McClurg Colts
c. 1929

McClurg Colts c. 1929; Photo courtesy of Mike Semcheski

Photo courtesy of Mike Semcheski,

This picture was taken around 1929 in Deshong Park. The people in the picture are:

Top row, left to right:
Tom Huston, Walt Glatts, Chas. S. Pennington, Wm. McClurg, Teddy Ryan, Tom Burley, Al Tompkins, Charlie Giles (NOT the Charlie Giles who later became
Principal of CHS. I asked that question).

Bottom row, left to right:
Howard "Bud" Reese, Vince Tompkins, Wm. Reese., Ted Seamen.

I think the team had just won some kind of championship.

Wm. Reese (bottom row) won the Congressional Medal of Honor during WWII in Italy.

"I have attached a picture I received from my father-in-law, Bruce Pennington. He and my mother-in-law, Betty (nee Lewis) are also Chester natives, now retired from Gulf Oil and living in Mississippi. He is the son of Charlie Pennington who was on the Chester School Board when I was in high school during the 50s. In fact, I believe they renamed the Voc gym for Charlie Pennington in the early 60s. My father-in-law was a great CHS pitcher in the late 30s, early 40s and was often Chester city tennis champion."

-Mike Semcheski

"Bill McClurg lived at no 69 West Eight Street. He was a very well known politician. I don't know exactly what he did.   He also owned a beautiful house on White Crystal Beach, Maryland. It was on a small hill. Very pretty. He also had a speed boat. This was during the depression so he must have been doing allright.  He used to have a picnic at his house on the beach every year.

Every family on West Eight street was invited. He supplied all the food, and drinks. Colas that is. The beach was only 50 miles or so from Chester, but in those cars and roads it was a trip. The Eight streeters had a reunion several years ago. It was surprising how many people showed up.  About the men in the picture, most of them were in the Army or Navy. Tom Burley became a Captain Navy, Bill Reese won the Congrssional Medal of Honor.  Bud Reese was Captain, Tommy Huston was a Major.  Not sure about the rest of the gang. Those were really great times inspite of the Depression."

- Bruce Pennington


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