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business_automotive_joe_junkyard_office.jpg (27757 bytes)

Photo courtesy of

Lisa Kereszi, Joe's Granddaughter

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Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see the full size picture.
Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  ? (Service Station) 4th & Welsh St. Milt Burman & Dave Bell   Station sold October 1949
  Allen Tire Company W. 9th St. (at Sproul)   ? - 1939 - ?  
  Atlantic Richfield Station 22nd & Edgmont Ave. Frank Lancaster   "Owned by Frank Lancaster who lived in either Buckman Village or Highland Park. This was prior to I-95 coming through when the Conchester Highway ended at Kerlin Street."

Thanks to William J. Stoop,

berman_bros_auto_service.jpg (899712 bytes)
Photo courtesy of David Andrews,

Berman Brothers Auto Service 8th & Welsh Streets   ? - before November 27, 1934 Also known as Lord's Garage, this business was demolished on November 27, 1934 to make way for construction of the Boyd Theatre.
  Albany Bohrer Dodge 3606 W 4th St. (Across from Sinclair)   ? - 1965 - ?  
  Booth & Kohlerman, (carriage builders) 1013 Edgmont Ave. William Booth 1900  
  Bove & Fleming Sunoco 4th & Flower St. Nick Fleming c. 1954 (?) - 1981 "My father in law ran a Sunoco station at 4th and Flower. He closed it in 1981 and retired to Ocean City."

Thanks to Lou Cortese, son-in-law.

carpenter_car_transport.jpg (60344 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Joe Carpenter,
(Click on the image to see the full size picture)

Carpenter Car Transport   James H. Carpenter   "The picture... is a picture of his Truck and trailer, with three brand new cars on it. He delivered new cars. (1929) I can't identify the cars, but I am pretty sure that they were Fords. I have a letter which shows that he quit as the Police Chief of Elizabethtown, to become Chief of Guards at Ford, in Chester, and I assume, he must have hooked-up with Ford."
Joe Carpenter, son, jcarpn@ix.netcom.com

  Chester Lincoln-Mercury Corp. 6th & Madison St.
Used cars, 9th & Lloyd St. in 1950
G.M. Stull, Pres. 1948 1948 -  
  Chester Mack (1) 2nd St. near Market     Mack Truck & Studebaker Dealer
  Chester Mack Truck Sales W. 2nd St., above Edgmont Ave., below Penn St.      
  Chester Motor Company 711 Concord Ave.   ? - 1941 - ? "Hudson Built Fine Motor Cars"
From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
  Chester Tire Co. 941 W 9th St. (corner of 9th & Pusey) Sid Cohen ? ? - 1965 - ?  
  Chief's Auto Glass 401 Booth St.


  - 1960's -  
  Concord Hudson 711 Concord Ave. &

9th & Flower St.

  ? - 1952 - c. 1956 or 1957 "Must have gone out of business 1956-57.

I was in Chester High and two of my friends, Richard MacNeilly and John Vankoski took a test drive in a 1957 Edsel convertible (Pink and White) All three of us were sitting in the back and a salesman was driving. Must been September of 1956. It was an Edsel dealership then."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch
  Cornwall Motor Company 4th & Welsh St.   ? - 1937 - 1965 - ? Cadillac & La Salle Dealer, Goodyear Tires
  Geo. T. Courtney 624 W. 6th St.   ? - 1915 - ? "Auto Tanks & Fenders, lamps & Radiators Repaired"

Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Ed's Arco 4th & Highland Ave.      
  Ed's Auto Body Shop 1112 W 9th St.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  Edsel Dealership Concord Ave. between 7th & 8th St.     This was formerly a Hudson or Packard dealership. [See Concord Hudson.] It later became headquarters for a Plumbing and Heating business.
  Fenza's Auto Repair Broomall St. (between 2nd & 3rd) Pete Fenza, founder

Sonny Fenza (son of Pete, the founder)

Pete Fenza (son of Sonny)

Mid 1930's - Present "Fenzas auto repair. Located between 2nd & 3rd on Broomall St. Founded by Pete Fenza in the mid 1930's , has been in continuous operation since then. Now being run by Pete's son, Sonny, and his son, Pete. Great guys, good mechanics. Oldest garage in the city, and tied with NightOwls for the oldest family run business"

Thanks to
Frank DeMaio

9th_edgmont_painters_firestone_christmas.jpg (34817 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Firestone 9th & Edgmont
(Across from Painter's Appliance Store)

later, after c. 1972

9th & Booth (?)

