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Photos below courtesy of Terry Redden Peters
in memory of her grandparents,

Frank and Bertha Packer.

Click here for two current aerial views taken from 14th & Walnut St.

oldchester_01a.jpg (76740 bytes)

Chester, PA Edgmont Avenue, North from Elevated
(1919? PM)

oldchester_01c.jpg (66273 bytes)

Market Street By Night, Chester, PA
(1915? PM)

oldchester_02a.jpg (83754 bytes)

Young Men's Christian Association Building,
Chester, Pa.

oldchester_02b.jpg (73917 bytes)

Armory, Chester, Pa.
(1913? PM)


oldchester_02c.jpg (55478 bytes)

Fire Truck
Green Ridge Fire. Co. No. 1, Aston Township,
E. 7th St. & Morton Ave.


oldchester_03a.jpg (90355 bytes)

Franklin Fire Co.
Chester, PA
(Undivided back - 1914? PM)


oldchester_03b.jpg (54241 bytes)

Chester Bridgeport Ferry Matchbook


oldchester_03c.jpg (54919 bytes)

Lee Lee
(625 Welsh St.)


oldchester_03d.jpg (87145 bytes)

New City Hall,
Chester, Pa


oldchester_04a.jpg (66955 bytes)

One Of The Entrances To United States Post Office, Chester, PA


oldchester_04b.jpg (100682 bytes)

Bennett's Restaurant
506 Market Street
Chester, Pa.


oldchester_04c.jpg (66701 bytes)

Community Memorial, Buckman Village,
Chester, Pa.


oldchester_05a.jpg (85228 bytes)

Bird's-Eye View Looking towards Delaware River, Showing
Court House Tower
Post Office,
Chester, Pa.


oldchester_05b.jpg (83189 bytes)

Bird's Eye View Of Chester
Looking North


oldchester_05c.jpg (84781 bytes)

Pennsylvania R. R. Station, Chester, Pa.
(1913 PM)


oldchester_06a.jpg (79127 bytes)

St. Michael's Church,
Parochial School and Rectory, Chester, Pa.
(1916 PM)


oldchester_06b.jpg (84125 bytes)

Third Street Bridge,
Chester, Pa.
(1909 PM)


oldchester_06c.jpg (85796 bytes)

Concrete Bridge,
Chester Park,
Chester, Pa.


oldchester_07a.jpg (74726 bytes)

Elk's Home,
5th & Welsh Streets,
Chester PA


oldchester_07c.jpg (73592 bytes)

Market Square,
Looking West On Third
(Undivided back)


oldchester_07b.jpg (90319 bytes)

Market Street
Looking South,
Chester, PA
(1918 PM)

1-Chester National Bank
2-Cambridge Trust Build.
3-Delaware County Trust Bld.
4-Washington Hotel
Where arrow points runs
5th St."


7th_edgmont_c1919.tif (4253583 bytes)

7th & Edgmont
c. 1919


8th_kerlin_c1907.tif (4653234 bytes)

8th & Kerlin St.
c. 1907


aerial_c1963.tif (5356273 bytes)

Aerial View
c. 1963


aerial_early.tif (4811374 bytes)

Bird's Eye View


bridge_9th_st.tif (4283270 bytes)

9th Street Bridge


hotel_chester_arms_c1936.tif (4535765 bytes)

Chester Arms Hotel
C. 1936


imperial_hotel.tif (4578083 bytes)

Imperial Hotel


lees_speare_store.tif (1698435 bytes)

Lee's Store
(Later Speare Brothers)
7th & Edgmont & Welsh


market_st.tif (4152211 bytes)

Market Street


market_st_c1930.tif (4624316 bytes)

Market Street
c. 1930


market_st_from_market_square.tif (1670106 bytes)

Market Street
Market Square


masonic_temple.tif (4314060 bytes)

Masonic Temple


newsstand_roders.tif (3996454 bytes)

Roder's Newsstand


st_michaels_church_parsonage.tif (4419397 bytes)

St. Michael's
Roman Catholic
Church & Parsonage


stop_at_chester_pa_rr_christmas.tif (36136130 bytes)

"Stop at Chester"
PA Railroad Station
Christmas Scene


west_9th_st.tif (1290725 bytes)

West 9th Street


wetherill_home_20th_st_c1917.tif (4276773 bytes)

Robert Wetherill Home
20th & Providence Ave.
c. 1917


ymca.tif (4586985 bytes)

7th & Edgmont Ave.


ywca_7th&sproul_c1917.tif (4379695 bytes)

7th & Sproul Streets


Text is taken directly from the cards.
PM means postmark date.
Question marks mean that the date is not totally legible.
Undivided back cards date to pre-1907.

Thanks also to Rick Nicholson, rick@dca.net, for scanning and transmitting the pictures.