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Abbot William, operat, Liberty bel Upland

Abbot David, saddler, James ab Edgmont.

Abbot Susan, confectionery, James ab Edgmont

Abbott Henry, ostler, James ab Edgmont

Abel Elizabeth, col wid, Bevan's Court

Abel Simon, col lab, do do

Ainsworth William, engineer, second bel Fulton

Allen Perry, col lab, Welsh bel James

Allen Dr. J. M., Work ab Market

Allen Thomas, bricklayer, Essex bel Second

Allen H. T., sash maker, James ab Franklin

Amer John, moulder, Edgmont bel R R

Anstey Henry, cordw, Darby R ab R R

Anderson Sarah, wid, Broad bel Upland

Andrews Edward, lab, cor Filbert & Edgmont

Anderson Jas., grocerv & flour store, James bel Market

Appleby Thomas, prop Columbia Hotel. cor Market & Free

Armstrong Thomas, operat, Welsh bel R R

Arnold Walter J., printer, Market & Powell's Court

Armitage Anna, wid, Second bel Fulton

Arthur Andrew, operat, Mechanic ab Broad

Armstrong John, plasterer, Madison bel Liberty

Ashton Robert, lab, Fulton bel Second

Atkinson John, tailor, cor Broad & Upland

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Bagshaw William, moulder, Larkin ab Potter

Bailey Mr., engineer, Broad ab Mechanic

Baker & Eyre, lumber, coal & brick yard Edgmont bel James

Baker George & Co., dry goods, grocery & hardware, S E cor Market Square

Baker George, merchant N E cor Market Square

Baker John, carpt, Welsh ab R R

Baker Perciphor, lumb merch, Welsh ab R R

Baker & Eyre, brick yard, back of James ab Fulton

Baldruff Fred., confectioner, Free ab Market

Baldwin W., plasterer, Filbert bel Welsh

Barnard Thomas D., gent, Edgmont ab Work

Bartram & Sharpless, Chester flour mills. cor Edgmont & Filbert

Bartwell Daniel, confectioner, cor Broad & Upland

Barrowclough Joseph, tanner, Free ab Edgmont

Barker Joe, pattern maker, Broad ab Mechanic

Bardsley Samuel, operat, Liberty bel Quarry

Batchel Anthony, tin smitb, Free ab Welsh

Baum Oley, ship carpt, Front bel Fulton

Bazely James, operat, Larkin ab Edgmont

Beale Lieut. Edward. U S N, Edgmont ab B R

Beatty John E., carpt, Second bel Fulton

Beaumont Joshua, photographer, Market bel Work

Beaumont Francis, oystersaloon, Market bel James

Bell John, operat, Second bel Fulton

Bell J. S., tanner, Edgmont ab James

Benedict Clarissa, wid, Potter ab Morton

Berry Alice, cot. wid, Liberty ab Edgmont

Berry Washington, farmer, James bel Fulton

Berry William, dyer, Market ab Filbert

Bickley M. H., druggist, cor Market & Work

Birchell Lydia, gentw, James bel Market

Birtwell Daniel, baker & confecr. Market bel Work

Bird Amos, lab, Broad ab Edgmont

Bird Anna M., operat, Broad ab Edgmont

Bird Christiana, operat, Broad ab Edgmont

Biggerstaff John, tinman, Work ab Edgmont

Biggins Michael, tailor, Work ab Market

Bladen Dr. W. T., cor Edgmont & Free

Blakely Abm., Arasapha mills, cor Liberty & Quarry

Blakely Abm., manuf, cor Broad & Upland

Blakely Benjamin, manuf, do do do

Blakely Joseph, operat, Broad ab Upland

Blakely Reuben, manager, cor Potter &Liberty

Blagg Ann, wid, Second bel Essex

Blizzard William, lab, Upland bel Cochran

Boner Ann, wid, Darby R bel Liberty

Boner Mary, operat, cor Free & R R

Boon Peter, ship carpt, Filbert ab Market

Booth William, planing will, Front & Essex

Booth John, carpt, James ab Essex

Booth Joseph, wat, Market ab Filbert

Booth Levin, wat, Edgmont bet Filbert

Booth John, gent, cor Edgmont & James

Booth William, wat, cor Market & Filbert

Booth Parker, wat, Market ab Filbert

Booth Henry, gardener, Liberty ab Potter

Booten, Wm., lab, Upland bel Cochran

Borden Wm., tobacconist, Market bel Free

Bottomly Geo., operat, Upland bel Larkin

Bowers John, operat, Madison bel Liberty

Bowker T. W., gas fitter, plumber, stoves, etc, cor Market & James

Bowers Joseph, cab maker, Madison bel Liberty

Boyle Emanuel, lab, Broad ab Edgmont

Boyle Charles, carter, Second bel Fulton

Boyle John, operat, North bel Cochran

Braden Leonard, carpt, Edgmont ab Providence R

Bradley Henry, lab, Market ab Filbert

Bramall Frank, operat, Fulton bel Second

Bramall John, operat, Front bel Fulton

Branton Howard. col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Brandis H., clothier, Market ab James

Branson David, carpt, Front ab Essex

Brewster John, operat, Potter ab Broad

Brewster Wm., operat, do do

Brensinger George, teacher, Free ab Welsh

Bridges Emerson, machinist, Madison bel Liberty

Brierly Emanuel, cordw, Broad bel Mechanic

Brierly Thomas, shoe store, do do do

Brister Ellis, col cordw, Welsh bel James

Brobson Rebecca, wid, James ab Penn

Brogan Samuel, carpt, Front bet Penn

Brogan Edward. carpt. Larkin ab Edgmont

Brooks John, saddler, James bel Penn

Brooks Wm., operat, Front bel Fulton

Brooks John, saddler, Market ab James

Broomall John M., attorney, Penna &, Delaware river

Brown Benjamin, engineer, cor Penn &.Front

Brown Richard, wat, Welsh bel James

Brown George, col lab, Welsh bel James

Brown Samuel, lab, Concord opp Fifth

Brown Wm., bricklayer, Essex bel Second

Brown Henry, cab maker, Mechanic bel Liberty

Brown Thomas, operat, Madison ab Broad

Brown Sarah, wid, Edgmont bel Filbert

Bucha B. F., sash maker, cor Essex & Second

Buck Charity, wid, Franklin ab James

Buck James, cordw, Edgmont ab Providence R

Buckley John, bottler, Madison ab Broad

Buggy Robert, gent, Broad ab Upland

Bundy Benah, cordw, Essex ab Front

Bunce Thomas, lab, Front bel Parker

Bunce Patrick, cordw, do do do

Bunce James, lab, Second bel Parker

Burke Wm., operat, Work ab Edgmont

Burke Samuel, lab, Broad bel Upland

Burke Edmund, operat, Liberty bel Upland

Burke Joseph, lab, Edgmont ab Logan

Burke J. M., operat, Broad ab Upland

Burns Margaret, dry goods, cor Essex & Second

Burns George, cordw, Welsh ab R R

Burns Morris, boiler maker, Free ab Market

Burns James, cordw, Work bel Market

Butler John, operat, Upland bel Liberty

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Caldwell John, Edgmont ab Providence R.

