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10 Newest Entries:
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11/28/2011 1:19:37 PM
Remembering Emily Leo

Barbara Montello
11/27/2011 10:30:59 AM
Emily Leo

11/26/2011 11:20:36 PM
Remembering Emily Leo

Barbara Montello
11/25/2011 10:06:01 PM

Barbara Montello
11/25/2011 9:36:59 PM
this and that

Harvey Martin
11/20/2011 9:45:02 AM
West End Boat Club

Harvey Martin
11/20/2011 7:57:39 AM
West End Boat Club

Harvey Martin
11/9/2011 9:48:01 PM
Coming thru Chester Park

mary lou
11/5/2011 8:44:12 AM

Frank Demaio
11/4/2011 2:46:13 PM

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Most recent postings:

Name: mark


Time: 11/28/2011 1:19:37 PM

Subject: Remembering Emily Leo


Emily Leo and my Mom were first cousins, I called her Aunt Em and spent many afternoons helping her line up her Avon bags, carry things to and from her car and she would give me discounts on presents for family members. However much money I was able to save, is always how much the item cost me! My Mom would tease her with the Avon saying at the time, "You never looked so good." And, her hair, make-up and attire were always impeccable! She even had a dynamic personality to match, and was just a kind soul in the world. I was unable to find any info on her murderers on the internet, but am hoping they were not paroled in the last 30 some odd years. I did go to the trial as a teenager, but cannot remember their names at all.

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Dushore Pa

Time: 11/27/2011 10:30:59 AM

Subject: Emily Leo


Mark, Thanks for your post about Emily. I do remember when that happened in the West End. My mom, at that time lived on 6th & Highland.

Name: Mark


Time: 11/26/2011 11:20:36 PM

Subject: Remembering Emily Leo


Just stopping by the site to remember a great lady from my childhood.Emily Leo, the neighborhood Avon Lady and all around sweet woman who was brutally murdered less than one block from her home in Chester's westend McCaffery Village neighborhood. God bless and rest in peace, Emily Leo! She went to work selling her Avon, trusting when the man answered the door that she was selling him Christmas presents for his fiance and mother. Instead she was brutally beaten by two grown men, stuffed in a garbage bag and left for dead in a field alongside Del Monte Foods. A trucker found her as she was still alive and fighting her way out of the bag, she died 14 days later. She was violently taken from this life at age 47. Leaving behind a son who loved her dearly and a husband confined to a wheelchair by MS whom she cared for during his disease. As a child and a neighbor of hers I would often save my lunch money, go visit her to buy gifts for my relatives. She was a beautiful woman with deep compassion and kindness, always a smile on her face and I hope people from that time and place remember her!

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Dushore Pa

Time: 11/25/2011 10:06:01 PM

Subject: Christmas


We always had a Christmas Tree setting on a platform that took up half of our living room. My dad always put the platform up, my brother Dan and I trimmed the tree and mom always set the village up on the platform then my dad always set the train up. We had a mirror on the wall by the front door that we called the magic mirror, because when we finished the tree and all, we would look in the mirror and the whole living room just sparkled. This is one memory I have not forgotten about Christmas, being a little kid and seeing it through the eyes of a little kid.

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Dushore Pa

Time: 11/25/2011 9:36:59 PM

Subject: this and that


Yes, Dushore is a very small town with Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish over looking the town. At one time there was a convent for the nuns too. I live in Sullivan Terrace for low income seniors and the church is over looking us and the church bells still ring every hour.It's all automatic now so I guess at one time it was done with those long ropes. We have in the town 2 banks,1 post office, 1 library and the Jolly Trolley which is like a small version of Speare's in Chester with 3 floors of whatever you are looking for. I have not made the 3rd floor as yet (no elevator) but they say it's all Christmas up there. I can walk all over the town and it's in a 3 block area of Sullivan Terrace. I cannot walk to the church as it's to steep of a hill(to me it's a small mountain). The church is called St Basil the Great and also known as Immaculate Heart of Mary, Why I do not know. You can find this on the internet, both the town and church. I forgot to mention the newspaper that only comes out once a week and also we have 2 markets that could be the size of a WAWA from Delaware County. We are sort of in a valley with mountains on 3 sides of us. I really like it up here and everyone that I have met are friendly, even the people who are walking in the town say hello to you. Sorry I took up all this space to tell you about Dushore, but it's really nice here.

