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"This is an exact reproduction taken from the architect's plans as the mill will appear when the construction work now underway is completed and when the new equipment is in operation.  It will be one of the most complete, efficient, noted, and largest tissue paper mills in the world."

1917 image
Courtesy of the Descendants of E. I. Scott,
Founder of Scott Paper Company

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Scott Paper Co. Reunion - This information received 2/16/2007 from Ralph Oakleaf:

"Three times a year there is an informal get together for coffee and donuts and lots of chit-chat. It started out about 7 or 8 years or so ago with just a few retirees from the paper mill getting together at a local McDonalds. Every month it got bigger and bigger so they decided to hire the American Legion on Concord Road in Aston. It's supposed to start at 8am but the people start rolling in before that. There is plenty of coffee and tons of donuts. All they ask for is anything you can drop into the coffee can to help pay for the Legion and donuts. It is open to anyone who worked at Scott Paper (men & women) and the crowd just keeps getting bigger. We get all the news about who died, who is sick and if anyone needs help. The next one this year (2007) is September 12th. There will also be a reunion some time in December, exact date to be announced following the September meeting. Bring your cameras."


Company History The following history of Scott Paper Company was provided by
Mary Edith Guckes "Meg" Stevens (formerly Meg Harrell)
and her daughter, Mary Harrell-Sesniak, CompMary@aol.com

"Scott Paper has its origins in 1867 when the three Scott brothers, Thomas Seymour, Edward Irvin and Clarence Wood Scott started selling job toilet paper from a push cart on the streets of Philadelphia.

Thomas Seymour Scott went on to become managing editor of Curtis Publishing Co.

In 1890 Edward Irvin Scott moved to Swarthmore, PA and it must have been about the same time that they started the paper factory in Chester.

Edward Irvin and Sarah Frances (Hoyt) Scott had two children, Arthur Hoyt, born 1875 and Margaret (Daisy) Scott born 1776 who married Owen Moon.  Late in life he married a widow with children, Fanny Massey Anderson, who survived him.  I have heard that her children took the name of Scott but do not know for sure.

Arthur Hoyt Scott graduated from Swarthmore College, married Edith Wilder, and went to work for his father.  He had a number of innovative ideas such as naming the toilet paper Scott and advertising it. 

He and his wife went to Australia and New Zealand for their honeymoon in 1900 and Arthur opened up world markets for Scott Paper.  During a bad flu epidemic (1909?) he saw school children sharing a common towel to blow their noses and invented the paper towel.   [Note from Meg's daughter, Mary: This is  known as one of the first recognized instances of improving sanitation to prevent the spread of germs.]

His father retired in 1920 and he became President.  In 1926, Arthur died of heart problems and Thomas McCabe [note: his hand-picked successor] became president and remained so until his retirement.  My mother, Eleanor (Scott) Guckes was his only child.   My memory fails me on who was president after that.

Scott Paper company floundered a bit until "Chain saw" Al Dunlap was appointed president and he sold off unprofitable parts of the company and engineered the merger with Kimberly Clark.

Former Presidents: Thomas McCabe began work at Scott Paper in 1915. [Biography]

G. Willing "Wing" Pepper [Obituary]

Charles Dickie (c. 1972-1973)

Morgan Hunter

Philip E. Lippincott (c. 1979)

Al Dunlap

Thanks to Jay Butler for the following recollections about some of the Scott Paper Company Presidents:

"Immediately preceding Dunlap was Philip E. Lippincott. He became president around 1979, then CEO and chairman a year or two later. 

"Preceding him was Charles Dickie. Charlie became president in 1972 or 1973. Toward the end of his tenure and prior to Lippincott's, the board went outside the company looking for a successor. They unfortunately found Morgan Hunter. The running joke was that the chairman had two first names and the president had two last names. Hunter did not last long. He was a bit too brash for the company culture of the time. They hired him from R.J. Reynolds tobacco. He had a sign made for his office at Scott that read something like "I don't ask you to not wipe your ass, so don't ask me to not smoke." That attitude kind of summed it up. One year and a million dollars later he was history. The first million dollar mistake. The company should have learned from this mistake before they hired Dunlap.

