
11/29/2001 Thanks to Ralph L. Hall, walf1947@juno.com, for a picture (c. 1962) of the interior of Upland United Methodist Church and another (c. 1940's) of the Y.M.C.A. Glee Club. Ralph and his mother Marian have identified many of these gentlemen - can you add to the list?
11/29/2001 Many thank to Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia, HMWebber@aol.com, for some interesting biographic information about her mother, Helen (Bingo) Bingler, who once performed at Chester's Seven Seas.
11/29/2001 Thanks to John Winfree, jwinfree@nni.com, for a picture representing the neighborning Borough of Parkside c. 1953.
11/29/2001 Many thanks to Rich Merchant, RICHARD_E_MERCHANT@sunoil.com, for sharing some news about a new organization, the Dejarnette Scholarship Fund, named in memory of Willie Dejarnette.
Thanks to Loretta Boden Rodgers, Topspin65@aol.com, for a more recent picture and a copy of her November 23, 2001 30th reunion story from the Delaware County Daily Times of the St. Anthony's Class of 1971!
11/17/2001 Added another picture of Lincoln School from the1903 Souvenir History of Chester, courtesy of Terry Redden Peters
11/17/2001 Just a photocopy of a picture, but I couldn't pass it up when I ran across it in Chester F. Baker's photo collection at DCHS.  Did you know that "The Newsstand", when opened in 1880 by George Jenkins, was originally called "The Lighthouse"? (Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.)
10/27/2001 Thanks to Rita Culbert, daughter of Andy Bufano, for sharing a picture of Bufano's Barber Shop, located at 17th & Providence Ave. for 60 years.  Thanks also to Harvey Martin for sending along the picture.  (As always, be sure to click on the thumbnail image to see the full size picture.)
10/26/2001 Thanks to Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com, for adding greatly to our knowledge of Administrators and Teachers (too numerous to link here) of many of the Chester Schools between 1942 - 1975.
10/26/2001 Thanks to Tom Gillen FINALAND@aol.com, Ruckersville, Va, for adding to our list of known Horace Mann teachers.
10/26/2001 Thanks to Paul Crowther, pcrowther4@home.com for passing along news of a Dewey Mann School Class of 1952 Reunion.
10/26/2001 At our recent Fall Get-Together, Terry Redden Peters has shared a Souvenir History of Chester published in 1903 under the auspices of the Board of Trade and with a Historical Sketch by H. Graham Ashmead.  The book also contains a number of photos and descriptions of the businesses of the day. As time permits, I'll be posting many of these. The first one is from an ad for The New Farson Manufacturing Company.
10/25/2001 A more complete biography of Jesse Rogers, "Ranger Joe", submitted by his granddaughter, Jannea Rogers, rogersjs@arlaw.com. She will be getting a picture or two on their way as well.
10/24/2001 Many thanks to Daria Rustark, steve55@craftech.com, Banquet Chairperson, for reminding me to add a School Reunion page for Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic School.   If you went to this school, stop by and sign in so that others can get in touch with you. If any particular classes would like a page for their specific reunion, just let me know and I'll be happy to set one up.
10/24/2001 A photo c. 1940's or 1950's of some Hanley Hose Members, courtesy of Terry Redden Peters. Terry's grandfather, Frank Packer is in the picture - let me know if can you identify any of the others.
10/23/2001 Attention Ranger Joe fans - Jannea Rogers, rogersjs@arlaw.com, granddaughter of Jesse Rogers, "Ranger Joe", is looking for any additional material about her grandfather and his Ranger Joe character. She has shared a few basics with us and will be sending along a picture or two.  Take a look at his bio page and, if you can help her with any additional info, send her an email.
10/23/2001 Thanks to Adele Harper, TWIRL101@aol.com, for reminding me to add H. A. Harper Sons, Inc., to our list of Awning & Venetian Blind businesses.  Adele is the third generation involved in the business since her grandfather first started in 1906. - Congratulations to a Chester business that is still thriving after 95 years of service! Adele will also be getting some pictures together to share with us!
10/22/2001 Many thanks to TERRYABJT@aol.com for adding to our list of known Doctors, Police, Neighborhoods and Funeral Homes.

Also for recommending a couple of sources for additional information on the African-American community in Chester:

Politics and Prejudice A History of Chester (Pa) Negroes by Richard E. Harris.---Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:91-90399.

Growing Up in Black and White by Brent Staples. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:93-24258. This one tells quite a lot about "The Hill".