Edward Kessler, manager 1948 until retirement in 1974

d. 11/16/2005

  "My dad, Edward Kessler was the manager there from 1948 to the time he retired in 1974.  By that time, the store had relocated to 9th and
Booth, (I think) and had been there about 1-2 years at the time of his retirement. I can remember one time a car crashed right into one of the plate glass windows of the store and, fortunately, no one was hurt but alot of bicycles, refrigerators and so forth were damaged."

- Mary Ann Barrow
Villanova, Pa
  Forster's Gulf Station 22nd & Edgmont George Forster 1950's - very early 1970's "George Forster owned a Gulf Station at the corner of 22nd and Edgemont Ave across from the church [Nativity Evangelical Lutheran]. It is now a vacant lot. He also lived right next door to it, so his commute was about 30 seconds."

Thanks to Tom Bulger


Franklin Garage & Service Station

[Business card]

506 Kerlin St. (5th & Kerlin Sts.) Mr. Demaio 1937 - 1965 "My father built and operated the Franklin Garage at 5th and Kerlin sts from 1937 until he retired in '65. My brothers and me all worked there after school and during the summer. I remember my father working late at night during wwII soldering radiators together for the tanks they were building at Baldwins. After the war he expanded the building and began selling cars and supplying dump trucks to local contractors. Dozens of different guys worked there over the years. Its long gone now. Anybody else remember it?"

Thanks to
Frank Demaio

  Gallagher Bros., Inc. 7th & Sproul Sts.   c. 1908 - 1941 - ? "Best Bet's Buick"
From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
  Gash-Stull 2nd & Front St.     "When I was 18 and just out of H.School I worked for a company that I don't see in your info. Gash- Stull Co at 2nd and Front Street. I believe it had been there for quite some time. It was right next to Reynolds Metals."

Linda Williamson Westerside,


  General Chevrolet 75 W. 9th St.


Al Chariot 1934 or 1936-1959 Later became King Chevrolet

"My dad was Jimmy Bottone, he sold Chevrolet's for General
Chevrolet, & a dealership located in Trainer for many yrs. I know alot of people bought automobiles from him for many yrs. and wouldn't buy from anyone else because they trusted his judgement."

Click here for a picture of a General Chevrolet car (c. 1950) used for Driver Training at St. James' High School

"Al Chariott ,owner of General Chevrolet in Chester also owned Interboro Chevrolet on Chester pike in Glenolden. He first opened it on Chester Pike in Prospect Park in 1935. In 1954 he built a new dealership at 135 S. Chester Pike in Glenolden. It was sold upon his death in 1978 to John Meissner. Interboro and General Chevrolet were run simultaneously. My dad, Steve Dick managed it from 1954 till 1975. I started there in 1960 and took over managing it when my dad retired. I ran it until it was sold in 1978. From there I managed Loughead Pontiac in Swarthmore from 1978 til 2000 when I went to Rothrock Chevrolet in Springfield, where I am now. Between my dad Steve sr. , my son Steve III and myself , we have over 97 combined years of selling cars in Delaware County. We have literally sold thousands of cars.

p.s. Al Chariott opened General Chevrolet in Chester in 1934 and sold it to the Farello Bros.
the owners of King Chevrolet. They sold it to Raj Chevrolet in 1995. it is now a Kenworth truck dealership."

Thanks to Steve Jr.

business_automotive_gk.jpg (15042 bytes)

G-K Motors 9th & Engle St. George Kereszi (brother of Joe, Joe's Junkyard, & Lou, Lou's Auto Parts, Kereszi). ? - 1952 - 1980's  
  Harris & Leonard, Inc. Tire Distributors 1301 W 9th St.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  Highland Service Station & Garage 2830 W. 3rd St. (below Highland Ave.)   ? - 1917 - ? "General automobile repairing"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Hyman Stein Auto Parts Store 7th St. near Penn

(earlier in the 800 block of Welsh St.)

    Fire on August 17, 1949.

"I remember being on the roof with a hose line and it was so cold the nozzle froze up."

Thanks to Bill Crystle

  Jerry's Gas Station 2nd St. Jerry Zaharkiw / Zacharkiw (sp?)   "They later moved to Aston, sold and retired to Florida, now they reside in Maryland with their son."
  Joe DiCostanza's Garage (3) Front & Flower St. Joe DiCostanza   "I got a pass for ferry. Was issued to me by  Lew. Kapleski after the ferry started running. I had a garage at Front & Flower St.  I did a lot of repairs on the Ferry boats. I took care of the towing of cars that broke down."
Joe DiCostanza

joes_junkyard.jpg (64004 bytes)

[Click here for a vintage Joe's Junkyard Ad!]

