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business_restaurants_sloppy_joe_1.jpg (21117 bytes)
Sloppy Joe's Restaurant

c. early 1940's

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Amir's Soul & Seafood 6th & Welsh St.

(across from the Chester Transportation Center)

  ? - Present "Those gigantic shrimp are my favorite, along with her collards, and her baked macaroni and cheese.  They also have a homemade cake called the hummingbird cake.  No actual birds are in the recipe, but the nickname is original."

Thanks to
Craig Rainey 

Anna's Hoagie Shop Morton Ave. between 7th & 8th St., (next to Speed's Diner)

"The original store was on 7th St. about three doors North of Morton Ave, it was only a couple of doors away from the taproom on the corner, I believe it was Riddles Cafe."

Alfonso Latini

Anna Lodise ? - Early 1940's "My Mother and I had a hoagie Shop on Morton Ave., between 6th and 7th, It was the original "ANNAS". My Mother worked for her and in the very early 40s she bought the Hoagie Shop which then became Josies. I worked with her until 1948 when I went into the Navy. Right next door there was a very small parking lot and then came a Diner which was Speeds Diner,who was my brother in law..."

Alfonso Latini
(Fonzie as I was called) 
  Anthony's Across from old bus stop and train station. - 6th St.?     "There was a place called ANTHONYs across from the Old Bus Stop and Train Station on I believe was on 6th Street. They were always busy and well known."

Thanks to

  Bellines (sp?) ? Mrs. DeSantis   "My father and uncle had a barber shop across from the police station. His name was Marino DeSantis, and my uncle was Michael Laganilla. My Mother also had an Italian restaurant called Bellines, not sure of spelling or location. We use to live across the street from a store I believe the name was Fusco not sure of spelling again. That was about 1946,47. My cousin was a police officer, Sam Laganilla. My father was a member of the Abruzzi Club.

Thanks to
Marie (DeSantis) Zinsmayer

  Berky's Sea Food House 7th & Penn St.   ? - 1952 - ?  

business_sports_birneys.jpg (33863 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Bill Webster, New York, NY

Birney's Birch Beer & Pool Room 619 Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1952 - ?  
Black Moses Restaurant 9th & Central Ave. Bennie & Shirley Moses November 1997 - December 2001 Bennie (63) & Shirley Moses (59) were killed in a tragic accident on the Blue Route on Wednesday December 12, 2001. Their pickup was pinned against a retaining wall and burst into flames when a tractor-trailer came up behind them too quickly.

The Moses had also previously owned a sub shop at 10th & Central, a market at 12th & Morton, and a third business at 11th & Parker St.

  Boyd Diner        

bridge_cafe.jpg (24308 bytes)
1970's photo courtesy of Fran Farrar, San Diego, CA

Bridge Cafe 9th & Chester Creek Nick Subashi (before 1941) Nick Subashi later operated the Rainbow Diner at 4th & Morton Ave.
  Bridge Grill 3rd St. Punch Heyburn    "I have many great memories of the Bridge Grille on 3rd Street as I waited tables there as a young teen. Punch Heyburn owned the place and my grandmother was the cook."

Thanks to
Darlene Moore Delany
Bill Bruehl - The Milkshake King Fairview Rd. & MacDade Blvd.

Ridley Township

Bill Bruehl  Spring 1939 - ?
Buddy's Sandwich Shop 3rd St., (West End)
Burley's Cafe 27 E 7th St. ? - 1937 - ? "Never a dull moment; Choice Wines, Beer, Liquors; Tell 'Em Where You Got It" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Thomas Burns Restaurant 2731 W. 3rd St.   ? - 1917 - ? "Oysters clams and ice cream a specialty"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

diner_busy_bee_moseley.jpg (34713 bytes)

