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business_grocery_joes_market_2.jpg (546668 bytes)
Joe's Market
Photos courtesy of Joe Smagala

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:

Alfonso Sanbe Grocery Store, 407 W. 3rd st., c. 1937; Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Alfonso Sanbe Grocery Store interior; Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe
Photos courtesy of
Alfonso Sanbe

Alfonso Sanbe Grocery Store 407 W. 3rd St. Alfonso Achille Sanbe
(b. September 22, 1898 in Caserta, Italy, d. April 8, 1957)
Dolores "Dolly" Sanbe
(d. November 12, 1990)
c. 1930 - 1955 Mr. & Mrs. Sanbe also owned and operated the Franklin Hotel & Bar, 3rd & Concord Ave. for 15 years.
Al's Market 9th & McDowell Ave. "It was a mini supermarket, had everything and good meat too..."


Thanks to
Pat Dicave,

  Acme / American Store 9th & Lincoln John ? - 1950's - 1960's "We used to live close to Concord/Lincoln Streets.(1950-1960) My mother use to send me to Acme/American store on 9th Lincoln for bread/soda etc.

I remember the the owner's name was John, who had a pretty bad limp, use to have a long pole with a grabber at the end to reach items on the higher shelves.

His wife helped sometimes. Around 1954-55 John died and wife tried to run the store. It didn't worked out. That's all I remember about the store."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch

American Store (1) 10th & Parker St. Wm.S. Crowther Mgr.1939-1949 Closed when Chester's first Supermarket, an Acme, opened at 9th & Lincoln Sts.

business_grocery_american_3rd_st.jpg (41815 bytes)
American Store
3rd & Highland
Photo courtesy of Al Lenny

American Store 3rd & Highland, NE corner ? - 1930 - ? "I have a copy of an old picture of my uncle, Maurice Lenny, with another man in a grocery store. This picture is labeled , in white ink, "American Store Co. 3rd St. Chester, Pa". I also have a digitized copy of the 1930 census information sheet for my uncle; he is listed as the manager of a grocery store. I think it is safe to say that Maurice Lenny was the manager of the American Store at 3rd and Highland at least in 1930."

Thanks to
Al Lenny

American Store 23rd & Edgmont Ave.
(West side of the street)
"There was an American Store located at 23rd and Edgemont (west side of the street) in the first ward.  It was closed after the larger store was opened on Upland Avenue in Upland Borough.  The building was sold and became offices for Prudential Insurance for a while. I lived half a block away on East 23rd Street and as a small boy went there often."

-Thanks to William J. Stoop,

Angie's Market E 24th St.

(24th & Chestnut)

(across from Burman's and the old 7-11)

Thanks to
Gloria Kriegh,
A&P 1118 Avenue of the States (Edgmont Ave.) John McDevitt, manager c. 1956

Alan Messick, manager

"I worked for the A & P on Edgmont Ave from 1954 to 1960 while going to Chester High and college.

John McDevitt was the manager when I started and later 1956-57 was promoted to district supervisor and Alan Messick become manager.

The store was open till 9:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday closed rest of the time at 6:00pm, but we often worked till 6:30pm. Store was closed on Sunday."

Thanks to Rudy Koch

This grocery store reopened during summer 2003 as Tower Foods.

Arcus Grocery 15th & Providence Ave. Mike Arcus ? - c. 1985 Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

business_grocery_babicki.jpg (26810 bytes)
Babicki Grocery Store
Photo courtesy of Dave Babicki

Babicki's 3rd & Townsend "Became the next popular neighborhood grocery store after Fat Boy's eventually closed down sometime in the mid to late 60's.

David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com

  Baer's Choice Meats & Provisions 917 Potter St.   ? - 1941 - ? From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
Baldino's 9th & Jeffery St. Lonzi & Jenny Baldino Thanks to
Anthony J Iacono,
Ben's Market 14th St.
(between Crosby & Crozer Hospital)


8th & Sproul St.

Ben Sherman

later his son (?)

