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Photo of some Weinberg's Employees, Summer 1958

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Except as otherwise noted, the following list of Weinberg's employees is provided courtesy of Jean & Harvey Martin, hsmartin@snip.net, and Elaine Angradi Bixby, Harvey's sister-in-law.


Albright Mrs.
Alexander Ruth 3
Anderson Betty 3
Anderson Alice (Mary Alice) "I think, but don't hold me to it, she worked in the Hat Department. Sweet, Sweet lady. She was married to John Anderson, Sr. and had two children, Pam (who was a Special Ed. teacher at CHS and John, Jr. She died way too soon."
Betty -
Angradi Elaine Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Anthony Mary
Armstrong Hank
Armstrong Joanne
Arnett Mary
Bailey Edna 3
Ballinger Alice
Belefsky Irv
Bell Vicky 3
Bender Dot "twin of Margarite Bender (who worked in Speares" - 1
Blakeley Dot Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Blau Harry
Brittingham Dot 3
Brown Mary
Burns Kay
Campbell Mary Kay 8
Carle Jenny 3
Cherry Mary (Mame) "she worked on the second floor" - 4
Connolly Kathy 3
Cramer Sam
Davies Elsie
Davis Mart
DiBenedetto Tony
Demski Janet 3
DiNicolas Vinci Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Dobie Nan 3
Dougherty Anne
Dunn Isabel
Ferrari Dot
Foley Helen 3
Ford Charlie 3
Frampton Evelyn
Gaev Irv
Gaudino Anna Marie 3
Gaudino Irene
Gear Mickey
Gilpin Shirley
Gomolka Josephine
Gruszka Charles
Hamilton Ann
Hampton Marion Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Harris Charlotte Faulkner 3
Harvey Bette
Hayden Jack 3
Hefton Fran
Henderson Rita 5
Hewes Mae
Hinde Gladys Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Hinde Elaine
Hinderhofer Mary Jane 3
Hinderhofer (daughter of Mary Jane) 3
Hollis Robert
Hood Connie
Howley Helen 3
Hubaj Helen
Kaffes Gus
Kilgallen Jim
Knight Jackie 3
Kobzur Beryl
Komarnicki Keith 3
Komarnicki Dave 3
Lafferty Louise
Legg Harriet 3
Legg Mary 3
Lewes Mary Rosser Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958


Lewis Maggie
Lindenburg Maybelle 3
Martin Jean Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Messick Judy 3
Mickle Mr.
Moore Nancy
Morson Mabel Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Naugle Stella 3
Nelms Betty
Pazdalski Mary
Pollack Phil
Patterson Ruth 3
Rappaport Jack
Reichelderfer Gussie 3
Rosiak Chet
Ross Celeste
Sargent Helen
Schmidt Dolly Jenkins 2
Schneider Joe
Schofield Florence "Pat" "My Mother, Florence "Pat" Schofield, was employed in the cosmetics department in the 40's and then left to have 2 children. She then went back to Weinberg's in the 50's and worked throughout the 60's and early 70's. She retired due to health reasons in the middle 70's and has been deceased since November 1978. During her terms of employment, her department manager was Josephine Golmolka." - 7
Schofield, 3rd Frank Orion "I was employed by Weinberg's as a stock boy and as a salesperson in the men's department while I was attending Chester High School from about 1966 to 1968. My direct supervisor was Robert Hollis." - 7
Serfoss Sandy
Sherman Mr.
Simpson Doris
Slattery Roberta 3
Smith Bob
Speckhals Fran
Spellacy Roberta 8
Starr Peggy
Stern Bethel 3
Stevens Ethel Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958
Stewart Betty 3
Stover Florence
Taylor Pops 3
Thomas Ethel
Torres Tommie Tomasa 3
Turley Hilda 3
Van Ormer Olive 3
Walsh Joe
Wiegand Elsie
Wilkenson Evelyn 3
Wilson Gail 3
Wilson Kathy
Wise Connie 3
Wise Grace 3
Wood Betty
Woolston Helen
Wright Anne
Zubko Eleanor 3

Many thanks also to the following for contributing to our list of known Weinberg's employees:

1 - An unidentified contributor to the Guest Book at "The Newsstand"

2 - Madeline Jenkins-Steiner, maddyjs@juno.com, sister.

3 - Marion Hampton, Boothwyn, PA

4 - Harry V, CHS 48 (grandson)

5 - George Ricci, grandson, Rricciflat@aol.com 

6 - Betty Ratliff Marth, grambeme@aol.com

7 - Frank Orion Schofield 3rd

8 - Dot Wood Ferrari




If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2002, 2003 John A. Bullock III.

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