Photo courtesy of
Raymond Moseley,
Chester, PA

Busy Bee Diner West side of Edgmont Ave., just south of 7th St. Arthur B. "Bee" Anderson ? - c. 1916 The Busy Bee Lunch Wagon was removed c. 1916 by James M. Wolford to erect the Wolford Building on this site.
Busy Bee Restaurant 3rd & Market ? - 1930's - ? "Famous for their roast beef. "John" from the boss with the sauce worked there."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Cafe Lido 408 W 3rd St. Joe Lattanzio ? - 1937 - ? "Best Spaghetti in Town, Best Grade of Wines & Liquors in Town" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
Cal's Hoagie Shope 3rd & Hayes St.
(next to Kyj's Bakery)
?-1960's-1970's-? David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com
Cambridge Diner
Edgmont Ave. (near Silvers 5&10) Danny & Julie Haldas May be the same as the Cambridge Restaurant listed below.
Cambridge Restaurant 505 Ave. of the States (Market St. above 5th) Formerly the location of Harry J. Bomberger, Sr.'s second drug store until that store closed on May 12, 1956.
Candy Kitchen "Candy Kitchen also the corner off the Train Station on Edgemont Ave. Sold great shakes and egg salad sandwich. I had the pleasure of eating there often as my grandmother would take me to town and stop there for lunch. When I left the city,the corner was a dry cleaner shop."

Thanks to James Crystle,

ice_cream_ciesielski.jpg (18557 bytes)

Photo courtesy of
Stella J. Brown, granddaughter, Putch3@aol.com
(Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture.)

Ciesielski's Ice Cream Store 2nd & Thurlow, SW corner ? & ? Ciesielski ? teens thru 1920's or early 1930's "Before [my uncle had the barber shop there,] his parents, who came from  Poland around the  turn of the century  (my grandparents), had an ice cream store  (cones, shakes, etc.) at that location.  They operated it probably in the teens thru the 1920's  or early 30's before  my uncle made it into a barber shop.  I know I have a picture of the ice cream store. My mother, (Joe's sister) often  spoke of the store.  In fact I have an ice cream scooper from it  that my mother (now deceased) had saved after all those years ago."

Thanks to Granddaughter, Stella J. Brown, Putch3@aol.com,

Coffee Cup Restaurant 2nd & Townsend St. Mrs. Gussie "There was a Restaurant on the West End at 2nd and Townsend Street,  The
name of it was the Coffee Cup. I remember that a lady named Mrs. Gussie
owning it.  I also remember the jukebox it was the neighborhood hangout, my older sisters used to be there with their friends. Mrs. Gussie also
has some good food there.  The first boy that I had a crush on worked there too."

Thanks to

Robin (Moon) Boykin,
Country Kettle
Sproul St. (between 6th & 7th)
DiCostanza's 1212 W. 3rd St. Catherine DiCostanza

Augustine J DiCostanza

? - Present DiCostanza's is known as the birthplace of the Hoagie in Chester.

DiCostanza's Web Site

History of the Hoagie
and a picture of the DiCostanzas in the original store.

Order online for FedEx overnight shipping!

Thanks to
Augie DiCostanza, grandson of Catherine

Drew's Palm Garden Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor 1833 W. 3rd St. From: "Black History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1865-1976," by William J. Byers, published in Jan.1977

Thanks to
Sam Lemon

Dugan's Deli 1100 block of Morton Ave. Thanks to Pat,

edgmont_diner.jpg (11355 bytes)

Click to see the full size picture of the "new"
Edgmont Diner

Edgmont Diner I-95 & Edgmont Ave. (former Howard Johnson's location) Dawn Rau and her husband Alan Saber Tuesday September 5, 2000 - One of Chester's newest businesses! - Welcome to town!

See pictures of our first ever lunch get-together here at the Edgmont Diner of some of the regular oldchesterpa.com visitors!

Edgmont Grille (Doblitz's Edgmont Grille) 519 Edgmont Ave. Doblitz - ? "Chester's Sea Food Center; Business Men's Platters; We specialize in the finest seafood in Chester; Wine & Liquors" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
Famous Restaurant 305 Market St. ? - before 1937 Later became the Market Square Restaurant according to an ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Fletcher's Hoagie & Steak Shop 3200 W. 9th St.

after c. 1963 until c. 1966:

9th & Highland Ave.