Callahan Edward, quarryman, Mechanic bel Liberty

Calvin John, col wat, Free below R R

Campbell James, lab, Larkin ab Upland

Campbell Joseph, operat, Madison bel Liberty

Campbell James, manuf, Broad & Mechanic

Cantwell Mary, wid, Filbert bel Welsh

Carson Perry, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Carr Francis, lab, Darby R bel Cochran

Casha Draper, col seaman, Bevan’s Court

Chadwick James, groc &- prov, cor James & Edgmont

Chatfant Jacob, carpt, Work above Market

Chriswagoner George, brick mkr, Upland bel Liberty

Christer Wm., ostler, Washington Hotel, Market

Chipman Simon, col wat, Welsh bel James

Clark George, confectioner, Market near Filbert

Clark Dennis, baker, Market ab James

Clark Wm., gent, Edgmont ab Providence R

Clayton Charles, cordw, Work bel Market

Clayton Samuel, wat, Filbert ab Market

Clayton James, quarryman, Darby R ab R R

Clayton Joshua. lab. James bel Fulton

Clark John, lab. Upland bel Liberty

Cloud Stephen, Jr., boots, shoes and findings;. James bel Market

Cloud Lewis T., cordw, James bel Market

Cloud Charles, cordw, Edgmont ab Liberty

Cloud James, ship carpt, Front ab Essex

Clyde Henrietta, gentw, Free ab Market

Coates J. R. T., att'y, Clinton ab Welsh

Coates Dr. I. T., Clinton ab Welsh

Coates Annie E., teacher, Clinton ab Welsh

Coates Lydia, wid, do do do

Coburn Wm., blacksmith, Upland ab Logan

Cochran J. E., gent, Clinton bel Crosby

Cochran John, real estate agent Market ab James

Cochran James, drover, cor Clinton & Crosby

Cohen Annie, operat, James ab Franklin

Collett Mary A., -wid, Edgmont bel Filbert

Collins David, carpt, Market ab Filbert

Collins Charles. wat. North bel Cochran

Collins Daniel, cordw, Darby R ab Broad

Collison Peter, gent, cor Filbert & Edgmont

Collison Isaac, cordw, Filbert ab Edgmont

Colwell James, col lab, Welsh bel James

Congleton Edward, carpt, James ab Franklin

Conliff John, engineer, Darby R ab Broad

Conly John, lab, Market near Powell's Court

Cook Rebecca, col laundress, Bevan's Court

Coombe Sarah P. gentw. Edgmont ab Filbert

Coppoch Abner, cordw, Edgmont, bel R R

Coppoch Wm., plasterer, James bel Franklin

Coulter Mary, teacher, Broad ab Upland

Cowden Wm., operat, Work bel Welsh

Craig Wm., plasterer, Free bel Upland

Creighton John, lab, do do do

Crook John, weaver, Welsh bel Edgmont

Crowder Isaiah, Market ab Filbert

Crosson Amanda. Wid. Welsh bel R R

Crosson Wm., quarryman, Darby R by Ridley creek

Culin Jacob lab, Work bel Market

Cullion Michael, lab, Quarry ab Broad

Cunningham James, lab, Upland bel Cochran

Curry Wm., wat, James ab Fulton

Cutler Wm., F., machinist, James ab Welsh

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Danford John, pedlar, Darby R ab R R

Darrah Ann H., gentw, Free bel Welsh

Darrah Susan, gentw, Free bel Welsh

Davis Mary, gentw, Free bel Upland

Davis Amos, plasterer, James ab Penn

Davis Hannah, gentw, Free bel Upland

Davis Benjamin, printer, cor Market & Powell's court

Denton Anna, gentw, Free bel Welsh

Deshong Alfred, gent, Edgmont opp Liberty

Deshong John O., gent, Edgmont opp Liberty

Devers J. A., grocery & prov store, Market bel James

Devolue Samuel, ostler, Powell's Court

Dickerrson Asbury, wat, Powell's court

Dickinson S. A., wid, Providence R

Dickerson Wm., bricklayer, James ab Franklin Dobbins J. W., carp, Work ab Edgmont

Dobbins W. K., carp, Work ab Edgmont

Donaldson John, operat, James ab Essex

Donaldson Henry L., teacher, Broad & Darbv R

Donaldson Thomas, operat, Upland bel Liberty

Dolan Patrick, mason, Logan bel Upland

Dolan John, North bel Cochran

Dolan James, mason, North bel Cochran

Dougherty James, lab, Railroad ab Upland Dougherty Barney, lab, Railroad ab Upland Dougherty John B., wat, Edgmont bel Liberty

Dougherty John, lab, Liberty ab Potter

Dougherty Philip, pedlar, Liberty ab Darby R Dougherty James, brickmaker, Darby R ab Liberty

Dougherty John, wat, Edgmont ab Filbert

Dougherty James, lab, Larkin ab Edgmont

Dougherty John M., watchman, Edgmont bel Railroad

Dougherty John, lab, James ab Fulton

Dougherty Michael, gardener, James bel Fulton Dougherty James, wat, Franklin ab James

Downs John, col lab, Bevan’s Court

Doyle L. C., millenery & trimmings, Market ab James

Doyle Martba, operat, Work ab Market

Doyle Wm. W., house & sign painter, Welsh ab R R

Dubois B. F., watch maker, Market bel Work Dumont John, operat, Edgmont ab Logan

Durborow Charles, wat, Edgmont ab Filbert

Duffee Eveline C., dressmaker, Broad bel Upland

Duffy John, lab, Second bel Fulton

Duffy John, lab, Madison bel Liberty

Dunkerley James, machinist, Liberty bel Quarry Durkin John, lab, Mechanic below Liberty

Dutton Samuel, shipcarpt, Second bel Essex

Dutton Jesse, carpt, James bel Penn

Dutton William, cord, James bel Penn

Dutton Aaron L., grocery & provision, Market ab James

Dutton R. R., lumb merch, Free ab Welsh

Dutton Caroline, saleswoman, Free ab Market

Dutton James, bricklayer, Filbert ab Market

Dyer John G., prop, Washington House, James opp Court House

Dyer Joshua, clerk, cor Front and James

Dyer Samuel, Washington House, Market st

Dyson John, operat, Mechanic bel Liberty

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Eccles Samuel, manuf, cor James & Franklin