Jack Gross

"The owner was Bean Sherman and his son Jack Gross took over the store for him after he retired. After a few years Jack moved his business from that location to 8th & Sproul. The reason I remember all these things about him, his two sons Larry & Ken Gross were the guys that started up TRI-STATE AlARM Company in Brookhaven. I had worked for them, and my wife Lynn also, for about 9 years when Ken asked my wife to head up the southern office in Orlando Fl. so we (family) moved here to Fla. Have been here for the past 14 years and just love it here, but miss the old Chester once in a while."

Thanks to James Crystle,

  (Al) Bryce's Market 21st & Edgmont Al Bryce ? - 1960's - 1980 - ? "(Ed) Joy's Market & (Al) Bryce's Market. Both were at 21st and Edgmont when I was growing up there, 1960s through 1980."

Thanks to
John Tassoni

Click here for a 1998 picture of the store's neighborhood.

Busby's Grocery Corner of 8th & Parker St. / Concord Ave. George Busby Late 1940's - ? George Busby bought the  store from Ben & Rose Kleinman in the late 1940's.
? 510 Central Ave. William Briggs ? - December 1949 12/1949: Destroyed by fire
Clyde's (?) End of Kerlin St. Clyde Kinchlow Thanks to
Dave Hall
Delozier's Market 1103 W. 3rd St.
(3rd & Pennell)
Joe Delozier, Sr. 1949 - c. 1954 "He [Joe Delozier, Sr.] bought the store in 1949 and later closed it after about 5 years. Then he bought another store, with my brother Del, in Buckman Village at 10th & Pine Lane. He died in Sept. 1956 of a heart attack in Chester Hospital. My mother and brother ran that store till she retired. (About 4 years) Then Del ran it for about 10 years till he sold it."
Joe Delozier, Jr., jdelozier@dol.net
Delozier's Market 10th & Pine Lane
(Buckman Village)
Joe Delozier, Sr. & son, Del c. 1954 - c. 1970 (See above)

This store later became Lesyk's Market.

-Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

Joseph Di Costanza 236-38 Broomall St. Joseph Di Costanza

later his daughter and son-in-law

John Iacono until retirement in 1985.



Thanks to Jd221@aol.com
  George M. Dunlap 826 Edgmont Ave. 


318 Market St.

George M. Dunlap ? - 1902 - ?  
Henrietta Dutton's Grocery Store 417 Concord Ave. Henrietta Dutton "My gg grandmother was a grocery store owner at 417 Concord Ave in Chester. I have no idea what the name of the store was, but her name was Henrietta Dutton. Her husband James was a bricklayer. Love to hear from anyone who know more about this store."

Sandy Eberhardt basa412@planetc.com 
E & G Market 14th & Ridley Ave. Gerry Bratspis


Eddie Yusem

? - 1952 - early or mid 1960's "When I was very young we lived above a grocery store at east 14th and Ridley Ave. called "E & G Market". There was a candy store attached to it too, but I don't remember the name. If you look at the building from the street, the candy store was on the left and the grocery store was on the right. It is now called the Campus Pub and I-95 passes right next to and behind it, where the B&O crossing used to be.

The owners of the store were Gerry Bratspis and Eddie Yusem. Gerry was the grocer and Eddie was the butcher. They had an old wooden station wagon they used to deliver orders.

I don't know when it opened but we lived there until 1952 when we moved to Glen Terrace.

The store was in business until the early or middle 60's when Gerry took a job with a new business in the area - 7-11. I think Eddie might have retired at that time."

Thanks to
Ken Zwizanski
Collingdale, Pa.
Edgmont Beef Co. S. side of Edgmont Ave. between 5th & 6th St. Josh Goldstein - Manager c. 1967 ? - 1960's, 1970's - ? "In 1967 I started work at Edgemont Beef Co., a supermarket on Edgemont Ave. It was a union store, and I remember at top wage I made about $3.50 an hour. The manager was Josh Goldstein. There were a lot of employees there at that time. I worked there until about 1973. Most of the employees had been there for years, and I was the youngest, being 18.

The meat managers name was Jack Baylor, and there were two women who worked with him, One was named Jenny, and Italian woman, I don't remember her last name.

The secretary was Nora Johnson who had been there about 50 years at that time. The store had been there a very long time. I worked at the cash register with 5 other women. One, my good friend Bessie Davis, passed away 2 years ago. We called each other for years, but unfortunately were never able to get together. Another woman was named Diane, who had 5 children. Her kids would come in to the store, and they were just the nicest kids. Again, I'm not good with last names. There was Dottie, Betty and and I think Lorraine.