Jack & Edith Fletcher 1950's - c. 1963,

1963 - c. 1966

"Jack and Edith Fletcher had a hoagie and steak shop at 3200 w. 9th street.
They were there before it was Vesuvios' they were there in the 1950's until about 1963. until they moved their shop to 9th and Highland Ave. in Chester. They were there until about 1966. They were right next to the shoe repair shop at 9th and
Highland ave. in Chester. Mr.Nicholas (Jack) Fletcher passed away not long after that."

Thanks to nephew,
Thomas J. McKniff, Sr.,

  Ginos Hamburgers 9th & Booth St.     Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Pictures of Green Shutters Staff

Courtesy of Rose Marie (Della Monica) Holodick, Wilmington, DE

Green Shutters
Greystone (?) Diner
7th St. beside Y.W.C.A.
Guiseppe's Pizza Parlor 628 W. 3rd St. ? - 1952 - ? "They called it a Tomato Pie then."

Thanks to Bill Elman, STEELDAN1@aol.com

Hibernia Hall Restaurant Thomas E. Flynn
Highland Pizza Highland Ave. (S side), above 4th, next to PA RR
Honeysuckle 9th & Hayes
(between Highland Ave. & Wilson)
"Before it was Honeysuckle it was Ma Ferguson's This was during the war. I worked there when I was 16. We made box lunches from 11pm to 2am for the factories along the river. I could probably write a short story about experiences there. We had fun."
Kay Dilluciano,
  Hygenic Restaurant       Thanks to Dave Hall, N3478T@aol.com 
  Jack's Restaurant 3rd Street     "This was a very popular eating place located across the street from the
Strand Theatre on Third Street."

Thanks to
Lafenus Billups

Jack's Snack Bar 900 block of Madison St. Jack Stokes "I remember it was popular with the many Doctors who had thier offices close by. Looking at the names of some of the doctors brought back memories. It is also where my mom and dad met. He said she made the best milkshakes in town."

Thanks to Jim Owens, grandson, FIREPFD29@aol.com

Jimmy's Snack Bar 6th St., across from the train station Jimmy & Alma Koury ? - 1960's - ? "What about Jimmy's Snack Bar that was right on 6th street, across from the train station (old). I worked there when I was in high school. It was owned by Jimmy and Alma Koury. It was a favorite of police officers when they would get lunch, ... this is going back to the last 60's."

Thanks to
Theresa Kaisner

business_restaurants_jimmy_steak_01.jpg (537689 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Peter J. Pepe, Jr.

Jimmy's Steak Shop 8th & Morton Ave Jimmie (Vincent) Long


Peter J. Pepe, Sr. & Theresa (Palma) Pepe

? - 1956 - ? "My Uncle Jimmie (Vincent Long) owned the store on 8th and Morton Ave. In Chester. The picture I am sending you is the front of the store in 1956. My Uncle eventually sold the store to my father Peter J. Pepe Sr. My father and mother Theresa (Palma) Pepe ran the store until it closed. We lived behind the store most of our lives until we moved to Swarthmore. Theresa and Peter have two sons, me and my brother Martin A. Pepe, both graduates of St. James High School. The store sold hoagies, steaks sandwiches, some groceries, tasty cakes, luncheon meats, bread, milk soda's. The store started out as a grocery store but because we lived close to the ship yard they started making sandwiches then became hoagie as one of the first hoagie shops in Chester."

Thanks to Peter J. Pepe, Jr.

restaurant_johns_1.jpg (25169 bytes)

Photos courtesy of
Jody (Mignogna) Pokoy,

(Click on the image above for more pictures of John's Doggie Shop)

John's Doggie Shop 7th St. Pete Eleutheriou

George Eleutheriou

c. 1948 - Still in operation Another Chester "Original" - known for hot dogs with John's special chili

"They used to sell them for 15 cents..."
Fred Ramont,

"I remember those Hotdogs and the orange soda like it was yesterday. There was a mute man who worked there who always made me laugh. He had such a sense of humor. My mother took me on the bus from Boothwyn to Chester every Sat."