Joe's Junkyard
3305 W 9th St.
Trainer, PA
Joe Kereszi (d. 1992) - a former boxer

Later run by his wife, Eloyse, and sons Joe (Jr.) and Mark Kereszi until closing in June 2003.

1949 - June 2003 "I asked about Joe and told them how I used to be a regular customer about 45yrs. ago. They said Joe passed away 8-10yrs.ago &one fellow sorted through a pile of paper and handed me the ad.  I almost fell over!  The picture was just as I remembered him when I first started going there! His last name was Kereszi. His Brother Lou is still alive and operates a smaller operation [Lou's Auto Parts] next door."
Paul Crowther (1), September 2000
  Kelman's Public Garage 11-17 E 7th St. Benjamin Kelman

(father of Bill Kellman who operated William M. Kellman's Appliances across 7th St.)

? - 1937 - ? "Washing - Greasing - Polishing - Storage - Repairing - Battery Service - Lee Tires" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Key Buick (1) 10th & Morton Ave.

Morton Ave. & Rose St.

    Formerly O'Brien Buick

"Later bought by Scott Paper Co."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

  King Chevrolet 75 W. 9th St.


Farello Bros.

They sold it to Raj Chevrolet in 1995. 

c. 1959 - 1995 Formerly General Chevrolet

Later Raj Chevrolet

  L & H Body & Fender Shop 3rd & Dock St. Stanley Lejman

later his sons

John & Eddie Lejman

  "My Grandfather, Stanley Lejman owned the body shop, after his death in the early 60s, my Father John Lejman and his brother Eddie Lejman ran the shop.  All are now deceased."

Thanks to
Beth Ann Lejman Stack
  F. Wallace Lappin Ridley & Morton Aves., Chester   ? - 1937 - ? "Studebaker Sales: according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters

auto_long_auto_service_degand.jpg (24237 bytes)

Photo courtesy of
Tammy Long Degand, moonchild713@charter.net
(Click on the image to see the full size picture)

Long's Auto Service 1964-1970:
1008 Kerlin St. alley


4th St. Chester

1972 moved to


Willard "Willie" F. Long ? - 1965 - 1972 - ? Thanks to
Tammy Long Degand, daughter, moonchild713@charter.net
  Lord's Garage 8th & Welsh Streets     See Berman Brothers Auto Service above

parades_pulaski_1963_2_smagala.jpg (15298 bytes)
A view of Loughead Pontiac dealership taken during the 1963 Pulaski Day Parade
Courtesy of
Joe Smagala

Loughead Pontiac 1926:
7th & Lloyd

1941, 1948:
9th & Sproul (1940)

11th & Edgmont


C. R. Loughead
(son of DR Loughead)
? - 1926 - 1975 - ? "PONTIAC  The Most Trouble Free in the World $801 and up, Delivered (1940)"
Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com

Showroom & service department built c. 1949.

Expanded to another showroom on Chester Rd. near Swarthmore in 1975

January 2001: Luxury Limousine Service, Inc. announced plans to consolidate their operations at the former Loughead Used Car facility.

  Lord Brothers, Inc. 8th & Welsh St.     Took over the Studebaker franchise from Joseph Schlosbon in 1925.
  Lou's Auto Parts W. 9th St. (next to Joe's Junkyard" Lou Kereszi, (brother of Joe Kereszi Sr.), now run by his sons 
Lou Jr., David and Jim

luke_olds.jpg (182016 bytes)
Photo 5/7/2000
John A. Bullock III.
(Click for a larger view)

Luke Motors 15th & Providence Ave. Bill Luke 1944 - ? "Luke Motors at 15th and Providence was previously occupied by my father, C W Worst, who was the Oldsmobile dealer until 1944, when he sold the business to Bill Luke."

Thanks to
Robert P. Worst
Johns Island, SC

The Luke Motors building is now used for offices on the Widener University campus.

The building formerly (c. 1937) housed Stephani & Downes Chevrolet.

  McGinley's Auto Body Shop 2nd & Engle Glen McGinley

(Son of Henry McGinley who operated McGinley's Esso, McGinley's Sinclair and McGinley's Sunoco.

c. 1980 - Present Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA.
  Miller Sproul St. between 8th & 9th John S. Miller   Building by John B. Flounders, Media, PA, was nearing completion in June 1925.
  Miller's Garage 716 W. 10th St. Robert Miller ? - 1950's - 1959 - ? Phone number CHester 2-4622.  Owner was Robert Miller with his son working with him.  They were their from the early 1950's to ???.

Thanks to
Rudy Koch

  Murphy Ford 9th & Sproul St. Daniel A. Murphy, founder, president 1974 1955 - Present Currently located at I-95 & Highland Ave.