"Preceding Dickie as president was G. Willing "Wing" Pepper. This was way before my time. But, Wing was still pretty active with the company through much of my father's time with the company [1974-1994]. I have only heard good stories of Wing. I am not sure how long his tenure was, but I think that he directly succeeded McCabe. He later served on the Board of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

"Also, if I remember correctly, McCabe would have been the last president of the company to work out of Chester. Around 1961, the airport headquarters (what was Plaza I & III a.k.a. the Blue Box) was completed and staff moved there. I believe that Plaza II was added in 1972."


Former Employees Please click here for a more complete list of known employees of Scott Paper Co.

Archacki, Ignatius Edward

"Electrician Retired aprox 1984 after a Heart attack.  Died May 18, 1999" - 8

Bagnall, Alfred V. 33 years until his death on June 7, 1929 [Obituary]

Beatty, Martin F. - 3

"My father, Martin F. Beatty, worked at Scott Paper in Chester from 1949 to 1984. He was also the union treasurer for awhile. He passed away in 1994. He actually worked on the paper mill. I think his title was called a "Backtender".

Beatty, Martin R., (Summer 1967) - 3

"I also worked ther one summer in 1967 before I went into the Army. I loaded box cars and trucks."

Bowley, Arthur - 15

Uncle of Ed Bowley

Bowley, Walter - 15

Uncle of Ed Bowley

Butler, Anita - 16

Sister of Lettie Taylor Jackson, Kenneth Taylor & Alberta Farrell Williams

Butler, Jay - 12

"I worked at Scott from 1987-1994. I left a few weeks after Dunlap arrived as President. My father [John J. Butler] worked for the company from 1974-1994."

Butler, John J. - 12

1974-1994 - Last position was Chief Administrative Officer.

Calvarese, Jeanette Hill - 9

Jeanette passed away in 1997.
Wife of Tavy Calvarese

Calvarese, Tavy  - 9

"My dad, Tavy Calvarese was an employee at Scott Paper for many years.  I think he started in 1957 retiring in the mid 1980s. He passed away suddenly in August of 1999."

DeFelice, Barbara - 14

Diggins, Denyse - 19

"I was an employee of Scott Paper Company for 27 years, starting in the "Testing Station" in front of #8 paper machine and finally retiring from CCF in 1994. The years I spent at Scott Paper were the best years of my life, and I will never forget the people nor the Company."

"My mother and father were both retirees from the company "R&D"; Eve and Pete Economos and my mother-in-law, Dot Diggins, retired from the company and all together we had about 117 years of service. I remember when there were 11 mills running in the plant. My mother was working 3rd shift in Pulp Prep the night #15 PM blew up. I can remember some of the stories she told me about that night."

Diggins, Dot - 19

DiMaio, Andrew - ( Deceased in 1997) - 20

DiMaio, Frank - (Deceased) - 20

Economos, Eve & Pete - 19

Filar, Carolyn Lance - 14

Firlein, Beryl - 14

Harden, Wesley Rennie, Jr., 1942-1983 - 1

Harden, Wesley Rennie, III, Worked there in summers in late 1960's - 1

Huggins, Norman (Personnel, 1960's) - 11

Jackson, Lettie Taylor (1962 until retirement in 1994) - 16

"I worked for Scott's from 1962 until I retired in 1994. I started out in Confidetes and I worked throughout Finishing until I took early retirement in 1994 from Cottonelle Department as Hayseen Operator. Norman Huggins hired me in Novermber 26,1962."

Johnson, Ray - 2

Kline, Charles, Jr. - 6
Kline, Charles, Sr. - 6

Lobodzinski, Ed "Spin" - 10
Lobodzinski, Stanley J., Sr. - 10

"Stanley J. Lobodzinski Sr. was employed at Scott Paper from 195? until his death in Sept. 1981. My uncle Ed {Spin} also worked there till his retirement. My father actually died on on his way out of work one night. He loved his job. He worked in the paper mill and then in finishing."