There was a delivery service, so most customers had the store deliver their food.. The man who ran the delivery business was called Monk. 

We used to work Thursday & Friday from 9:00 to 9:00. I used to go shopping at all the stores on my lunch and dinner breaks. Rogers, Kay's and Weinberg's were always my favorite. Bessie and I used to go to that record shop under the train trestle, it was exactly like the one portrayed on the show American dreams.

I would love to hear from anyone who worked there especially the woman I worked closest to."

Thanks to
Kathy Hoffman

Fat Boy's Market 4th & Palmer St. "A small neighborhood store frequented often by neighborhood children bringing back soda bottles for the 2 cent deposit which would usually be redeemed immediately for candy from the store's penny candy rack or popsicles from the freezer. The store kept an on-going book of credit for all neighboring residents in the 50's to 60's."

David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com

Fehl's Grocery 1222 Anderson Ave. c. 1949- 1987 Thanks to
Charles “Dutch” Fehl

business_grocery_food_fair_bohlmann.jpg (28605 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Rocky (Hazel Hillard) Bohlmann,

Food Fair 10 W. 7th St. ? - 1952 - 1960's - ?
  Food Fair 5th & Water St. Walter Gaynor, manager 1953 ? - 1953 - ?  
Forchetti's Grocery Store 3rd & Franklin St. Mr.& Mrs. Forchetti ? - 1948 - ? "For any old timers; grocery store at 3rd & Franklin was run in 1948 by Mr. & Mrs. Forchetti; very nice people. My wife and I lived in the third floor apartment above Mazza's beauty shop at 307 W. 3rd. When last seen house was deserted and vacant."

Thanks to
George Dougherty, snackty@att.net

Frank's Near 6th & Kerlin St. Frank & Lena Furillo (?)
Charles Yancoskie, yancoskc@yahoo.com, believes that Frank's last name was Furillo.
- late 1950's - "Now,here is another store to add to your  list. The name of the store was Frank's grocery store located near the corner of 6th and Kirlin. The kindly man's wife was named Lena,who loved to crochet little dollies.
Frank's hoagies were THE BEST. Thanks to his credit for my family, we were always well fed on Kirlin St. God Bless this man! Heaven was made for souls like him!

This wonderful Frank the grocer was a member of the Italian Presbyterian church in Chester in the 1950's. He took me and at
another time my 5 yr old brother to an evening service. My brother remembers big tromphones musical instruments in the choir band!
Frank was very anti-Catholic and seemed upset when I showed him my rosery
beads and scapula necklace to be worn under clothing. He felt there was alot of adolitry worship amongst Catholics.
Yet,this kind man kept my brotherts ,my Mom and myself fed on his delicious hoagies.
We were a poor family with a father who would dissapear for days. We moved out of there owing Frank money but he still paid for a taxi for  my brother to go to and from his store with groceries to our new apartment.
I was only 6-7 yrs. old and my memories are vague. But this Chesterite, probably long passed away, should be remembered as a man with A BIG HEART and an asset to his church and community!
Frank & Lena had a daughter or granddaughter named Velma.
In Mermory of Frank and Lena, Frank's Grocery store
6th and Kirlin Chester,Pa.late1950's"


Frank's (2) 9th & Elsinore Frank Zarnoski

(Previously operated The Sugarbowl)

Post WWII - The store sold groceries.  It also had an ice cream fountain.  They also carried Deli items.   Later he turned the back of the store into a neighborhood bar.  There was no
liquor just beer and a pool table.  My Mother-in law Mary Zarnoski ran the store and bar with him until [and after] he died in the mid-sixties."

