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business_dept_broomall.jpg (14785 bytes)
Broomall's Department Store, photo courtesy of DCHS & Anne Wiegle

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  B&B Department Store W. 3rd & Hayes St.   - 1924 -  

business_dept_broomall.jpg (14785 bytes)
Photo courtesy of DCHS & Anne Wiegle

Broomall's Department Store 3rd & Market St. (Ave. of the States), SW corner of Market Square John Martin Broomall, Jr. Fall of 1873 - 1934 A new store building was erected on this site of the former Broomall's store in 1927.

In 1934 Edwin M. Fried purchased the business and renamed it Stotter's.

  Brown's Department Store 3rd & Fulton Henry Brown ? - 1940's - 1960's - ? "I remember the store opposite Pappanos 3rd and Fulton. It was Brown's department store. Henry Brown ran it thru the 40's and into the 60's. (His father had a furniture upholstery business across the street called Uneeda. Always wore a suit and tie no matter what the weather.) Henry moved downtown in the 60's near the fabulous Leons deli to a new store called Collars and Cuffs. But when he was still in the old store my father mother brothers and me got all our clothes there. Personal service on everything, first names only."

Thanks to
Frank DeMaio

  Collars & Cuffs Near Leon's Deli Henry Brown   Thanks to
Frank DeMaio
  Lee's Store 7th & Edgmont     See Speare Brothers Department Store below
  Lessy's Department Store 3rd & Hayes St.   ? - 1917 - ? Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  L&H Surplus Store 3rd & Market   - 1950 -  
  Lincoln Store Across Edgmont Ave. from Weinberg's     Thanks to Betsy Boyce Loth, GoTodo@aol.com

business_dept_mailmans_1920.jpg (20883 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Mrs. Irma Mailman Kohn,
Chester, PA

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Mailman's Department Store 3rd & Central Ave. Morris Mailman 1921 - 195? "Mailman's was known as the Speare's of South Chester."

Thanks to Irma M Kohn, Delaware County, PA

"All Moms took their kids there for the new look in clothes in the 1950's."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

  Martha's Department Store W. 3rd St. above Highland Ave.      
608 Edgmont Ave. (later Avenue of the States) Charles Glass, one of the proprietors [Obituary]   Mr. Glass also owned Russell's Store.

Thanks to
Linda Lovenstein-Cyers

  Samuel Lees Co. 7th & Edgmont Ave.   - 1899 -  
  K. Schwartz     ? - 1916 - ? Thanks to their ad in the 1916 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Sears Roebuck & Co. 710 Welsh St.


522 Edgmont Ave. (S. side of Edgmont between 5th & 6th St.)

J. B. Catts, manager 1930

Russell G. Snyder, manager 1952

522 Edgmont Ave. store opened March 7, 1930 Store was closed for 18 months for extensive remodeling and reopened August 1952

In August 1977 a zoning variance was approved for Wrand Industries, Inc.  (John M. Anderson of Swarthmore, President) to assemble window units at the former store, 526 Edgmont Ave.

lees_speare_store_small.gif (6873 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters,
in memory of her grandparents,

Frank and Bertha Packer.
(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Speare Bros. 1942 Ad
speare_bros_ad.jpg (50650 bytes)

Speare Bros. Department Store 7th & Edgmont Nathan Speare, founder

Bertram Speare, President until closing in 1973.

Other known employees:

List of known Speare's Employees

Founded 1921 - Closed c. 3/15/1973 or 1974 "Bertram Speare, 75, of Edgmont, PA died May 2001."
Thanks to "Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com

The building was razed c. August 1984 due to structural weakness from rain damage.

Formerly Lee's Store (above)

police_statter_fred_6_stotters.jpg (23121 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Susan Culbert

Stotter's Department Store 3rd & Market St. (Ave. of the States), SW corner of Market Square Edwin M. Fried 1934 - December 24, 1972 Edwin M. Fried purchased the former Broomall's Department Store in 1934 and named it for his stepfather. Fried died in June 1972. The building was demolished around April 29, 1975.

Broomall's had built this new store on the site of their former department store in 1927.

  Value Plus       (Formerly the Lincoln Store & York Store)
  Weinberg's Department Store 17 W. 3rd St.

Moved in 1926 to:

627 Edgmont Ave. below 7th

Expanded in 1950

Founded by two brothers, Joseph & Sol Weinberg

Joseph died in 1947 at age 56.

Other known employees:

List of known Weinberg's employees

Picture of some Weinberg's employees, Summer 1958

1920 - February 1975 Weinberg's began as a dry goods/millinery store at 17 W. 3rd Street. When the business was moved to 627 Edgmont Ave. in 1926, it was first a dry goods store and later sold ready-made clothing.  The building was rented at that time from Cooley Lilley. The store was expanded in 1950. Weinberg's was the last surviving of Chester's large department stores.
  York Store       (Formerly the Lincoln Store)


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