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Franklin School

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Concord Ave. between 3rd & 4th St.

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Miss Mary E. Burke
William H. Krell (c. 1927- c. 1933) [Biography]

"He was principal at Franklin from about 1927 to 1934. Before that, he taught French and Spanish at Chester High School, and after that, he was supervising principal at Eddystone and then superintendent of Williamson Trade School."

- Kay Hutchinson (daughter), bkhutch@dmv.com

Homer Graber (? - 1937-1942, 1942-1958, 1950 - ?) - 2, 3, 4
Wendell Sharpe (? - 1974-75 - ?) - 2

Faculty: Some Teachers:
Miss Mary E. Burke (was also once a principal of Franklin School)
Eugenie J. Doyle (nee Hardouin), (1923 to 1945)
Miss Helen Dunn - Phyical education - 1
? Martin - Music - 3
Mrs. Schologal - Librarian - 1

1942-1948 - 4

Mrs. Kelloge
Mrs. Sharpe
Miss McClintock
Mrs. Steel
Mr. Bassett.

c. 1962-1965 - 5

I remember a couple of my teachers:
Mrs. Juanita Hart, and Ms. Palmer (2 of them, sisters, I believe).


Classes: Some former students:

Danny Murtagh - (1930's)

"Danny Murtaugh went to Franklin because his Mom's house was at sixth and Barclay and we lived around the corner on Woodrow Street." - 3

8th Grade class of 1928

Class of February 1936

Class of June 1943

Class picture 1945

School History:
Recollections: "My grandmother, Eugenie J. Doyle (nee Hardouin) taught at Franklin School from 1923 to 1945.  Prior to that she taught first grade at the Lincoln School from 1898 to 1903.  (1903 thru 1923 she married and had 6 children, one of which was my father).

"I have a copy of a "Letter to the Times Editor" which she wrote.  I don't have a date but it had to be after her retirement in 1945 and her death in 1959.   In this letter she spoke about her teaching career and mentioned many of her pupils. This was her short list of first graders:  Wally Brotherston, Franklin Riley, William Nothnagle, Ellwood Garrett, Marian Rightmyer, Fred Baldt, Raymond Dix, Fred Iredale, Eva and Sara Riley, George Boulden, Mabel Danfield, Frank Coppock, Clarence Noden, Edna Jackson, Greenwood Milbourn, Lillian Creamer, Margaret Pullen, Margaret Paul, Billy and Florence Beaumont, Dorothy and Jack Sproul, Sara and Farwell Long, and Judge Henry G. Sweney.

"She was quite a lady and I'm sure a wonderful teacher."

Her granddaughter, Helen (Doyle) Gallo, Gallohj@aol.com

1 - Thanks to Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, for this information

2 - Thanks to Bob Vaughan, bbvaughan@aol.com, for this information.

3 - Thanks to E. H. "Ted" van Deusen, evand@columbus.rr.com, for this information.

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