Leona Laspina Zarnoski

trush_store_1945.jpg (18452 bytes)
Frank's Market
Frank & Pauline Trush
c. 1945
Photos courtesy of
Dorothy (Trush) Suda, daughter

Frank's Market 700 McIlvain St. Frank & Pauline Trush 1936 - late 1960's "[My father] bought the store in l936 for 6500. Can you believe that? It had the store front, living room, dining room, kitchen, yard and a three car garage. The second floor had four bedrooms, and only one bath. The third floor was an apartment they rented out.The building took half a block. It sold in the late 60’s for 14,000. It was torn down about 5 years ago by the Chester Redevelopment"

Thanks to daughter,
Dorothy (Trush) Suda,

Glover's Market 2nd & Yarnall Mr. Fletcher Glover Thanks to
Freddie Fuller
Grace's Market 10th & Pine Lane Johnny Grace ?-1940's - 1960's "Owned by Johnny Grace, father of Joe Grace who runs O'Flaherty's bar on Pennell Rd. in Aston. In the late 1960's it became LaSpada's and then closed in the early 70's"

-Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

Grand Union Tea Co. 39 W. 3rd St. - 1912 - "The largest importers and retailers of Teas & Coffees in the United States"
according to their ad in the Feb. 1912 Directory of St. Luke's PE Church
Great Leopard Penn St. between 5th & 6th


12th & Crosby

Jack Coopersmith
HiLo King Jack

Bill Coopersmith (son of Jack)

Grucela's Market 4th & Wilson St. ?-1950's, 1960's-? David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com
Gruszka's Market 10th & Highland Ave. Joe Gruszka ? - 1950's, 1960's, early 1970's "Gruszka's was a favorite stop for the kids from Rez in the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Closed and became a dentist office, Dr. Robert Gruzska, Joe's Son."

-Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

business_grocery_harry_2nd_flower.jpg (123565 bytes)

Harry's Market Corner of 2nd & Flower St. Thomas J. Doyle

later his son

John J. Doyle (d. April 17, 1943)

More history of Harry's Market courtesy of Helen (Doyle) Gallo
Harry's Market Corner of
11th & Leiper St.
Family of Dr. Pete Lebischak "Family of Dr. Pete Lebischak"
Thanks to Jim Woods,
Hoffman's Grocery 6th & Wilson St. "There was a Hoffman's Grocery on the corner of 6th and Wilson. I used to go there as a kid and purchase groceries from a flyer he delivered locally to the residents in the area."

Thanks to
Walt Luzak,

J. R. Innis Meat Market 2226 W. 3rd St. ? - 1917 - ? Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
Jacob's Market 8th & Deshong Sts. Morris & Benny Jacobs "Everybody bought their food and goods all week long on "tic", and on Saturday night they would pay the bill. And Billy Anderson, would deliver your food to you house, don't see this sort of thing now a days."

Thanks to
Jim "Butch" Bailey

business_grocery_joes_market_2.jpg (546668 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Joe Smagala

Joe's Market Rose & Walnut Sts. Joe & Cathy Smagala

Formerly owned by Laura & Troy Durham

Earlier owned by Burt Simmonds

August 30, 1961 - ? Formerly owned by Troy & Laura.

Thanks to
Joe Smagala

"Just saw the picture of Joe's Market and did that bring back memories to me. Many a day I sat there talking to your parents. In answer to your request about Laura & Troy. [the previous owners] I knew them both well and Troy's last name was Durham. He had a daughter Betty who married a man by the name of Robert Towson."

Thanks to
Fred Van Zandt, North Ft. Myers, FL, who used to live at Walnut and Dupont Streets.

"Your Parent's store on Walnut St. should have been 1123 Walnut. Correct? This store was originally owned by Bert Simmonds. My Grandmother, who lived at 1127 Walnut, worked occasionally for him. When my Dad lived at home and bought his first car, a 1928 Ford, [new] he parked it in the garage at the rear of the store. Bert was known to us as "Uncle Bert". He lived on Parkway Ave. His back yard faced Chester Park. In later years he boarded with my Grandmother."

- Paul D. Crowther

Joe's Market Corner of 14th & Edgmont "He sold everything plus batteries and coal"

Thanks to James Crystle,


Joe's Meat Market 2nd & Highland,
SE corner
Johnson Brothers 1810 W. 3rd St. 1899- Coffee & tea merchants
Josh's Grocery 2nd & Edwards Sts. "Josh's Grocery:  located at the corner of 2nd and Edward Streets. A popular store that was an important mainstay of families living on the nearby streets."

Thanks to
Mary Carter-Williams, Ph.D.
(Ed) Joy's Market 21st & Edgmont Ave. Ed Joy ? - 1960's - 1980 - ? "(Ed) Joy's Market & (Al) Bryce's Market. Both were at 21st and Edgmont when I was growing up there, 1960s through 1980."