Linda Williamson Westerside,

  Josie's Hoagie Shop Morton Ave. between 7th & 8th St., (next to Speed's Diner) Josie Latini Early 1940's - Closed late 1960's "My Mother and I had a hoagie Shop on Morton Ave., between 6th and 7th, It was the original "ANNAS". My Mother worked for her and in the very early 40s she bought the Hoagie Shop which then became Josies. I worked with her until 1948 when I went into the Navy, Right next door there was a very small parking lot and then came a Diner which was Speeds Diner,who was my brother in law..."

Alfonso Latini
(Fonzie as I was called) 
Just Pizza 9th & Highland Thanks to
Landis Restaurant 608 Morton Ave. Louis Landis & Helen Landis 1943-1965 Jim, Greg and Henrietta Landis later opened Phil & Jim's in Parkside and currently operate Landis Restaurant & Catering in Wayne, PA.
Thanks to Henrietta Landis,
Henribetta@aol.com for this info.
Lane's Market St. Restaurant - 1899 -
Larkin House Restaurant Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

restaurants_laspada.jpg (33934 bytes)
LaSpada's, Parkside

LaSpada's Steaks & Hoagies Edgmont Ave.,
Parkside, PA

Also MacDade Blvd., Milmont Park, PA

John LaSpada
(Sold the business in 1977.)
1959 - Present "John's first sandwich shop was at the corner of  3rd & Pussey St. in the late 50's"

Thanks to

  Lee Lee Chinese & American Restaurant 625 Welsh St. Calvin Lee, Manager ? - 1939 - ?  
  Legette's Steak Shop 601 W. 5th St.   ? - 1977 - ?  
Leon's On Edgmont near 5th St. Jewish Deli

Thanks to James Crystle,

Linton's (2) 9th & Butler Built July 1950 - closed Friday August 23, 1974 According to a report in the Chester Times, Linton's would be Chester's first chain restaurant.
Mac's Edgmont Ave. "There was a candy store/hoagie store called Macs on Edgemont Ave used to sell candy apples at the Halloween time cherry flavor SoooooooGOOOOD!!!!

Thanks to
James Crystle

Mae's Place 1000 W 2nd St.
(2nd & Lloyd)


Mae c. 1978 - Present "Mae has served great home cooking & soul food 3 meals a day for about 24 years! - I enjoyed a delicious breakfast there with Craig Rainey of the Chester Track Club. Many thanks to Craig for introducing me to Mae's Place.!"

John Bullock

Ma Ferguson's 9th & Hayes
(between Highland Ave. & Wilson)
Later "Honeysuckle"
Market Square Restaurant 305 Market St. Ed Snyder, Manager 1937 ? - 1937 - ? "Formerly the Famous; Good Eats - Good Drinks from a sandwich to a Lobster according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
Melrose Restaurant Sun Village William G. Stolis

restaurant_mikes_hoagie_shop.jpg (27572 bytes)

Mike's Hoagie Shop
c. 1961
Photo courtesy of Joseph (Sonny) Fusco via his son John Fusco

(Click the image for a larger version)

Mike's Hoagie Shop On the point of Concord Ave. & Parker St. Mike Vaccaro
(? - 1960)


Gene Fusco

Previously, Mike's was The Sugarbowl.

John LaSpada, owner of LaSpada's Original Steaks & Hoagies (Parkside & Aston, PA) first worked here for Mike.  Mike later sold the business to Gene Fusco.

