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Mailman's Department Store
3rd & Central Ave.

Photos courtesy of Irma Mailman Kohn, Chester, PA

Mr. Morris Mailman, founder
(Picture taken around the time the store first opened in late 1920 or early 1921)

Pictured (l to r): Tessie M. Pevner, Morris Mailman, Herman Mailman, Louis Zommick, Sarah Mailman

1928 - Store was expanded to take in a second store next door.
Pictured (l to r): Elsie Mailman (b. 1926) Herman Mailman, Morris Greenberg (lived 2nd & Penn), Unknown lady, Morris & Mrs. Mailman, Irma Mailman, Hilda Miller, Harry Brenner

Opening sale when the store was remodeled


One of the first stores in Chester to have air conditioning.
Pictured (l to r): Harry Saslofsky, Leonard Cerami, Ann Goldstein Flanzer, Connie Calvarese, Mrd. Malina

Pictured on right side of picture (l to r): Elsie Mailman, Irma Mailman, Mr. Mailman, Irving Rothman (shoe man), Blanche Goldberg (m. Sofsky-sp?), Emma Bradzinski, Jenny DiMaio Dicampli

2002 John A. Bullock III.
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