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12/30/2000 Mary Edith Guckes "Meg" Stevens (formerly Meg Harrell) [granddaughter of Arthur Hoyt Scott] and her daughter, Mary Harrell-Sesniak, CompMary@aol.com have very generously shared some wonderful pictures and information about the history of Scott Paper Company and the Scott Family.
12/30/2000 Added an interesting personal note about the construction of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church thanks to Albert E. Warburton III, Aewarbur3@aol.com.

Al also shared an interesting family connection with the Minshall-Shropshire Funeral Home location.

12/30/2000 D. Gregas, Dottygreg@aol.com, reminded me to add the Herbert T. Quinn Funeral Home on 9th St. to our list of Chester Funeral Directors.
12/30/2000 Added a photo of Cpl. William C. Greifzu compliments of Brian Pohanka, DZouave5@aol.com, to the page about the VFW: Cpl. William C. Greifzu Post 598
12/20/2000 Thanks to Dennis Bartow, bartoden@comcast.net, for passing along a class history and list of class members of the Chester High Class of 1914, and a list of Faculty and Staff of Chester High 1914-1917.
12/20/2000 Posted several new Obituaries contributed by Dennis Bartow and Tina Culbertson.
12/20/2000 Gene "Zac" Zacniewski, zac@dfn.com, reminded me to add Ewing Mills, 9th & McIlvain to our list of Mills.
12/20/2000 Thanks to former St. Rose of Lima student Owen Green, clgolg@erols.com for contributing a list of some of the nuns at St. Rose of Lima School c. 1945-1958.
11/25/00 Added pictures of the workers at Chester's Ford Assembly Plant and a diagram of the buildings, compliments of Michael Murphy, irish.genealogy@att.net
11/16/00 Rick Nicholson, rick@dca.net, is in the process of posting the entire "1884 History of Delaware County" by H. G. Ashmead on the www.delcohistory.org website.  This work is a wonderful source of information on the early years of Delaware County and is a must bookmark for those folks working on genealogy.   Here's the direct link to the beginning of the pages that pertain specifically to the city of Chester:
11/16/00 A few weeks ago Michael Murphy, irish.genealogy@att.net sent along quite a bit of history of the Ford Assembly Plant in Chester including lots of pictures of the plant and the people there.  So far I have much of the history posted and some Assembly Line pictures from a Ford brochure.   I'll get more of the pictures added soon.
11/16/00 Added some recollections about the Lyric Theatre and a 1993 picture of Sloppy Joe's Bar, compliments of Fran Farrar from San Diego, Fran24331@aol.com - Fran also sent along a wonderful story about a couple named Frank & Lina who owned a grocery store and hoagie shop near the corner of 6th & Kerlin St.  Does anyone remember their last name?  As was typical of many of Chester's neighborhood merchants, Frank and his wife went above and beyond the call of duty to help Fran's family through some very difficult times.  As Fran puts it, "God Bless this man! Heaven was made for souls like him!"
11/13/00 Many thanks to Dennis H. Bartow, Church Historian/Archivist, bartoden@comcast.net, for writing and sharing with us some "Historical Highlights of South Chester Methodist Episcopal Church And Christ United Methodist Church", along with a list of the church's pastors from 1872 to the present.  (When South Chester Methodist relocated to Dutton Mill Road in Brookhaven in 1965, the name was changed to Christ United Methodist Church. Thus the "Historical Highlights" are posted on both pages.)
11/12/00 Added a list of Parish Priests and a Saint Rose of Lima Parish History 1890-1990, contributed by Georgia Reber Elliott, reberjo@citlink.net
11/12/00 Added some recollections about Dewey School and the surrounding neighborhood thanks to Bob Kertis, kert@bellatlantic.net
11/12/00 Added some additional notes about Dr. Pete Lebischak and his family's Harry's Market, compliments of Jim Woods, ppbjno1@earthlink.net