McConnel, Peg - 14

Mills, Edna (c. 1917) - 17

Mills, Jack (1957-1992) - 17

"I worked in the Power House for 28 of the years, retired in 1992. My Mother, Edna Mills worked there about 1917."

Minner, Robert Bobby - 4

"My Husband worked as a  machine operator and later as a fork lift operator until his retirement due to a terminal illness.  He worked shift work for 29 years retireing  in 1996. ... I have his 25yr Aniversery watch engraved and Williamstown Candles With Scott Paper engraved in them."

Mirolli, Gene - 11

"I worked at Scott Paper during the summers of '61,'62 and '63 while attending PMC. Was a roll stacker taking toilet paper rolls on dollies from paper machine to finishing machine. Worked rotating shifts with 4 days off following cycle. Had distinction of pushing one roll and pulling the other at same time. Only dropped one or two. Remember working with Tavy Calverese. Was hired by Norman Huggins of personnel, who also happen to be my step brother-in-law.
Was a lot of fun!!!!"

Morgan, Nancy Kasarsky (1955 - 1957) - 14

"I (Nancy Kasarsky Morgan) worked at Scott Paper Company in the Customer Service Dept from 1955 to 1957. My supervisor was Peg McConnel and I worked with Shug, Elsie, Carolyn Lance Filar and a good friend Beryl Firlein (who worked in the Steno Pool)"

Owsiany, Leonard 30+ years [Biography]

Phillips, Ginger - 14

Worked in the mill; Aunt of Nancy Kasarsky Morgan.

Rocci, Joseph - ( Deceased in 1974) - 20

Rounds, William (Bill) P., Sr., at least 35 years - 5

Stephens, Duane T. (1966 - retired March 1, 2000) - 13

Finishing Mechanic
Brother of Ronald Stephens

"I worked in Scottissue Department almost the full 34 years I was there."

Stephens, Ronald (1964 - retired March 1, 2001) - 13

Finishing Mechanic
Brother of Duane T. Stephens

Taylor, Kenneth - 16

"My brother Kenneth Taylor worked at Scott's in Finishing Department until he passed in 1995 with 29 years of service."

Tonge, Bill  (1950-1990) in finishing - 7

Webb, Howard S., Jr., (1944 - retirement in 1989)

Williams, Alberta Farrell - 16

Sister of Lettie Taylor Jackson, Kenneth Taylor & Anita Butler


Williamson, Frank R. - 18

"He worked at Scott's from 1957 to 1983, starting in Shipping and then worked in Building Services."

If you can add to the list of Scott Paper Company employees, please contact john@oldchesterpa.com

Many thanks to the following for providing information for this page:

1 - Stacy Harden Baran, daughter & granddaughter, stacyesq@yahoo.com

2 - CurtisFlies@aol.com, son

3 - Martin R. Beatty, mrb50@bellsouth.net, son of Martin F. Beatty

4 - Mrs Helen Minner and family, Pooch09@aol.com

5 - Sallie Rounds Smith, ssmith@ellijay.com, daughter

6 - Michele, mkline39@home.com, granddaughter of Charles Kline, Sr.

7 - Mary Tonge, MarygTonge@aol.com

8 - Edward James Archacki, earchacki@cox.net, son

9 - LynnDid12@aol.com

10 - Zwg476@aol.com

11 - Gene Mirolli, DEMIDOG@aol.com

12 - Jay Butler

13 - Duane T. Stephens, Dts2390@cs.com

14 - Nancy Kasarsky Morgan, Fla55morgans@aol.com 

15 - Ed Bowley 

16 - Lettie Taylor Jackson, Tishiboo@aol.com

17 - Jack Mills, flojac1429@hotmail.com  

18 - Dan Williamson, son

19 - Denyse Diggins

20 - Rose (DiMaio) Hyre




If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Scott Paper in Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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