Edwards Mary A., wid, Edgmont ab Railroad Edwards Geo., lab, Edgmont ab Providence R Edwards Thos., operat, Front bel Fulton

Elliott Eliz., operat, Fifth ab Concord

Elliott Diana, operat, Work ab Edgmont

Ellam Geo., tailor, cor Broad & Upland

Emery Sol, col lab, Free ab Upland

Engle Mary, wid, Edgmont ab R R

Entwisle Joseph, bleacher, Penn bel James Entwise.& Hall, bleachers, cor Front & Fulton

Enos Geo., wat, cor Market & Filbert

Esrey Elizabeth T., wid, Welsh ab R R

Evans Cadwalader, machinest, James bel Market Evans Abbey A., gentw, James bel Market

Ewing Wm., lab,.Darby R ab Liberty

Ewit Susan, col wid, Bevan's Court

Ewing Wm., lab, cor Market & Filbert

Ewing Jane, wid, Free ab Edgmont

Ewing Joanna, grocery, Filbert ab Market

Ewing Hannah, gentw, Penn bel James

Eyre Preston I., gent, Edgmont ab James

Eyre Sarah, gentw, Edgmont ab James

Eyre Jane, gentw, Edgmont ab James

Eyre Elizabeth, gentw, Edgmont ab James

Eyre Joshua P., farmer, Edgmont op Free

Eyre Wm., Jr., farmer, Edgmont op Free

Eyre Joshua P. Jr.. merch. Edgmont op Free

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Fairlamb N. W., cab mak & undertaker. Market bel R R

Fairlamb Frederick, magistrate, James & Crosby

Faith Chas. C., oyster saloon, Market & Powell's court

Faraday Martin, lab, Front bel Fulton

Fawley Annie, grocery & confec, James bel Market

Fawley Thos. K., gent, James bel Market

Fawley Samuel, operat, James bel Market

Feney John, lab, Market bel Powell's court

Feely Thomas, lab Quarry bel Liberty

Ferguson Wm., carpt, Penn bel James

Ferguson Mrs. A., milliner, Penn bel James

Field Frank, merch, Potter ab Morton

Fields Geo., col lab, Welsh bel James

Fields Basil, col lab, Welsh bel James

Fields Benj., col brickmaker. ab R R

Finch L. E., dry goods, James bel Market

Flavill Wm. H., surveyor, build & conveyancer. Free ab Welsh

Flavill Jane, milliner, Market near Town Hall Flavill Edwin E., carpt, Free ab Welsh

Flood Geo., tobacconist, Edgmont ab Providence R

Fogg Robert, operat, Quarry bel Liberty

Forwood Dr. J. L., James ab Edgmont

Ford Benj., blacksmith, Filbert bel Market

Foster Thos., moulder, Edgmont bel R R

Fox Chas., carpt, Work ab Edgmont

Fox David, operat, Work bel Market

Fox Martha, operat, Work bel Market

Fox John, tobacconist, Franklin ab James

Franklin Lewis, carter, Liberty bel Upland

Freiger Constantine. cord. Fulton bel Second

Fricker Jacoh, barber, Market bel James

Fuller Joseph, lab, Work ab Edgmont

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Gaines Mary, col, Bevan's court

Gallagher John, lab, Concord op Fifth

Gallagher Jesse, cord, Liberty bel Quarry

Gallagher Neal, cord, Market bel R R

Garrett D. M., merch, James & Penn

Garside John, machinist, Upland ab Broad

Gartside Robt., plumber, gasfitter, hard, Penn Square

Gartside Beni., manuf. Fulton & Water

Gartside James, manuf, Second ab Fulton

Gartside Amos, manuf, Second ab Fulton

Gartside John, manuf, Fifth ab Concord

Garthwaite James, operat, Front bel Fulton

Gardner James, porter, Front & James

Geig Isabella, wid, Welsh ab Free

Gelston John, gent, James ab Welsh

Gelston Mary, operat, James ab Welsh

Gelston Sarah, operat, James ab Welsh

Gibson Humphrey, farmer, Concord ab R R

Gilpatrick Francis. lab. North ab R R

Glasgow I., col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Glancy Daniel, dyer, James ab Edgmont

Gleason Timothy, lab, Welsh bel Edgmont

Glennon Edward, lab, Logan ab Edgmont

Glutzbeck Geo., cord, Filbert bel Welsh

Goddard Uriah, operat, Potter ab Broad

Goff Mary A., Steamboat Hotel. Market bel Filbert

Graham Dr. F. Ridgely, Free & Welsh

Grantham Jas., farmer, James bel Welsh

Grant Jona., operat, Front bel Fulton

Gray Dr. Wm., Market & Free

Gray W. C., dry goods & groceries, Edgmont and James

Gray Chas., blacksmith, James bel Penn

Gray H. B., blacksmith, James bel Penn

Greig John, books & stationary Market ab James Green Mrs., wid, Cochran bel Darbv R

Green Wm. F., carpt, Work ab Market

Green Thos., apothecary, Market & Work

Green John manuf, Edgmont bel Logan

Green John J., manuf, Liberty & Madison

Greenwood Jas., grocery, Welsh & R R

Greenwood Wm., bottler, Cochran & Darby R

Greenwood Stephen, operat, Logan ab Potter Greenwood John, operat, Logan ab Potter

Griffin Daniel, lab, Upland bel Cochran

Grounsel John, blacksmith, James bel Franklin Groves Joseph, lime & plaster, Market & Del R Grubb Wm., wat. Edgmont bel Filbert

Grubb H. B., grocery & provisions, James bel Market

Grubb Wm. L., carpt, Second & Fulton

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Haggerty Barney, stone cutter, Larkin ab Potter Hall Charles, carpt, Larkin ab Upland

Hall Joseph A., carpt, Broad bel Darbv R

Hall Charles W., operat, James bel Franklin

Hall John bleacher, Second & Franklin

Hampson James, stoves and furniture. Market & Free

Hamilton Robert, lab, Edgmont ab Providence R

Hannum R. E., att'y office Market ab Work

Hansel Mary, wid, Liberty bel Quarry

Hanley John, Robin Hood Rest. James bel Front Hanvas Sarah, wid, Liberty ab Madison

Hard Rev. A. B., Potter ab Morton

Hardy Phineas, weaver, Edgmont bel R R

Harden Matthew, engineer, Mechanic bel Liberty

Harden John, operat, Front bel Fulton

Hargraves Thomas, operat, Second bel Fulton Hargraves George, operat, James bel Fulton

Harper Alex., carpt, Edgmont ab Liberty

Harper Catharine, wid, Second bel Fulton

Harper George, operat, do do do

Harris George, col lab, Bevan's Court

Hart Wm., manuf, Second & Franklin

Hart Alfred, operat, Front bel Fulton

Hart James, col wat, Bevan's Court

Hatton Hugh, overseer, Edgmont bel Free

Hatfield James, machinist, Liberty ab Potter Haverstick John, cordw, James bel Concord

Haviland Rev. Arthur, Edgmont bel Larkin

Hawes James, cordw, Upland below Liberty

Haycock Jacob & Co., machinists. Filbert. ab Front.

