"Annual Shad Dinner"

Select and Common Council and Officials of Chester, PA - About 1908
At Rosedale Inn, Essington, PA

Annual Shad Dinner at Rosedale Inn, Essington, PA c. 1908

On Stoop & Steps (left to right)

  1. George D. Armstrong
  2. *Ellwood Pierce (Chester Times)
  3. *Albert R. Granger
  4. Samuel B. Pennington
  5. W. Howard Ives
  6. James R. Bagshaw, Sr.
  7. Abel Toppin
  8. Thomas Woodrow
  9. Robert Watson
10. William Leary
11. Thomas W. Crowe
12. Charles B. Ross (Chester Times)
13. William H. Dempster
14. William H. Mack
15. a friend of Dempster?
16. Alderman Robert Smith
17. a friend of Dempster?
18. Humphrey A. Fairlamb
19. Charles B. Mould
20. *George N. Benjamin
21. *Edgar D. Melville (Chester Times)


Second Row (standing, left to right)

22. Ellis B. McClenachan
23. *Walter Wood
24. *George Glicken
25. *Dean J. Deakyne
26. Terrill T. Williams
27. *Thomas F. Feeley
38. Harry W. Honan
29. Edmund J. Oliver
30. Zachary T. Bartleson
31. Edward Farmer
32. William C. Kelly
33. Samuel McClure
34. *William M. Powel
35. John P. Fenton
36. T. H. Hudson

Front Row (seated, left to right)

37. Frank W. Harrison
38. Samuel E. Turner
39. B. G. Ladomus
40. Edward Dickerson
41. David M. Johnson, Jr.
42. Charles K. Melville
43. Matthew S. Hatton
44. Jethro F. Coale
45. W. J. Arnold
46. John C. Kepner
47. James Kelly
48. *A.A. Cochran

"Those ten marked with an asterisk (*) were known to be living in 1938"
Chester F. Baker

The original of this photograph was in the possession of Gordon MacDonald, City Controller, May 1938.

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