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Photo c. 1958 courtesy of Rocky (Hazel Hillard) Bohlmann, fatgarfield2002@yahoo.com 


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9th & Barclay Streets

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Presidents of the Board of Managers


Charles L. Flounders (1949)


Superintendents Major John A. Drew (Superintendent since 1920 resigned in December 1924)
Joseph A. Hulme (formerly superintendent of Crozer Mill, Upland for 30 years.  1925- ?)

Chief Surgeons: George L. Armitage, M.D. (1942)

Graduate of Chester High Class of 1909

Dr. Newton Wyman, chief of staff & surgery when the hospital closed in 1963.

Superintendents of Nurses: Mary E. Reagan, R. N. (1942)

Graduate of Chester High Class of 1912

Significant Historical Events Chester Hospital was incorporated 1883.  The need for such a facility was recognized following the Jackson Pyrotechnical Explosion on February 17, 1882.  The building was completed in 1892, and the hospital opened January 1, 1893.

William Berkheimer, 218 Wilson St., was admitted to Chester Hospital with a broken leg on December 31, 1892, the day before the hospital officially opened.

In 1925 a new Packard ambulance was presented to Chester Hospital by John P. Crozer of Upland.

A new 61-bed maternity building was dedicated September 1949.

The newest building, the East Wing, was built in 1949.

On June 1, 1963 Crozer Hospital took over administration. In July 1963 both hospitals signed an agreement of consolidation.

The hospital closed on Monday, June 27, 1966.

The last patient to leave the hospital on Tuesday June 28, 1966, was Anthony Feliziani. The final patients were transferred to Crozer-Chester Medical Center by the Franklin Rescue Squad.

The hospital building was demolished in 1971 and the "new" Chester High School was erected on this property.

School of Nursing The School of Nurses was established in May 1893. There were 3 graduates the first year.

Chester Hospital School of Nursing brochure
(from late 1920's or early 1930's (courtesy of Vi Burkhard, daughter of Mrs. Catherine (Miller) Everson, Class of 1933)

1932 Graduation Class

Graduates from Chester Hospital 1933:

Mrs. Tessie Toole
Mrs. Maryann Stanoski
Mrs. Marie Taylor
Mrs. Margaret DiCabe
Mrs. Catherine (Miller) Everson
Miss Rebecca Rubin
Mrs. Dorothy Hall
Mrs. Antoinette Butz
Mrs. Marie Bateman
Mrs. Betty Fisher
Mrs. Zenobia Corwin
Mrs. Dorothy Slezak
Mrs. Patricia Ingram

Photo of the 20th Anniversary Dinner of this class

Diploma - Class of 1933

Graduates in 1947

Mrs. Dorothy DeNofio and 39 others

Graduates from Chester in October 1949, (54th Commencement exercises):

Gilda Angeline Buttone
Theresa Estelle Curney
Rose Mattie DiMaio
Gloria Ruth Donaway
Alma Elizabeth Maloney
Rita Ann McFate
Helen Rose Micocci
Hazel Marie Prichard
Marion Eugenia Reilly

Graduates from Chester Hospital Nurses School 1951

Josephine Ferrarelli Alderfer

Last graduating class was September 1952

Recollections "My mother, Dr. Frances M. Triboletti, was the first woman intern at Chester Hospital."

- Albert E. Smith, VMD, Dr. Frances M. Triboletti's son

"I was born in Old Chester Hospital. Our youngest daughter Deborah Bennett Smith Bailey was born in the new part in 1954.

"Does anyone remember the May Markets [pictures and story from May 1942] on the grounds of the Hospital - now the new CHS grounds?  Ballons, chances on a car, lemon sticks, old book stalls, baked goods, attic treasures and many more.  Of course it was held in May. Hope someone can fill in."

- Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com

More Chester Hospital Pictures Maternity Building

Charles B. Houston Memorial - Children's Hospital

The Nurses' Home - The gift of the late Mrs. J. Frank Black

The Margaret A. Houston Memorial - Operating Pavilion


May Market 1942



If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of Chester Hospital, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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