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Ed Spellacy, Sr.

Ed Spellacy Sr. (L) & Lloyd Garman (R); Photo courtesy of Ed Spellacy

Ed Spellacy, Sr. (L) and Lloyd Garman (R)

Photograph courtesy of
Ed Spellacy, son,


Ed Spellacy, Sr.

(A biographical sketch contributed by his son, Ed Spellacy, ESpel57070@cs.com

"I have attached a photo of my father taken right after he was released from the Navy. The year would be 1946 and he is standing next to a brand new Indian motorcycle with sidecar. The Chester police used this as well as the Indian three wheel trike type of motorcycle. I remember being given a ride from our house on Barclay Street to Lincoln school, sitting on the back of the three wheel Indian. My father eventually left the police force and worked at the Sinclair Refinery in Marcus Hook and then Lackanaw(?) Hospital.

The officer on the left of the picture is my father, I believe the officer on the right is Lloyd Garmen [Biography].





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