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Harry's Market
1731 W. 2nd St.
(W.. 2nd & Flower St.)

Photo courtesy of Irma Mailman Kohn, Chester, PA

"My Great Grandfather, Thomas J. Doyle, operated this market for 25-30 years. The 1870 and 1880 census list him as a retail grocer. He died 25 December 1905 and there was an article on the front page of the Chester Times on 26 December 1905 "Sad Christmas at the Doyle Home." He lived at 1730 W. 2nd St. and the store must have been next door which matches his obituary. I never knew the name of the store, and now I do. He was born in Ireland (I'm still trying to locate what county). He and his wife, Winifred King Doyle, (also born in Ireland) had 8 children, one of which was my grandfather, John J. Doyle. John died 17 April 1943 and his obituary in the Chester Times on 19 April 1943 states that he was a retired butcher and conducted a grocery and meat store at the corner of 2nd & Flower Sts. for several years before retiring. At the time of his death he lived at 67 W. 8th St."

- Helen (Doyle) Gallo

Larger Picture of the homes on this block of W. 2nd St.

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