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1917 West 6th Street
Chester, Pennsylvania 19013
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Former Pastors Charles D. Brooks, 1951-1954
Ulysses S. Willis, Jr., 1954-1958
Elder Beatty, 1958-?
J.J. Johnson
Alonzo Wagner
Elder W.L. Cheatham, ?-1973
Elder Harry Cartwright, 1973-1974
Elder Hayward Weatherford, 1974-1978
Walter Pierson, 1978-1980
Elder Alvin LaCount, 1980-1982
Elder John W. Wright, 1982-1985
Elder John Trusty, 1985-1987
Elder Gorge E. Thornton, 1987-1992
Pastor Frank E. Legette, 1992-?
Pastor Curtis B. Crider
Pastor Keith S. Goodman November 1999- present


Church History Thanks to Steve Nazigian,, for contributing the following history from the archives of Macedonia Seventy-day Adventist Church

1946 T0 1992"

A History of Macedonia Seventh-Day Adventist Church

And it came to pass that nineteen hundred and forty six years after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, that the Lord God did look down upon the City of Chester and He beheld on the street called Tolston (2013) one sister named Mary Lee Reaves, wife of Jessie moving into the home of her in-laws. And lo, shortly after her arrival in Chester, Sister Reaves came into contact with a Brother by the name of Rayfield Guinyard, a salesman for God of the printed pages and a student of the Word. This
encounter brought forth the dawn of the Advent message.

Now, the Reaves were so intrigued by the message borne by this dedicated merchant for God and evangelist, that they required further investigation for themselves and their household that they might be saved also. Thus, it came to pass that Bible readings took place in that home. And Jehovah did see and take countenance that the story of the Second Advent of His Son, and how it doth behoove all nations to keep holy God's Seventh-Day Sabbath. And in that very household one by one, precious souls were moved by "The Call" to a better life in this world and eternal life in the world to come.

And so it was told in the days of old, down in Chester, as a result of these studies a small group was plucked out as a brand from the fire, from out of darkness into His Marvelous Light. These are they: Clarence and Ruby Reaves, Milton Reaves,
Mildred Reaves, Jessie Reaves, Nancy Kitt, Rebecca Miles, L.C. and Lizzie  Kennon, Chester Togood and others.

And it was, after this great rejoicing of these new precious souls, these believers worshiped a short while in the city called Philadelphia, where they met other brothers and sisters from the household of faith called the Ebenezer's and worshiped for a while. However, being 1ed and moved by the Holy Spirit, it was made known to them that their work was in Chester, so they established a company here at home with the help of the Ebenezer church family. Among these were the Ballards, Goins, Jenkins, Thurmonds, Monks, and the Hutchins.

Now after many days God heard the cry of a sister by the name of Bethany Smith with a desire to start a Sabbath School in Chester. He moved on her heart to write the president of the conference to see the needs of God's people in Chester.  Thus it came to pass that the Lord God said I have surely seen the affliction of my people by reason of their need; for I know their sorrow. Thus, began the first formal meeting of establishment for this company of believers by Allegheny Conference. There they worshiped at the Fairgrounds Community building on Peterson Street in Chester.

Now in the year of nineteen hundred and forty-nine this company of believers was accepted by the Allegheny Conference into the sisterhood of churches under the leadership of Elder M.A. Burgess and became known throughout all the land as "The
Macedonia Church."

In the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-one (and at the birth of one in a city called Baltimore who shall come later) Macedonia was blessed with their first pastor, Charles D. Brooks, Son of Brooks, by way of Greensboro, North Carolina. He
was the tenth of eleven children.

Two of the most important events under the pastorate of Elder C. D. Brooks
was the church's first tent effort, and his marriage to a dutiful Christian bride named Walterene Wagner. The Lord God did bless both the tent effort and the marriage
union with wonderful fruit.

Now after the Son of Brooks came, God sent the Son of Willis, Ulysses S. Willis, Jr., in the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-four as the second pastor to the Macedonian Church. Willis challenged the people of God to build a sanctuary which
brought about the purchase of a church lot.