10/22/2001 Attention CHS Class of 1983 - Darlene (Summers) Lawrence, DARLENE4HIM@HOTMAIL.COM, has asked me to post some preliminary info about your upcoming 20th reunion.  Check out the page and be sure to sign in or email Darlene so they'll be able to get in touch with you as plans develop.
10/20/2001 Thanks to Mary Constantini Larner, Rere628@aol.com, for sharing more great pics with us at our recent "Get-Together". Showalter Junior High, a picture of Addison H. Showalter, and pictures of school superintendents John J. Vaul and Charles D. Long.
10/18/2001 More fruits of our recent "Get-Together" for all to enjoy! - Jody (Mignogna) Pokoy, blanche78@home.com, brought along three pictures of her father (Joe Mignogna)'s Liberty Bar and the Budweiser Clydesdales' visit to Chester. (Be sure to click on the thumbnail image to see all three full size pictures.) Thanks to Jody also for a picture of former Chester Mayor, Judge James Henry Gorbey.
10/18/2001 Also from our fall "Get-Together":
•A picture of the Busy Bee Diner, courtesy of Raymond Moseley of Chester, PA
•A 1927 picture of a group of children in front of Second Presbyterian Church, courtesy of The Rev. Joe Hess, frjoehess@cs.com
10/15/2001 This goes under the category of "well, it's about time!"  For some time I have been intending to develop some "Neighborhoods" pages on the site. A picture of Buckman Village that I just received from Bob DeNight, jobob2326@juno.com, was just too great to delay so I've got it linked from our brand new "Neighborhoods" page. Also, a view from 8th & Kerlin that Mary Constantini Larner, Rere628@aol.com, sent me many months ago has finally found a home here. I know I don't have all the neighborhoods listed, but at least it's a start. If your "neck of the city" isn't there yet, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Just give me the name of the neighborhood and a rough idea of its boundaries. Of course, I'll also need a picture or two to develop a page. If you'd like, I'd also be glad to make some interactive pages there where you can post messages of particular interest to the "ole' neighborhood" - as usual, "just let me know"...
10/15/2001 Thanks to Dorothy (Trush) Suda, ron515@netzero.net, for bringing along a couple pictures of her parents, Frank & Pauline Trush, taken at their store, Frank's Market, 700 McIlvaine St. c. 1945 to our recent Get-Together. Be sure to click on the small picture to see a larger version as well as another picture taken inside the store!
10/14/2001 Thanks to Michele, SHELLITEN@aol.com, for reminding me to make a class reunion page for St. Hedwig's School.   If any of the St. Hedwig's classes are planning a reunion, just let me know and I'll be happy to make a page specifically for your year too!
10/13/2001 Added pictures of many of the early pastors of Chester's First Baptist Church, courtesy of Bob Velte, ROBERTHV@aol.com, son of the Rev. Dr. Louis James Velte.
10/12/2001 Some misc. current pictures added this evening:
Current picture of Parkside United Methodist Church
Monument in memory of the deceased members of the Chester Police Department
Plaque on the exterior of the1724 Courthouse dedicated to the Chester Fire Department in appreciation of their members' service rendered in WWI.
10/12/2001 Many thanks to Michael Muderick, CongOhev@ICDC.Com, Executive Director of Congregation Ohev Shalom, for updating their list of Rabbis and Presidents of the Congregation.
9/28/2001 new2.gif (111 bytes) A correction to the identity of one of the photographs submitted recently by "Joker" Jack Chambers. Tony D'Amato, adamato@erols.com, who grew up across the street corrects the identity of this building.  It was Dr. DiMedio's home - not his hospital.  His hospital was located to the left facing his home.
9/25/2001 Many thanks to Sid Rennett, PM772@aol.com for reminding me to add a page for the Jewish War Veterans - Chester Post 134 and for supplying the names of the current commander and officers.
9/25/2001 AJSweetyPY@aol.com shares an article by Keith Lockhart that helps answer the recent questions about just where the West End Branch of the J. Lewis Crozer Library was located.
9/24/2001 Thanks to Terry Redden Peters for a sticker from the Great Leopard Skating Rink!
9/22/2001 Thanks to Dave Coulter, dave1209@msn.com, for compiling some very extensive lists of former and current members of the Police Department.
9/21/2001 Many thanks to Chuck Phillips, ccphill@earthlink.net, for providing a picture of Upland Baptist Church and one of Rev. David A. MacQueen who pastored the church from 1947-1984.
9/20/2001 The complete history from the Ohev Sholom Synagogue Dedication Book prepared in 1965 is now posted.  Again, many thanks to Michael Muderick, CongOhev@ICDC.Com, Executive Director of Congregation Ohev Shalom, for making this available to us.
9/18/2001 Many thanks to Michael Muderick, CongOhev@ICDC.Com, Executive Director of Congregation Ohev Shalom, for making a very complete history available to us from the Ohev Sholom Synagogue Dedication Book prepared in 1965.   The history was written by Enid Mark & Evelyn Epstein.  I have posted the first two of five parts of the history and will get the rest added as soon as possible.
9/18/2001 Carol (Webb) Greenhalgh, cwgreenhal@netscape.net, has requested a "reunion" page for the Notre Dame Class of 1976.  The reunion is set for Saturday November 10, 2001.   Stop by and sign in on the page and see if you can help Carol to locate some of their "missing" members.
9/9/2001 Thanks to Fred Ungarino, fcjmu@rcn.com, for a picture of the St. Anthony's Class of '71 and also a picture of their class trip to Washington!  BTW, if you're a St. Anthony's graduate, be sure to stop by and sign in on the St. Anthony's Reunion Page so that others can get in touch with you!
9/9/2001 Attention Hot Dog Lovers! - Thanks to Jody (Mignogna) Pokoy, blanche78@home.com, we have some current "guaranteed-to-make-your-mouth-water" pictures of one of Chester's favorite eateries, John's Doggie Shop on 7th Street.

The "Newsstand" in the news! - Jody has also taken some pictures especially for us of the renovation currently in progress at the 7th Street Newsstand!

9/9/2001 "Joker" Jack / "Scoop" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has once again seen a need and responded for us.  He made a trip to Chester last week and has provided pictures of Dr. DiMedio's Home at 811 West Third Street.  The building also formerly housed the Nacrelli Funeral Home, The Belvedere Convalescent Home and most recently, the Eastern Light Lodge #46.

Jack also sends along a picture of the Wolfe Building, the only memorable building remaining of what was once known as Market Square.

9/8/2001 Thanks to John Fusco, JFF21@rcn.com and his dad Joseph (Sonny) Fusco, for sharing a picture from the day of the 1948 Market Street Massacre.  Also a picture of the members of the Franklin Rescue Squad c. 1946 taken in front of the Franklin Rescue Wagon.  John and his dad would also like to know if anyone remembers the firehouse dog that was accidentally hit and killed by one of the fire trucks leaving the station.  The dog was so well loved that it was placed in a casket and laid out at the firehouse. This was sometime during the 1940's."

Also on the Franklin Fire Department page, Jon Stewart, jon.stewart1@home.com,  has shared a picture of a Franklin Fire Trumpet presented to the Water Witch Fire Company No. 5 in Wilmington Delaware on 5/14/1914.  Jon would like some input if anyone has an idea why the trumpet might have been presented to the Wilmington Dept.