Thanks to
John Tassoni
King Jack's Foodarama (5)

Click here for a 1998 picture of the store's neighborhood.

Kleinman's Market 8th & Concord Ave. / Parker St. Ben & Rose Kleinman ? - late 1940's Ben Kleinman sold the store to George Busby in the late 40's and moved to Philadelphia.

Thanks to
Len Kleinman, son,

Kyle's Grocery Store 8th & Barclay "Kyle's grocery store was located at 8th and Barclay. It sold general groceries as well as had a butcher. Next door to Kyle's was McGinnis's candy store and soda fountain.

They sold newspapers, tobacco products, yo-yo's, penny candy, and also things like Cherry cokes and Root beer floats at the soda fountain. When I lived at 716 and 808 Barclay I spent a lot of time trying to see how much candy my pennies would buy.

The ice was delivered to both stores by a horse drawn wagon and we would all try to get pieces of ice from the wagon. One day we went to get some ice and just before we got to the wagon the horse keeled over on the sidewalk and died. That was the last time I remember the ice being delivered by wagon."

Later Lloyd's Market

Thanks to Ed Spellacy

Lesyk's Market 10th & Pine Lane Walter Lesyk

Mrs. Eufrosyna (Rose) (nee Prytula) Lesyk
d. 7/12/2006

"In the location of the former Delozier's Market. It was still open the last time I went by. Mrs. Lesyk runs it and she only opens the door if she knows you."

-Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

Lloyd's Market 8th & Barclay St. Lloyd Messick - 1949 - Previously Kyle's Grocery Store

Thanks to Ed Spellacy

Lucyk's Grocery Store 2729 W 3rd St. Theodore Lucyk

[Obituary & Photo]

According to Mr. Lucyk's obituary, he owned and operated this store for 40 years.
McGlone's Market in the alley in Highland Gardens Thanks to John G. Smith,
Jacob Maciejczyk Meats and Groceries 2130 W. 3rd St. (NW corner) Jacob Maciejczyk "On the Northwest corner of 2130 West 3rd Street was Jacob Maciejczyk meats and groceries. I remember approx. 1958 one of their sons passed away age 6 months. Jacob's wife was Helen and she died about 1959. I went to grade school at St. Hedwig's with there oldest son John."

Thanks to
Pete Krasowski, Newfield, NJ
Madelyn's Market 3rd & Pennell Madelyn & husband Buddy, Sister Rachel & son Johnny. "Madelyn's Market was located at 3rd and Pennell Streets across from Ocean City Fish Market.Run by Madelyn, husband Bussy, Sister Rachel and son Johnny. Madelyn also owned the apt. complex over and behind the store. Remember you could buy your groceries on time , just had Madelyn fill in the purchase and amt. in a book that you kept. Fond memories."

Thanks to
Joann Patterson Powell


"This is the one grocery store that I would never forget. She was there come hell or high water. God bless her she was an angel for all of us kids. She kept our bellies from the pains of hunger. If God ever created a saint it was her."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Marie's Market 3rd St. Thanks to Bill Elman, STEELDAN1@aol.com
Massa's Market 8th & McIlvain St. "My best friend's father owned the place. Used to help his son Charlie stock shelves and we'd get the left-overs from the ice cream containers. Many memories."

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,

Nicolaides' Deli 10th & Concord Paul & Theresa Nicolaides

Tom (son of Paul & Theresa) and Anita Nicolaides (1957-1965)

Thanks to Tom and Anita Nicolaides, tnicolaides@fast.net
Ocean City Maryland Fish Market 3rd & Pennell The Caratellos 1947 - 1955 "Owned by my Father and Mother"

Thanks to Lou Caratello, biglou5542@msn.com

Oppenheimer's Market Between 7th & 8th on Welsh St. Mr. &  Mrs. Oppenheimer Sold imported fruits, meats, cheeses, fancy candies and baskets.

