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Bennie Wright

Mr. Bennie Wright; Photo courtesy of Craig "Fled" Rainey, Chester, PA

Mr. Bennie Wright

Photo courtesy of
Craig "Fled" Rainey,

Bennie Wright

Mr. Bennie Wright founded the Chester Blazers Track Team over 50 years ago. In 2001 the Chester Blazer's Youth Team, A.J.'s Elite High School age girls team, and The Chester Cheetah's High School age boys team were combined to make one big united Chester Track Club for ages 6 to 18.

"Mr. Bennie Wright was my coach when I was a very young fellow, and now as he is moving up in age we have developed the Chester Track Club out of Mr. Bennie's Chester Blazers. Mr Bennie started the Blazers over 50 years ago, and all of the current Chester Track Club coaches ran for him. The man is like a true father to us..."
- Craig Rainey, CraigyFled86@aol.com 

"Who could forget Mr. Bennie Wright (9.7 in 100 yd dash) CHS record"
- Don CHS 54, donhub@evenlink.com

"re: Bennie Wright. You couldn't have a better mentor and role model. I saw Bennie compete as a great athlete but I most respect him for the person he is. One of CHS's greatest athletes of all time and an even better person."
- Dan CHS 54




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