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Photo courtesy of Vincent Gabriel Lavella
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Lavella Brothers/
Night Owls Wholesale Market
723 W 3rd St.
(west side)

The original warehouse was on the opposite side of W 3rd St.

Original owners:
Fred, Gabe, Tom, and Guy Lavella

Guido "Guy" Lavella d. 3/14/2006

Current owners:
Joseph, Carmen and Gabriel Lavella Jr. 

1937 - Present Thanks to Vincent Gabriel Lavella, vincent.lavella@mma.mass.edu

Thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers

  Sidney Produce 9th & Engle Sid ? - Early 1950's - 1970 - ? "Sidney produce that was at the corner of 9th and Engle Street. Sid was there from and early 1950s to 1970 I believe. He sold produce from April to October, He used to have the coldest watermelon in Chester. His open air store was only closed by a sliding curtain when closed.

Thanks to
Pete Krasowski




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