9/8/2001 Thanks to Diane (Vitelli) Morrison, dmm19631@home.com, for a picture of the main altar at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church and for a picture of Father Michael A. Capuano who served the parish from 1971-1978.
9/7/2001 Long overdue, but I finally got a page made this evening for Baldt Anchor.  Thanks to Pat Bartusik, Bartusik@RCN.com, for sharing some recollections about her father,  R. Calvert "Woody" Wood and his work there.
9/7/2001 Thanks to Dave Murray, MUR4113@aol.com, for a picture of the 1970 All Star Chester East Little League
9/7/2001 Thanks to James Crystle, Sr., crystle1@worldnet.att.net, for sharing some recollections of Chester Park.   James is the grandson of the last couple (Mr. & Mrs. John M. Crystle, Sr.) who lived and worked in the farmhouse on the grounds of the park.
9/3/2001 In response to your many requests, I have made "Class Reunion" pages for some additional schools.  I hope that you will sign in and be able to hear from some other classmates! - Pages added today include St. Anthony's School, St. Michael's School, St. Robert's School, Resurrection of Our Lord "Rez" School, and Notre Dame High, Class of 1974.   Note: Sorry that I don't know all of the school colors but if someone will let me know what they should be, I'll "redecorate" the pages so you'll feel right at home!
9/3/2001 Some time ago "Joker" Jack Chambers remembered a barber shop on the SW corner of 2nd & Thurlow St.  Last week, Stella J. Brown, Putch3@aol.com, identified it as her uncle, John Ciesielski's shop.  Prior to the barber shop, Stella's grandparents (John's parents) had an Ice Cream Store there.  Thanks to Stella for a picture of the store taken in January 1922!
9/3/2001 Thanks to E Kuhlman, ginedk@innernet.net, for some interesting additional information on some of the programs and Assistant Pastors of Bible Presbyterian Church.
9/3/2001 "Joker" Jack / "Scoop" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has once again seen a need and responded for us.  He made a trip to Chester yesterday with his camera and got a couple of great pics of White Rock Baptist Church, formerly the St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church building.
9/3/2001 Many, many thanks to Joseph (Sonny) Fusco and his son John, JFF21@rcn.com, for sharing a picture of Mike's Hoagie Shop taken c. 1961 when the shop was owned by Gene Fusco.  This is an exciting picture for me to see because, like many of you, I'm "stranded in the south with nothing to eat" (at least when it comes to real Hoagies!).  Besides, I stood at this very counter myself many times and drooled while these fellows fixed me a "small special, everything sweet".
9/1/2001 Many thanks to George F. Nelson, gnelson@vero-online.net, for sharing some excellent photos that he took during his days as a staff photographer for the old Chester Times from 1948 to 1963.  George also reports that, sadly, many of the older negatives were destroyed before he had a chance to rescue them by a managing editor who thought they were taking up too much space.  Argh!  Among his photos that George has shared with us are: an Aerial View of the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry, launching of the "Essayons" at Sun Ship, Winston Churchill sees Chester from his train window, the "new" YMCA in Eyre Park, Howell Hall Dormitory at PMC (now Widener).
8/31/2001 Lou Warfel, loujwarfel@juno.com, has come through once again for us for an excellent first-hand report on the 1948 Market Street Massacre.   At the time, Lou was working at the nearby Buten Paint Store at 624 Edgmont Ave.
8/30/2001 A couple of additions today for all of the Ranger Joe Cereal fans! - Thanks to Caliban Tiresias Darklock, caliban@darklock.com, for a very thorough explanation on the "Shot from Guns" slogan.   Also, Jack Mindy, jackmndy@frontiernet.net, has shared some pictures of his Range Joe Ranch Mug!
8/30/2001 Thanks to Joseph William Pastuszek, JosephJoeIII@aol.com, for reminding me to add Joe's Building & Plumbing Supplies, Inc. to our list of Hardware/Building Supply businesses.   Founded over 50 years ago by his grandfather, Joseph Pastuszek, Sr., the business is still in operation.
8/30/2001 Many thanks to my cousin, Bill Schuler, Jr., billruthschuler@juno.com, for providing a listing of former pastors and two histories of Second Presbyterian Church / Aston Presbyterian Church.  The histories were written by Bill's father, William R. Schuler, Sr.
8/29/2001 Many thanks to Mrs. Robert James Johnson, Sr., aaliyah147@hotmail.com, for sharing with us the history of White Rock Baptist Church, founded by her late grandfather, Rev. James Robert Yarbough.
8/28/2001 aamuhammad@aol.com has passed along a little more about the1948 Market Street Massacre from some co-workers who had a relative involved.  Can anyone else tell us more?
8/28/2001 Many thanks to The Rev. Dorothy M. Field, DotF1@aol.com, current pastor of the historic Crozerville United Methodist Church, for providing two recent pictures of the church, a listing of some of the former pastors, and a historical sketch of the church.
8/25/2001 Thanks to Carmen S. Iacono, ike24pa@yahoo.com for the facts and two great pictures c. 1946 of his grandfather, Sam Iacono, and his business, Sam Iacono & Sons Ice & Coal. (When you get to the page, be sure and click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture!)
8/25/2001 Many thanks to Maria Calombaris Adamidis, Onewildgrk@aol.com, for sharing a fantastic picture of her grandparents, Helen & George Morakis taken in their Rialto Restaurant at 9th & Morton Ave. (When you get to the page, be sure and click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture!)
8/25/2001 Not a pleasant subject and certainly not a pleasant sight, but as our purpose here is to document some of the history of old Chester, I'm very grateful to Gloria Evers, GME118@aol.com for sharing five pictures taken the day after the January 9, 1968 fire that destroyed Chester High School.
8/24/2001 Thanks to Pat Hardy, PHardy@psc.gov, a member of Trinity Methodist for an updated list of the Pastors at Trinity United Methodist Church.
8/24/2001 Thanks to Joe Fenza, JFSL560@AOL.COM, for adding Eclipse Ice and a history of its ownership to our list of Fuel Dealers.
8/24/2001 Several new listings for our "Bars" page today including one from Norm Zoumas, nzoumas@gateway.net, nephew of Jim & Mae Heacock who operated the Eagle Grille at 7th & Deshong for many years!  Also some Leigh, and from L. Doyle who also recals the Eagle plus a few others!
8/24/2001 Thanks to Jane (Ayars) McGrath, janemcgrath@prodigy.net, for a great picture of the 1946 May Day Festivities and a list of some of the teachers at Morton School!
8/24/2001 Ed Bailey sent the details today on the CHS Class of 1976 reunion to be held November 24, 2001.  Check that page for all of the particulars as well as for the contact info.
8/20/2001 Thanks to Chuck Lentine, felton47@Zdial.com, President of Felton Hose & Chemical Company for reminding me to post a link to the Feltonville Fire Department web site and for news of their 80th Anniversary this year and the arrival of a new truck in September.
8/20/2001 Thanks to Shirley Lambert, shirley.lambert@cape.k12.de.us, for passing along some biographical notes on James Henry Gorbey, Chester Mayor from 1964 to 1967.
8/18/2001 Added a beautiful picture of the interior of St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, courtesy of DedeCramer@aol.com
8/18/2001 Thanks to Louis J. Warfel, loujwarfel@juno.com, for scanning and sharing a September 1951 article from the Chester Times about the Collapse of the Third Street Bridge on September 10, 1921.
8/18/2001 Added an obituary for Mr. Frank Shooster, courtesy of Jim Garvey, dakota2511@home.com.  Jim has also shared some pictures of Shooster's Car Hops including his own Mother, Dee (Sommers) Garvey.
8/18/2001 Thanks to Michael Wesley, bucks854@hotmail.com, for sharing a list of his fellow classmates in Chester's first class (1977) of firefighters for the "new" paid department.
8/18/2001 Thanks to Ralph L. Hall for sharing pictures of Parkside Methodist Church c. 1921 and 1945 and also for a "Historical Sketch" taken from the church's 25th Anniversary Service book in 1945.
8/17/2001 Added a picture of the Smedley Majorettes & Color Guards from the class of 1954-55 submitted by Diane Trout in memory of her Mother, Patricia Ayars (Murphy).
8/16/2001 Thanks to a request from Joy Dudeck Huffines, Joyful1452@aol.com, there's now a reunion page set up for the Dewey Mann Class of 1944. Stop by and sign in!
8/16/2001 Thanks to gpatterson9@home.com for adding to our knowledge of WVCH programs and announcers!
8/16/2001 N Gauger, ngauger@home.com, has a very informative site on the web about the history of Baldwin and the demolition of most of the buildings which began in 1994.  Follow the link at the top of our Baldwin Locomotive Works page to visit his site!
8/10/2001 Many thanks to Sandra Jones, SanSan6213@cs.com, for pictures, recollections, a list of former pastors and a historical sketch of Feltonville United Methodist Church.
8/10/2001 Louis J. Warfel, loujwarfel@juno.com, has transcribed the complete text of Rev. Joseph M. O'Hara, PH.D.'s Chester's Century of Catholicism 1842-1942 for us.  It is a very complete history of the first 100 years of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church. - Many thanks Lou for this valuable contribution!
8/10/2001 More pictures! - Terry Redden Peters, TP090448@aol.com, has sent the rest of her collection of historic Chester postcards for us to enjoy.  Many of these cards were used to illustrate the upcoming article about oldchesterpa.com in the Delaware County Daily Times.  Terry has very generously shared these cards in memory of her grandparents, Frank & Bertha Packer. (The new pictures begin about half way down the page.)
8/10/2001 Added a picture of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, courtesy of Olga Samilo Candelori, JAC209@webtv.net
