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Old Chester, PA: Speare Bros. Employees

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Bagnall Alma "My aunt Alma Bagnall worked for many years at the handkerchief, scarves, and handbag department.  She married Leslie Jackson" - 6
Bender Margarite "twin of Dot Bender (who worked in Weinberg's" - 4
Bennett Betty-Jane "I worked at Speares from February 1940 to August 1940 in the office.  I made 45 cents an hour!" - 6
Bigotti Nello "worked in Men's" - 4
Butterworth Norman "Men's Dept." - 4
Caine Thelma "my aunt Mrs. Thelma Caine worked at Speare's for between 25 to 30 years. Mrs. Caine also worked at Mrs. Speare's home for many years cooking that great soul food and other fine cuisines. Affectionately known as Big Thelma, and married to Mr.Tom Caine, my aunt was a very significant piece of the puzzle for Speare Brothers. I remember going to the store and the house when I was a very young child." 1
Dragoni Theresa "Children's Dept." - 4
Elfman Harry 3
Feeley Mary "My brother-in-law's mother Mary Feeley worked there until it closed." - 8
Glatts Mrs. 4
Harris Alberta O'Connor "cotton underwear" - 4
Hibbert Mrs. 3
Hollis Elizabeth 5
Kilmon Thelma "Dry Goods" - 4
Levy George "a wonderful man to work for and father of the two Levy Bros. both attorneys, one of them Judge." - 4
Levy Mrs. "worked in Jewelry" - 4
Plaftkis Rose "worked in Dry Goods" - 4
Pollock Florence 2
Reed Helen "handbags, jewelry etc. - ground floor-near foot of
stairs. She worked there from sometime in the 1950's until the store closed."
- 7
Vane Mrs. 3

Many thanks also to the following for contributing to our list of known Speare's employees:

1 - Craig Rainey, CraigyFled86@aol.com 

2 - Sheree (Austin) McGowan, Picabostow@hotmail.com 

3 - h.r.

4 - Unidentified contributor(s) to the Guest Book at "The Newsstand"

5 - Florence (Smalley) Knott, buffyk@fast.net 

6 - Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com 

7 - Helena Esrey Reed Ashwell, Ashwell2000@aol.com

8 - Mary Ann Littley Bell




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