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Miller-Flounders Dairy photos courtesy of Delaware County Historical Society

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
Abbots Dairy
Bergdoll's Dairy Farm in Boothwyn, PA "Bergdoll's Dairy had a large dairy farm in Boothwyn.They delivered milk to our 9th & Crosby home during the 30's & 40's."

Thanks to
John C. Brown

? James P. Carey - d. 1924 One of Chester & Upland's pioneer ice cream manufacturers; also a ventriloqist!


(Click for larger image)
Crystle Dairy Receipts.jpg (236547 bytes)
Crystle Dairy Receipts for milk sold to Immanuel Baptist Church for church suppers in the 1940's,
courtesy of
William H. Crystle, 3rd

Crystle Dairy 15th & Gold St.
(between Providence Ave. & Walnut St., and between 15th & 16th St.)
William Henry Crystle, Sr. and
William H. Crystle, Jr., (Grandfather and Father of William H. Crystle, 3rd)
Late 1800's

Sold to Wawa some time in the 1980's

"Crystle Dairy operated from about the late 1800's. They first delivered milk from a farm in Nether Providence Township. He had his herd of dairy cows in the barn on the estate of Governor William C. Sproul. The milk was delivered in Chester and sold out of milk cans by the dipper. They moved into Chester in the early 1900's and built the dairy in the rear of 528 E. 15th Street, Chester.

My Grandfather, who started the business, name was William Henry Crystle, Sr.
He was born in Delaware County (I do not know the location) on July 2, 1869, and died in Chester in September, 1942.

My Father was William Henry Crystle, Jr. He was born in Nether Providence Township, Delaware County, on May 6, 1904 and died in Chester on April 3,

I remember as a child they delivered milk by sleigh when the streets were covered with snow.

The dairy was eventually sold to WaWa Dairy sometime in the 1980's."

Info courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd, miserabill@aol.com

  Darlington Bros. Dairy Darlington (Middletown Twp.)   Early 1800's - 1964 "My father, uncle and grandfather before them operated Darlington Bros. Dairy from our farm in Darlington which is in Middletown Twp. As a teenager I remember delivering many a bottle of milk to homes in Chester and a Dairy Queen or two. This dairy which has a long history dating back into the early 1800's (maybe earlier) ceased operations in the 1960's. Actually the family sold the dairy in 1964 because of health problems and it continued to operate for a few years before being sold to Sealtest (?)."

"Cornucopia Dairies became Darlington Bros. Dairy. Darlington Bros. dairy bought out Homestead Dairies which was in Chester Heights and another dairy in Media."

Thanks to
Dick Darlington,
Charlotte, NC

Hall & Crowther 234 Edgmont Ave.


Norman E. Hall
Harold H. Crowther
- 1960's - Dairy product wholesalers

business_dairies_highland.jpg (22012 bytes)

Photo from CHS 1938 Yearbook, courtesy of Helen Stauffer Hess, Swarthmore, PA

Highland Dairy Products Co. 12th & Kerlin St. ? - 1938 - ? Later Miller-Flounders Dairy
? 15th & Providence Ave. John T. McCain - 1899 -

xmas_mays_4.jpg (24524 bytes)

May's Water Ice 537 W 2nd St.

September 2002:
Relocated just across 2nd St. from the original location.

James May

Sonny May
(son of James)

1947 - Present Recent article from the Delaware County Daily Times.

Thanks to
Gloria Evers,

business_dairies_mf_1.jpg (29282 bytes)

Photos courtesy of Delaware County Historical Society

Miller-Flounders 12th & Kerlin St. Some known employees:

James T. Brennan
Bill Settine
Roy C. Smith

"My grandfather, Roy C. Smith, Sr. was a Milkman for Miller-Flounders in the early 1930's. He drove a milk wagon and his horse knew all of stops."

-Mike Majeski

- 1949 - Earlier was Highland Dairy Products

Miller Flounders Dairy was razed in the 1960's for the construction of I-95.

"My father, Bill Settine, worked for Miller Flounders in the late forty's and all the way up to 1970 for Abbotts Dairy when he retired. The early days he covered 3rd street (we lived on 5th and Pennell). In the afternoon he came home for lunch and left his horse and wagon in front of the house. I can remember feeding the horse an apple in my open hand."

Thanks to
Theresa Grasso, Pensacola, FL

"Miller-Flounders' milk was delivered in BROWN GLASS bottles."

Thanks to Rudy Koch

Morrison's Ice Cream Store Thanks to
William Morrison, Delaware County, PA

dairy_supplee_1.jpg (17701 bytes)
Click the image above for more pictures of the dairy taken after demolition had begun in June 2002

Sealtest / Supplee - Wills - Jones Milk Company 12th St.& Deshong Drive "Sealtest/Suplee was on 12th & Deshong Drive. It bordered Deshong Park near the Deshong's baseball field.After playing baseball we would go there and buy a pint of cold chocolate milk."

Thanks to
John C. Brown
Sharpless Creamery Concord Station - 1900 - Destroyed by fire, July 1900
Charley Vaccaro Ice Cream Truck Charley Vaccaro (?) - 1930's - "...does anyone else remember "Hey Mom! Here Comes Charley!"? Charley was an ice cream man who used to come around in an old truck with that painted on the side, ringing a bell, every Sunday evening, selling popsicles and creamsicles, etc. I think his name was Charley Vaccaro."

Thanks to Kay (Krell) Hutchinson, bkhutch@dmv.com

  Welc's Confectionery 100 Highland Ave. (Front & Highland) John [Dorothy] Welc (1956) ? - c. 1968 "On the corner of Front and Highland Ave, 100 Highland Ave, was a candy/ice cream store call Welc. They served Potts ice cream and it closed about 1968."

Thanks to
Pete Krasowski, Newfield, NJ


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