8/2/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers (aka "Scoop" Jack), jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has once again come through for us in a BIG way!  Jack has procured 20 more excellent photos of Chester businesses from renowned Chester architect, Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA.   Included in the collection are Tollins, M. J. Freed, & Muskowitz Furniture Stores, O'Brian Buick, Workman's Music, Singer Sewing Machine, Slater's Shoes, the Colony Hotel and more! If you look closely there are also some bonus views of neighboring businesses like McCrory's 5&10 and Annette's Millinery shop. - You won't want to miss this fantastic addition to our site.  Many thanks to Mr. Swerman for making the pictures available and to Jack for making the arrangements and doing the scanning! - Why not write Jack an email that he can share with Mr. Swerman to show our appreciation!
8/2/2001 Many thanks to Olga Samilo Candelori, JAC209@webtv.net, for providing information on the Priests who have served St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church.
8/2/2001 George Christian Hamilton, HAMILTGC@mail.aramco.com.sa, has shared a photo of Mayor Samuel E. Turner from his family collection.  Mayor Turner's daughter, Lottie Jane Turner, was the second wife of George's great grandfather, Wibur Bingham.
7/29/2001 Thanks to Don Hubickey, donhub@evenlink.com, for adding to our lists of known faculty members at Dewey Mann and Horace Mann schools.
7/27/2001 A few months ago, Betty Jane Bennett Smith passed along some recollections about Eyre School which stood on 7th St. and was removed to make way for the Chester High Vocational Building.  Thanks to Peter Mooney, parrid@webtv.net, we now have two pictures of Eyre School taken 9/28/1939.  The pictures here are from photocopies of the original prints from the Chester F. Baker collection at the Delaware County Historical Society.  Actual photographic reproductions are available through DCHS.
7/23/2001 Many thanks to David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com, for a picture of the Dewey Mann Class of 1956.   All of the individuals are identified by first initial and last name.  Later David will be sending along enlarged views of the picture divided into 4 sections where individuals can be better seen.
7/23/2001 Hungry for a taste of Chester and Delaware County? Joe Kubicky, of Philly Food in Media has asked to be added to the foods section of our Links page.  Lots more than just pretzels! - Hoagies, Cheese Steaks, TastyKakes, Soft Pretzels, Maglio's Italian Sausage, Habbersette Scrapple, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews bars, Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak, Philadelphia Butter Cake, Taylor Pork Roll, Amoroso Rolls,   - Now are you hungry? - You can order online and they'll ship overnight most anywhere!
7/22/2001 David Chominski, Davidski3@aol.com, has shared some current news about St. Hedwig's Church and news of their upcoming 100th Anniversary in November 2002.  David also points out that St. Hedwig's is not one of the parishes that merged to form St. Katherine Drexel.
7/22/2001 Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia, HMWEBBER@aol.com, is putting together an email list of Dewey Mann Jr. High Class of 1955 for a possibile reunion in the near future.  If you were a member of that class or know someone who was, stop by that page and sign in!
7/22/2001 Thanks to Nick for letting us know about Ridley Park United Methodist Church's web site.  Follow the links there to "History" and then to a 1976 historical sketch for a listing of former pastors and the church's histroy.  There's also now a link to their site from our Churches page.
7/22/2001 Maria Zangari-Treesh, PookieGF@aol.com, has shared some wonderful pictures of one of the signs at her grandparents Zangari's Candy Store, and a Zangari's Water Ice Truck!  Be sure to click on the thumbnails of the pictures to see a larger version.  She has also passed along pictures of the 1960's Chester City Band, 1970's Chester City Band and 1940's Chester Italian Band.
7/19/2001 Deborah Thomas, Swanilda73@aol.com, has passed along a fantastic photograph of the Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Choir which her grandmother, Blanche Rennie, had identified as February 4, 1915.  Fortunately, Mrs. Rennie also recorded the names on the back of the picture so everyone is identified!
7/18/2001 Terry Redden Peters, TP090448@aol.com, had a love for all things Chester nurtured in her by her grandparents, Frank & Bertha Packer.   In their memory, Terry is very generously sharing with us many Postcards, Photos and other Chester Memorabilia that she has collected.  Included are street scenes, aerial views of the city and some new views of some of Chester's landmark buildings.  Thanks also to Rick Nicholson, rick@dca.net for scanning and transmitting the pictures via his site, www.delcohistory.org
7/17/2001 Special thanks to renowned Chester Architect Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA, for providing our new "Featured Photo" of Shooster's.  Mr. Swerman had his offices in the 400 block of Market Street for many years. He has been in business for over fifty years and is currently located at 2334 Providence Ave. Thanks also to "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, for making the arrangements to get the picture and for passing it along to us.
7/17/2001 Thelma Knox, Termite521@aol.com, has provided some first-hand recollections of two explosions at Sun Oil during the WWII era.  Anyone else have additional details to add?
7/15/2001 Thanks to Betsy Boyce Loth (CHS Class of '58) for adding her grandfather, August Zimath,   to our list of known Baldwin employees as well as an interesting bit of family history related to his work.  Betsy has also added to the CHS teachers and she reminded me to add the Lincoln Store to our list of Department Stores.
7/15/2001 Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, has a couple of teachers from Franklin School.
7/15/2001 Thanks to Jgodin13@aol.com for contributing to our list of teachers at Wetherill School as well as some additional background recollections about them and the school.
7/12/2001 Thanks to John (Ed) Gebhart III, jegebhart@home.com, for adding to our list of teachers at Wetherill School and also for some sad though true first-hand recollections of some historical moments that many of us who were in school in the late 50's and early 60's can relate to.
7/12/2001 Thanks to Helen (Doyle) Gallo, Gallohj@aol.com, for adding her grandmother, Eugenie J. Doyle, to our list of teachers at both Franklin and Lincoln Schools.  She has also shared with us a listing of some of Mrs. Doyle's former students from a "Letter to the Times Editor" some time between 1945-1959.
7/12/2001 Thanks to John Robinson, jsr.shep@prodigy.net, for some additions to our list of Police officers and chiefs.
6/28/2001 Thanks to Thelma Knox Pusey Cochran, Termite521@aol.com, for adding her mother, Helen Knox, a lace designer, to our list of known employees of the Chester Lace Mill.  Thelma has also shared a story that all too many of us can relate to about opportunities that were not available to women until the changes brought about by WWII.
6/28/2001 Thanks to Elaine R. Johnston, cyberrents@aol.com, for the additions of the more recent pastors and mention of the December 1998 arson fire at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
6/26/2001 Thanks to Diana, aug30@home.com, for adding to our list of known Postmasters and Employees at the "new" Chester Post Office.  Also, there's now a picture on the page of the "new" Post Office dedicated in 1937.
6/26/2001 Thanks to Donald Winfree, winfree@flyernet.udayton.edu, for sharing his parents' obituaries,(Police Chief Howard and Margaret Winfree), and a picture of their home at 235 W. 7th St.
6/25/2001 Thanks to Ann Mcgough, amcgough3@home.com, for sending along a picture and great biography from a St. Michael's publication of Sr. St. Martha (Mary Farley), second grade teacher from 1922-1963 at St. Michael's School.
6/25/2001 Thanks to Carole Gelnack MullenCMullen528@AOL.com, for a 1956 listing of the Administrators, Faculty and Staff, and pictures of Eddystone High School.  Carole has also requested an Eddystone 1956 Class Reunion page as they are in the process of planning a 45th reunion.
6/23/2001 Thanks to Diana, aug30@home.com, for submitting some recollections of the December 11, 1960 fire at Eddystone High School.
6/23/2001 Eleanor Miaza Tyndall, etishome1@msn.com, reports that the St. Michael's 8th grade Class of 1956 will hold their 45th Reunion on September 29, 2001 at the Towne House in Media.  She has also sent along a list of "missing" folks so stop by their page and see if you can help her to locate some of these classmates.  If you were also a member of the class, stop by the page and sign in!
6/23/2001 Added a photograph of Chester Police Chief (1956-1964) Howard Winfree and his wife Margaret, courtesy of their son, Donald Winfree, winfree@flyernet.udayton.edu.
6/19/2001 Announcing a major addition to the site today!  Lou Warfel, loujwarfel@juno.com, has very generously shared with us his "My Book of Old Chester".   It is quite an extensive work and he has allowed me to post it in its entirety here on the web.  Lou was manager of the Buten Paint Store on Edgmont Avenue and his work represents many years of collecting historical information about Old Chester.  On the first page you'll find a complete index of his book which is then divided into four subsequent parts.  Many thanks to Lou for his generosity in sharing his work - he hopes that you'll enjoy it and benefit from the information there.  I'm sure you'll want to email him and thank him personally yourself! - Enjoy!
6/16/2001 Added a photograph of one of the Chester-Bridgeport Ferries, courtesy of Mark Zubrzycki, zman_2000@hotmail.com.   Mark has also shared a photo of his Dad, Chester S. Zubrzycki and Rex, the first canine on the Chester Police Force.   Mark's Dad served on the Chester force from 1960-1967 and then went to Media.
6/12/2001 Thanks to Electora Hollis Nichols, Lincoln School Class of 1960, RAILS225@MSN.COM for listing some of the teachers and providing some recollections about Lincoln School.