Haycock Jacob, machinist, Broad bel Upland

Healy George Co., oyster saloon, James bel Market

Heathcote John, cord, Front bel Fulton

Heathcote Andrew, operat, Front bel Fulton

Heffron John, coachman, at Dr. Young's, James bel Fulton

Henderson Charles S., moulder, Filbert ab Edgmont

Henderson George, cordw, Market bel R R

Helms Isaac, lab, back of Second bel Essex

Hetzell Wm., clerk, Clinton ab Welsh

Hibberd John, att'y, Penn Buildings, Market

Hibberd Ellen, wid, Quarry bel Liberty

Hibberd Henry, lab, Quarry bel Liberty

Hibberd Daniel, operat, do do do

Hickman J. L., carpt, Free ab Welsh

Higgins James, carter, Work bel Market

Hill Howard, capt, Filbert bel Market

Hinkson & Baker, coal & lumber. Edgmont bel R R

Hinkson Fred. J., tanner, Edgmont ab James Hinkson H. M., gent, Edgmont bel James

Hinkson Orpha, gentw, Edgmont bel James

Hinkson & Slawter, house painters, Work ab Market

Hinkson Joseph, gent, Clinton bel Crosby

Hinkson W., lumber merch. Welsh ab R R

Hinkson John, carpt, Larkin ab Upland

Hinkson & Bell, tannery, Edgmont ab James Hirosson Wm., operat, Quarry bel Liberty

Holt Sarah, wid, Edgmont & Work

Holt Joseph, machinist, Larkin ab Edgmont

Holt Joseph, druggist, Broad ab Mechanic

Holt Amos, tailor, Broad ab Mechanic

Holt James, operat, Madison bel Liberty

Holt Elizabeth, gentw, James & Concord

Holmes Edward, operat, North ab R R

Hollin Nancy, wid, Upland bel Cochran

Honnor John, wat, Broad ab Upland

Hood Rachel, col laundress, Free bel R R

Hood Rev. George, Chester Fem. Seminary Broad ab Upland

Horrocks Francis, operate Liberty bel Upland

Howes E. S., grocery, Market bel RR

Howarth James, weaver, R R ab Welsh

Howarth John, operat, Front bel Fulton

Howarth Joseph operat, Second bel do

Hubbell R. H., Gas Works, Free bel Upland

Hughes Patrick, machinist, Madison bel Liberty

Hull James, col lab, Powell's Court

Huley B., col lab, Concord opp Fifth

Hunter George, lab, Larkin ab Edgmont

Hunter Wm., brush maker, Looan ab Edgmont

Hunter Wm., cordw, Edgmont ab Logan

Hunter Joseph, wheelwright, Broad & Upland

Huston Esther, wid, Free ab Upland

Huston Saml, Quarryman, Darby R bel Ridley creek

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I & J

Irving Thomas, paper Maker, Welsh ab R R

Irving & Leiper. Barndennock mills, Front ab Franklin

Ivins Francis, machinist, Upland bel Market

Jackson James, operat, Free bel R R

Jackson Win., lab, Free ab Edgmont

Jackson Washington, operat, Quarry bel Liberty

Jester Wm. F., h paint & pap hang Edgmont ab James

Jefferson Rev. Benj., col lab, Welsh bel James

Johnston John, lab, Concord ab Fifth

Johnston Samuel, col lab, James ab Fulton

Johnston John, machinist, Market bel Filbert

Johnson Samuel, Bevan's Court

Johnson John, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Johnstone Ebenezer, Mason, Deshong ab Edgmont

Johnstone George, do do do do

Jones Samuel, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Jones Perry, col lab, Welsh bel James

Jones George, col porter, Market near Powell’s Court

Jones Jona., col fence mkr. Welsh bel James

Jones Mary, operat, Fifth ab Concord

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Kane Wm., cordw, Edgmont bel Liberty

Kay Edward, operat, Upland ab Broad

Kelley Wm., cordw, James ab Welsh

Kelley Esther, wid, Work ab Edgmont

Kelley P. P., mail carrier, Work ab Edgmont

Kelley Esther R., milliner, do do do

Kelley Mary, wid, Front bel Fulton

Kelley Owen, lab, Darby R ab Cochran

Kelley Patrick, quarryman, Darby R bel Ridley Creek

Kenwortliy J. W., coal merchant. Broad & Darby R

Kenvorthy Charles, clerk, Larkin bel Mechanic

Kerlin Wm., wat, Work bel Welsh

Kerlin A. L , wid, Edgmont ab R R

Kerlin Martha, wid, James ab Penn

Kesterd Bridget, gentw, Broad ab Mechanic

Kinney Mary, wid, Edgmont bel Liberty

King, Rachel, wid, Logan ab Madison

Kirk Mary, wid, Front bel Fulton

Kirk Ellen, operat, Front bel Fulton

Knipe John, lab, Logan bel Quarry

Knott Wm., machinist, Welsh ab Work

Knowles James, cotton mills, Front bel Essex

Knott James, Machinist, Welsh ab Work

Koehler Michael, clothier-, Penn Buildings

Krauch Christian lager beer saloon, Edgmont & Larkin

Kutzhler Jer., oparat, back of Free bel Market

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Ladomus Jos., Watches & jewellery, Market bel Work