Thanks to 
Alice Ritter

Pappano's Grocery 3rd & Fulton St. Francisco Pappano and his brother Fidele. 1916 - 1964 "I'm including a photo of Pappano's Grocery, located at 3rd and Fulton Sts. It was started by my maternal Grandfather and his brother, and it's where I grew up."
Thanks to
Fran DiDomenicis 
Charlie Peck's Market Charlie Peck
Phil's Market Morton Ave. & 7th St. ? - 1950's - ? "Did a fantastic business - brothers owned and ran the store."

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,

Penn Fruit 3117 W 9th St. Ed Covert, 1987-2001 1953- August 10, 2001 In 1976 the Penn Fruit became a part of the Pick Well chain.  Ed Covert, a Pick Well Vice President, purchased the store in 1987 and it was converted to a Shop 'N Bag until about 1997 when it became the West End Food Center, an American Family Supermarket.  When closed on August 10, 2001, it was the last supermarket remaining in Chester.

-from a Delaware County Daily Times news story July 30, 2001

Perski's Meat Market Providence Ave.
(between 16th & 18th?)
- 1930's - Thanks to Kay (Krell) Hutchinson, bkhutch@dmv.com
Pete & Lovana's Corner Store 800 E 8th St. Pete & Lovana Hawrylak Before 1955 - 1969 "I have to sit and write about my parents' store. It was a corner grocery store (a Mom and Pop) in the East End and was a hangout. The address was 800 E. 8th Street, right down the street from the Chester East Little League Field. We sold penny candy, comic books, bread, soda, canned goods, milk, eggs, cigarettes, the Times, and the usual stuff.

"Mom and Dad sold the business in 1969. I think the building was razed a few years back. Haven't been back since.

"We used to go to Montco to buy our canned food and paper products. We had a pinball machine and the place was a hangout! I loved it! I was the baby and always got stuck working in the store since my siblings would run out of the house!

"My parents opened this store before I was born (1955) and before that they had one on 7th Street somewhere around the old Larkin House. I don't have all the facts.

"I remember the Bond Bread Man (Phil), the Slim Jim Man (George Kranyak) from the West End in a green truck. We even bought our water ice from Mae's until Dad bought a water ice machine. He also made the "radio ball", a water ice with a scoop of ice cream in the middle. It's funny - I still remember the prices of the items we sold! We even gave people credit and wrote their purchases in an old black and white marbled tablet! Sold Richman's ice cream, Drake's Cakes, the famous Mother Day cakes from Tastycake with the pink paper carnation in the middle, Niftees (ice cream). I was also allowed to take the 76 bus from Chester into Trainer with my girlfriend to go to the pool! I remember Tastycakes being 10 cents!!

"Dad died in 1979 and Mom died in 1994."

Thanks to
Diane Hawrylak Mangiapane,


Peters Market Highland Ave. (south side) between 4th & 5th St., Mrs. Peters and then her son Frank and his wife Ginny. "I was going over the grocery stores that were in Chester and do remember Peters Market very well. I remember Mrs. Peters and then her son Frank and his wife Ginny. Frank expanded the store and did very well. He even had orders from the ships at sun oil. His wife Ginny always had a smile for you. Some of the employees were Art behind the meat counter. Art would tell you how to cook a pork roast, the Italian way. Great guy. Also Jim and Fred Grace who lived a few doors from Peters Market on Highland Ave. There was Bill Sabol from 4th St. across from St Hedwigs. Next door to Peters Market was a candy & ice cream store and I still remember Mrs Bogucki behind the counter. We would stop in for penny candy on our way to the Lyric. I just saw her son Al and his grandson at Walmart."

Thanks to
Barbara Montello

Phil's Market 9th St. between Central Ave. & Tilghman St. "I remember Phil's Market on 9th Street between Central Avenue & Tilghman Street. Right below the Bennett Home Projects.  I remember going to Phil's for my mother.  I do not remember the owner's names, but it was a favorite market where you could do your grocery shopping."

Thanks to
Carol Gilbert,

Walter Porter 3rd & Morton St. ? - 1903 - ?
Frank M. Powell, Jr. (Produce) 302,304,306 W 5th St.


