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Cooley Lilley

703 Edgmont Ave. - 625 Edgmont Ave. - 703 Edgmont Ave.
Chester, PA

[1939 Picture of the Weaver Building, 703-705 Edgmont Ave.]

Store History: The following was provided by Dr. George W. Lilley, Haverford, PA, son of the store's founder, Cooley Lilley:

"The Cooley Lilley store opened at 703 Edgmont Ave. on August 7, 1919.  I was then 7 years old and I remember it well.  The merchandise was house furnishings and hardware, and it was heavy on the hardware, as my Dad had worked for some years with Palmer and -?- Hardware in the 600 block of Edgmont Avenue.  Dad's expertise was in hardware, but he included house furnishings (pots, pans, etc.) as they thought there was a need for such a store in Chester at the time.  Over the years the hardware and house furnishings gave way to gifts and toys, a more profitable line.  [The store] moved to 625 Edgmont Ave. for some years and then back to 703.  Dad rented the store to Weinbergs."


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