Ladue J. W., machinist, Potter bel Liberty

Lamey Wm., cordw, R R ab Upland

Lamplugh S. R., house painter, Work ab Market

Lambson Wm., carpt, Penn & Front

Lane Park, cordw, Welsh ab R R

Lane Hannah, wid, Free bel Upland

Lane Joel, clerk, do do do

Lane Thomas, blacksmith, Second bel Fulton

Laney Michael, lab, Edgmont & Liberty

Lancaster Sarah, col wid. Welsh ab Filbert

Larkin, J. M., druggist, Market & James

Larkin C. C. & A., steam planing mill, sash factory, Broad &Potter

Larkin Nathan, sash maker, &c., Broad bel Upland

Larkin John, Jr., gent, Broad ab Madison

Larkin Lewis, merchant, Broad & Upland

Larkin Charles C., sash mkr, &c., Larkin bel Madion

Latch George, operat, Work ab Edgmont

Latch Lusan, wid, Work bel Market

Lear Charles, drover, Free ab Market

Lear Sophia, gentw, Free ab Market

Lear Wm., boots & shoes, Market ab James

Leary James, operat, Larkin ab Edgmont

Lebo John, lab, Darby R ab Larkin

Leckey Robert, select boarding school, Second bel Franklin

Lee Edward, operat, Mechanic bel Liberty

Lee John, operat, Potter ab Broad

Lees Daniel, operat, Upland ab Logan

Lees James, machinist, Broad ab Mechanic

Leiper Thomas J., manuf, James bel Market

Lenney James, cordw, Market bel R R

Leonard Mary, wid, Front bel Parker

Lester John, operat, broad bel Mechanic

Lester James, victualler, Larkin ab Upland

Lever Edward, operat, Fifth ab Concord

Lewis Edward, pattern maker, Edgmont bel Free

Lewis Jerry, lab, Powell's Court

Linton Matt., lab, Filbert bel Welsh

Lindsay Henry H., gent, Filbert bel Market

Lisle Rebecca, wid, Front bel Penn

Little Thomas, tanner, Filbert bel Welsh

Liversidge Thos., dry goods & groc, Edgmont & Broad

Loatman Martha, col, Welsh bel James

Logan John, lab, Providence R ab Upland

Lombaert H. J., auditor Penna R R Co, Second ab Franklin

Long Samuel, Jr., pattern mkr, James ab Welsh

Long John, carpt, Free bel Market

Long Joshua, do do do - do

Long Thomas R., carpt, Mechanic bel Liberty

Long Teresa, tailoress, Penn ab Second

Longbothom John, victualler, Franklin ab James

Longbothom John, meat shop, James bel Market

Lowe Wm.. cordw, Upland bel Liberty

Lukens W. B. carpt, Potter bel I.iberty

Lyons Crossman. gent. Free & Welsh

Lyons Rose W., wid, Filbert ab Market

Lytle Andrew, farmer, Concord ab R R

Lytle Samuel, do do do

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Mackey Robt, lab, Upland a Liberty

Macartney Robt, operat, Work bel Market

Madgin Thos, farmer, James bel Fulton

Magraw Martin, carpt, Fulton bel Second

Malany Jas, cord, James ab Welsh

Malony Hannah, groc, a provisions, Market bel Free

Malin Wm, carpt, North ab R R

Mann Michael, cord, Front bel Parker

Manuel Jas, operat, Filbert ab Market

Marshall Margt, operat, Franklin bel Second

Marshall John, operat, Mechanic bel Liberty

Martine J L, cord, James bel Essex

Martine Abm., saddler, James ab Essex

Marshall Wm, operat, Franklin bel Second

Marshman Chandler, cord James bel Market

Marlor Eliz, wid, Work bel Welsh

Marlor Wm., operat, Work bel Welsh

Marlor Joseph, operat, Work bel Welsh

Martin Adeline, tin ware, Market ab James

Mason Thomas, teamster, Front ab Filbert

Matson Asa, engineer, Penn & Front

M’Arthur Archibald, ship carpt, Market ab Filbert

M’Arann Wm. A., cordw, James ab Penn

M’Call Wm., cattle dealer, Clinton bel Crosby

M’Call Robert, tobacconist, Market ab Work

M’Clare Hugh, lab, back of Second bel Essex M’Collum Susan, dry goods & gro Market bel R R

M’Connell Mr., cordw, Market bel R R

M’Connell Robert. cordw, James bel Penn

M’Collin J. G., cash. bank Del. Co.. Market & James

M’Catherty Edward, clerk, Free &, Welsh

M’Cluskey Henry, coach painter, Free ab Welsh

M’Clymont James, pattern maker, Welsh bel R R

M’Clav James, lab, Fulton bel James

M’Clymont John, machinist Welsh bel R R

M’Cullough Michael, cab mkr, Work ab Edgmont

M’Collum Francis, wat, Broad ab Potter

M’Cormick James, machinist Broad ab Mechanic

M’Cullough John, lab, North ab R R

M’Cabe Francis, machinist, Second bel Fulton M’Cann Wm. A., coal yard, James ab Penn

M’Cann Wm. A., boot & shoe store. James bel Market

M’Devitt Win., stone cutter, Market bel R R

M’Fadgen James, lab, Darby R ab Cochran

M’Gonegal Patrick, quarryman, Darby R bel Liberty

M’Grath Henry, grocery, Filbert ab Market

M’Ginty Hugh, lab, Liberty ab Madison

M’Ginly Michael, lab, Cochran bel Darbv R M’Gorlick Mrs. W., wid, Market ab Filbert

M’Ilvain Spencer, farmer, Darby R near Ridlev creek

M’Ilvain.Heney, do do do do M’Kinzie John, tailor, Penn bel James

M’Kinney David, quarryman, Darby R near Ridley cr

M’Kinley Dennis, quarryman, do do do M’Kinzey John, tailor, Penn ab Second

M’Keever John B., mercht, Welsh bel Edgmont M’Kenney Patrick, quarryman, Darby R ab Liberty

M’Kinley; Catharine, operat, do do do

M’Kinney, James, lab do do R R

M’Keever Nancy, wid, Edgmont ab Broad M’Kendrick Catharine, operat, Front bel Fulton M’Kendrick Sarah, do do do M’Kendrick Annie, do do do

M’Laughlin Daniel, lab, Edgmont ab Welsh M’Laughlin Ellen, wid, Edgmont ab Filbert

M’Laren Hannah, confec, Market & Filbert

M’Laughlin John, lab, Free & Welsh

M’Leary John, lab, Mechanic bel Liberty

M’Lay Wm., cordw, Broad bel Upland

M'Laughlin Andrew, lab, Liberty bel Upland M’Laughlin John, stone cutter,.Darby R ab R R M’Lean John, operat, Fifth ab Concord