11/12/00 Added some additional recollections about Dr. Loretta DeLaites, thanks to Bill Crowther, ZIPPO829@juno.com
11/1/00 Thanks to Henrietta Landis, Henribetta@aol.com for some information on Phil & Jim's in Parkside and also about Landis Restaurant at 608 Morton Avenue.
11/1/00 Added an advertising card from Bradley's, thanks to Georgia Reber Elliott, reberjo@citlink.net
11/1/00 Added a list of Pastors (1808-Present) of Mount Hope United Methodist Church.  Thanks to Jack Chambers Jokerjak908@yahoo.com
11/1/00 Added a page for South Chester Methodist Episcopal Church thanks to a reminder note from Dennis Bartow, bartoden@comcast.net
11/1/00 Added a page for Marcus Hook Baptist Church thanks to a reminder note from Margaret Roland
10/10/00 Jack Chambers Jokerjak908@yahoo.com has passed along another extensive list of Chester Businesses.  Once again, he even has some of their original phone numbers!  They're now added to the pages of the Retail Business section.
10/8/00 Added a page for the Ohev Sholom Synagogue, including a picture from an old post card.
10/8/00 Added Dr. Loretta DeLaites to the list of Chester doctors along with some recolletions of her dedicated service to the children of Chester from Lee Zarnoski.
10/6/00 Steve Nazigian, nazigian@hotmail.com, has shared an interesting (in both facts and style) history of Macedonia Seventh-day Adventist Church from the church archives.
10/6/00 Dave Burman, Chesterclippers@aol.com, has provided some information about the Burman family in Chester, including links to Burman's Pharmacy, Burman's Home Health Care, his grandfather, the legendary Bobby Burman, and Dave's own "unofficial site of the legendary Chester High School Boys Basketball Program".  Dave, who has been in broadcasting since 1980, grew up in Chester and Wallingford, PA but has spent the last 11 years in radio in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Click here to visit his radio sports page.
10/6/00 Mark Christy, mark1christy@netzero.net, has passed along several historical articles and a complete list of the pastors of Providence Avenue United Methodist Church.
9/23/00 Added a biography of Dr. Louis James Velte, pastor of Chester's First Baptist Church from 1930-1943, written and contributed by his son, Robert Velte, ROBERTHV@aol.com
9/23/00 Added a page for Macedonia Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Steve Nazigian, nazigian@hotmail.com, will be forwarding more information soon about the church.  Meanwhile, visit their home on the world wide web at http://www.tagnet.org/macedonia/
9/23/00 Added some former teachers/principals at Resurrection School, and some information about Holy Ghost Ukrainian Church thanks to Marilyn (Whitfield) Kurman, squirrelymerylie@yahoo.com
9/23/00 Added new exterior and interior pictures (including the stained glass windows) of Providence Avenue Methodist Church, courtesy of Mark Christy, mark1christy@netzero.net
9/14/00 Added more Chester Mayors and their terms of service.
9/14/00 Added more Chester Firefighters thanks to an additional list submitted by David J. Wojs, Jr., wojs@snip.net
9/10/00 Added a picture of one of many WVCH clocks that were given to Chester merchants as a part of an advertising package.
9/10/00 Jack Chambers Jokerjak908@yahoo.com has passed along two extensive lists of additional Chester Businesses.  He even has some of their original phone numbers!  So far I have added one of his two lists to the pages of the Retail Business section.
9/9/00 Our "Chester Emporium" is now open for business.  Come on in and take a look around! - Let us know if you have some suggestions for additional gifts you'd like to have available.
9/6/00 Added a welcome to one of Chester's newest businesses, the Edgmont Diner on the Restaurants/Sandwich Shops page.  Also, see comments above.
9/2/00 Remember the dark green and cream color Southern Penn buses?  I've come up with a real good picture of one and it's now on the Souther Pennsylvania Bus Co page.
