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bufanos_barber_shop_culbert.jpg (17861 bytes)
Bufano's Barber Shop;
Photo courtesy of
Rita Culbert,
daughter of Andy Bufano

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Alex's Barber Shop Edgmont Ave. between 14th & 15th

(near Mac's Hoagie & Steak Shop)

    Thanks to James Crystle
  Ed's Barber Shop Highland Ave. between 3rd & 4th St. Ed Sarnocinski   Thanks to Barbara (Usavage) Montello
  Grace Black Beauty Salon 1005 Edgmont Ave. Grace Black ? - 1952 - ?  
  Jacob Bowers 3rd & Kerlin St.      

edgmont_1100_block_sanbe.jpg (24289 bytes)
1100 Block Edgmont Ave.
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Brennan's Barber Shop 12th & Edgmont Ave. Tommy Brennan    
  Brownie's Barber Shop 8th St. near Welsh, opposite the Boyd Theatre   ? - 1952 - ?  
business_barber_browns.jpg (41475 bytes) Brown's Barber Shop 815 Morton Ave Cliff Brown 1935 - 1972 "My Father in Law, Cliff Brown, operated his Barbershop from 1935 to 1972. As a kid from Rose St. we all went to Mr. Brown in the summer for a "flat-top" .He gave the best in the city."

Thanks to
John J. Dougherty

bufanos_barber_shop_culbert.jpg (17861 bytes)

Bufano's Barber Shop;
Photo courtesy of
Rita Culbert,
daughter of Andy Bufano

Andy & Al Bufano's Barber Shop 17th & Providence Ave. Alfred (Al) Bufano

Andrew (Andy) Bufano

  "Bufano's Barber Shop was owned & operated by my Grandfather Alfred Bufano who employed his brother, Andrew. This barber shop was located at 17th & Providence."

Thanks to
Alfred P Bufano 3rd

"Andy & Al Bufano's Barber Shop was located on the corner of 17th & Providence next door to the Providence Avenue Methodist Church for 60 years. Urban Renewal caused it to relocate."

Thanks to Harvey Martin
and Andy's daughter, Rita Culbertson.

  Charlie's Barber Shop In the alley in Highland Gardens     "There was a barber shop next to McGlone's Market in the alley in Highland Gardens called "Charlie's". I remember because as kids we called it "Chop Chop Charlie's"

Thanks to John G. Smith

  Marino DeSantis & Michael Laganilla Across from the Police Station Marino DeSantis
Michael Laganilla
  "My father and uncle had a barber shop across from the police station. His name was Marino DeSantis, and my uncle was Michael Laganilla. My Mother also had an Italian restaurant called Bellines, not sure of spelling or location. We use to live across the street from a store I believe the name was Fusco not sure of spelling again. That was about 1946,47. My cousin was a police officer, Sam Laganilla. My father was a member of the Abruzzi Club.

Thanks to
Marie (DeSantis) Zinsmayer

  Joe's Barber Shop 9th & Morton Ave. Joe Olinick, owner
worked with Joe Bondresky
c. 1940 - 1970's Joe Olnick, owner, retired 1973.  Joe Bondresky continued for several more years.

Thanks to JLMAGLIO@aol.com for this information.

  Joe the Barber W 9th St. between Clover Lane & Booth St. Joe Nowak   -Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village
  Landino Bros. Barber Shop 7th & Concord Ave. Joe Landino

Tony & Louie Landino (1933-late 1930's)

Tony Landino

1920's - 1969 "Landino's Barber shop was first called: Landino Bros. barbershop. It was started by Joe Landino in the 1920's and then taken over by Tony Landino in 1933 in partnership with his brother Louie Landino. Tony kept the name Landino Bros. barbershop from the late 1930's when he took over full ownership of the business and he kept the shop at 7th and Concord till 1969 when he moved it to Brookhaven."

Thanks to

The building at 7th & Concord Ave. formerly housed Taylor's Drug Store (click for a picture of Taylor's)

  Jack Lippolis 18th & Edgmont Ave. Jack Lippolis   "Jack Lippolis had a shop at 18th & Edgemont. The long narrow 3 story building is still there. He moved to Milmont Park in the fifties. Next to it was a ice house where the kids would gather on a hot day to garb the chips of ice from blocks being separated."

Thanks to
John J. Flanagan

  Little Joe's Barber Shop 22nd & Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  Lou-San Beauty Salon 620 Sproul St. Louis Colamenco & wife Lee, managers 1952 ? - 1952 - 1965 - ?  
  Malta Hall Barbershop 1911 W. 3rd St. William Couch - 1899 - October 1899: Couch took over
  Mazza's Beauty Shop 307 W 3rd St.     "For any old timers; grocery store at 3rd & Franklin was run in 1948 by Mr. & Mrs. Forchetti; very nice people. My wife and I lived in the third floor apartment above Mazza's beauty shop at 307 W. 3rd. When last seen house was deserted and vacant."