6/12/2001 Thanks to Jason Birney, Mawratz20@aol.com, for passing along the link to an 8-part series that the Philadelphia Inquirer did in April 2000 on the Wade Dump Fire.   On that site are links to the stories as well as to photographs, and biographies of many firefighters, police officers and other emergency personnel who were involved in the fire.
6/10/2001 Mary Constantini Larner, CHS1965Reunion@aol.com, has passed along quite an extensive list of the "missing" members of the CHS Class of 1965.  Check by that page and let her know if you can help locate any of these folks.
6/08/2001 Mary Constantini Larner (Chairperson of the CHS 1965 Reunion Committee), CHS1965Reunion@aol.com, reports that their class is in the preliminary stages of planning a cruise for their 2005 reunion.  No details yet, but they do have quite a few "missing" members so she would like for the class to begin signing in... More details will follow.
5/25/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, sent word the other day about the death this past week of Bertram Speare, 75, President of Speare Brothers Department Store until the closing of the store in 1973.  Mr. Speare resided in Edgmont, PA.
5/25/2001 E Kuhlman, ginedk@innernet.net, has added Harry (II & III & Bucky) Williams' Markets and some interesting recollections to our list of Grocery Stores.
5/25/2001 Added pictures of the following schools: Clayton, Gartside, Graham, Horace Mann & Dewey, Lincoln
5/23/2001 Many thanks to Marie L. Creedon, CREEDONML@aol.com, who many months ago mailed me a copy of the 75th Anniversay Yearbook of Resurrection of Our Lord parish as well as a scrapbook that she assembled while a member of the Chester Steering Committee that worked on the transition of the Chester parishes to Saint Katherine Drexel parish in 1993.  My apologies to Marie for taking so long to get some of this posted but we now have a picture of the church building and a very complete history of the "Rez" church and school. This has also provided us with a brief history of Sacred Heart Hospital, and a picture of the original hospital building in the former Clayton mansion.
5/23/2001 Also added an interior and exterior photo of St. Hedwig's Roman Catholic Church from an "Open Letter" that the parish published in 1992, and courtesy of Marie L. Creedon, CREEDONML@aol.com.
5/21/2001 I was reminded to add a page under churches for The Salvation Army Chester Corps.
5/20/2001 Frank Soscia, sosc111@home, has added more names to our list of former teachers at St. Rose of Lima school.
5/20/2001 Added a picture and updated the list of former pastors of Resurrection of Our Lord (Rez) Parish, from the church's 75th Anniversary book courtesy of Marie L Creedon, CREEDONML@aol.com.
5/19/2001 William H. Crystle, 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com, has provided a number of photographs of Chester Fire Department apparatus.  Some are from Bill's own collection, some from his friend Jack Robrecht, and some from the Felton Fire Company 100th Anniversary booklet.   Even if you're not a fire buff, you'll enjoy some of the Chester street scenes, buildings and signs in the background.  From the main fire department page, follow the links for each of the companies and then the links to "Additional photos..." right below the fire house address.  Also at the top of the main "fire" page, there's a link to the Chester Fire Alarm system and listing of fire box locations.
5/18/2001 Kay Hutchinson, bkhutch@dmv.com, has added many principals, faculty and staff members to our Schools pages, including her father, William H. Krell, principal of Franklin School.  She reminds me to add Dr. Joseph Chermol to our list of Chester Dentists, and more about Dr. Harry C. Donahoo.
5/18/2001 Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, sends along some recollections of Chester Hospital's May Market.  Anyone else have others to share?  Also, more about Eyre School and some additional Chester High faculty.
5/16/2001 The Brookhaven, Garden City, Parkside and Upland Fire Departments currently assist the Chester Fire Department with their calls.  William H. Crystle 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com has researched and passed along some of the history and members of the Garden City Fire Department.
5/15/2001 Thanks to Robert G. Peterson, rgpeters1@home.com, for providing some information about Grace Community United Methodist Church, formed in 1991 from the merger of Grace United Methodist and Community United Methodist churches.  Robert has also shared the link to visit Grace Community UMC's website.   (See the Grace Community UMC page).
5/15/2001 Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, has reminded me of several Doctors and Dentists to add to our list, as well as some interesting background on them.
5/15/2001 Thanks to John Mills, Flojac1429@aol.com, for reminding me to add a page for his great great grandfather, Henry Frysinger's, newspaper, The Delaware County Democrat.
5/15/2001 I understand through Bofood@aol.com that the Chester High Class of '71 is planning a reunion this year but I don't have any details.  If someone will pass them along, I'll be glad to add the who, what, when and where to that page.  Meanwhile, the page is up and awaiting some CHS '71 chat!
5/15/2001 Sarah (Chazin) Simons, SARAHSIMONS@aol.com, has asked me to add a page so that the Chester High Class of '37 can share some recollections about the class and about the 50th reunion held in 1987 at the Concordville.
5/8/2001 Lynda (Conner) Trevillion, trev@texas.net, has added her great grandfather's name to our list of known Chester Police Officers.
5/8/2001 Dan Littley, DLittley@aol.com, has added several more names to our list of known members of the Moyamensing Fire Company.
5/6/2001 AJSweetyPy@aol.com has been doing some more thinking and has added more names to our list of Chester Physicians.
5/6/2001 Thanks to Margaret (Pugh) Roland, Rolpug@aol.com for putting me in touch with Mrs. Joan Santino, Secretary at Marcus Hook Baptist Church, who provided a list of pastors (1789 through 1989), pictures and a historical sketch of the church.
5/5/2001 Tom Nicolaides, tnicolaides@fast.net, has reminded me to add the Nicolaides Deli at 10th & Concord Ave. to our list of Grocers and also Liggett's at 4th & Market to our list of Drug Stores.  Tom also mentioned the Market Street Massacre in 1948.  He doesn't recall the details but 7 or 8 people were shot including a Chester Detective.  I have made a place for that on our Tragedies page and would be interested to know more about it.
5/5/2001 Added reunion pages for the Chester High Class of June 1942 and Class of 1976.  The class of June '42 is beginning to plan for their 60th and Bill Crystle , MISERABILL@aol.com or Janet Andrews Moulder, JMoulder@aol.com  would like for you to get in touch!
5/5/2001 Thanks to Flojac1429@aol.com for passing along information about Frank Cellini's cemetery monument business on 9th St in Trainer, per his son, L. Luke Cellini, MD.
4/30/2001 Bob, LauniereR@aol.com, is looking for the Walker family - Mary Elizabeth (Betty) WALKER class of “46” Chester H.S., and Helen WALKER (sisters) - who lived at 627 Sproul St.  For more details, see the Guest Book entry at "The Newsstand" from 4/30/2001, 8:23:30 p.m.
4/30/2001 Added a page for the Chester High Class of 1957.  If you're from the Class of '57 stop by and sign in!  Alan Rosenthal, ARosent971@aol.com, and others are waiting to hear from you!
4/30/2001 I neglected to mention the other day that Earl Goodman and his wife also registered in on the Rainbow Diner at 4th and Morton.
4/30/2001 Mary Ann Littley Bell, MBell37505@aol.com, has provided some faculty and staff additions (c. 1961) for Smedley Junior High School.
4/30/2001 Thanks to a reminder left on the Guest Book at "The Newsstand" the other day by Don Hubickey, donhub@sunlink.net, I have added pages for St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  If anyone can share some pictures, histories, or former priests of these churches I will be happy to add that information to the pages.
4/30/2001 Added a Deakyne Brothers Candy Store ad from the Chester Times Yearbook and Almanac of 1929, courtesy of Janet Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com.
4/30/2001 Added a photograph of Shooster's courtesy of Reece Thomas and Rick Nicholson, rick@dca.net. There will be more to come as soon as I get a chance to post the "gallery".
4/30/2001 Updated the list of "missing" member of the CHS class of '56.  Take a look and see if you can help Rose (DiOrio) Watson get back in touch with some of these folks.
4/28/2001 Added a page for the Chester High Class of 1943.  If you're from the February or June Class of '43 stop by and sign in!
4/24/2001 We have some first-hand WVCH recollections from Earl Goodman, elc@staffnet.com, the announcer who rode in the car with Mr. Jim Tisdale during their live Hurricane Hazel radio broadcasts.  Earl also adds to our list of known WVCH announcers and has straightened me out on the original call letters of KYW in Philadelphia.
4/24/2001 Anthony R. Guzzo, aguzzo@fast.net, has added to our list of known members of the Franklin Fire Company, and provided a photo of his badge.
4/21/2001 Today marks the debut of our new Chester High School Class Reunions section of the web site.  If your class isn't linked to a page yet and you would like to have one, just let me know, john@oldchesterpa.com.
4/21/2001 Did you realize that at one time Scott Paper Company was in the bicycle business?  It was news to me but the "proof is in the pudding" as they say or, in this case, in the obituary of Alfred V. Bagnall from the "ScotTissue Broadcast", and shared with us by Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com.
4/21/2001 Added a picture of the Chester High Dance Band, courtesy of Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com.
4/21/2001 Added several new names to our list of known Chester Police Officers, courtesy of retired Sgt. John J. Hampel, catnicki@juno.com. John also reminded me to add a couple of Furniture Stores and the Sylvannia Restaurant at 3rd & Morton.
