Bullock's Pharmacy
720 Parker Street, Chester, PA
December 17, 1932 - December 31, 1964

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Bullock's Pharmacy, Photo from CHS 1945 Annual, Courtesy of Margaret Minner Turner, Brookhaven, PA

From left to right: Jackie Fisher, Bea Neiberg, Sara Bishop, Betty Jackson, John A. Bullock, Jr.
Photo from CHS 1945 Annual, courtesy of Margaret Minner Turner, Brookhaven, PA

Bullock's Pharmacy interior downstairs, CHS Annual 1942   Bullock's Pharmacy interior upstairs from CHS Annual 1942

From left to right: Downstairs Interior & Upstairs Interior of store
Photo from CHS 1942 Annual


720 Parker Street, October 1998: former location of Bullock's Pharmacy

Light color building is 720 Parker St., former location of Bullock's Pharmacy. To the right was Pappas' sandwich shop in the 1960's (earlier the home of Ben & Rose Kleinman) and to the right of that on the corner was Kleinman's, (later Busby's) market.
October 1998 Photo


2002 John A. Bullock III.
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