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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Atlantic Station 9th & Morton Ave.     Thanks to
Mike Silva
  Bernie May's Gulf 9th & Anderson
(Trainer, PA)
Bernie May Late 1950's - late 1970's -Thanks to Joe O'Donnell,
Newark, DE, formerly of Pine Lane in Buckman Village
  Bill McClay's Sunoco Conchester & Flower St. Bill McClay Mid 1960's - early 1970's Thanks to Brian McClay,
  Sam Cordingley's Amoco 12th & Kerlin St. Sam Cordingley   Thanks to Brian McClay,
  Frank's Arco 4th & Highland Ave. Frankie and Richie Korenkowicz   "I remember when I was a teenager, and we wold always get our gas there. It was run by Frankie and Richie Korenkowicz. I believe the family also had a fuel oil business. I remember that Frankie and Richie were younger, and they would build hot rods there. I particularly remember Frankie's Corvette where he had welded an old beer keg as the gas tank. He also had a very sweet primer grey '55 Chevy Nomad wagon, with great tires and a big block Chevy engine. He later sold it to Joe Klecko, later of NY Jets fame, who I think was a cousin who also worked at the station. (I think Joe later sold it to another classmate, either David or Dennis Pitt from 7th & Highland who ultimately wrecked it). I remember all of this because I went to St Hedwig's with Joe, and also because my sister had a great little '69 corvair convertible, which Joe wanted to buy at one time. It was probably an off hand comment by him, but we always remember it because we still imagine what he would have done to that poor little corvair- we still picture it with racing slicks and an oversize engine!"

Thanks to
Joe Szczepaniak

  George's Gulf 22nd & Edgmont Ave. George Forster ? - 1960's - ? "George's Gulf was on 22nd & Edgemont Owned by George Forster, who lived right next to it. When I was a wee kid in 64 I used to wander over there. Actually we were only 3 houses down and George would always buy me a Pepsi from his machine. His wife Betty and my mother were good friends. I don't know the actual dates that he owned it."

Thanks to
Tom Bulger
  Gulf Station 9th & Morton, NW corner      
  Earl W. Guyer Sunoco 9th & Kerlin St.


Earl W. Guyer    
  Rocco Guzzo's Merit Station 15th & Providence Ave. Rocco Guzzo   Thanks to Brian McClay,
  Jerry's Gulf 2nd & Harwick Jerry ? ? - 1960's - ? "He and his brother I believe subsequently moved the business to what I used to refer to as Village Green Point. Pennell Road and ? After that they relocated to Pennell and Duttons Mill Road."

Thanks to
Bob Felix,

Thanks to Dave Babicki,

  Keeley's Garage 9th St., south of Engle, later
750 Engle St.


    First located at 9th St., south of Engle; later at 750 Engle St.
  Lewellyn's / Llewellyn's  Texaco 9th St. (north side, west of Sproul St.) ? Lewellyn / Llewellyn ? - 1960's - ?  
  McGinley's Esso (1) 9th. St (betw.Welsh & Sproul) Henry McGinley c. 1939-1954 Around 1954 Mr. McGinley opened McGinley's Sinclair at 9th & Sproul St.

Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA, son of Henry McGinley.

  McGinley's Sinclair 9th & Sproul St. Henry McGinley c. 1954-1965 Around 1954 Mr. McGinley closed McGinley's Esso and opened McGinley's Sinclair at 9th & Sproul St.

Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA, son of Henry McGinley

  McGinley's Sunoco 2nd & Engle Henry McGinley
(c. 1946-1980)

Glen McGinley
(c. 1980-Present)

c. 1946 - Present Thanks to Glen McGinley, Chester, PA, son of Henry McGinley
  Penrose Arco 2nd & Lloyd Clarance Earl Penrose Mid 1950's - late 1990's "Thanks to Gregory F Hollis Sr he took me under his wing and gave me a trade. and now I'm making a killing in trans. refg."
  Pop Johnson's Sinclair Corner of Vauclain & Morton Ave. Pop Johnson   Thanks to
Mike Silva
  Pure Oil Dealers Clayton Johnson - 9th & Morton

Edward McCormick - 9th & Flower

Olin S. Trader - 14th & Providence

Joseph M. Spitz - 9th St., Trainer

    From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
  Sheftz Gulf 5th & Madison St. Mr. George Sheftz,
(He used to work at Penn Steel)

Andy Shaner, mechanic

? - Early 1960's - ? Thanks to
Cami Sheftz Clendenning
Sun Village

shooster_gas_rycharski.jpg (23908 bytes)
Shooster's Gas Station
Photo courtesy of Thanks to
Rich Rycharski

Shooster's Gas Station 9th. Street, between Flower and Edwards Harry Shooster and Isadore Shooster. 1920's Thanks to
Rich Rycharski
  Sunoco 2nd & Highland "Jeep Jacono"? ? - 1960's - ? "I worked there in the 60's pumping gas, I remember 190 being 8 cents & 260 being 16 cents a gallon. Would love to see that again. I think the name was Jeep Jacono's Sunoco."

Thanks to Dave Babicki,

  Wesco's Sunoco Morton Ave & Melrose Ave. Mr Wesolowski   Thanks to
Mike Silva
  ? 4th & Highland   ? - 1960's - ? Thanks to Dave Babicki,
  ? 12th & Morton Ave. (Sun Village)     Thanks to
Mike Silva




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