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  Bunting Coal & Lumber Co. Office was at 9th & Welsh, on the site of the present Masonic Temple. Lumber yard was between Welsh & Sproul, 8th & 9th St. Coal yard was on north side of 9th St. along Chester Creek      
  Chester Lumber & Coal Co. W 7th St.   - 1899 -  
  Consumer's Ice Company   William J. McClure, President    

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Diamond Ice & Coal W 2nd St. at Tilghman


    Moved all operations to their Wilmington, DE location.

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Joseph Jardine,
Eclipse Ice

Photo courtesy of
Michael Trakas, Great Grandson

Eclipse Ice 349 Broomall St. Est. c. 1904 by Joseph Jardine Sr.

James Jardine
(formerly his father)


Late 1930's - 1988 operated by
Carlo Jardine (d. August 1983) & his son Joe Jardine (d. December 1998)


All are deceased.

founded c. 1900 "Eclipse Ice was owned and operated by Carlo Jardine and his Son Joe from the mid to late 1930's until Carlo's death in August 1983 and Joe's death in December 1998. Jimmy Jardine, Carlo Jardine and older brother Phillip Jardine were the sons of Joseph Jardine (senior) who migrated from Italy in 1905. Joseph senior established Eclipse Ice sometime in the early 1900's.

Jimmy and Carlo operated the business until Jimmy entered the Chester police force at which time Carlo purchased his brother's interest in the business."

Corrected information provided 11/2006 by Carlo's grandson, Joe Fenza

Thanks to Joe Fenza,

"My grandfather, James Jardine, ran Eclipse Ice, his fatherís business, until he became a police officer. At that time, he turned Eclipse Ice over to his older brother Carlo. 

My mother is the daughter of James Jardine."

Thanks to
Mike Trakas

  J. P. & W. Eyre   Joshua P Eyre

and his brother

William Eyre, Jr.

Both retired 3/25/1847

1828-1847 Lumber & Coal business
  Jones Coal 9th & Broomall Samuel Jones

and his son

Denney Jones, d. 1968

1942-1968 "My father and grandfather owned it 1942 until 1968. Samuel Jones was my grandfather- Denney Jones my Father. My father died in 1968."

Thanks to
Josephine Jones Kendig

  Ketrick & Son TR4-8444      
  Lahn's Coal Yard 1514 W. 2nd St.      
  Preston Lake Ice Co. 604 Broad (9th)
1122 Madison St.
Joshua Pusey Eyre, Jr. (beginning shortly after 1865)

Thomas Bradley & family

c. 1865

- 1899 -

Moved December 1899
  Rodgers & Albany Coal E. 4th & Melrose Ave.

Dial 6233

  ? - early 1970's "Jane Albany was my grandmother, she died of cancer several years ago. I was raised by Margaret, (great-grandmother) & Peggy Albany, (great aunt- my legal guardian). They moved from their home on 20th street in Chester to Highmeadows in Middletown Township, Delaware County sometime around 1952. Sonny lived in Wallingford near the High School, but now lives near Ocean City and has a home in Florida. The Coal Co. eventually became a trucking and storage company. One of their main clients was Scott paper. My uncle Sonny eventually sold out the family's share of the business sometime in the early 70s, possibly 72', (I was a small child at the time, so my recollection may be off). Anyway, thought you might be interested."

Thanks to
Lisa Smith

"Jane Albany and her brother Sonny attended CHS 1940."
Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com

sams_ice_coal_2.jpg (32733 bytes)

Sam Iacono with his first truck, c. 1946.

Photo courtesy of
Carmen S. Iacono, grandson,

Sam Iacono & Sons Ice & Coal 419 E 11th St.


Sam Iacono   "[My grandfather] operated the business until 1958 with his sons Sam, Dan, Anthony and Carmen. He also had a son Vincent and a daughter Theresa. His wife's name was Lena."

Carmen S. Iacono,

  Smitty's Coal Yard


Smitty's Fuel Oil Co.

1119 W. 2nd St. John A. Kaminski, Sr. ? - 1978

(Business sold to Story-Winn in Crum Lynne)

John A Kaminski gave this info on his father, John A Kaminski, Sr.: "His dad was known as SMITTY, the coal man and later became Smitty's Fuel Oil. Original place of business was 1119 W 2nd Street and this is where the coal yard was. He used to drive a tracter trailer to Tamaqua Pa to the Old Leghigh Coal Mines, pick up a load of coal and bring it back to the yard, He would unload it on a home made conveyor system. He stayed in business until 1978 when he sold the business to Story-Winn in Crum-Lynn, Pa." Smitty was our "COAL MAN". My dad had the coal bin at the first window in the cellar and the coal was in bags (maybe canvas). The truck was loaded but they would carry the bags to the cellar window and dump it. It's funny what we remember as kids.

Thanks to
John A. Kaminski
Barbara (Usavage) Montello

  Stevenson & Co. Coal W. 3rd St.   ? - 1903 - ?  
  Story-Winn Fuel Co.

Story & Compton Fuel Co. (1952)


109 Fairview Rd.
Crum Lynne, PA

c. 1965:
Benjamin Lachman
Abraham Lachman
Sydney Speen
1910 - Present Originally a part of Winn Coal & Coke / Winn Fuel & Lumber
  Winn Coal & Coke


Winn Fuel & Lumber

  Benjamin Winn   "My uncle, Benjamin Winn, owned this business. The fuel part of the business was sold to the Lachmans (our cousins) and it became Story-Winn."

Thanks to Albert Winn, son of Dr. Charles Winn

  L.N. Wood & Brother     - 1899 - Coal
  Wood Lumber & Coal Co. 5th & Highland Ave.   ? - 1917 - ?

c. September 1927, became J. D. Fawcett & Sons, Inc.

"Building supplies, coal & millwork"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Zero Ice Co. 2nd & Tilghman St. Fred P. Peel, Pres. 1924 - 1924 -  




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