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Trainer Elementary School

Trainer School; Photo courtesy of Jack McCall

Post Road
Trainer, PA

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Trainer School newspaper dedicated to the "Class of '62" [in Adobe Arobat pdf format]
Thanks to John C. Collins


Faculty: Some Teachers:

Here are some of the teacher's names I remember from the 60's: - 1

Mr. Desmond, taught 8th grade. He drove a wonderful navy blue Cadillac complete with fins. He parked it in front of the school everyday.

Miss Dare - taught 6th grade. Taught art classes too.

Miss DeNoia (not sure if the spelling is correct) taught music.

Mr. Stopper, taught 5th grade.

Miss Felton, taught 4th grade.

I remember a few teachers names: - 2

Mrs. Books
Mrs. Petroski (spelling)
Ms. Rambo
Ms. Natale (spelling)
Mrs. Jacobasen (spelling)


Sports: Some Coaches/Athletic Directors:


Click here for the Trainer School Class Reunion page

School History: The following history of Trainer School was taken from a Trainer Bicentennial Book published in 1976, courtesy of Jack McCall, Johnkmccall@aol.com 

Trainer School was built in 1880 on the south side of Post Road, opposite Main Street. Classes were held there until 1923 when the property was sold to the Sinclair Refining Co. which is now B.P. Oil Co. It still stands and is used by the B.P. Oil Co. as an adjunct to the office building. In 1923 a new school was erected on the north side of Post Road, and it is this one that Trainer youngsters have attended ever since it was built. After World War II, rooms, and an auditorium, and gymnasium were added. At present the faculty consists of a Principal, 10 teachers, plus three special teachers for Art, Music and Gym.

An Old Trainer resident says that the school was an outgrowth of over-crowded conditions at the old Rock Hill School which was located where the FMC Corporation is today. While it was being built, Trainer youngsters attended classes in a frame building on the east side of Market Street.

(Information gathered from 250th Anniversary Book of Town of Chichester 1951 and Mrs. Dorothy Books.)

More Pictures: Safety Guards, 1935-1936

Safeties 1935-1936

Student Hi-Wi Club 1935-1936

Trainer School & Neighborhood Pictures (1958 - 1962) - 4

Newspaper Article on Musical, May 1961 (Adobe Acrobat pdf file) - 3

Trainer School newspaper dedicated to the "Class of '62" (Adobe Acrobat pdf file) - 3

1962 Graduation Program (Adobe Acrobat pdf file) - 3

1965 Graduation Program (Adobe Acrobat pdf file) - 3

Recollections: "Trainer is located on Post Rd. across from the refinery (formerly Sinclair Oil). It's a two story dark brick school. It was a 1st through 8th grade school. We even had a cap and gown graduation and prom in the 8th grade!"

- Lois Revenaugh

Many thanks to the following for contributing additional information about Trainer School:

1 - Lois (Rumbel) Revenaugh

2 - Shelly

3 - John C. Collins

4 - Sherry Warder Saudargas

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