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WEEZ Studios just prior to demolition; Photo courtesy of J. R. Gach

Photo of WEEZ studios just prior to demolition courtesy of J. R. Gach, JRGach@aol.com 

1946 - Present

12 Kent Road
Aston, PA

Announcers | Station History | Recollections


Announcers: Mark Andrews (Andy Luminella) 7pm to midnight - 1

Mike Bove', the Program Director 3-7pm - 1

Bill Corsair - 1

Peter Edwards (Peter Burgio) 10am-3pm - 1

Bob Gross

Lowell Howard (Lowell Fishman) - 1

Jimmy Lynn (? - 1953 - ?)

"RJ the DJ" (WEEZ)

Jay Roberts (J.R. Gach) midnight to 6 am after Dave Williams (Dave Schmidt) left. - 1

Jock Lawrence

Bob White (Robert Lee Whitener) 6-10am - 1

Dave Williams (Dave Schmidt) midnight to 6am - 1

Station History: Thanks to Jack Chambers, jack@oldastontownship.com for sending along this news item:

The station has had various music and other formats in the past.
The radio station originated in 1946 and was known as WPWA.  It moved to Rolling Hills Industrial Park in Aston in 1975.

In it's early days the Station's studios and offices were in a building located on the west side of Edgemont Ave, across from the Brookhaven Shopping Center, (apporximately where The Boston Market is now) in Brookhaven.

The original WPWA and later WDRF call letters were used for periods of time when the station was in Brookhaven.
There were three broadcasting towers located in the field behind the station.
Next to the building was a paved area were the kids would gather and dance.  Delaware County had its own version of  "American  Bandstand" as the kids danced to the music provided by the Radio Station.

The Station moved to Aston, and the building was torn down and replaced by a Roy Rogers Fast Food Resturant. It was later made a Hardees, then a Boston Chicken, then a Boston Market. [Most recently a Wendy's.]

The radio station was called WDRF (for Delaware River Ferry) when it was owned by Lou Kapelski, who also owned the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry.

WQIQ call letters were used for a short period in 1970.


See J. R. Gach's recollections below for more of the station's history.

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about communications media in Aston Township, please forward it to jack@oldastontownship.com

Recollections: "I am 59 years old now and I still remember. One of the jingles. Put out on the air in Mid to late fifties It went as follows, as a station I D I don't remember the announcers name or the shows name but it came on early in the eve. Especially during the outside dances on the asphalt parking lot of the station in Brookhaven on Sat eve during the summer weather permitting. Walked there from Rose & Upland St's Chester.

"Honey Dipper I'm a Chester Clipper
pots and pans you're my main man.
So Cool yourself now, the burners gonna turn ya,
cool yourself now it's the hottest show on the radio WEEZ - CHESTER."

- Thanks to Retired Police Officer Sgt.Jack Curren 


"My name is J.R.Gach and as "Jay Roberts" I worked at WEEZ in the late 1960's. I was 17 years old and had just left WVCH working part-time for Jim Tisdale.

WEEZ was the first full-time Country music station serving Philadelphia, having made the switch in 1965, followed later by WRCP 1540/104.5. We always went out of our way to never mention Chester, except in the "legal ID" at the top and bottom of each hour. The attempt was to pass ourselves off as a Philly station, although the nighttime directional signal on 1590 was mostly into south Jersey. Daytimes, we barely covered SW Philadelphia.

There was some great talent at WEEZ. Lowell Howard (Lowell Fishman), Bill Corsair, Bob Gross. While I was there, the line-up was Bob White (Robert Lee Whitener) 6-10am, Peter Edwards (Peter Burgio) 10am-3pm, Mike Bove', the Program Director 3-7pm and Mark Andrews (Andy Luminella) 7pm to midnight. After Dave Williams (Dave Schmidt) left, I took over midnight to 6am. The station was still on Edgmont Avenue across from the Brookhaven Shopping Center (remember the "Food Fair"?) and the phone number was TRemont 4-4321. Dick Reynolds (Cedric Dunbar III) an ex-WIP host was the General Manager and took the station to repsectable ratings in the tough Philadelphia market. WEEZ was owned by Erny Tannen who lost his son in an Allegheny Airlines crash in Indiana in 1970 and upon his son's death, abruptly changed the format to "easy listening" and the slogan to "the Suburban station".

From that day forward WEEZ never achieved any measurable success, except with a brief stab at "TalkRadio" with Bill Corsair and the WQIQ calls; and went thru multiple formats and call letters (WQIQ, WCZN, WEEZ again) and a string of owners, and of course is now back to WPWA...which stood for Philadelphia Wilmington Area."

- JRGach, JRGach@aol.com 

See Carole Gelnack Mullen's recollections about the 1953 Sears sponsored, Teen-O-Rama Jamboree held at the YWCA.

"It was then rock n roll top 40 / oldies circa 1970 - 71, after country and western."

- George, sony7600g@yahoo.com

"I remember listening to school closings in the very early 70's on WEEZ. I do remember it being country-western around that time, but I also think it went to a talk show format for a while after that. I lived in Toby Farms then, and always remember looking across the street and seeing the station when we used to walk to the Brookhaven Bowling alley.  Anyway had a lot of fun listening to WEEZ to see if we would be off from school for snow when I was around 10, 11 years old back then!"

- Jim Babenko, bmej2000@home.com

1 - Thanks to - JRGach, JRGach@aol.com, for these additions.

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of WPWA, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2000, 2002, 2003 John A. Bullock III.

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