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Satellite Photo of Chester
Taken March 22, 1992

Thanks to Mike Semcheski, msem@ix.netcom.com, for providing this link.

Chester Street Nomenclature

Many thanks to Dave Andrews, Drexel Hill, PA for sharing this article from the proceedings of the Delaware County Historical Society with us. It is a talk presented by Chester historian Henry Graham Ashmead, Esq. on March 4, 1897.

Chester as William Penn knew it c. 1701

Map prepared by Clarence R. Fryer, Delaware County Trust Co. & Chester F. Baker, Delaware County Historical Society, 1932




Chester, PA c. 1920
Map from the Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company,
courtesy of Jack Ralston, JFRalston55@aol.com

Chester, PA Industrial Map, 1941
courtesy of David Andrews, dandrewsdh@aol.com

From East to West:

Part I (Moore, Norwood, Tinicum)
Part II (Ridley Park, Crum Lynne, Eddystone)
Part III (Eddystone, Chester River, Concord Ave.)
Part IV (Concord Ave to Lower Chester Twp.)
Part V (Trainer, Marcus Hook)

1.   J. E. Mitchell
2.   Alloy Metal Wire Co.
3.   William Young Co.
4.   C. H. Marshall  & Son, Inc.
5.   Van Allen Bros.
6.   Holland Furnace Co.
7.   Eagan-Johnson Steel & Iron Co.
8.   O. W. Ketchum
9.   The Baldwin Locomotive Works
10. The Baldwin Locomotive Works
11. Belmont Iron Works
12. Aberfoyle Mfg. Co.
13. Story-Compton Fuel Co.
14. Headley's Express & Storage Co.
15. Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
16. F. Frank McCall & Sons
17. Keystone Iron & Metal Co.
18. Stacy G. Glauser & Son
19. Baldt Anchor Chain & Forge Co.
20. Rees & Malloy
21. Atlantic Steel Casting Co.
22. Tomlinson Co.
23. Julius H. Caplan
24. Bee Bee Rubber Co.
25. Story-Compton Fuel Co.
26. C.W. Green
27. H.H. Ward
28. Jenks Food Co.
29. International Scrap Iron & Metal Co.
30. Wackman Welded Ware Co.
31. J.D. Fawcett's Sons
32. Wackman Welded Ware Co.
33. Headley's Express & Storage Co.
34. Delco Conc. Products Co.
35. N.Z. Graves, Inc.
36. American Viscose Corp
37. Congoleum Nairn Co.
38. Catalytic Development Co.
39. Wood Bros.
40. Sun Oil Co.
41. General Chemical Co.
42. Worth Steel Co.
43. Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
44. General Steel Castings
45. The Baldwin Locomotive Works
46. Federal Alloy Steel
47. Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. (North Yard)
48. Sun Ship & Eddystone Mfg. Co.
49. Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
50. Eddystone Print Works
51. Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co
52. Rodger & Albany
53. Aberfoyle Manufacturing Co.
54. Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co
55. Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.
56. Scott Paper Co.
57. Winn Fuel & Lumber Co.
58. Penn Steel Castings
59. H. Hessey Miller
60. Chester Materials Co.
61. Chester Municipal Authority - Water Service
62. Ford Motor Co.
63. Gash-Stull Co.
64. Philadelphia Quartz Co.
65. American Dyewood Co.
66. Yorkshire Worsted Mills
67. Philadelphia Electric Co. - Tilghman St. Plant
68. Diamond Ice Co.
69. Frank Schneider
70. Bloomingdale Rubber Co.
71. Delaware River Ferry Co.
72. W. T. Rawleigh Co.
73. The Baldwin Locomotive Works
74. W.S. McDowell Co.
75. Beacon Light Co.
76. W.S. McDowell Co.
77. Not now in use
78. Ugite Sales Corp.
79. W.H. Gibbs & Son
80. Chester Brewing Co.
81. Philadelphia Electric
82. Pittsburgh Coal & Iron
83. South Chester Tube Co.
84. Chester Terminal & Warehouseing Co.
85. Crew Levick
86. Chester Sewage Disposal Plant
87. Henry T. Levis Co.
88. International Scrap Iron & Metal Co.
89. Stauffer Chemical Co.
90. Sinclair Refining Co.
91. American Viscose Corp.
92. Sinclair Refining Co. - Union Plant
93. Knabb Barrel Co.
94. Winn Fuel & Lumber Co.
95. Sun Oil Co.
96. Pure Oil Co.
97. Atlantic Refining Co.
98. Pyrites Co.
99. General Chemical Co.
100. The Texas Co.
101. Worth Steel Co.

Lower Chichester Township
courtesy of John K. McCall, johnkmccall@aol.com



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