Belvedere Convalescent Home

Belvedere Convalescent Home; Photo courtesy of "Joker" Jack Chambers

Photo above taken 9/2/2001 courtesy of "Joker" Jack Chambers,

Photo of former location at 811 W. 3rd St.

Currently "The Belvedere", located at 2507 Chestnut St., Chester, PA




History "I remembered the Belvedere Convalescent home at 811 W. 3rd, Chester. I am not sure exactly when it became a nursing home.  In 1971 it was a convalescent home. Fred and Willie [Muscella] had their studio in a house next door to the home. I believe before it was a convalescent home it was a private hospital run by Dr. Demedio.
- "Joker" Jack Chambers,

"The present location of the Belvedere, 2507 Chestnut St., was the home of Catherine Stevenson."

- Oscar Stevenson, III, Wallingford, PA


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2001, 2002 John A. Bullock III.

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