There followed Willis, the third pastor of Macedonia, the Son of Beatty. In the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, Elder Beatty who loved the Lord and God's people. Elder Beatty helped the believers to become good stewards of God's

Then, God looked down on the church of Chester and saw their need again and sent to them the Son of Johnson, J.J. Johnson to shepherd his people. This most unusual pastor was filled with love, patience, and understanding!

So it was in those days that the church grew stronger in the Lord and God blessed them with another pastor, Son of Wagners, Alonzo. This humble man of God helped the believers to understand the importance of Godly living on a daily basis.

Once again the church family of Macedonia found favor in the eyes of the Lord with their sixth pastor, a rare gem, Son of Cheatham, Elder W.L. Cheatham. This beloved patriarch and his beloved helpmeet did much for the church in Chester. He helped
the people of God to see and realize the need for Christian Education; thus, the Thornbury Elementary School came into being. Another dream realize under this man of experience was clearing the church of its mortgage indebtedness.

And so marched, the church triumphantly on under the blood-stained banner.

Now in the year of nineteen sundry and seventy-three, God called to the seventh pastorate of the church at Macedonia, the Son of Cartwrights, Elder Harry Cartwright that is. This young Warrior for God baptized many precious souls into the Third Angel's Message. Many of which are still a part of the Macedonia family today, Lottie Ford, Jean McClain, McKinley McDuffy, George Whittington, and others. (1973-1974).

In the nineteen hundred and seventy-fourth year God sent the Son of Weatherfords, Elder Hayward Weatherford to the Macedonia church. He became their eighth pastor and he served faithfully; yea, three and one half years did he sere. (1974-1978)

Then there was one who was sent to serve as the ninth pastor to the Church of Macedonia, his name was Walter Pierson, Son of Piersons. A powerful preacher of rightfulness and vision. From 1978-1980 he did serve the people of God manna from on high, Sabbath after Sabbath. Many souls were added to the church: JoAnn
Jackson-letter, Toni Laury, Sylvania Hayes, DeVina Chapman, Isabella Godsey, Michael Edward (who is now a pastor in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church) and many more.

In the change of the decade there came one full of spirit and charismatic charm, the Son of the LaCounts, Elder Alvin LaCount became the tenth pastor. Many were added to the church under his pastorate and church property was purchased. He
served from 1980 to 1982.

Then God called one whose heart was full of compassion to shepherd the people of God. He was the Son of Wrights, Elder John W. Wright was the eleventh pastor for the eleventh hour. It is said of him, "Oh how he visited his sheep, whether home or
hospitalized". Many were also added to the church, Sandra Anderson, Wade Tillery, Gorge Wright, Clarence and Viola Munn, John Munn and others. From 1982-1985, he did serve the church.

There followed the Son of Wright, the Son of Trusty. Elder John Trusty whom the Holy Spirit had given the gift of evangelism, became the twelve pastor. A tent was erected in the midst of that city to proclaim the Gospel. Oh how he did preach, Rd many were added to the Church, Juanita Munn, Orlando Cannon, Brent Solomon and others. The Son of Trusty Served faithfully from 1985 to 1987.

Now on the seventh-day of the eleventh month, in the year of nineteen hundred and eighty-even, there was one called out of Baltimore to take up the pastorate of Macedonia. The Son of Frank and Georgia Thornton, and the youngest of the tribe of ten, Elder Gorge E. Thornton, a charismatic worship-leader, steeped in an
afro-centric personality, became Macedonia's thirtieth pastor. (1987 to 1992). Like many before him who were inspired by the Holy Spirit, Elder Thornton, has helped
Macedonia hold steadfast to their dream of a new Sanctuary for God.

From Fairgrounds to Higher Grounds...We've Come This Far By Faith.

Epilog: Pastor Thornton was followed by Pastor Frank E. Legette, and Pastor Curtis B. Crider. The current pastor is Keith S. Goodman, a young man with vision and intelligence, who began his Macedonia ministry in November, 1999."

On Saturday evening October 21, 2000 Macedonia Seventh-day Adventist Church will hold a Banquet to celebrate their 50th Anniversary!

2000 John A. Bullock III.

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