9/2/00 Added a picture of the farmhouse in Chester Park, courtesy of Jane Calhoun Unger, enchantments@hootowlhollow.com
9/2/00 Remember Joe?  Joe Kereszi of Joe's Junkyard, 3305 W 9th St. in Trainer?  Paul Crowther, pcrowther4@home.com has managed to dig up a vintage ad where Joe, who passed away 8-10 years ago, still looks the way he did back about 1955!
9/2/00 Thanks to Raymond (Ray) Lambert, Jr., bluefungus@home.com for some updated lists of recent and current members of the Chester Fire Department.
9/2/00 Thanks to Jack Chambers, Jokerjak908@yahoo.com for contacting the station manager and sending along more on the history of radio station WVCH, (The Voice of CHester).
9/2/00 Many thanks to Robert Velte, ROBERTHV@aol.com, son of First Baptist pastor Rev. Louis J. Velte, for contributing an updated history of Chester's First Baptist Church, now Middletown Baptist Church.
9/2/00 Added two new pictures of Chester's First Presbyterian Church, courtesy of Dot Wood Ferrari, Swarthmore, PA.
8/22/00 Added some history of the Chester Times / Delaware County Daily Times courtesy of Georgia Reber Elliott, (reberjo@citlink.net)
8/20/00 Added the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 Officers of the Chester Veterans' Council, courtesy of Otto W. Greenleaf, Sr., ot60@hotmail.com
8/20/00 Added some first-hand information about the Cooley Lilley store, courtesy of Dr. George W. Lilley, the founder's son.
Dr. Lilley also wrote some recollections about the Trolley that ran on Edgmont Ave.
Our thanks to Dave Wood,
FireWood007@aol.com for passing along this letter from his cousin!
8/20/00 Added one dentist and one doctor to the list thanks to Lee Zarnoski.   Check the list - if your family's doctor and dentist have not been listed yet, let me know! (john@olchesterpa.com)
8/20/00 Added a picture of St. Michael's School, courtesy of Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia
8/11/00 Added more Retail businesses to the list
8/11/00 Added a picture, courtesy of Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia, of Common Pleas Judge Joseph F. Battle
8/11/00 Added pages for each of the Chester Parks and a couple of early pictures (1906 and 1915) of Chester Park
8/5/2000 Hungry? - For those now living outside the area I've added some Delaware County & Philadelphia, PA Food Links on the "Links" page.  Some even offer online ordering.  Not an endorsement as I haven't tried ordering any of these online but if you do I'd be interested in hearing your results.
8/5/2000 Made many additions to the Business listings thanks to Carol Kane
8/5/2000 Added a page for Doctors & Dentists - just a beginning so I'll be looking for your input!
8/4/2000 Added another well-known Chester business to the list, Cooley Lilley, thanks to Dave Wood, FireWood007@aol.com. Dave's aunt, Alice Wood Lilley and her husband Cooley Lilley were the proprietors.
8/4/2000 Our first entry about The Great Leopard Market & Skating Rink, thanks to Jack Chambers, Jokerjak908@yahoo.com
8/4/2000 More on Ranger Joe Cereal, also thanks to Jack Chambers, Jokerjak908@yahoo.com
8/4/2000 Added some information on the J. Horace Witsil Real Estate & Insurance Agency thanks to Mary Lynne Clark, 2bostonsmama@email.msn.com
7/30/2000 Added a "Links" page for links to the official website of the City of Chester, other Delaware County communities and Historical Organizations' websites.
7/30/2000 Added a biography and obituary for Chester Mayor Joseph L. Eyre, contributed by Pete Mooney, parrid@webtv.net
7/30/2000 Added pictures to the following pages:
North Chester Baptist Church
Blessed Katherine Drexel (formerly St. Robert's) Roman Catholic Church
Bible Presbyterian Church (now Lathem Hall)
Immanuel Baptist Church
Asbury AME Church / Providence Avenue Methodist Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Eddystone, PA)
St. Michael's Cemetery
Luke Motors
