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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Frank Cellini 9th St. just outside of Chester in Trainer Frank Cellini 1949-1989 Info per his son L.
Luke Cellini MD.
Thanks to Flojac1429@aol.com

"My dad, Antonio Mirolli, worked with Frank Cellini when they were both in 
their 80's to make a few monuments for their friends. My dad would design the picture and Frank would sand blast it. At first they were constantly at odds with each other but became very close friends. I recall visiting Frank's place which I believe was on 9th street. It was comical to see these crusty old guys kibitzing with each other." 

Thanks to
Gene Mirolli,

  John F. Cullis & Sons 410-12 E. 7th St. (between Upland & Potter)


John F. Cullis,
Allen L. Cullis
M. Frank Cullis
  Robert P. Oglesby 1809 Edgmont Ave. Phillip Oglesby

later his son:

Robert P. Oglesby

  "Robert took over his father's business at that location which was also their home. Robert is my great uncle and his father Phillip Oglesby was my Great Grandfather. My grandmother Sarah Oglesby Pennington was born in that house. All of them are buried in Chester Rural Cemetery in sight of their home."

Thanks to
John Pennington
  Elmer Sleeper 3rd & Pennell St. Elmer Sleeper ? - 1902 - ? Stone & Marble contractor




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