Wholesale produce

business_grocery_quality_markket_zagorski_grocery_store.jpg (36645 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Pam Kitkoski

Quality Market 810 Morton Ave. (near 7th St.) William & Jennie Zagorski "My mother grew up in Chester, living there from 1919 when she was born until 1946 when she married my father. My grandparents William and Jennie Zagorski owned Quality Market at 810 Morton Ave. I am attaching a photo of the market, I'm afraid I don't know the year but I suspect it is from sometime in the 1920s. The woman in the back of the store is my grandmother, the man in the round glasses in the middle of the photo (under the "veal" sign) is my grandfather."

Thanks to
Pam Kitkoski

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Quality Market 722 Welsh St. ? - 1941 - ? From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
Ryan's Market 17th & Providence Ave.

W 3rd St. (near Flower St., 1917)

1128 Morton Ave.,
Sun Village

Ed O'Brien

Eddy Dodds, Sr.

Victor Catalano (Sun Village)

? - 1917 - ? "My PopPop [Edward Dodds] operated this store, I am not sure of how long but I do know that it was for at least 45 years if not longer. The time I spent in that store is so memorable to me. I would not trade it for anything in the world. I remember being a little girl and my mom or dad calling up to the store to tell them to watch out for me so that they would be able to help me cross Morton Ave."

Thanks to
Sally Rounds Smith,

"Ryan's at 17th and Providence became Arcus owned by a guy named "Chink" not sure what his real name was but that's what everyone called him. Not sure if that's the correct spelling of Arcus either. Still open oriental owned now complete renovation was done.
The Ryan's Mkt. in Sun Village was owned and operated by Victor Catalano who many will remember from the coffee and lunch wagons at Sun and Penn Ship from the late sixties until they closed. It was open until about 2 years ago it's now locked up tight. The neighborhood grocery could not survive the influx of  WAWA and the like. Vic also owned the former Cannons / Nicks Tavern next door changed the name to Cats pub. Poor guy tried real hard just didn't make it. He lasted there from about 1986 or 7 until 2000."

Thanks to

"There were Ryan's Stores in the city of Chester, one in Sun Village, 17th & Providence, W 3rd Street, where Mag Smith would hold court during lunch. Ryan's Market at 1128 Morton Avenue, Sun Village, Pa. Owner was Ed O'Brien sold to manager at the time Eddy Dodds Sr, who support his 11 children from the store. Still there am not sure who owns now"

Thanks to Pat,

Sadie's Market 10th & Harwick St. Sarnocinski family

Last proprietor was
Sarge Sarnocinski

"Sarge Sarnocinski was the last proprietor and my Uncle by marriage. He was also a heck of a nice guy!"

Thanks to
Bill Melvin

Thanks also to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

Savage's Grocery Store Parker St. between 3rd & 5th

(across from the William Penn Project)

Bill & Mary Savage 1942-1954 "My father passed in 1947, he also worked at the Sun Ship Co. and Mom ran the store until Dad came home from work. There were 4 children, Bill, Mary, Francis and Pat."

Thanks to Pat (Savage) Carr-Muffley,

Shea's Market 425 E. 7th St. (between Upland & Potter Sts.) Alex & Stasia Pawlush 1945-1969 "My parents had a grocery store and butcher shop on the east end. The address was 425 E 7th st. It was located between Upland and Potter sts. The name was SHEAS market. They had it from 1945 till 1969. My parents names are Alex and Stasia Pawlush, members of St. Hedwig's Parish. It was a great store and the meats my dad butchered were always fresh and of the highest quality. Saturday mornings were their busiest day. All the customers would come in for their weekly orders. I can remember taking phone orders and the customers being patient because I was just a kid. Bart Spedden would help deliver orders for my dad and I would go with him to help carry the packages in to the customers houses. My parents worked hard from dusk till dawn. A lot of the customers had large families and not enough money and my parents always put their purchases on the book. M ost of the people paid but my dad still has records of those that ripped him off. We had so many wonderful customers. I can remember the Lane family. I also remember the Cublers, and the Kinzlers. We had a lot of fun in that store and the neighborhood also."

Thanks to:

Stelmach's Food Market 2612 W 3rd St. Mr. & Mrs. Stelmach 1948 - Present "Stelmach's Food Market, 2612 W. 3rd St. in the West End, although run down is still run by Mrs. Stelmach, 83 years old. In its prime Mr. Stelmach sold the finest homemade Kobasy, Horseradish, Sauerkraut and various other ethnic foods especially for the Christian Holidays. Along with these items there was a butcher shop which sold all types of meat, a deli, dairy products and in the summer an outdoor vegetable stand was put out under an awning, with fresh vegetables brought directly from the Food Distribution Center in Philly very early in the morning. The business was established in 1948."

