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John Larkin, Jr.; Courtesy of Dave Komarnicki, Chester, PA
John Larkin, Jr.
Chester's First Mayor

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Mayor Term in office
John Larkin, Jr.; Courtesy of Dave Komarnicki, Chester, PA John Larkin, Jr. 1866-1872

Dr. J. L. Forwood 1872-1881

James Barton, Jr. 1881-1884

Dr. J. L. Forwood 1884-1887

Maj. Jos. R. T. Coates 1887-1893

John B. Hinkson 1893-1896

Crosby M. Black 1896-1899

Dr. Daniel W. Jefferis 1899-1902

Howard H. Houston
From the Souvenir History of Chester, PA under the auspices of the Board of Trade Published by George M. Burns, Philadelphia, PA 1903
courtesy of Terry Redden Peters
Howard H. Houston 1902-1905

William H. Berry Elected 2/10/1905
Elected State Treasurer by the Democratic party in the fall of 1905
Resigned the office of mayor 12/30/1905

Samuel E Turner January 13, 1906 elected by Councils to fill Berry's term

Dr. Samuel R. Crothers April 1906-1908 (elected for two years to fill Berry's term)

David M. Johnson, Esq. 1908-1911

Mayor William Ward, Jr.; Photo from 1932 Chester Times Yearbook William Ward, Jr. 1911-1915

Wesley S. McDowell 1916 - 1920

Wm T Ramsey 1920 - 1924

Mayor Samuel E. Turner Samuel E. Turner 1924-1931

T. Woodward Trainer August 1931 - 1932

Mayor William Ward, Jr.; Photo from 1932 Chester Times Yearbook William Ward, Jr. 1932 - 1939
(Resigned. Appointed Clerk of House of Representatives, Harrisburg, January 3, 1939

Mayor Clifford H. Peoples
Photo on the occasion of the opening of the "New" State Theatre, September 1939, from the Delaware County Advocate, courtesy of Frank DeMaio
Clifford H. Peoples

Mayor Peoples was president of Robert Howarth's Sons, roofers, from 1933 until his retirement in 1950.


Mayor Ralph F. Swarts; Photo from the Chester Times 1943 Year Book
Photo from the Chester Times 1943 Year Book
Ralph F. Swarts

Originally appointed by Council on January 5, 1943 to replace Mayor Peoples.

Ran unopposed in November 1943.


Mayor Joseph L. Eyre

Joseph L. Eyre 1956-1963

James Henry Gorby James Henry Gorbey

[Biographical Sketch]


Mayor John (Jack) H. Nacrelli
Photo by Muscella, Courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe
John (Jack) H. Nacrelli 1968-1979

Judge Joseph F. Battle, Jr. Joseph F. Battle, Jr.
April 28, 1938-March 10, 2001

Mayor Willie Mae James Leake; Portrait at Chester's City Hall Willie Mae James Leake
     Mrs. Leake had the distinction of being Chester's first african-american female mayor.

Barbara Bohannan-Sheppard 1992-1995

Dr. Aaron Wilson, Jr.

    Prior to serving as Mayor, Dr. Wilson had spent 20 years as Director of Vocational Education for the Chester-Upland School District and as Principal of Chester High School. He left the mayor's office when appointed to the state Public Utility Commission by PA Governor Tom Ridge.

Dr. Wilson died Monday August 15, 2005.


Mayor Dominic Pileggi; Photo courtesy of www.chestercity.com
Photo courtesy of the
City of Chester
Dominic F. Pileggi

     On October 1, 2002, Mayor Pileggi was elected to fill the 9th District PA Senate Seat left vacant by the death of long-time Sen. Clarence D. Bell.

Mayor Pileggi resigned on October 9, 2002 in preparation to be sworn in to the senate the following week.

1999-October 9, 2002

Mayor Wendell N. Butler, Jr.
Photo courtesy of the
City of Chester
Wendell N. Butler, Jr.

Former Police Commissioner Butler was appointed by city council on October 9, 2002 to complete Mayor Pileggi's term which expires in 2004.

October 9, 2002 - Present

A Photograph of "Select & Common Council and Officials of Chester, PA c. 1908", taken at the Annual Shad Dinner held at Rosedale Inn, Essington, PA

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