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Caruso & Sons Studio
Photo courtesy of
Alfonso Sanbe

Caruso Band 1928
Photo courtesy of Irene Ramos-Vaul

Caruso Radio Orchestra;
Photo courtesy of Pat McFadden

Caruso Music Store & 


113 E. 7th St.


  - 1960's - "Marty Caruso from the Copacabana in Great NY taught sax there."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

"Romeo Ramos, sax player, was a teacher at Caruso for many years."

Thanks to
Irene Ramos-Vaul, daughter,

  Dougherty Sisters Dancing School Providence Ave.

233 E 5th St. (June 1937, also August 1952)

Margaret Dougherty Keating & her sister, Mary Dougherty Clark ? - 1937 - 1960's - ? "Margaret and my
mother [Margaret's sister] were in vaudeville together."
Mary Ann Clark Rankin,
  Ernie's Record Shop


Lee's Record Shop

near the train station     "It was actually, I think, called Lee's... it was at the little triangle under the train station overpass above Edgemont Avenue ...great soul music"
George, sony7600g@yahoo.com

business_music_hoven.jpg (205125 bytes)
Photo courtesy of George Hoven's daughter

Hoven's Accordion School and Music Store 2323 W. 3rd St.


2505 W. 3rd St.

(across from The Ward Grill)

George Hoven



Composer of "It's No Sin"

1940's - 6/18/1974 "George Hoven was an accordionist, and he wrote 'Sin', the big hit for the 4 Aces, and what put them into national prominence."

Thanks to
Everett Snyder
Lewis, DE

  Joan's Dance Studio 5 locations:

1st -  3rd and Wilson

2nd - Edgemont Ave over the old Woolworth's 5 & 10

3rd - 5th and Kerlin

4th - 604 West 9th Street

5th -  Morton Ave in the Old Polish Club

Relocated to Upland, PA in the early 1960's

Brooks & Joan Durham

currently their granddaughter,

Kandy Sheehan

1929 - present "Joan's Dance Studio was founded in 1929 by Brooks & Joan Durham. The studio had five locations in Chester, one was on 9th. Street. Joan's Dance Studio relocated to Upland, PA in the early 60's. The studio is currently owned by Kandy Sheehan, Brooks & Joan Durham's granddaughter."

Thanks to

  Lount Music Shop 15 W 5th St.      
  Piscotti's Music Store 4th & Hayes St     "Piscotti's catered especially to students from St. Hedwig's school across the street and, at one time, offered 10 free lessons to anyone from the school in order to attract new students (which I took advantage of to become a guitar player). The large Polish population of the neighborhood kept the music store filled with many accordian students."

David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com

  Don Ramos' Music Studio Edgmont Ave. between 9th & 10th St. Don Ramos   Thanks to
Irene Ramos-Vaul, niece,
  Rosenblatt's Music Store Edgmont Ave.     "Mrs. Rosenblatt taught music at Larkin School"
Debbie Clayton, dwiley8094@aol.com

WORKMANS53_small.JPG (1619 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA
(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Workman's Music Service, Inc. 9th & McDowell      

Miss Irene & Miss Doris Yelton; Photo courtesy of Joan Zueger Shorter
Miss Irene & Miss Doris Yelton

Photo courtesy of
Joan Zueger Shorter
(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Yelton Sisters Studio 8th St. Miss Irene & Miss Doris   "They taught tap, baton and accordion.  The studio was in their house down the street from the Chester Armory. (I guess on 8th Street.)  I took baton and accordion lessons in 1948 & 1949."

Thanks to
Joan Zueger Shorter,




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