4/18/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has passed along histories of The First Particular Baptist Church of the Township of Ridley / Prospect Hill Baptist Church, courtesy of the church.
4/18/2001 Thanks to Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, for typing the names of the graduates of the Chester High Class of 1913 from her father's 1913 "Spectrum Annual").
4/15/2001 Added a "Historical Sketch of the North Chester Baptist Church" and a listing of the pastors through 1913 from their April 1913 (40th Anniversary) directory.  Also a photograph c. 1887 of the church.
4/15/2001 Added a history of St. Luke's PE Church, from their February 1912 Directory.
4/13/2001 Added a picture of Harvey W. Ritter's Felton Fire Company badge and his button commemorating the Aerial Truck Housing on June 9, 1928, courtesy of his daughter, Alice Ritter, Rettira@aol.com. Also, two of Harvey Ritter's business cards and his February 1936 PA Weighmaster License on his biography page.
4/13/2001 Lou Calvarese, Loucalpru@aol.com, son of Lou Calvarese the Chester Building Inspector and brother of Tavy Calvarese, reminds me to add Hernick's Shoe Store and Muscella Studios to our lists of businesses.
04/13/2001 Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, has completed typing our list of class members of the Chester High Class of February 1940 and I now have those posted.
4/09/2001 Speaking of the Rainbow Diner, I came across something the other day on the web that seems to again confirm that the ownership of the Chester and Marcus Hook Rainbow Diners was the same.   Take a look here.
4/09/2001 Thanks to Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, for scanning pics of the class officers, class advisers, and typing the names of the graduates of the Chester High Class of February 1940Also for an obituary of her great grandmother, Emeline Rennie Bennett.
4/09/2001 Added pages for the former Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) plant and the upcoming conversion of this property to Rivertown.   Photos on both pages courtesy of TinaMarie Little.
4/07/2001 AJSweetyPy@aol.com has added more names to our listing of Doctors and to the list of Sisters at Sacred Heart Hospital.
4/07/2001 Stephen Shooster, shoosty@bellsouth.net, has shared with us a painting that he did of his grandfather, Frank Shooster's, Restaurant at 9th & Flower St.
4/07/2001 In the category of transportation:
•Added a current photo of Chester's new Transit Center, (located at the former PA Railroad Station), courtesy of TinaMarie Little.
•Also, a couple of post card pictures of the B&O Station and Crossing.
•Some early Taxi Services, courtesy of "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com
4/07/2001 Thanks to Alice Ritter, Rittera@aol.com, for sharing a picture of her father, Harvey W. Ritter, and for adding to our list of known Felton Fire Company members.  Alice has also added to our list of Chester Chiropractors and Physicians.
4/04/2001 Our thanks to Katherine Diggins, diggins3@home.com, current secretary at First Presbyterian Church, for providing and updated listing of the church's pastors and their dates of service.
4/04/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has been busy taking current pictures, researching and filing reports, and giving us updates on several of our newly listed items including: Sleeper's College, the Sidewalk Slabs with Musical Notes, the newer Hanley Hose Fire House and Prospect Hill Baptist Church.
4/02/2001 Added a page for the Chester Water Authority with some excellent pictures from 1868 and 1927 courtesy of TinaMarie Little
4/02/2001 Thanks to William H. Crystle 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com, for adding a number of names to our lists of known volunteer firefighters for the various Chester Fire Departments.
4/01/2001 Added a list of former pastors of Upland Baptist Church from 1852-1972 and a biography of one of its most notable pastors, Rev. David A. MacQueen.
4/01/2001 Added a page for Calvary Baptist Church and a 1989 Daily Times article about one of its most famous "Student ministers", Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who attended Crozer Theological Seminary from 1948 to 1951.
4/01/2001 Added a photo of the interior of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 9th & Madison St.  (Be sure to click on the thumbnail of the picture to see the full-size version.)
4/01/2001 Added a list of former pastors and a historical sketch of Nativity Evangelical Lutheran Church from the church's 50th anniversary book (1969).
4/01/2001 Added a picture and several 1926 articles from the Chester Times about the closing and sale of the 1736 Hicksite Friends Meeting House on Market Street below Third.  Included is a history of the Meeting House by Dr. Anna E. Broomall.
4/01/2001 Added a page (with drawing c. 1840) of Sunny Side Mills, J. Ledward & Son
4/01/2001 Added a separate page for Immaculate Heart of Mary School with some historical notes and a photograph from the school's 100th Anniversary Book in 1983.
4/01/2001 Thanks to our resident sports specialist, Dave Burman, for passing along links to some stories about Chester High Basketball Player Bo Ryan's recent appointment as Head Coach of Men's Basketball at Wisconsin.
3/31/2001 Added an early post card picture of the Imperial Hotel at 7th & Welsh St.
3/28/2001 "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, has added to our knowledge of the location of Sleeper's College.  Jack has also passed along some historical notes about First Baptist Church (Ridley Park) and Prospect Hill Baptist Church in Prospect Park.  Prospect Hill has an interesting connection to the "In God We Trust" engraved on our US coins!
3/28/2001 A significant update arrived this evening from Tina Marie Little.  Some months ago Paul Crowther passed along information about Bill Haley's days in Chester and lamented that the sidewalk slab with musical notes in front of his E. 5th St. office was probably long gone.  Tina informed us today that the slab has indeed been preserved.  Read all about it here.
3/27/2001 Most all of us remember the Rainbow Diner at 9th & Sproul.  However, a couple of months ago I posed a question about an earlier Rainbow Diner at 4th & Morton.  Some said it was never there, others confirmed its existence, and "Joker" Jack Chambers got so wrapped up in solving the mystery that he claimed to have gone there and waited over an hour instead of to the Edgmont Diner for our lunch get-together back in February!  Many thanks to all of you who responded - your answers are posted here.
3/27/2001 Added postcard pictures of American Viscose Corporation, Roach's Shipyard, and another of Sun Ship.
3/26/2001 At Joe Caranci's request, I've added an interactive Lloyd Field page where former teammates (or opponents?) can get together and share some recollections.  You can also access this page by following the links for "Recreation" > "Parks" > "Lloyd Field"
3/25/2001 Added a page for the Chester High School Class of 1923, including the "Class History", class officers and class members from the 1923 Annual.
3/25/2001 Added photographs of two more of Chester High School's principals, James Homer Rennie and George W. Pedlow; also one of Dr. Charles A. Wagner, superintendent of schools.
3/25/2001 Added a photograph of Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith.  Also, Carole Gelnack Mullen, CMullen528@aol.com, added her father-in-law's name to the list of former Aberfoyle employees and some information about the company after it left Chester.
3/24/2001 Added a postcard picture of Baldwin Locomotive Works.
3/24/2001 Due to the growing information and pictures, I have begun to make individual pages for schools.   So far I have pages for Chester High School, Larkin Grammar School, and Horace Mann School.
3/24/2001 Added a picture of the Southern Penn Terminal from the "Opening & Dedication" program book, courtesy of Janet Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com.
3/24/2001 Added a page (with picture from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith) for Sleeper's College.   Can anyone help with the location or anything else about this "Leading Educational Institution for Office and Comercial Training"?
3/24/2001 Added a picture and biographical sketch of Karl E. Agan, Chester High Principal, courtesy of Alice Ritter, rettira@aol.com
3/24/2001 Added an early Larkin School Class Picture, courtesy of Janet Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com.
3/24/2001 Added a picture of the Wilson Line ship "City of Washington", courtesy of Janet Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com.
3/24/2001 Added a picture of "Immanuel Baptist Church Entertainment c. 1917", courtesy of Janet Moulder, jmoulder@aol.com.
3/22/2001 Added pictures of each of the five original volunteer Chester Fire Stations from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith.   In order to do this and keep the pages loading as quickly as possible, I have given each of the original Fire Companies a separate page.
3/22/2001 Ed Bowley, grandson of the founder of Chester Lace Mill and Rick Turner, son and grandson of Chester Lace Mill Presidents, rickturner@bellsouth.net Sevierville, TN, have passed along some recollections about the mill.
3/22/2001 John Costello, Vice Principal Toby Farms School, costello50@hotmail.com, has shared some history of the school.
3/22/2001 Thanks to Joe Caranci, Jr., JPCJRLAW@aol.com, for adding Julio deProphetis' Pharmacy at 3rd & Pusey to our list of Drug Stores.
3/22/2001 Thanks to Paul Crowther, pcrowther4@home.com, for some additional Junior Members of the Feltonville Fire Department
3/22/2001 Thanks to Bob Kertis, kert@bellatlantic.net for some additional information on Dr. Martin B. Sjeda and Dr. Skwirut
3/16/2001 Browneyes122053@aol.com has added her father and grandfather to the list of firefighters (Hanley and Franklin), her aunts who were auxilary members, and some recollections about the Hanley and Franklin fire departments.
3/16/2001 Posted a photograph, courtesy of William H. Crystle 3rd, MISERABILL@aol.com, of the Immanuel Baptist Church Championship Basketball Team 1924-25, taken on the roof of the old Y.M.C.A. at 7th & Edgmont.