M;Mahan Marv, wid, Providence R ab Upand

M’Miniman Daniel, lab, do do do

M'Neal Arch., cordw, Filbert abEdgmont

M’Nall Mr., bricklayer, Edgmont ab Filbert

M’Miniman Edward, lab, Providence R ab Upland

Mendon James, machinist. Madison bel Liberty Mendon Wm., operat, do do do

Merritt George, blacksmith, Front bel Essex

Middleton Eliz., operat, Edgmont bel R R

Mills, George, cordw, Edgmont bel Filbert

Mills Samuel, cordw, Market ab Filbert

Mills Wm., operat, Darby R ab Broad

Mills James, lab, Second bel Fulton

Mills Wm., saddler. James bel Penn

Mills Jacob, gent, do do do

Millins George, operat, Madison ab Broad

Miller Lewis, machinist, Broad ab Upland

Miller Maria, col wid, Bevan's Court

Miller Lewis, machinist, Broad & Darbv R

Miller Richard, merch tailor. Market bel R R

Millington Ellen, wid, Work bel Welsh

Milley Wm., operat, James bel Essex

Milley John, operat, do ab Franklin

Milns George, operat, Madison bel Broad & Liberty

Minshall Wm. A., cabinet mkr & undertaker. Free ab Market

Minshall E. R., groc & prov Market & Work

Mirkil Thomas, agent, Market ab Filbert

Mirkil Isaiah, collector, do do do

Mitchell John A., hats, leather, shoe findings, James bel Market

Mitchell Manuel col lab, Bevan’s Court

Molyneaux John, oyster saloon Market bel James

Monroe Wm. H., dentist. Market ab Work

Montgomery Samuel carpt, Front bel Essex

Montgomery John, carpt, Second bel Fulton

Montgomery Alex., operat, do do do

Moore Thomas, gun & locksmith, James bel Market

Morris George, moulder, Market bel R R

Morris J. H., machinist, Second bel Fulton

Morris John, wat, Front ab Essex

Morris Mgt., wid, Front bel Fulton

Morrison James, lab, Free ab Upland

Morrison D. W., carpt, Penn bel James

Morgan James, operat, Upland bel Liberty

Morgan James, operat. Larkin ab Upland

Morton Dr. Charles K., Edgmont near Providence R

Morton Justis, printer, Market & Powell's Court Moulder James, ship carpt, Front bel Fulton

Mousely Wm., plasterer, Providence R bel Potter

Murrav Charles, col lab, Filbert & Welsh

Murray Wm., cordw, Market bel R R

Murray Abm., lab, Concord ab Fifth

Murphey Wm., col lab, Free ab Edgmont

Murphey Nickolas, lab, Filbert bel Welsh

Marshall Ann, operat, Franklin bel Second

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Neal John, lab, Welsh bel James

News John brickmaker, Liberty bel Upland

News Wm, brickmaker, Franklin ab James

Nowell Robt, dyer, Front bel Fulton

Newell Joseph, engineer, Front bel Fulton

Nelson Jas D, wharf builder, James ab Welsh

Noblit Anna, wid, Edgmont bel R R

Noblit Dell, ship carpt, Edgmont bel R R

Noblit Thos, operat, Free ab Market

Noden Thos, operat, Front bel Fulton

Noden Jona, operat,.Front bel Fulton

Nutttall Thos, gent, Quarry ab Broad

Nuttall Levi, grocery, Welsh bel Edgmont

Nugent Annie, col, wid, Filbert bel Welsh

Nugent Leah. col, wid, Bevan's Court

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Oat Israel, cord, Concord ab Fifth

O'Donaldson Wm, lab, Logan ab Quarry

O'Donnall Patrick, lab, Second ab Fulton

Ogleby Robt, operat, Broad ab Mechanic

O'Hara Jas, lab, Broad bel Darby R

Omensetter J H, teacher, Penn ab Front

O'Neil John, carpt, Front bel Fulton

O'Rourke Timothy, mason. Darby R bel Cochran

O'Rourke Wm, mason, Filbert bel Market

Oreal Thos J, carpt, Work ab Edgmont

Orey Jas, operat, Liberty bel Darby R

Ott Henry, tallow chandler. Edgmont ab James

Ott Maurice, do do do do do

Ottey Wesley, blacksmith, Larkin & Upland

Ottev Redmon, carpt, North bel Cochran

Owen Dr. Joshua, Edgmont opp Work

Owens Wm., wat, North bel Cochran

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Paist Jesse W., carpt, Market ab Filbert

Palmer Samuel, brick mkr, Franklin ab James

Palmer James, coach trimmer. Free & Welsh

Patterson Alex., machinist, Broad ab Mechanic

Pattison Wm., cordw, James bel Franklin

Pennell Edmund, farmer, James bel Fulton

Pennell J. L., victualler, James bel Fulton

Pennell S. J., wid, James ab Welsh

Pennell J. & C. D., lumber & coal-. Edgmont ab James

Pennell Jona., lumber merch, do do do

Pennell C. D., do do do do do

Pendergast John, grocery, James ab Edgmont

Perkins Abm. R., farmer, do bel Fulton

Peterson Joseph. col wat, Welsh bel James

Picup Mary, Upland bel Larkin

Pickels James C., china & glass ware, Market ab James

Philips Catharine, wid, Front bel Fulton

Philips John, wat, Filbert bel Market

Platt James, blacksmith, James & Fulton

Plummer E. H., cordw, Upland bel Liberty

Porter Wm., quarryman, Darby R ab Liberty

Porter James, lab, R R ab Upland

Porter Charles, wat, Darby R ab Liberty

Porter Jenkins, col lab, James ab Fulton

Potter Rev. Alonzo, Potter ab Morton

Porter Dr. James J., Welsh & Delaware river

Potts George W., col porter, Welsh bel James

Pike Rachel, wid, Work ab Market

Pike Isaiah, carpt, Filbert bel Market

Pike Isaac, engineer, do do do

Pike Benj., wat, Edgmont ab Filbert

Pratt H. D., harness mkr, James ab Penn

Pratt H. D., saddler, Free ab Market

Preston Samuel, lab, Filbert bel Welsh

Preston Dr. C., James bel Penn

Preston Henry C., col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Price J. Wade, books & stationery. James bel Market

Price Samuel A., gent,

Price John C., brickmkr, do do do Price Wm. G., do Filbert bel Market

Price J. C. & W. G., brick yard, Liberty & Potter

Price D. T., house painter, Madison ab Liberty Price Elizabeth, wid, James bel Concord

Priegel J. G., house painter, Madison bel Liberty

Priestly Samuel, operat, Front bel Fulton

Prvor Warner, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Pullen Samuel, wat, Filbert ab Market

Purnsley Rachel, wid, Welsh bel James

Pusey Lydia, gentw, Edgmont opp Free

Pyvell Sarah A., wid, Edgmont ab Welsh

Pyvell Wm., agent, Upland bel Larkin

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Quinn Abrm., carpt., Edgmont bel Free

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Rambo Wm., lab, Market & Filbert

Raney Joseph, plasterer, Front bel Penn

Rappernecker Wm., cord, Liberty ab Upland Rathburn C. W,. gent, Welsh bel R R

Rathburn Mrs. Rebecca, private school, Welsh bel R R

Rawcliffe James, variety store, Free & Edgmont Reddin Absalom, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Reed Bradford, lab, Work bel Welsh