Morianni's 2nd St.
(near Sun Ship)
Thanks to
Carol Gilbert,
  Olympic Victory W 3rd St.     See Victory Lunch
Pappas' Sandwich Shop 722 Parker St. Ike Pappas
Parks Hotel Restaurant 3rd & Highland Ave. ? - 1917 - ? "Oysters, Chops, Steaks"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

Parkway Restaurant Between 7th & 8th on Welsh St. 1958-1967

Frank & Laura Collins


Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ripka

The building was later demolished to make way for the phone company building.
Pat's Hoagie Shop 7th & Crosby St. Thanks to the "Omega Man" from "The Corner",
? 813 Potter St. George Pedrick 1899 - Oyster house
Phil & Jim's Edgmont Ave.
Jim, Greg & Henrietta Landis (1962-68)
Also 1968-Present
Operated by Jim, Greg and Henrietta Landis who, along with Renee Landis still operate Landis Restaurant & Catering in Wayne, PA.
Phil & Jim's is still in business under different ownership.
Thanks to Henrietta Landis,
Henribetta@aol.com for this info.
  Pontillo's Restaurant 316-318 5th St.
(across the street from the Post Office)
Dominic & Marguerite Pontillo WWII era "Was previously Trosino's. Great Italian food!"

Thanks to
Earl Pontillo,

  Ben Price's Deli Sproul St. above 7th     "There was a Deli called "Ben Price's Deli" on Sproul Street above 7th st. next door to Simmonds Camera Shop. Above that Deli was an apartment. Our Church Music Director lived there and our Choir would go to his apt. to practice for Special events for our Church, Northwest [North Chester] Baptist Church at 24th and Chestnut Street."

Thanks to
Lillie M. Pizza

Rainbow Diner, 4th & Morton Ave.

Click here for an image of this diner in its original location as well as a December 2001 picture from Marcus Hook.

Rainbow Diner 4th & Morton Ave. Nick Subashi
Lou Danga

Some known Rainbow Diner employees:

Helen DiMeglio
(was a waitress there when Pearl Harbor was attacked) - Thanks to Gigi339sw@aol.com

1941- Spring 1946

This diner was then relocated to 10th & Green St., Marcus Hook and known as the Marcus Hook Diner.

February 2003:
The Marcus Hook Diner has reopened as the "Sungate Diner"

Please click here for a more detailed history of the diner from Carly Subashi.

Nick Subashi had previously operated the Bridge Cafe.

Rainbow Diner (1) 9th & Sproul St. Charlie Platton (until 1952)

Steve Stephano (1952-1964)

Andy Subashi

Some known Rainbow Diner employees:

Sara Gaudino

Before 1952 - 1976 Please click here for a more detailed history of the diner from Carly Subashi.

Andy Subashi was also the last owner of the Yellow Bowl.

"My mother and two aunts were waitresses there for years in the 50's.. One of them, SARA GAUDINO later became a partner and went on to have the Candlewick on Rt 202. She and my mom have past on to a better life..."

Thanks to Jack Prettyman, jackp5@earthlink.net

restaurants_rialto_morakisjpg.jpg (25120 bytes)

George & Helen Morakis, owners of the Rialto Restaurant.
Photo courtesy of

Maria Calombaris Adamidis, Onewildgrk@aol.com

(Click the picture to see a larger image.)

Rialto Restaurant 9th & Morton Ave.

583 E. 9th St.

First owned by Mr. Anastasakis, (father of John Aniston and
grandfather of Jennifer Aniston.)

Then by
George, Helen and Dimitrios Morakis

? - 1965 "It was first owned by Mr. Anastasakis, father of John Aniston and grandfather of Jennifer Aniston.  It was then sold to George, Helen and
Dimitrios Morakis (my grandparents and Uncle). They ran the restaurant until 1965 and closed it down after my uncle's death.  I have a picture of them standing in the restaurant with the old prices and old style counter booths."

Thanks to Maria Calombaris Adamidis, Onewildgrk@aol.com

  Roser's Restaurant Welsh St.      
  Sam Ruban's / Rubin's Steakhouse Welsh St. Sam Ruban / Rubin   "I believe it was a Steakhouse on Welsh Street owned by SAM Ruban, He also owned and operated Taverns in Chester, the last being the City Grille at 10th Street. He was well known and a good Friend of Joe Battle... I used to work for Sam . He and Joe used to talk always about the old days in Chester. Sam Rubin passed away around 1977. I was working when he had a stroke.... The restaurant he ran was well known in Chester. I myself remember it in the !950`s."

