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Old Chester, PA: Baldt Anchor

6th & Butler St.

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Baldt Anchor from the U.S.S. Arizona

Presidents: Richard J. Bennett, Vice President (? - c. 1920 - 1928) - 1

"Found this from a City Directory in 1920. I believed he retired in 1928."

Other Employees Click here for our list of known employees of Baldt Anchor

Powell, J. Hillyard (Manager, WWII era) - 4
Powell, George R. (Manager, WWII era) - 4

White, Louis Ashley White (? - c. 1936 - ?) - 2

Wood, R. Calvert "Woody" - (1941-1972)

Company History: The original designer of the Baldt anchor was William Gelston who worked at Penn Steel.  Seeing a need for a more efficient anchor, he made the pattern but did not have the funds to actually produce the anchors.  The Baldt family provided the funding and the means to manufacture and thus it became known as the "Baldt" anchor. - 3

Follow this link for a very complete history of Baldt Anchor provided by Baldt and transcribed for us by Betty-Jane Bennett Smith and her husband Robert P. Smith.

Recollections: "While visiting the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor a couple of years ago, I noted that the Arizona’s anchor which is placed at the entrance to the “visitors center” there has an accompanying note that the anchor was made in Chester; I am assuming by the Baldt Company in its very early days. [Editor's note - according to Baldt's history, that anchor was indeed manufactured by Baldt.]

My great uncles J. Hillyard Powell and George R. Powell managed the company during the WWII years I believe. Their uncle had been one of the founders of the company."

Lewis H. Averett, Lynchburg, VA

"My father worked for Baldt starting in 1941 in the accounting office--cost accounting, I believe he told us. He was then asked to handle the shipping department--so he went downstairs to that area and never left until he retired in 1972. As a department of one he had alot to do during the war--working 7 days a week. R. Calvert Wood is his name, but everyone called him "Woody". He is 91 years old. We have some old pictures of the anchors waiting in the shipping area and the huge crane that lifted them.  I will try and find them."

Pat Bartusik, Bartusik@RCN.com

Pat also makes the following special request:

"In the early 1950's , the company gave a replica of the Baldt anchor to every employee. I am looking for any replicas that are out there--I will purchase them or pay for shipping --whatever the owner desires."


1 - Thanks to Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com for this information.

2 - Thanks to Nancy Engle, granddaughter, engle4@msn.com, for this information.

3 - Thanks to Raymond Moseley, Chester, PA, for this information.

4 - Thanks to Lewis H. Averett, Lynchburg, VA, for this information.




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