Reeves Prudence, col wid, Bevan's court

Rees Isaac, engineer, Broad & Mechanic

Rex Dr. Geo., Second bel Parker

Richards Deborah, wid, Welsh ab Work

Riddle Sallie, teacher, Welsh bel R R

Riddle James, teacher, Welsh bel R R

Riddle Geo. S., wheelright, Welsh bel R R

Ritchie Samuel, operat, Fulton bel James

Riter Jacob, ship carpt, Edgmont bel Free

Rhoads Joseph, col carter, Powell's court

Rhodes Joseph, trader, Madison & Liberty

Rhoads Wm., bricklayer, Filbert ab Market

Roach E. W. & T. E., commercial academy, Edgmont & Welsh

Roberts Howard, livery stable, Free ab Welsh

Roan Geo., lab, Cochran bel Darby R

Roberts Wm., agent. Free ab Welsh

Roberts Mary, gentw, Free bel Market

Robinson John, Essex bel Second

Roach E. W., teacher, Edgmont & Welsh

Robinson John S., machinist, Essex bel Second

Roach T. E., teacher, Edgmont & Welsh

Roach Thomas, ambrotypist, Edgmont & Welsh

Rodeback Allen, machinist, James ab Franklin

Rose Samuel J., brickmaker, Upland & Liberty

Rosevelt Jas. E. R., livery stable, Work bel Market

Rosevelt James, livery stable, James ab Market

Rosevelt J. G., Market bel R R

Rosevelt Theo. V., tobacconist, Market bel R R

Ross Richard, carpt, Essex. bel Second

Ross Thomas, carpt, James bel Essex

Ross.Richard, capt, Penn & Front

Ross Francis, lab, Upland bel Liberty

Ross Patrick, carter, Upland bel Liberty

Ross John, lab, Providence R ab Upland

Ross John, house painter, Edgmont ab Welsh

Ross Hamilton, col wat, Welsh ab Filbert

Rothwell Isaac, col lab, Bevan's court

Roxburgh S. A., operat, Work ab Market

Rulan Job, gent, Edgmont ab James

Rumford Washington, bricklayer, James ab Franklin

Rumford Absalom, col lab, Bevan's court

Rumford Wm., cot wat, Welsh ab Filbert

Rump Edward, col lab, Bevan's court

Russell John, blacksmith, Welsh ab R R

Russell Jeremiah, wat, Market ab Filbert

Rutter Blythe, wheelwright, Market ab James

Rutter Esther A., milliner, Market ab James

Rutter John, col lab, Free bel R R

Ruth Rev. John, Clinton bel Crosby

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Sample Robert, operat, Franklin bel Second

Sample Ann, wid, Edgmont ab Providence R Saunders J., lab. Bevan's court

Schofield Edward, operat, Edgmont ab Logan Schofield Wm., grocery, Broad & Mechanic

Schofield James, operat, Front bel Fulton

Scureman Wm., stoves & tinner. Market ab James

Scureman John, moulder, Free ab Welsh

Scott Francis, operat, Larkin ab Edgmont

Scott John, engineer, Free ab Market

Scott John, teamster, Fulton bel Second

Seal Wm. A., plasterer, James ab Penn

Seary James, carpt, Free ab Welsh

Seyfort John, livery, Work bel Market

Sharpless J. M., packet & lime wharf Market & Del river

Sharpless Wm., merch, James & Franklin

Starrett F. J., print, Market & Powell's court

Stain Emily, dressmaker, Free bel Upland

Shaw Samuel, gent., James ab Concord

Shaw Arnold, operat, Broad & Potter

Shepherd Geo., foundryman, Work bel Welsh Shepherd Wm., watchman, Second bel Fulton Shepherdson Wm., carpt, Second bel Fulton

Shipps David, groceries & feed, Market & Work

Shoemaker Fred., cord, Mechanic ab Broad

Shroder Chas., tinman, Market ab Filbert

Simpson, James, tailor, Penn ab Second

Simpson, James, tailor, James bel Market

Simpson, Mgt., gentw, Penn bel James

Sines Mary, wid, Welsh & Clinton

Sinex John A., trader, Fifth ab Concord

Sinex Jacob, ship builder, Front bel Franklin

Singleton Wm., weaver, Welsh bel Edgmont

Singles Wm., currier, Front bel Filbert

Slaughter Lewis, house painter, Broad bel Upland

Smedley Geo. L., clerk, Edgmont bel James Smedley Ellis, dry goods, groceries, hardware, Market Square

Smith John, victualler, Liberty bel Darby R

Smith John, operat, Second bel Fulton

Smith Francis, gent, Liberty bel Darby R

Smith Robert, operat, Free bel Upland

Smith Wm., col brickmaker, Edgmont ab Work Smith Mary, store, Edgmont bel James

Smith Geo., operat, Free bel Upland

Smith Martha, wid, Free & Welsh

Smith Joseph, tailor, Broad & Upland

Smith Samuel R., R R House, Market & R R

Smith Joseph, carpt, Second ab Fulton

Sneath G. H., carpt, Welsh bel R R

Snelgrove Geo., baker, Broad & Upland

Spalacy John, lab, Second bel Parker

Spane Michael, cord, Work bel Market

Stacy D. B., merch, Market bel Work

Starr Samuel, coal & wood, James ab Penn

Steel John, bricklayer, Cochran & North

Stephens James, manuf cottons, Market & Work

Stevenson Jeremiah, victualler, James bel Essex Stephenson Samuel. ship builder, Penn bel James

Stewart John, cord, Filbert ab Market

Stewart Joseph, col lab, Welsh ab Filbert

Stewart Eliz., operat, Madison bel Liberty

St Leger Daniel, machinist, Liberty bel Potter Stewart Jacob, cord, Edgmont ab Providence R Sproull Rev. A. W., Clinton ab Welsh

Sproull Eliz., wid, Fulton bel Second

Story Chas. A., tobacconist, Deshong ab Edgmont

Stokes Henrietta, dress maker, Edgmont ab Broad

Stokely Samuel, ship carpt, Free ab Edgmont Struthers Alex., operat, Franklin ab Front Strickland Amos A., house, painter, Work ab Edgmont

Sullivan Wm., kerosene oil store. James bel Market

Sullivan Sarah, gentw. Free ab Market

Sullivan John, ship carpt, Free ab Market

Sweeny Wm., box maker, Larkin ab Edgmont

Sykes Wm., operat, James bel Fulton

Story Chas. A., tobacconist, Deshong ab Edgmont

Stokes Henrietta, dress maker, Edgmont ab Broad

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Talley James, plasterer, Front bel Penn

Taylor Sarah S., operat, cor James & Franklin Tavlor Wm. J., operat, do do do

Taylor Samuel, gent, do do do

Taylor Alfred, teacher, Second ab Franklin

Taylor Henry B., clerk, do do do

Taylor Samuel E., engineer. James bel Essex

Taylor Wm., clerk, Penn bel Second

Taylor Wm., cordw, Edgmont ab Providence R Taylor Lewis, brickmkr, Upland bel Liberty