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 11/20/2011 9:45:02 AM

Subject: West End Boat Club


West End Boat Club Sails Away

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 11/20/2011 7:57:39 AM

Subject: West End Boat Club


West End Boat Club Sails Away

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 11/9/2011 9:48:01 PM

Subject: Coming thru Chester Park


Going Through Chester Park
Tuesday 11/8/11

Name: mary lou


Time: 11/5/2011 8:44:12 AM

Subject: dushore


Barbara is Dushore a little town upstate with a Convent on the hill overlooking it? I remember visiting my Aunt At a Convent I think it was Dushore. It was abeautiful place in the 50's marylou

Name: Frank Demaio

Residing: chester (still)

Time: 11/4/2011 2:46:13 PM

Subject: Stotters


Hi Barbara, As kids, postwar, and during the war actually, my parents took us to stotters every year to see whatshisname and the giant tree in market square that went up right after turkey day. The square was a place of wonder in itself back then. We'd wander around in the cold, stopping in all the stores, all the lights aglow, xmas music everywhere, then we'd all meet up in stotters, the grandest store in the WORLD and ride up the escalator to place our orders with the guy in red. Christmas has lost its magic in the lifetime thats passed since those days, more gloom than glee now. But once in a while you'll see that old glow in a little kids face and you'll remember for a moment how it used to be. Happy thanksgiving

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Dushore Pa

Time: 11/1/2011 9:02:45 PM

Subject: Thanksgiving


Having dinner with family and friends and then going to downtown Chester because that is when they turned on all the Christmas Lights. That really was a big thing back in the late 40's, then of to the movie, usually the Stanley.

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 10/31/2011 11:29:13 PM

Subject: Daniel Wood


DANIEL WOOD Obituary 1/2/1932 The funeral of Daniel Wood, retired pioneer Chester business man, whose death occurred Wednesday at the home of his son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Cooley Lilley of Moylnn, Rose Valley, will take place this afternoon, with services at. 2:30 o'clock, at the home of his son. Dr J William Wood, Twentieth street and Melrose avenue. The internrment at Chester Rural cemetery, will be private. Mr. Wood, who was 85 years old came to this county from England in 1873. He located in this city and for a number of years was employed at the old Roach Shipyard. He established a shoe store at 310 Market street, which he conducted for over thirty years. He was a member of the Madison Street M. E. Church and took an active interest in the affairs of several of the organizations connected with the church. Mr. Wood Is survived by two sons, John M., and Dr. J. William Wood; three daughters. Mrs Robert C. Scott of Elizabeth, N. J.: Mrs. John H. Burn, of this city, and Mrs Cooley Lilley. of Moylan. Rose Valley. Eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mr. Wood's wife, Jane Maynhart Wood, died at Rose Valley four years ago.

Name: Mary Lou

Residing: lancaster

Time: 10/31/2011 10:25:18 AM

Subject: halloween


Happy Halloween How about some memories of trick or treating in Chester as a youth. One of my first memories is we always had tomato soup and grilled cheese sand. We would have to eat it all before we could go out. Every year we would be sitting at the table eating and Johnny Baroni would knock on the door in his costume. He was always the first one!

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Dushore Pa

Time: 10/24/2011 7:32:53 PM

Subject: Birthday wishes


Bud, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Sullivan County

Time: 10/19/2011 6:25:44 AM

Subject: Walmart


Frank, there is nothing wrong with your post about Walmart's, you told it just the way you felt. It's not right to be treated the way you were. Walmart offered a service and should have followed through and that person should be fired.

Name: Dave Andrews


Time: 10/18/2011 10:56:47 PM

Subject: John's Phone number


Frank John lists his phone number on his site.Click on " What's New" and then "Contacting Me".It is a (336) number and is in N.C. He will be glad to hear from you.

Name: Barbara Montello

Residing: Sullivan County

Time: 10/17/2011 7:51:40 PM

Subject: John Bullock


I did talk to John last week and he has not moved to Georgia. The posting about the last reunion with John living in Georgia was a mistake.

Name: Frank Demaio


Time: 10/13/2011 11:33:46 PM

Subject: JB


I would call him, just out of curiosity, but I dont have his number anymore. Be nice to know what became of him. If anybody finds out please post info on here. PS Hope i didnt offend anybody with my walmart rant. It was just my way of saying dont go there if you're hoping for any kind of customer courtesy or service. thanks

Name: Dave Andrews


Time: 10/13/2011 9:34:58 PM

Subject: O.C.Pa.