Also, Bill passed along more info about the Crystle Dairy and a picture of his grandfather, William H. Crystle, Sr., taken in the late 1800's or early 1900's on the farm in Nether Providence before the dairy was moved to Chester.

Bill also added many names to our lists of known Chester Fire Chiefs and members of the Good Will and Moyamensing departments

3/15/2001 Thanks to Joe Caranci, Jr., JPCJRLAW@aol.com, for straightening me out on the correct name of his dad's pharmacy, Lloyd Pharmacy, at 7th & Lloyd and also the correct spelling of his last name.  Joe also sent along an amusing anecdote about the time in the 1950's when he was playing on the Bullock's Pharmacy team of the Biddy Basketball League.
3/15/2001 Pete Krasowski, silverdime@aol.com, has shared some recollections about Sacred Heart Hospital, and AJSweetyPy@aol.com has sent along a list of some of the other staff.
3/15/2001 Thanks to Stacy (Harden) Baran, stacyesq@yahoo.com, for passing along some additional biographical information and the obituary for James Homer Rennie, Chester High School Principal 1920-1924.
3/14/2001 Thanks to Bill Gatens, wjgatens@email.msn.com,   for providing some of the more recent pastors of First Presbyterian Church.
3/12/2001 AJSweetyPy@aol.com has added significantly to our list of Doctors and has provided some historical notes about Sacred Heart Hospital.
3/12/2001 Bill Elman, STEELDAN1@aol.com, has added lots of businesses on 3rd Street including his family's own Elman's Variety Store which has been in business for some 70+ years.  We had an opportunity to meet the present owner, Bill's brother Joe Elman, at our February Lunch Get-Together.
3/12/2001 Paul Rzasa, przasa@erols.com, has shared some labels from the Chester Brewery
3/12/2001 Bill Gatens, wjgatens@email.msn.com, has filled in the list of Rectors at St. Paul's Episcopal Church since the retirement of the Rev. Warren A. Shaw in June 1998.
3/12/2001 Thanks to Henrietta Landis, Henribetta@aol.com, for a history and listing of Priests of St. George Greek Orthodox Church.
2/27/2001 Added a history of St. Daniel's United Methodist Church from the church's 109th Anniversary program book from June 1980.
2/26/2001 Added a page for Siloam Methodist Episcopal Church, a listing of Fomer Pastors (through 1936), and a "Historical Sketch" from their 39th Anniversary Bulletin in 1936.
2/26/2001 Added pages for Chester's first synagogues, B'nai Israel and B'nai Aaron, and added some historical notes about Congregation Ohev Sholom.
2/25/2001 Added Crystle Dairy to our list of dairies.   William H. Crystle, 3rd, miserabill@aol.com, has also passed along a great picture (date unknown) of members of the Hanley Hose Company when his maternal grandfather, Joseph Mills, was President.  Also, a hat and two coat badges from Good Will Fire Company.
2/25/2001 Added Dr. Charles Rowland to our list of doctors as well as a couple of interesting stories provided by Joanne Rowland, Joanne.M.Rowland@widener.edu.   Did you know that "Roland" Road in Parkside was named for him but misspelled?
2/24/2001 Now the individual shots from our Lunch Get-Together are posted.  Here's your chance to meet some of our "regular" visitors!   Also, for those of you who haven't been to the area since last September, there's an added picture at the top of the page of the "New" Edgmont Diner.
2/19/2001 The first pictures of our first ever Lunch Get-Together at the "New" Edgmont Diner in Chester!  Check back later for more individual shots.
2/1/2001 An interesting newspaper article from the 1920's (?) about Miss Mary E Burke a Chester teacher who retired after 51 years of service.   "She first taught at the old Franklin school, but later was a teacher at the Gartside, Chester High School and was at the Starr school before her removal to the Graham school. She at one time was principal of the Franklin School."  In spite of being written in the 1920's, it's surprising how timely some of the topics are today!
Contributed by Terry McHugh, tomch58@yahoo.com
Miss Burke is believed to be the great great great aunt of Terry's husband, Craig McHugh
1/28/2001 Ralph Roellig, rjr2142@hotmail.com, just passed along a fantastic picture of 7th Street at Edgmont Avenue.  It is not dated but I'd estimate it to be some time around 1960.
1/28/2001 Thanks to Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com, for investigating and sharing with us some history of WPWA, also known over the course of its history as WAWA, WCZN, WDRF, WEEZ, and WQIQ.   Jack is also developing a website devoted to the history of Aston Township and would like any information you'd like to share passed on to him at: jack@oldastontownship.com
1/26/2001 A recent Gebhart column in the Delaware County Daily Times reminded me to add a page for the Chester Lace Mill.  On that page, there are links to the Gebhart column and to a follow-up letter to the Daily Times from Bob Sakers whose dad also worked at the mill.  Bob reminisces about many things from his days growing up in Chester's West End.
1/26/2001 Added three pictures courtesy of Joe Carpenter, jcarpn@ix.netcom.com.