7/26/2000 Need the help of a professional genealogist?  Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia has contributed a great deal of information and pictures for us to enjoy here at oldchesterpa.com so, for those looking for a little professional help, we've added a page of contact information for her and her Genealogy Vitae - Quite impressive!  As you'll see, she has been very busy indeed!
Many thanks to Helen also for compiling and sharing with us a list of Genealogy Research Facilities in Delaware County, PA!
7/26/2000 Thanks to Carol Kane for information added about St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church and School in Green Ridge, PA.
7/26/2000 Thanks to former St. Rose of Lima student Joann Manning Price, SEWSEWJO@aol.com for contributing information about St. Rose!
7/25/00 Added a page to announce current events of historical interest - films, lectures, etc.  First up is a summer series of Civil War Lectures sponsored by the Marcus Hook Community Development Corporation and scheduled and coordinated by Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia, HMWEBBER@aol.com
7/22/00 Added some information to the "Schools" page and a picture of Smedley Junior High, courtesy of Jane Unger, enchantments@hootowlhollow.com.
7/22/00 At long last, we have "The Newsstand", our Community Bulletin Board Guest Book!  Be sure to stop by and leave a note!
7/22/00 Added a "Biographies" section.  Appropriately, the first biography is of Chester F. Baker.  Not only was he named for the city of Chester, but he contributed perhaps more than any other one individual to the information and holdings at the Delaware County Historical Society.  First-time visitors there are often introduced to Chester Baker and his indexes and collections of records as the "Patron Saint" of the DCHS.  Thanks to his granddaughter, Jane Unger, for contributing these articles!
7/22/00 Added a page for "Professional Organizations" and a picture taken 10/25/1957 of the members and guests of the Delaware County Bar Association, courtesy of Jane Unger, enchantments@hootowlhollow.com, granddaughter of Chester F. Baker.
7/22/00 Added interior and exterior pictures of Chester's 1724 Court House, courtesy of Jane Unger, enchantments@hootowlhollow.com, granddaughter of Chester F. Baker.
7/1/2000 Added a page (with pics) for Sun Ship.
7/1/2000 Added 2 pics (toll booth and ferry) of the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry.
7/1/2000 Added contact info for the St. James Alumni Association.
Thanks to Leona (Lee) Laspina Zarnoski & Joseph Zarnoski, Sr., zgulls@webtv.net
7/1/2000 Added John D. Howard to the list of member of the Oscar Wilde Post No. 25 G.A.R.; also added his obituary.  Thanks to Pete Mooney, parrid@webtv.net for contributing this information.
7/1/2000 Added information (courtesy of Paul Crowther) on the Ford Assembly plant.
7/1/2000 Added to the list of small businesses.
Thanks to Leona (Lee) Laspina Zarnoski & Joseph Zarnoski, Sr., zgulls@webtv.net, Joe DiCostanza, Jd221@aol.com, and to Paul Crowther for this info!
6/24/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1889 through 1989) and a history of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, originally located at Third & Kerlin Streets.
6/24/2000 Inserted interior and exterior pictures of the original First Presbyterian Church, 4th & Welsh Streets.
6/24/2000 Added a description of the deeding of St. Paul's Cemetery to the City of Chester in 1957.
6/24/2000 Added a picture of the original St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  All three churches are now shown.
6/24/2000 Added a picture of the original St. Michael's Roman Catholic church erected in 1842 and a picture of Rev. Patrick Francis Sheridan, the first pastor.
6/17/2000 The complete list of World War I Veterans is now posted.  This listing was taken from the program book for the "Citizens' Reception to honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Nurses of Chester, PA and Vicinity, June 20-21, 1919, on their return from the World War 1914-1919."