- Orest Stelmach,

Terminal Meat Market 6th & Sproul St., NW corner
  Thompson's Market 2301 W. 3rd St

(corner of 3rd and Palmer)

Sylvester & Arcissisa Thompson ? - 1980 "My Grandparents, affectionately known throughout the neighborhood as "Mr. Vest" or Tom and "Miss City", owned and operated this corner store that sold everything from canned food, deli meats, soda and candy."

Submitted by
Andre` McKenzie, grandson.
Timinski's Market 3rd St. between Ward & Wilson St. David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com
Tommy's Meat Market 2nd & Highland,
SW corner
Tommy Rzucidlo ? - 1960's - ? "Tommy Rzucidlo owned and operated this small Polish market and supplied the neighborhood with excellent kielbasa."

David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com
  Tony's Meat Market 8th St. below McIlvain Tony & Tilly   "There also was a meat market on 8th street, down from McIlvain St. They sold fresh cuts of meats and also lunch meats. It was called Tony's. Tony and his wife ran the store and were very nice people. I think they had 2 or 3 sons. His wife's name was Tilly."

Thanks to
  Tower Foods Edgmont Ave. at 12th St.   Summer 2003 - Present Formerly A&P
  Ubash's Across from the Strand movie     "On Saturday afternoon we would go to Ubash's I  think that was the name of the grocery store up across from the Strand movie.  We would buy those big pickles and the man that run the store was so great. We would take the pickles and go to the movies and eat the pickles while watching the old westerns and the serials and come back next week and see what happened. "

Thanks to
Lorraine (Clineff) Bundick,

Ulan's Grocery 8th & Pusey


8th & Upland St.

Harry Ulan (8th & Pusey)

Sam Ulan (8th & Upland)

  Up-To-Date Grocery Co. 8th & Edgmont Ave.   February 1903 - ? Store was formerly occupied by A. W. Wolson
Varano (?) Grocery 2nd & Fulton St. Theodore Varano, d. 10/1924
Walkowski's Market 7th & Caldwell St. Isadore & Antoinette Walkowski Early 1940's - early 1960's "The business was owned and operated by my grandparents, Isadore and Antoinette Walkowski, from the early 1940's through the early 60's."

Thanks to their grandson

Warwick's Quaker Store 10th & Kerlin St. ? 1941 - Early 1950's - ? "Also, there was WARWICKS grocery store 10th and Kerlin streets, one block from the big intersection of Concord, 9th and Kerlin streets. I worked part time in the early 1950's."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch

Also from their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.

Williams' Market 10th & Potter
10th & Upland
14th St. ?
Harry Williams II
Harry "Highball" Williams III
Bucky Williams (14th St.)
1940's-1960's "Harry Williams II and Harry Williams III (popularly known as "Highball" operated their market at 10th and Potter for years.  I'm not sure how long but in the 1940s-50s and at least early 60s and then it moved to 10th and Upland.  "Pop" Williams, the father of Highball was quite a character (in the best sense of the word).  He drove a truck that he had purchased from Tastycake Company. He also had a store up town (perhaps near 14th street) which was operated for a time by his son "Bucky".   The members of the Williams family (sisters: Georgianna and Marene, as well as Highball and Bucky) were well known in the area.  The 10th and Potter store was a popular gathering place for the neighborhood and especially on Saturday mornings when the local women came in for their "weekly orders."  Highball took over the store when he returned from the army sometime in the 1940s.  I'm not sure where he is today but I was told he had moved to the State College area.  He was a prominent member of the Optimist Club and often members of the organization would frequent the store.  I worked there for several years as a kid.  I remember the "credit book" that Highball kept.  He was generous during the difficult years and allowed many people in the community credit purchases which were recorded in a book. Many of these debts were never paid and Highball simply "wrote them off" and stood the loss.  Perhaps some other people recall the store and the activity it provided for the neighborhood.  It was open every day of the week and probably every day of the year."
E. Kuhlman,

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