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Old Chester, PA: Post Office Employees

c. 1950-1985

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Many thanks to Paul Burke for compiling the following list of Letter Carriers and Post Office employees during his career, c. 1950-1985:


Adams John
Ahn Herb
Albaugh Al
Batter Skeeter
Berry Ben
Brogan Tommy
Brogan Jim
Burke Harry
Burke Paul son of Harry Burke
Cairns Bill
Carroll Tom son of Walter Carroll
Carroll Dick son of Walter Carroll
Carroll Walter
Christy, Jr. Jim son of Jim Christy, Sr.
Christy, Sr. Jim
Connolly, Jr. Joe son of Joe Connolly, Sr.
Connolly, Sr. Joe
DeAngelo Joe
DeMaio Andy
DeVergilio Birdie
Epright Mr.
Epright Warren son of Mr. Epright
Everett Paul
Everett, Jr. Paul son of Paul Everett
Faucett Jim
Fooks Dorsey
Fooks, Jr. Dorsey son of Dorsey Fooks
Freemont Harvey
Goldsworthy Howard
Greer Skippy
Hayes Jimmy
Hinderhofer Harry
Holland Bob
Hurst Ray
Jones Leroy
Kasarsky Vic
Kirfides Larry
Luke John
McCleary Harry
McHugh Larry
McParland Henry
McShea Jim
Mellon John
Merlino Al
Miles Ralph
Miles Joe
O'Neal Francius
Oronzio John
Palo Jimmy
Palser Bill
Peterson Henry
Reading Mr.
Reading Joe son of Mr. Reading
Regenbogen Donald
Scott Jesse
Smith Ed
Spicer John
Stewart Jim
Stoltz Clyde
Summers Ray
Talbot John
Watts Bob son of Omar Watts
Watts Omar
Whiteside George
Wontroba Frank
Wright Ray

Thanks to Ron Burke, RPBurke1@rcn.com for sending along his Dad's list




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