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newsstand_lighthouse.jpg (1464344 bytes)
The original "Lighthouse" photo from the Chester Baker collection at DCHS.

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  ? 3rd & Hayes St. Edward Birney - 1899 - Cigar store
  ? 12th & Edgmont Thomas Dougherty - 1900 Cigars & tobacco

Delaware County News Co. 6th & Welsh St. Lewis Smith & his brothers, Herman & Joseph Smith 1939 - 1981  My paternal grandparents were Joe and Annabelle Smith (the "Joe" in the Herman / Lewis / Joseph Smith brothers "trio" that was so involved in the newspaper and magazine business in Chester). Joe started Smith's New and Lottery which I think was on Edgemont and "Wall Street." Wall Street was really just the name of the alley behind Woolworths... which became a funny joke that my father always told... he had a business on Wall Street! The business was moved around the corner (next to Anne's Donuts) after a redevelopment project tore down the original building. The business was 
sold in 1981, and the family moved to West Palm Beach, FL where I currently reside with my family. Lee Smith passed away suddenly on February 20, 1998, and is survived by his wife Phyllis Smith; his son Robert Smith, his wife Christine, and their son Logan; his daughter Renay Smith-Kitain, her husband Brian, and their two sons Jaycob and Alden.

By the way, my father was also the "Lee" from "Lee's Record Shop" which was under the train tracks in a corner building. There was some mention of this business on your site too. This business was closed before I was born, so I haven't run across any pictures of it yet - but will send one if I can find one.

I am attaching a picture that I found of the original newsstand.

Robert Smith
West Palm Beach, FL
  Delaware County Tobacco Co. 310-312 Edgmont Ave. E. P. Christake (1926)

Pat Bonoma (1950's, 1960's)

? - 1926 - 1965 - ? Wholesale Tobacco, Cigars, Confectionery, General Merchandise

newsstand_lighthouse.jpg (1464344 bytes)
The original "Lighthouse" photo from the Chester Baker collection at DCHS.

"The Lighthouse" 7th & Edgmont     See "The Newsstand"
  Powell Brothers 8th & Edgmont
1899: Moved to new store adjoining St. Michael's Church
  - 1899 - Stationers & News dealers


newsstand_lighthouse.jpg (1464344 bytes)
The original "Lighthouse" photo from the Chester Baker collection at DCHS.

Edgmont&7th.jpg (129365 bytes)

newsstand_renovation_1.jpg (28532 bytes)

Photos of the Summer 2001 renovation of
"The Newsstand"
courtesy of
Jody (Mignogna) Pokoy

"The Newsstand" 7th & Edgmont George Jenkins
c. 1880-1906

Edwin G. Roder
1906 - Nov. 29, 1938

Morris M. Sapovits
(Nov. 30, 1938 - ?)

Herman & Jean Smith
c. 1940-1958

Bobby Burman

First built 1880 as a cigar stand called "The Lighthouse" by George Jenkins; also operated by his son George after his death.

Purchased by Roder in 1906 and rebuilt 1912.

The picture of "The Lighthouse" was taken "after the fire" so that perhaps this was the reason that Roder rebuilt in 1912.

A later fire (1950's? 1960's) also destroyed the stock "on the first floor and the basement"

The Newsstand is still in operation.

Roder also manufactured the 5-cent Penn Club Cigars.  The newsstand was later operated by Maurice Sapovits, then Herman Smith, then by Marilyn & Milt Berman.

My parents were the owners of the Newstand at 7th Street, for 18 years, until approximately 1958."

Dr. Howard L. Smith,

"My two older brothers, Charles and Bobby Ratliff,  sold newspapers on the street corner for Bobby Berman for years.  They didn't have bicycles or anything and they carried all their papers.  Sometimes they didn't get home till late at night because they couldn't or wouldn't come home until all their papers were sold.  Sweet memories.  Both of my brothers are dead now and I miss them hugely."
Betty Ratliff Marth, Grambeme@aol.com
E. Wenatchee, Wa.

newsstand_reynolds.jpg (50839 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Rose Marie (Della Monica) Holodick, Wilmington, DE

Newsstand 6th & Market St. c. 1930-1941:

Frank Della Monica

Anthony S. Della Monica

Nicholas L Della Monica Jr


Same time and later (at least until c. 1959):

Leo J Reynolds

John J. Reynolds


1930 - 1959 - ?  
  Red's Cigar Shop   "Reds" Owsiany    
  James Sullivan Edgmont Ave. near 8th St. James Sullivan


James McFate

? - 1902 - ?  
  Tucker's Cigar Store Morton Ave. between 7th & 8th St.     "Many trips to get the newspaper and stogies for my father."

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,



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