Also, and addition to the list of those Killed, Died of Disease and Missing, Wounded, Gassed and Prisoners from World War I.

Also, published a "major" update to the oldchesterpa.com web site which has fully updated the "Search" form on the main page.  Any new additions to the site should now show up in the "Search" results.

6/13/2000 Published a "major" update to the oldchesterpa.com web site which has fully updated the "Search" form on the main page.  Any new additions to the site should now show up in the "Search" results.
6/13/2000 Added a list of Chester, PA & vicinity Killed, Died of Disease and Missing, Wounded, Gassed and Prisoners from World War I.
Soon to come will be a more complete listing of all Chester, PA & vicinity Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Nurses who served in the "Great War".
6/11/2000 Added lists of Pastors, Assistant Pastors and Pastors in Residence, St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church
6/11/2000 Added a list of Priests (1912-1978) of St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church
6/11/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1899-1991) and dates for Immanuel Baptist Church
6/11/2000 Added a page for Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church
6/11/2000 Added a History of First Presbyterian Church written by Fred Echelmeyer, Chester Times, on the church's 100th Anniversary in 1951.
6/10/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1852-1951) of First Presbyterian Church
6/10/2000 Added a list of Rectors (1703-1994) of St. Paul's Episcopal Church
6/10/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1864-1945) and a historical sketch (written c. 1964) of Trinity United Methodist Church
6/10/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1873-1971) and an additional Historical Sketch of Third Presbyterian Church
6/10/2000 Added a list of Pastors (1871-1996) of St. Daniel's United Methodist Church
6/6/2000 Added an old picture of "Immaculate Heart of Mary" Roman Catholic Church
4/30/2000 Added many new pages (too numerous to list) and many new names to the web site.  If you haven't used the "Search Form" on the home page lately, check it again now for the surname you're researching.


4/24/2000 Added a complete list of former Pastors (1866-1971) and a "Historical Sketch" of Upland United Methodist Church.  This information was provided from the 105th Anniversary/Homecoming booklet by church member Ralph Johnson, Upland, PA.


4/22/2000 Added the following pages:
Civic/Social Organizations
Chester Post Office
Chester Police
Chester Fire Department
Southern Penn Bus Company
Chester Businesses
Chester Mills
Chester High Officers of the Class of 1900
VFW: Cpl. William C. Greifzu Post 598
VFW: Lynch-Brush Post 1521
Gen. Charles I. Leiper Post 639, G. A. R.
Ford Motor Company
Murphy AME Church
The Wilson Line
Pennsylvania Railroad

Some information added to these pages:
Chester-Bridgeport Ferry
Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery
St. Daniels Methodist Church
Mt. Hope Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Baptist Church
North Chester Baptist Church

4/16/2000 Added information on where to access early records of St. Michael's RC Church, and Immaculate Heart of Mary RC Church, also additional information about Immaculate Heart of Mary RC Church


4/16/2000 Added a "Transportation" category to the main navigation bar with a link to the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry.


4/16/2000 Added pages for information about St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Chester, PA) and St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Chester, PA)


4/16/2000 Added information on some Chester Funeral Directors


4/16/2000 Added current information on Chester's 1724 Court House


4/16/2000 Added an old photograph, "Select & Common Council and Officials of Chester, PA c. 1908", taken at the
Annual Shad Dinner held at Rosedale Inn, Essington, PA
4/15/2000 Added an early photo of First Baptist Church.


4/15/2000 Added the "Veterans" section with info about Civil War Regiments and Chester Veterans' Organizations.


4/14/2000 Added an old picture (post card) of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church


4/14/2000 Added a photograph (taken June 13, 1935) of the "Wesley Bible Class", Madison Street ME Church with thanks to Miss Elizabeth Harley, Mrs. Anne Ireland Macdonald and Mrs. Hilda Scheffler for their invaluable assistance in identifying many of the ladies in the picture.


4/14/2000 Added a photograph of the "Watch Class", Madison Street / Christ United Methodist Church


4/10/2000 Added a page for information about Parkside United Methodist Church

2000 John A. Bullock III.

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