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Bickley's Drug Store

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Baldwin's 20th & Edgmont Ave. "Doc" Charlie Baldwin & his wife Lou ? - 1950's, early 1960's - ? "Doc. Baldwin was a member of Springhaven Golf Club on Providence Rd., Wallingford PA."

Thanks to
Al Gillespie, ahg830@hotmail.com 

drug_bickley.jpg (20392 bytes)
(Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version)

Bickley's Drug Store N.W. corner Market & Work Sts. Mortimer H. Bickley ? - 1868  
  Billstein's 15th & Potter St.   ? - 1902 - ?  

bomberger_drug.jpg (634104 bytes)
Pictured (l. to r.) are Pharmacist, Harry J. Bomberger, Sr., & clerk, John Logan

business_drug_bomberger_harry_jr.jpg (35755 bytes)
Pictured (l. to r.) are Pharmacist, Harry J. Bomberger, Jr., Mrs. Margaret Leary, Joy Barlow


Bomberger's Drug Store 2726 W. 3rd St. Harry J. Bomberger, Sr.

Harry J. Bomberger, Jr.
(d. 9/6/2003)

1909-June 1996 Bomberber's Drug Store was the first West End store to have electric lights.

Harry J. Bomberger, Sr. also operated a second store at 505 Market St. which closed on May 12, 1956. That store later became the location of the Cambridge Restaurant.

  Borland Pharmacy (Upland) Raymond Milton Borland, Jr.
(husband of Dr. Eleanor Triboletti) purchased business from George T. Hayes
- 1949 - 1949: Moved across the street into the former A&P Market building.
  Boyd Drug Store        

burx1963.tif (322906 bytes)
This ad appeared in the Chester Times c. 1963.
Pictured (l. to r.) are Pharmacists John A. Bullock, Jr., Joan Gaskill Inge, John Cooper & Walter Godfrey

Bullock's Pharmacy 720 Parker St. John A. Bullock, Jr.

Some known Pharmacists:

Harry Bomberger
John Cooper
Joan Gaskill Inge
Ralph Johnson
Jack Miller
Robert H. Miller (1941)

Some other known employees:

Kay Ballard
Joseph Boughner
Connie Iannucci
Peggy Lemke
Anne Porter
Emma Schlosbon
John B. Storm
Vernon J. Triboletti (1941)

Some known delivery boys:

John Ianelli
Danny Iannucci
Rodney Replogle
Jack Smith

12/17/1932-12/31/1964 Known to most Chester, PA residents due to its location "in the shadows of", or as the old advertising said, "on the campus of " Chester High School.  The Pharmacy was sold to Anthony Nino 12/31/1964 and became "Nino's Pharmacy"
For about 2 years John A. Bullock Jr. also operated a second store at the foot of the hill on Upland Avenue near Kerlin St. in Upland, PA.

[More pictures]

[Biography of John A. Bullock, Jr.]

edgmont_1100_block_sanbe.jpg (24289 bytes)
1100 Block Edgmont Ave.
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Burkholder's Pharmacy 12th & Edgmont Ave. Lloyd A. Burkholder ? - 1913 - 1931 - ? Location late became Phil's Cozy Corner Bar
  Burman's Pharmacy 21st & Edgmont Ave.
(Earlier store was at 24th & Madison St.)
Harvey Burman
Steven Burman
(Beginning c. 1979 at this location)
The last surviving independently owned drug store in Chester.

Harvey Burman is the son of Chester's legendary boxing figure, Bobby Burman.

Click here to read Ed Gebhart's March 16, 2001 article about Harvey Burman and Burman's Pharmacy, the last remaining independent pharmacy in Chester.

This store previously was Zeitz Pharmacy

  A. Lincoln Castle Corner of 3rd & Kerlin St.   ? - 1917 - ? Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Central Drug 9th & Central Ave. Harry Mudrick    
  Central Drug 24th & Madison St.     "There was a Central Drug at 24th and Madison (next to Burman's). I worked there from 1979 until 1983. I'm not sure of what year they closed, but I know that the location was a Rite-Aid for a short period. The building has been empty ever since."

Mary MacLean Birney 

  Chester Arms Pharmacy 3rd & Edgmont Alexander H. Brown
(d. 5/10/2000)
1946-1999 Located on the first floor of the Chester Arms Hotel.
  Cometz 9th & Highland Ave. Albert Cometz    
  Darr's Drug Store 3rd & Highland Ave. Harry I Darr

Some other known employees:

Paul Usavage (1946-47)
Helen Michalwicz
Tess, who later married Mr Darr
Vera Hoven
Joe Kukulich

? - 1917 - mid 1940's or early 1950's In the mid-1940's this business and the building were purchased by Harold James Triboletti.

Thanks to Eleanor Triboletti, etriboletti@earthlink.net,
daughter of Harold James Triboletti, for this information

Note: "The daughter of Harold Triboletti said her dad bought the drugstore in 1940 but it had to be in the early 50's."

