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Graham School

Graham School; Photo from Chester and Vicinity  1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Photo from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith

11th & Madison St.

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Byron  J. Pickering (1927, 1928)
Reginald Anskis (? - 1950 - ?) - 1

Faculty: Some Teachers:

Miss Alice Edwards (retired from Chester Schools c. 1928)
Miss Mary E. Burke


Staff: Paul Axsom, Janitor 1949

Sports: Some Coaches/Athletic Directors:

Classes: Class of 19??


Some students:

School History: The following sketch on the naming of the school is from the Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Chester, PA, compiled from "standard authorities" and with the assistance of Henry Graham Ashmead, Esq.:

"On the completion of the Larkin school in 1895 and its appropriation of the name formerly borne by the building on Eleventh Street, the Directors gave to the latter building the name of Dr. F. Ridgeley Graham.

"Dr. Graham, like Drs. Harvey and Starr, was one of the small but remarkable group of physicians who have contributed so much to the intellectual well-being of Chester and the success of her schools. He was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1826, and died at Chester January 27th, 1895. He was a graduate of Amherst College, Mass., and of Jefferson Medical College, paying for his education by his own efforts. The intellectual tastes thus attested he maintained to the end. He was a prominent and influential member of the old Chester Institute of Science, served as a School Director from 1872 to 1875, and from 1876 to 1879, and was always interested in every movement tending toward the literary and intellectual advancement of the community. Having no children of his own, be bestowed his regard on all children who came into contact with him. Many young men now living in Chester can recall their rides with Dr. Graham on his professional visits.

"Dr. Graham was a man of marked individuality, outspoken and fearless in every question pertaining to the public good. His sterling honesty and simple sincerity, combined with his genial and generous disposition, made him a man to be ill spared and long regretted."


1 - Thanks to Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com, for this information.






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