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Boy Scout Troop 6, First Presbyterian Church
c. 1945

Troop 6, First Presbyterian Church c. 1945; Photo courtesy of Harry Vercoe

Photo courtesy of Harry Vercoe, hpvmdv@mchsi.com 

TOP ROW (From Left to right):

Floyd Truitt, ? Bridge, Bill Lawton, Wes Tomlinson, Bob VanZandt (Bob had received his Eagle Scout Aware when the picture was taken), Lou Montgomery, Bo Lindsay, Carl Detwiller, Larry Macintyre

Bottom Row (From Left to right):

Jim VanZandt, Mink MacDonald, Fritz Marklin, ? McNeal, ? Rhood, Wayne Roser, Bud MacDonald, Harry Vercoe, Gene Lantz


2002 John A. Bullock III.
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