Thanks to
Paul Usavage, (STJ 49)

  Davis' Pharmacy 12th & Edgmont Herb Davis    
  deProphetis Pharmacy 3rd & Pusey St. Julio deProphetis   Thanks to Joe Caranci, JPCJRLAW@aol.com
  Dwyer's Drug Store 7th & Sproul   ? - 1918 - c. 1925 - ? Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Farley's Drug Store 9th & Madison St.   ? - 1902 - ?  
  Fennell's Drug Store 3rd & Kerlin St.     Thanks to Kathy Groch Borcky,
great granddaughter, Kathleenborcky@aol.com 

Thanks to Bill Elman, STEELDAN1@aol.com

  Gliem's 18 W. 3rd St.   ? - 1917 - ? Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Handy Cut Rite 3rd & Dock Sts.
(north side, same side as Balin Hardware)
Millard (Doc) Moist   "My grandfather owned a drugstore in Chester - believe it was on 3rd
St.  His name was Moist.  In 1960 or 61 he was badly beaten by thugs at his store - his picture was put on the front page of the Chester Times - do you remember?

"His daughter Kathryn married my dad, James MacIntyre, Jr.  All five
of us MacIntyre brothers went to CHS graduating 1959, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967."

Thanks to Ken MacIntyre,

  Harris Pharmacy 3rd & Edward St.


9th & Central / Tilghman Ave.

Dr. Ernest Harris


William Warren, (Pharmacist @ 9th & Tilghman)

Early 1950's - 1980's The phamacist was William Warren. He drove in from Camden, NJ.  His store was called the "colored" drugstore, in contrast to the "white drugstore (Mudrick's) [Central Drug] on the next corner. During the sixties, he employed young people (including me at the age of 12) to deliver prescriptions, on foot or bike.  By ninth grade my friend and I were working the cash register, making milkshakes, and providing a professional presence which freed Dr Warren to mix supply the medicine."

Thanks to
Sterling Morse,

"My cousin and I would like to input some information on Dr. Ernest Harris,  who was a pharmacist and owner of Harris Pharmacy on the corner of 3rd and Edward Street from the very early fifes until the eighties. My cousin Keith Holland used to work there after school and on weekends for over ten years.  Dr. Harris also owned another drug store at ninth and Central Ave.  He had a son Ernest Jr., and a daughter name Linda. The family resided over top of the third street drug store,  then moved to Media, Pa in the sixties. Dr. Harris was well like by all his customers and local residences.  Pop Hall was also part of the history of the drug store at that time, he was the brother-in-law of Dr. Harris."

Thanks to Ann Moon,

  Hickory's Broad (9th) & Upland St.   ? - 1915 - 1916 - ? Thanks to their ads in Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Hoffman's 9th & Upland

(across from Clancy's Funeral Home)

Charles Hoffman

Other known employees:

Charles E. Jenkins, Jr. (1951-58)

? - 1951 - 1973 "My brother, Charles E. Jenkins, Jr. worked at the drug store from 1951 to 1958. He delivered medicines to people who wanted them delivered. I sometimes took his place when he was sick. We rode our bikes all over Chester with the deliveries. Some time in the 50's Rexell drugs joined Hoffman's. I don't know when the store was opened, but it was closed some time in 1973."

Thanks to
Madeline A. Jenkins-Steiner,

  Hutchison, F. C. Drug Store 12th & Morton Ave.
(Sun Village)
Vernon Triboletti   Thanks to Vernon's niece, Eleanor Triboletti, etriboletti@earthlink.net,
for this information
  Johnson's (?) Corner of 9th & Keystone Rd. "Doc" Johnson   "Johnson's (?) Doc Johnson ran it @ corner of  9th & Keystone Rd (became Vesuvio's Italian Resturant) operated in 30's, 40's maybe early 50's. Favorite drink @ soda fountain was "Awful-Awful", seltzer water & a shot of all flavors at the soda bar, cost about $.10."
Info from William F. Birkofer,
formerly of Clover Lane, Chester 
  Kelly & Co. 3rd & Highland Ave.   ? - 1902 - ?  
  Koff's Pharmacy 24th & Madison St. Joseph Koff ? - 1965 "Koffs Pharmacy, 24th & Madison Street, was a full service health care store plus fountain service. Joseph Koff retired in 1965 selling the store to Harvey Burman, who was at that location until Mudrick bought the building."