BUICKOUT_small.JPG (1397 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA
(Click on the image to see a larger version)

O'Brian Buick 10th & Morton Ave.     Later became Key Buick
  Palo Tire Service, Inc. 165 Keystone Road


  - 1960's -  
  Park Garage 3rd & Highland Ave. T. H. Quinn ? - 1917 - ? "Storing, repairing, painting, Vulcanizing, Free air"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Penn-Jersey 8th & Welsh


6th & Sproul (near Sears)

    "The Penn-Jersey Auto Store was located 8th and Welsh. Later, late 60's or very early 70's the store move near the Sears store close to the Pa Railroad train bridge on Sproul street and 6th. Here is a mint 1957 catalog (published in York, Pa). The store sold ROSS bikes, P-J lawn mowers, Roadmaster tires, various auto accessories electric drills, tools, 44 cents oil filters and more..."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch

  Pep Boys 9th & Welsh     Located on the ground floor of the Knights of Columbus building.

"I just came by a 1954 Pep Boys Catalog that I had picked up at the PEP BOYS Store 9th and Welsh Streets back in 1954.

I remember that I, as a 13-14 year old, use to buy accessories for my bike. Later in life I purchased seat covers ++ accessories for my 1950 Plymouth.

Here is a picture of the catalog. They also sold Emerson and Philco radios."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch

  W. Paul Peters 416 Highland Ave.   ? - 1917 - ? "Automobile accessories, racing tires"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Pomerantz & Nichols 9th St.

(between King Chevrolet & Gash-Stull (Murphy) Ford

    Automotive Upholstery

Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA.

  C. A. Powers, Inc., Goodyear tire dealership 8th & Crosby     Thanks to granddaughter,
Janet Lloyd Murphy, jklm@craftech.com
  Raj Chevrolet 75 W. 9th St.   c. 1995 - ? Formerly King Chevrolet and earlier General Chevrolet.
  Reynolds' Spring (1) 4th & Morton Ave.     Manufactured Auto Seat Spring
  Scattolini Motors, Inc. 1019 E 9th St   ? - 1978 - ?  
  Schlosbon's Garage & Sales Co. 1127 Edgmont Ave. Joseph J. Schlosbon    
  Edwarde W. Smedley & Son 611 Welsh St.     Nash Dealership
  F. L. & W. A. Smith 931 Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1917 - ? "Delco reps for the Cole Eight, Grand Six"

Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Stephani & Downes Chevrolet 15th & Providence Ave.   ? - 1937 - ? Chevrolet Dealer according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters

This building later housed Luke Motors

  Adolph Stubler (Dodge Dealer) 9th St. between Sproul & Welch Adolph Stubler ? - 1950s - 1960's - ? "Adloph Stubler was a Dodge dealer in the 1950's to 1960's. New car show room was on 9th street, between Sproul and Welch Streets. The used car lot was directly across street. I walked by their every day when I went to Smedley Jr High School."

Thanks to
Rudy Koch
  J. Francis Taylor, Inc. 9-11 E 9th St.   ? - 1937 - ? "Dodge - Plymouth Passenger Cars & Trucks; A large selection of better grade used cars" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Towns End Auto Repairs 2228 W. 9th St.


  - 1960's -  
  Two-Minute Car Wash 1516 Providence Rd.


  c. 1953 or 1954 to present  
  Al Warrington Motors 700 W. 7th (7th & Parker St.)     Chrysler Plymouth dealer.
1949: Sold to M.R. Sanders & Herman Wenograde
  Watkins Motors 2nd & Palmer Bob & Dwain Watkins c. 1953 - ? GMC, Jeep, Fruehauf Truck sales, service, leasing & rental
  Wenmore Motors, Inc. 700 W. 7th (7th & Parker St.)
Later 9th & Butler
M.R. Sanders & Herman Wenograde   Formerly Al Warrington Motors
  C. W. Worst Oldsmobile 15th & Providence Ave. C. W. Worst ? - 1944 "Luke Motors at 15th and Providence was previously occupied by my father, C W Worst, who was the Oldsmobile dealer until 1944, when he sold the business to Bill Luke."

Thanks to
Robert P. Worst
Johns Island, SC
  R. Zeitzeff's Sons

Junk Yard & Auto Glass & Trim Shop

9th & Pusey St. Abe & Joe Zeitzeff ? - 1960's "Some time in the 1960's they moved up to Chester Pike in Eddystone."

Thanks to
Brian McClay,

  Zig's Radiator Shop 401 Booth St.


  - 1960's -  

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