Thanks to
George Dougherty

  Natale's Barber Shop Point of 8th St., Concord Ave. & Parker St.     Later the office of Calderon Bros. Real Estate
  Nick the Barber, aka "Quick Nick" 10th & Keystone Rd., Buckman Village Nicholas Polinchak Late 1950's - 1970's "Quick Nick was an avid member of the John Birch Society. At this location from the late 50's until Nick took ill in the mid 70's"

-Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village

"Nick used to give me a nickel for sitting still in the chair and I think a haircut was .25 back then."

- Robert H. Felix

  Wanda Patterson's Beauty Shop 6th St. between Highland Ave. & Booth St. Wanda Patterson   Thanks to Barbara (Usavage) Montello
  Pompilii / Pompilli 3rd & Broomall St. Sylvester Pompilii / Pompilli c. 1927 - 1942 Sylvester Pompilii / Pompilli became a Chester police officer on Feb. 15, 1943.

business_barber_prescott.jpg (19551 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Alice Ritter,

Cooper Jesse Prescott's Barber Shop 3rd & Jeffrey St. Cooper Jesse Prescott ? - 1930's - ?  
  William Ryan 2727 W 3rd St.   ? - 1902 - ?  

kresge.jpg (35130 bytes)

Saville Beauty Shoppe 530 Ave. of the States

(above the S. S. Kresge 5 & 10)

Rose Cohen

Some other known employees:

Irene Pharaoh (Fri. nights & Saturdays 1966-1968)

The two men that worked there were Tom Sweeney and Al Arnold. Some of the women were Irene, Marie, Betty, Susan.

  Thanks to
Irene Pharaoh Zdana
  Emma Schlosbon   Emma Schlosbon    
  Ollie Strand Lloyd St. between 2nd & 3rd Ollie Strand

(Sister of Hermine Tanner)

  Thanks to
Robin A. Boykin
  Hermine Tanner Rainey St. between 4th & 6th Hermine Tanner

(Sister of Ollie Strand)

  "The family lived in the house and My aunt shop was in the back. I remember standing with my Aunt and Uncle back in 1967 and seeing all the women come to get their hair done by my Aunt. It was a real pleasant atmosphere. And she also had a sister that was a beautician and her name is Ollie Strand and her shop was located between 2nd and 3rd on Lloyd Street."

Thanks to
Robin A. Boykin

  Mrs. Terrell 9th St. near Upland or Madison     "I just remembered the first perm I ever had and it was given to me by a Mrs. Terrell in her hair dress parlor. It was on 9th.st., around Upland or Madison sts. My grandmother always went there. There was this huge thing hanging from the ceiling with all these wires and clips hanging there. Can't you imagine.I was about 5 or 6"

Thanks to
Florence (Smalley) Knott

  Uncle Sam Sanitary Barber Shop   J. Mercadante ? - 1916, 1917 - ? Thanks to their ads in the 1916 & 1917 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Vic's Barber Shop 21st & Edgmont Ave.     "I and my family got our hair cut at Vic's Barber Shop at 21st & Edgemont Avenue across from Zeitz's Pharmacy all during the 50's and 60's.  Vic would cut your hair for 35 cents and apologized for months when he raised the cost to 50 cents.  He had 2 other barbers who worked for him.  Vic spoke in broken English.  No matter how you told him to cut your hair it always looked the same."

Thanks to
William J. Stoop

  ? 8th & Potter St. Harry J. Park - 1899 -  
  Blanch Yurchak's Beauty Shop 6th St. near Highland Ave. Blanch Yurchak   Thanks to Barbara (Usavage) Montello
  Y.M.C.A. Sanitary Barber Shop Y.M.C.A. Building Ed Haber, Manager, 1917 ? - 1915, 1917 - ? Thanks to their ads in the 1915 & 1917 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Andy Zachorchemny's Barber Shop 705 McIlvaine St. Andy Zachorchemny 1940's Thanks to JLMAGLIO@aol.com for this information.

ice_cream_ciesielski.jpg (18557 bytes)

Photo courtesy of
Stella J. Brown, niece, Putch3@aol.com
(Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture.)

Joe Ciesielski's Barber Shop 2nd & Thurlow, SW corner Joe Ciesielski Late 1930's (?) until early 1980's Jack Chambers remember a barber shop at this location - can anyone else help with the name?

August 2001:
Niece, Stella J. Brown has come through with the identity of this shop!

She also adds: "Before that, his parents, who came from  Poland around the  turn of the century  (my grandparents), had an ice cream store  (cones, shakes, etc.) at that location.  They operated it probably in the teens thru the 1920's  or early 30's before  my uncle made it into a barber shop.  I know I have a picture of the ice cream store. My mother, (Joe's sister) often  spoke of the store.  In fact I have an ice cream scooper from it  that my mother (now deceased) had saved after all those years ago."

  Ed's (?) Barber Shop Highland Ave. between 3rd & 4th, NW corner of alley     Jack Chambers remembers a barber shop at this location - can anyone else help with the name?

David J. Hentosh says he believes the name was "Ed's Barber Shop".



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