Thanks to Mike Sapovits,

  Lamokin Pharmacy 3rd & Lamokin Lou Pescatore   Joe Caranci, Jr., JPCJRLAW@aol.com
  Ligett's Drug Store 4th & Market   ? - late 1940's, - early 1950's - ? "Don't forget LIGETTS' drug store.  It was on the corner of 4th and Market. Late 40's early 50's. Walk out the old Stanley theater, up the hill to Market St. and there she was. An old soda fountain that seemed a mile long."
Tom Nicolaides, tnicolaides@fast.net
  Lloyd Pharmacy (4) 7th & Lloyd St. Joe Caranci, Sr. c. 1935 - c. 1975 "Also, back in the 50's, your Dad sponsored a team in the first year Chester had a Biddy Basketball League, and I was on "Bullock's." [Bullock's Pharmacy] I still remember the red uniform. One game I made a basket at the last minute to win a game (probably the only basket I made), and there was a little article in the Times with the caption "Crank's Shot Saves Bullocks" Our dads got a kick out
of that."

Joe Caranci, Jr., JPCJRLAW@aol.com
  Mauger's 1929 W. 3rd St. (3rd & Yarnall) Harvey Mauger
John L. Balantine
c. 1900 "... the thing I will remember most was Mauger's drugstore on third St next block up from the Felton fire hall. They had the old time fountain soda jerk type with the bar stool seats with a bar made out of  marble. I remember it as. They made the best sundaes and ice cream sodas and my friend and her Mother and Aunt would go there about three times a wk in the evening in the summer."

Thanks to
Lorraine (Clineff) Bundick,

  Miller's Cut Rate Drug Store 609 Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1918 - ? Thanks to their ad in the 1918 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Morris' Professional Pharmacy 9th & Potter St. Maurice Morris, R.P. ? - 1965 - ?  
  Nino's Pharmacy 720 Parker St. Anthony Nino 12/31/1964 - c. 1970 Formerly Bullock's Pharmacy
  Rae's Pharmacy
9th & Madison St. 1 - Mr. John Rae
2 - Joe Leake
Pharmacist John Cooper (pic. above) also worked at Rae's until he went to Bullock's Pharmacy
? - 1917 - ? Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Also thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Scully's 3rd & Franklin St. ? Scully
John Vanore
  "I remember Scully's on 3rd & Franklin Sts, I had an Aunt & Uncle who lived in the apartments above the drug store. They had a soda fountain and I thought they made the best banana splits. One memory really stuck in my mind because my cousins, brother and I frequented there regularly, was when the pharmacist told me I was cute and had a famous name. My name is Margaret Sullivan and there was an actress named Margaret Sullavan (different spelling). That was unusual because the pharmacist was white and as a black youth we didn't get complements back then (around 1957 or1958)."

Thanks to
Margaret Sullivan,

  Seidman's Drug Store End of Highland Ave. & Bethel Rd. C. K. Seidman    
  Sun Ray 536 Market St. &
407 Edgmont Ave.
Some known employees:

Mrs. Bertie Goldwater (?-1952-?)

John Decot (Denesowicz) [picture]

  Swimmer's Pharmacy 7th & Morton Ave. Jack Swimmer c. 1926 - 1931 "On or about 1926 Jack Swimmer, my father, opened a pharmacy at 7th and Morton Avenue and remained there until on or about 1931 when the depression ran him out of business and the store closed.

"Another name for my Dad was "Good hearted Jake" because he filled the prescription even if you didn't have the money to pay for it."

Thanks to Adolph "Rick" Swimmer,

business_drug_taylor.jpg (30009 bytes)

Taylor's Drug Store 7th & Concord Ave.   ? - 1916 - ?  
  Triboletti's 3rd & Highland, SE corner Harold James Triboletti

Among known employees:

*Robert H. Felix (Summer of '60 to '61)
Lynda Kasper
Jim Rumford
Ed Rzasa
Mary Dryden Smith
*Dan Trout (counter & delivery)
*Victoria Middleton Plummer (Pharmacist)

Mid 1940's - 1969 *Thanks to Robert H. Felix,

Harold James Triboletti purchased this pharmacy and the building from Harry Darr in the mid 1940's. The pharmacy closed in 1969.

Thanks also to Eleanor Triboletti, etriboletti@earthlink.net,
daughter, for this information

  Walgreen's Drug Store Market St.      
  Whalen's Market St.


    It was on the corner before the RR bridge, across the street from Lee's Record Shop, Goldberg's Jewelers & Saville Beauty Shop.

Thanks to Irene Pharaoh Zdana,

  G. Banks Wilson 3rd & Penn Sts.
Southwest corner

Photograph from John E. McDonough's
Idyls of the Old South Ward,
1932, printed by Chester Times Department of Printing, Chester, PA
Scan courtesy of Harvey Martin,

  Zeitz Pharmacy 21st & Edgmont Ave. Les (Lester) Zeitz ? - c. 1979 Store was purchased c. 1979 by Harvey Burman and became Burman's Pharmacy
  Zietz's 9th & Highland, SE corner Al Zeitz

Some other known employees:

Paul Usavage (1948-1949)

  "Al Zeitz was the pharmacist at his drugstore on the corner of 9th & Highland. His brother Lester was the pharmacist at their drugstore on 21st and Edgemont. I worked there in 1948 & 1949, during high school years."

Thanks to
Paul Usavage, (STJ 49)



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