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Dr. Kenneth G. & Josephine Alderfer & Josephine
Chester Times, February 13, 1958

Photo and article courtesy of Kyle Alderfer-O'Malley, daughter, KAOM63@aol.com 

MAN-WIFE TEAM Dr. Kenneth G. Alderfer, completing his year of internship at Chester Hospital, finds he has been assigned to work alongside his wife, Josephine, who has been the accident room nurse at the hospital since 1951. The Alderfers were married last June.

"OPPS, the doctor is making eyes at the nurse!"

Next time you go into the accident room at Chester Hospital, don't be surprised if you see or hear something along that line.

Because the doctor in mention, in all probability, will be the young intern, Dr. Kenneth G. Alderfer, and the nurse will be - yes - his wife, pretty brunette Josephine Alderfer.

The Alderfers find it rather inspiring working as a team in the rush and excitement of the emergency quarters at Chester Hospital. Hospital authorities say the pairing of a doctor with his wife as an accident room team is unusual but in the case of the Alderfers, it wasn't planned, it just happened. What makes it more interesting is that Kenneth & Josephine are practically newlyweds, they were married June 22 at Ridley Park.

In 1951 Mrs. Alderfer was graduated from Chester Hospital's nurses school. She was then Miss Josephine Ferrarelli, R.N., of 1102 Parker St., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oreste Ferrarelli of that address. Immediately assigned to the accident room at Chester Hospital she has worked there ever since.

A few years ago she met young Kenneth Alderfer, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Groff Alderfer, 512 Bartlett Av., Ridley Park. Kenneth was then a medical student at Jefferson Medical College. Last June, after an engagement of several years, they were married upon his graduation from the medical school.

In September a group of Jefferson graduates came to Chester Hospital to complete their year of internship and Dr. Alderfer was one of the group. Naturally, when he reported for the required tour of duty as doctor in the accident room he found himself working alongside his wife.

Dr. and Mrs. Alderfer now are making their home just a short walk from Chester Hospital at 502 W. 10th St.


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