Thanks to Pooch09@aol.com

  Ruth's Sandwich Shop 1400 Huddle Ave.,
Linwood, PA
Ruth & Joe McKniff, Sr. 1949 - 1963 "This was a hoagie and steak shop located at
1400 huddle ave. in Linwood, Pa. right outside of Chester. It was located
right across the street from 10 plant of sun oil refinery, right on 9th street. It was in operation
from 1949 until 1963. It was owned and operated by my parents, Ruth and Joe McKniff Sr. Ruth passed away in 1971 at a young 46. they were both Chester residents of 3rd. and Lamokin St.

Thanks to son,
Thomas J. McKniff, Sr.,

  Second Street Diner / Truck Stop 2nd & Engle     Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA, son of Henry McGinley
  Sherwood's Seafood House 3rd & Thurlow

later, mid 1970's:

Willowbrook Shopping Center

    "My grandparents lived across the street and as a kid we got seafood from there almost every Friday. It was great. We had a nice neighborhood in the West End."

Thanks to
Lisa Siekierski Maysky,

shoosters_matchbook.jpg (14614 bytes)
Click to see the full size image of a Shooster's matchbook.

restaurants_shooster_original_felton_book_allvord.jpg (26576 bytes)

business_restaurants_shoosters_1958_bohlmann.jpg (21726 bytes)

Shooster's 9th & Flower St. Frank Shooster
[Obituary & Photo]
In the 1920's, site of Shooster's Gas Station.

Follow the Shooster's link to see the painting of the restaurant done by the founder's grandson, Stephen Shooster, shoosty@bellsouth.net

business_restaurants_sloppy_joe_1.jpg (21117 bytes)

business_restaurants_sloppy_joe_2.jpg (20344 bytes)
Photos c. early 1940's
Courtesy of Alice Madzelan

Sloppy Joe's 3rd St. near Highland Ave. (next to the Bank Tavern) Joe & Clara Madzelan (early 1940's until their retirement in 1979)

Clara Madzelan d. January 2005.
(Thanks to Amy K. Madzelan, 8/2006)

Early 1940's - 1979. Click here for larger pictures and more details about the original Sloppy Joe's.
Was there another Sloppy Joe's?: "My father lived in a room at the Park Hotel.   It was in the vicinity of 3rd and Highland ave. It  was close to a restaurant? called Sloppy Joes where a Hope Flavia (Ukaraine girl) worked.  Also believe this girl's father may have owned Sloppy Joes in 59-60 and later. I heard in 1994 on trip to Chester, that Hope Flavia was STILL in the area. Across the street was the Bank Tavern?

sloppy_joes.jpg (21188 bytes)
Photo c. 1993
Compliments of

Fran Farrar
from San Diego, CA

  Sordi's Steak Hut Corner of Dupont & Chestnut Sts. Selina Sordi 1956 - 1972 "My parents owned a Steak and Hoagie Shop on the corner of Dupont and Chestnut Streets down from Pennsylvania Military College. It was called “Sordi’s Steak Hut”. We were there from 1956 until 1972. My Mom served great Italian lunches and it was often a hangout for Cadets from PMC. I married one only we met at the Boyd Theater on November 6, 1964. My Mom also ran the kitchen at the Lloyd Club from around 1950 until 1956"

Thanks to
Maria Sordi Granito,
Cumming, GA

Speed's Diner Morton Ave between 7th & 8th St. (across from Morton School) Great pies!
Squires Hoagie Shop 11th & Morton Ave. in Sun Village Joe Squire

(d. May 17, 2006)

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.
Stackey's Sandwich Shop 3rd St. & Concord Ave. Anthony J. Stackeni (part owner, d. Jan. 12, 2001 at age 40) per his obituary in the Delaware County Daily Times

Roy Saunders (Present - 2004)

Opened 1940 - Present Thanks to Bill Elman, STEELDAN1@aol.com

"Stackeys is still open, and is now owned by my father, Roy Saunders of Coatesville. He has not changed much, except for some building improvements. Some of Stackey's family (through blood and marriage) still help run and manage the shop. Roy's connection is that he is the boyfriend of original Stackey's niece, Carolyn Sabatelli of Media."