Two pictures of the celebration held upon the return of the Soldiers & Sailors from their service in World War I and one of his father's business, Carpenter's Car Transport.

1/25/2001 Dave Burman, Chesterclippers@aol.com, our Sports specialist, sends breaking news about Chester native Kevin Jones', decision to play his college football at Virginia Tech.  Dave has also provided us with three additional links to the full coverage of this story.
1/25/2001 Rick Sapovits, RickSap@aol.com, shares his recollections about Chester Park.
1/25/2001 Terry McHugh, tomch58@yahoo.com, reminded me to add Dr. Uzich (sp?), Chester ear, nose and throat specialist, to our listing of Doctors.  Also, she has added to our list of Priests at Resurrection of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church.
1/25/2001 Marie L. Creedon, creedonml@aol.com has also passed along some additional information about Resurrection of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church and will be mailing me the 75th anniversary booklet published in 1986 so that I can share the complete history with you.
1/25/2001 Some Ranger Joe Cereal images including the company logo thanks to Clay Haskell, thingey@inetworld.net
1/25/2001 Added a picture of Sacred Heart Hospital
1/11/2001 Added a current Sports Report page courtesy of Dave Burman, Chesterclippers@aol.com
1/11/2001 I received an email a day or two ago from Clay Haskell, grandson of Charles Haskell, one of the founders of Ranger Joe Cereal.   Clay has added some to our knowledge and will hopefully get back to us with additional information.
1/11/2001 Carole Mullen, CMullen528@aol.com has reminded me to add Dr. John B. Klopp to our list of physicians and she has sent along a picture of Dr. Klopp from the 1952 Chester High yearbook.
1/2/2001 Added several biographies from "Who's Who in Delaware County 1926", a publication of the Chester Times.

Also added pages for:
Alpha Boat Club (included so far is a picture from an old post card)
Upland Baptist Church

1/1/2001 Added a page and some preliminary information about Platt-LePage Aircraft Company which was located on the site of the former Baldwin Locomotive Works.  Jay Hendrickson, Platt-LePage Aircraft Archives, RotaryResearchJBH@att.net, very generously shared this with us and he would like to hear from you if you can contributed anything further about this company and their aircraft.

For earlier additions to the site, check the 2000 "What's New" Archives

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