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Brookhaven Cemetery

November 2002 photo courtesy of Jack Chambers, Aston, PA

Brookhaven, PA


Ground for the Brookhaven Cemetery was purchased in 1910 by the Ahavas Israel Lodge, a local branch of the National Ahavas Israel. In 1940, Joseph Warwick/Warowitz1 purchased an adjoining plot of ground and donated it to the congregation.

In 1949 a Memorial Circle was established by the Jewish War Veterans - Chester Post 134 in memory of those who died in the World Wars.

For more of the history of the founding of the Cemetery, click here  for a description from the Ohev Sholom history prepared in 1965.

1"My grandfather was Joseph Warwick, who donated the land. Family legend has it that when he came over from Europe to Ellis Island the first time, he was assigned the name Warwick; the second time he came over with his family he was assigned Warowitz. He was always known by Warwick, as long as I can remember. I doubt anyone reading this would know Joseph Warowitz was actually Joseph Warwick."

Thanks to Emily Warwick Kelly

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