Thanks to Alex Saunders

business_theatres_stanley.jpg (30992 bytes)
Click for large picture

Photo courtesy of Delaware County Historical Society

Stanley Spa Luncheonette Edgmont Ave.
(next door to the Stanley Theatre)
    Thanks to
Lillie Pizza
State House Restaurant 28 E. 7th St. (W side), between Edgmont & Sproul St.

(between the State Theatre and Henry's Mens Store)

"For Good Food"
Open Daily 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Thanks to Alice Ritter, Rettira@aol.com

restaurants_sugar_bowl.jpg (40127 bytes)
Photo from the 1945 CHS annual, courtesy of Margaret (Minner) Turner, Brookhaven, PA

Sugarbowl (2) On the point of Concord Ave. & Parker St. Frank Zarnoski

(Later operated Frank's at 9th & Elsinore)

World War II era "My Father-in Law, Frank Zarnoski, owned it as the Sugarbowl during World War 2 .  It was the in place to have lunch if you were a Chester High Student.  My Father-in-law sold it and opened a store at 9th and Elsinore.  It was called Franks."
Leona Laspina Zarnoski

The Sugarbowl became Mike's Hoagie Shop.

Sunset Cafe Thanks to Pat,
Sylvannia Restaurant 3rd & Morton Ave. "Served the Ship Yard and cashed checks."
Thanks to John J. Hampel, catnicki@juno.com
  T & E Luncheonette 9th St. (south side) below Highland Ave. Tink & Earline Spence    
Taurus Flavors 7th St. near Fulton

(near Range Temple Holiness Church)

Willie "Brother" Price Early 1970's - late 1980's (?) "Taurus Flavors was owned & operated by my cousin "Brother Price". His real name is Willie but all of Chester knew him by his nickname. Taurus had the best ice-cream. I remember another ice cream place on 9th St., known as Honeysuckle Farm. When this closed years later Taurus came
along and once again Chester had that good old fashioned ice cream.

Taurus was also know for its steak and hoagies. Every summer someone from my family would work in the store for my cousin. There are so many good memories. Brother also operated several other variety stores in the community. One was on 9th St. (between 9th and Tilghman Sts., and Central Avenue). This was a candy and shoe shine store. The store was located across the street from the old Phil's Market.

More recently Brother operated a store located at 7th and Central Avenue."

Thanks to
Kim A. Brown, cousin,

  Tres Bon Diner Edgmont Ave. (west side) at 12th St. Tantaros family owned & operated ? (after 1956) - ? "It was a weekly excursion for my parents every Sunday. They would drop us off for Sunday school at Third Presbyterian Church, have breakfast and then go to regular church service. Don't mind admitting that on the few "sick days" my siblings and I had from Sunday school we were permitted to join our parents for breakfast. Good food good times."

Thanks to
George Edelblute
Linwood, PA
Trosino's Restaurant 316-318 5th St.
(across the street from the Post Office)
Prior to WWII era "Later, during WWII era, became Pontillo's Restaurant"

Thanks to
Earl Pontillo,

Two J's Hoagie Show W. 7th & Highland Ave.

upland_diner.jpg (56380 bytes)

Upland Diner Upland Ave. & 22nd St.,


Bill & Dottie Nazmy

New management team as of 8/15/2006

2001 Former location of Hardees and Players Restaurants.

"Open 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Daily"

Thanks to Dottie Nazmy, former owner

"They have great food and great people!"

Thanks to

Vesuvio's Pizza 3200 W 9th St. & Keystone Rd. (SW corner) Gennaro & Margaret Iacono 1954-1997 Jack & Edith Fletcher previously operated a hoagie & steak shop here before it was Vesuvio's.