Taylor Charles, gent, Larkin bel Mechanic

Taylor Robert S., machinist, Welsh ab R R

Taylor Richard, gent’s furnishing store, Market bel RR

Taylor Capt R. S., wat, James ab Welsh

Taylor Lewis P., bricklayer, do do do

Taylor Capt. Luther M. wat, do do do

Taylor Enos, clerk, Market bel R R

Taylor Joseph, coach mkr, cor Free & Welsh

Taylor W. H. M., do do do do do

Taylor Edwd, blacksmith, do do do do

Taylor Jona., machinist, Broad ab Mechanic

Taylor Joseph, agent, railroad station

Taylor Joseph, operat, cor Broad & Upland

Temple John A., freight agent, cor Edgmont & R R

Tingler Lewis, baker, cor Broad & Upland

Tippin Leonard, operat, James ab Franklin

Thatcher Lewis & Wm., sash & door factory, Front & Crosby

Thatcher Lewis, sash mkr, James ab Penn

Thomas John col ostler, Free ab Welsh

Thomas Margaret D., teacher, cor Welsh & Work

Thornly John, oil manuf, Second bel Parker

Thomson D. B., house painter, cor Broad & Edgmont

Thomson George, operat, Front bel Fulton

Todd Jona., operat, Broad bel Madison

Troth Jacob, bricklayer, James ab Welsh

Train James, cordw, James bel Franklin

Tranks Benj., col cordw, cor Market & Powell's Court

Trout Wm., pat mkr, Work bel Market

Trout Wm. H., do do do do

Turner Samuel, operat, Broad bel Madison

Turner Richard, operat, Edgmont ab Logan

Turner James. engineer, do do -Liberty

Turner Stehen, col lab, Powell's Court

Turner Wm., salesman, cor Edgmont & Broad

Turner George, operat, Upland bel Liberty

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Ulrich Samuel, Justice of Peace, James ab Penn

Ulrich John, agent,

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Valentine T. J., green grocery, James ab Penn

Valentine Theo.,col barber, cor James &Market Square

Vanhorn Wm., operat, Liberty bel Madison Vanhartsdale Joseph, clerk, do do do

Vandegrift Sarah, wid, Market ab Filbert

Vanhorn Nathan, operat, Liberty bel Potter

Vanzant Jane E., milliner, Penn bel James

Vanzant N., operat, Front bel Fulton

Vanzant Adeline, operat, do do do

Vanzant Esther J., do do do do

Vanzant Theo. A., do do do do

Vernon Samuel, carpt, Broad bel Upland

Vernon J. B., carpt, Front ab Essex

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Wagner Jacob, sawyer, Front ab Essex

Walter Y. S., El Del Co Rep, cor Market & James

Warren Samuel, furniture store. Penn bel James Warner Wm., gent, Edgmont ab Liberty

Warner Penrose, miller, Edgmont ab Liberty

Warren John, operat, Larkin ab Edgmont

Wantine Wm., wat, Cochran bel Darbv R

Waters Sarah, wid, Potter bel Liberty

Watson Jane, col wid, Darby R ab Larkin

Watson Benj., col wat, Welsh ab Filbert

Waters James, col brickmaker, Potter ab Liberty

Wallace Henry, col lab, Bevan's court

Wallace Archibald, jr., operat, back of Free bel Market

Wallace " " " "

West Keziah, gentw. Free bel Welsh

Weaver Isaac, flour and feed store

Welsh John, carpt, Work ab Edgmont

Weidner Chas. A & Co., Chester Iron Found. Edgmont bel R R

Weidner Chas. A., Welsh ab R R

Wellington Mary, operat, Broad ab Mechanic

Webb James, dry goods, Broad bel Mechanic

West Eli, roller coverer, Liberty bel Darby R

Welser Benj. B., cordw, cor Upland & Liberty Weaver Joseph, carpt, James ab Fulton

Weaver Jane, operat, James ab Fulton

West Spencer, col teamster, Bevan's court

Weaver Geo. W., postmaster, James bel Market Weaton Mary, wid, Front ab Filbert

Wheaton Joseph, lab, Filbert bel Welsh

Wheaton Andw,., engineer, " "

White Benj., col lab., Free ab Upland

White Nathan, col teacher, Filbert ab Market

White Cath., col wid, Liberty ab Edgmont

Whiting Geo., produce, cor Clinton & Welsh Whitehead Geo., weaver, cor Filbert & Welsh

Whitaker Margt., wid, Madison bel Liberty

Wilson David, col confect, Market bel James

Wilson Joseph, clerk, Market ab Filbert

Wilson Ann, col, Edgmont bel R R

Wilson Geo., National Hotel, cor Edgmont &- James

Wilson Wm., gent., cor Edgmont &- James

Wilson Robert, operat, Work bel Welsh

Wilson James, lab, Liberty bel Quarry

Wilson Jonathan, wat, " " "

Wilson George, carpt, Mechanic bel Liberty

Wilson Charles, brickmkr, " "

Wilson Jacob, brkmak, Liberty ab Mechanic Williams Samuel. lab, James bel Fulton

Williams John, cordw, James bel Essex

Williams Anna B., wid, Upland bel Larkin

Williams Benjamin, carpt, Edgmont ab Providence R

Williams Francis. operat. Welsh ab James

Williams Chas., tailor. James bel Market

Williams Ellenora B., saleswoman, James bel Market

Williams John, bricklayer, Essex bel Second Williamson John, operat. Quarrv bel Liberty

Williamson Abigail, gentw, James bel Franklin

Wild John, dry goods & grocs, Market bel James Wild Eliz., milliner, cor Edgmont & Liberty

Willey William, operat, Franklin ab Front

Willey Wm. K. " " " "

Willey Jesse K., " " " "

Willey Margt. K., " " " "

Witton John, tailor, Second bel Fulton

Wilkey James, pat maker, Filbert ab Market Winslow Mary, wid, Welsh ab

Wilkinson James, operat, Upland bel Liberty

Wiley James, operat, Mechanic ab Broad

Wood John, meat store, Market bel James

Wood Margt., laundress, Fulton bel James

Wood Thomas, operat, Fourth ab Concord

Wood John, col wat, Bevan's court

Wolf Martin, lab, Powell's court

Wollcot John, grocery, Upland bel Liberty

Woodhead Alfred, operat. cor James & Franklin Worthington Mr., carter, Providence R ab Upland

Worthington Nat., lab, " " "

Wright Alex., clerk, Broad bel Madison

Wright Harrison, operat, Deshong ab Edgmont Wright Lucy, wid, Upland bel Larkin

Wright James, machinist, North bel Cochran Wunderlich Geo., meat &- prov, cor Market & Free

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Young Dr. Wm., James bel Fulton

Young Dr. Edward, James ab Welsh

Younker Margt., wid, Edgmont bel Free

Younker James, boil mak, " " "

Younker Bennager, mach, " " "


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If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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