In did not know that John to moved to Georgia.He used to live in North Carolina . The few people who still post or read the history know that that this is not not a site that John Bullock "used to have".

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 10/13/2011 8:03:10 PM

Subject: oldchesterpa reunion


OldChesterPa Reunion
The Chester Spirit reports that there was an OldChesterPa reunion on the outside deck of Harrah's race track last Saturday 10/8/11.  It was sponsored by the Chester Historical Preservation Committee and there were exhibits by The Chester Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., the Chester YWCA, J. Lewis Crozer Library, Scott Paper Co., and The Delaware County Historical Society. 
Carol Fireing, an officer of the Historical Preservation Committee, said that reason the reunion was held in October was, among other reasons, because William Penn's birthday is on Oct. 27th.
The article says John Bullock used to have a web site called OldChesterPa that chronicled much of Chester's History and that John was a native of Chester who now lives in Georgia.

Name: frank demaio


Time: 10/10/2011 2:01:44 PM

Subject: horrors of walmart


this morning I went to eddystone walmart for coffee and tick repellant. As I was leaving I went by the auto service dept. Surprised to see no cars in line at the tire lane. Aha, says I, nows my chance to get this chore done without a long wait. Parked, went inside to order tires. Dave at the counter wasnt sure they had my size in stock, so went out to check. Went missing among the tire racks for about 10 mins, came back to ask me the size again, disapppeared once more. Finally he came back and wrote my order. (IShould've taken the hint by now, but didnt.) Saw my car go up on the lift. Sat down in waiting room, read through a couple magazines. Looked out at shop, nothing going on with my car. Long time passed. A guy came over and started taking the wheels off. OK, says I, now we're cookin'. But no, now HE cant find the tires. Minutes pass, then i see him carrying the tires out to the work area. Now comes the hard part. It took him two hours to get the job done. Often when i looked out from the waiting room, he wasnt even in sight. And when he is, he's talking to somebody or working so slow you can barely see him moving. (I know, these poor bastards dont get paid much, but still... Thing is there's no suprvision, no manager for the whole dept, no shop foreman to keep things moving.) So there I am, stressing out in the waiting area, furious at myself for letting this happen to me, and he looks over at me once in a while and seems to move even slower. I usually dont play the race card, but then I decide he is 'makin whitey wait'. Ho hum, that old game again. Still, over two hours to get tires put on? Anywhere else would've been 20 minutes. Finally got out of there at 12:45. Vow to get coffee someplace else next time.

Name: ELK


Time: 10/7/2011 3:09:21 PM

Subject: CHS 1954 reunion


Don't know about the Sun Village reunion (held in the same location as ours) but the 57th reunion (CHS class of '54) was a delight. I hadn't been to a reunion in 30 years but what a treat to see friends/classmates from the old days. They all looked great.

Name: mary lou

Residing: lancaster

Time: 10/3/2011 10:58:11 AM

Subject: sun village reunion


did anyone go to the reunion. How was it who was there? I work weekends and unable to attend but would love to hear about it or see pictures

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 8/5/2011 9:50:24 AM

Subject: Sun Village Reunion


Dear Sun Villagers and Friends,
Welcome again to our annual reunion.
The Sun Village Reunion will be taking place this year on Saturday, September 24th., 2011.
The function will be taking place again at the Concordville Inn in Concordville PA. 
The scheduled time for our get together is from 11:00am until 3:00pm, in the Courtyard room.
Attached to this e-mail you'll find the welcoming letter, along with the luncheon menu, and 
a return receipt, which you should return with your payment for the luncheon. 
Please call if any problems opening these documents. 
I'm looking forward to once again sharing a good time's with everyone.
Everyone, take good care, and thank you.
Bill  (610-626-3769)

Name: Harvey Martin

Residing: Parkside

Time: 8/2/2011 7:43:35 PM

Subject: Daniel O'Neal


From the Chester Times 8/10/1915
Daniel O'Neal and Harry Glossner
members of the Franklin-Fire Company
left to-day for Bowers' Beach, where
they, will join other members of the
company who are camping at the resort.




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Media, PA

Alfonso Sanbe Construction Co., Chester, PA 610-872-4455

Fall 2005 Reunion
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