Thanks to nephew,
Thomas J. McKniff, Sr.,

John Morris, Joel Sedars and Charles Seigner plan to convert the Vesuvio's facility plus the adjoining motel and 3 nearby buildings into the Alpha Omega Family House, a recovery center for drug-addicted women and their children.

To help with this project, call 610-485-7039.

  Victory Lunch W 3rd Street just around the corner from Stotter’s Department Store and diagonally across the Street from the Wolf Building.     "I recall a “hold in the wall” restaurant named “Victory Lunch”. I no longer remember the street name, but it was around the corner from Stoddard’s department store. I never ate there but it stuck in my mind as my parents and I would drive by."

Thanks to Dave Hall

"This restaurant referred to was later called Olympic Victory and it was located W 3rd Street just around the corner from Stotter’s Department Store and diagonally across the Street from the Wolf Building. It truly was a “hole in the wall.” I recall being on duty at WVCH (housed in the Wolf Building) sometime in the late 1960’s on a Sunday afternoon when everything else around the area was closed. I asked for a chicken sandwich to take back to the studio with me for my lunch. Well, unbeknown to me, the attendant had taken a half of a breast of chicken with the bones left in and placed it between two slices of bread. Was I surprised when I took a bit into that sandwich! I never went back." 

Thanks to
Robert Bocchino, Haverford, PA

washington_theatre.JPG (55375 bytes)

(Click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version)

Washington House Restaurant East side of Market Street, north of 4th   Demolished c. 1959 "I was born in Chester in 1932 and lived there until I was about 38 years old.
When I was just a small kid, I remember, what I always thought of as a very fancy restaurant. As I recall it was called the "Washington House".
It was in downtown Chester, located on the north side of Market Street next door to the Washington movie house between 3rd and 4th streets.
At that time, during the Depression, my family could not afford to eat there. But we passed by the place many times. Looking in the large windows, I saw a beautiful, inviting room with many tables all covered with white table cloths, gleaming place settings with silver, glassware and intricately folded napkins.
By the time I grew up, in the late 40's, early 50's, the Washington House restaurant, as well as the Washington movie house, had gone out of business. So I never had a chance to sample their food and service.
I would like to hear from anyone who can give us any more information on this obviously fine old Chester restaurant."

Thanks to
Tony Reczek  

restaurant_welsh_peters.jpg (67116 bytes)
Photos courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters 

Welsh Restaurant (5) 7th & Welsh St. Hionas Family The Welsh Restaurant was located in the Sleeper's College Building at 625 Welsh St.

restaurant_wm_penn_ashtray.jpg (16546 bytes)

Scan of ash tray courtesy of
Dave Guleke,
Chester, PA

William Penn Restaurant 11th & Morton Ave.      
Womack's Steak Shop Concord Rd. by Central Ave. Mr. & Mrs. Womack "They made the best cheese steaks ever.  The owners were Mr. & Mrs. Womack. It was a minority owned business.  Right by the Bennett Homes Projects. No one has ever come close to their cheese steaks." Moriannai's on 2nd Street (it was near Sun Shipbuilding) had some good cheese steaks also."

Thanks to
Carol Gilbert,

restaurant_yellowbowl.jpg (32781 bytes)
The Yellow Bowl
Picture courtesy of Terry Redden Peters

(Click the picture to see a larger image)

business_restaurants_yellow_bowl_exterior.jpg (47186 bytes)
"Delaware County Dinner" from The December 1941
Delaware County Advocate

Yellow Bowl Tea Room 604-606 Sproul St. Miss Anna M Groff
Miss Edith M Buchert


Andy Subashi
(also owner of the Rainbow Diner at 9th & Sproul St.)

Some employees:

Ed Marler, marlere@cs.com,   (Buss boy)

Helen Marler
(thanks to her daughter, Dori Marler, Artdori@aol.com)

1920- 1939 - 1950's - ? "Delaware County Dinner" - story and pictures from the December 1941 "Delaware County Advocate"
  ? 3rd & Market St. Theodore Christy ? - 1927 - ?  


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