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Old Chester, PA: The Civil War

Muster Rolls:

    Captain: Mustered In Mustered Out
The Archy Dick Guards

Captain Barton's Co: 100 Days' Men

The Chester Guards

Company A, 37th Regiment PA Militia

Company from Thornbury & Edgmont

The Darby Rangers

The Delaware County Fusileers

The Delaware County Guards

The Delaware County Volunteers

Gideon's Band

The Mechanic Rifles of Chester

The Slifer Phalanx

The Union Blues

The Upland Volunteers

Company F, 30th Regiment of Pa. Vols.

Company A, 197th PA Vols.

Company K, 10th PA Militia

Company A, 37th Regiment PA Militia

Company F, 16th PA Militia

Company H, 16th Regt., PA Militia

Company B, 124th PA Volunteers

Company D, 16th PA Militia

Co. H, 124th PA Vols

Co. D, 124th PA Vols

Co. B, 16th PA Militia

Company C, 1st PA Reserves

William Cooper Talley

James Barton, Jr.

William R. Thatcher

William Frick

Joseph Willcox

Charles A. Litzenburg

Simon Litzenberg

John H. Barton

James Barton, Jr.

Norris L. Yarnall

Jonathan Kershaw

Samuel A. Dyer

Henry B. Edwards

George K. Crozer

June 9, 1861

July 16, 1864


July 1-15, 1863

Sept. 11, 1862 for 10 days





August 11, 1862

Sept. 17, 1862


April 23, 1861

July 1863



Aug. 2,3,4, 1863






May 15, 1863


Sept. 25, 1862

US Navy:

Spellacy, Michael: "My great grandfather, Michael Spellacy (Spellissey), was honorably discharged from the US Navy, having served on the USS James Adler. He was discharged on June 27th, 1865. I have a document from "The Military and Naval Agency", Joseph E. Devitt & Co of Phila. that so states." - 1

Delaware Infantry:

Roberts, Henry: My other great grandfather, Henry Roberts from Trainer, PA served in the Delaware Infantry. He was a corporal and served from 9/1861-12/1863. He reenlisted in 12/1863 and served until 9/1865. - 1

Many thanks to the following for supplying additional information for this page:

1 - Ed Spellacy, Jr.



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