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Helen M. (Webber) Imburgia

Helen was a professional genealogist

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1980        Started doing genealogy research on my WEBBER, McINTYRE, NORTON, TUTTLE & MAYNES Families of Chester, Delaware Co., East Nottingham, Chester Co., & Reading, Berks Co., PA & Bridgeport, NJ.

1981        Joined The Delaware County Historical Society, (DCHS).

Started research on my German side of the family, BINGLER, SCHMIDT / SMITH, SCHULTER & MANNER / MEHNER of the Bronx, New York City, NY & Bingen Germany.

1982        Started research on the FOSS Family of Delaware Co., PA & near Pittsburgh, PA.

1983        Started research on KAUFFMAN, FEHL / FELL, ZIEGENFUSS, GRONER, MUFFLEY, JENNINGS, MANN, SHAUFNER of Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., Northampton Co., PA & Northern New Jersey.

1984        Photocopied Immaculate Heart of Mary's Church Records.
(2nd & Norris Sts., Chester, PA), for the DCHS.

1985        Received Award from the DCHS.

Started research on my WEBBER, VAULX / VOSS, FRAMPTON, HITCH & CALLAWAY Families of Kent Co., Sussex Co., DE & Caroline Co., MD.

Joined The CALLAWAY Family Association--needed help in researching my g-g-grandmother Elizabeth CALLAWAY of Kent Co., DE & Caroline Co., MD. (CFA has a membership of over 600, has a 3 day family reunion, every year since 1976 & has published all the CALLAWAY / CALLOWAY census records from 1790-1900, now working on the 1910 & 1920.)

Contributed articles to CALLAWAY Journal.

1986        Joined the Upper Shore Genealogical Society of Maryland-- needed help in my research of my Maryland Families.

Contributed information & articles to Chesapeake Cousins, (USGS).

1986-1987   Photocopied Saint Michael's Church Records, (7th & Avenue of The States, Chester, PA), for the DCHS.

1987        Received Award from the DCHS.

Started research on ZANINI, MARENOLI, SINGLEY & TREFSGAR Families of Schuylkill Co., & Northumberland Co., PA & ZANINI from Tyrol, (Austria-Italy).   

1988        Photocopied E. F. WHITE Funeral & Coroner Records for DCHS.

Acquired Chester School Records from Chester-Upland School District, Chester, PA, for the DCHS.

Acquired over 1,000 birth documents from the Chester-Upland School District, Chester, PA, for the DCHS.

1988-1992   On the Board of Directors--Delaware County Historical Society.

Feb 1989    TUTTLE---I had Patrick TUTTLE'S name placed on THE IMMIGRATES WALL at Ellis Island, NY.

1989        Received Award from DCHS.

1990        Started research for Pat McGILLIGAN on the RHOADS, HARPER & WILKINSON Families of Delaware Co., PA, (for his book on Jack NICHOLSON "the actor.")

1991        Started compiling info on all the WEBBERS, dating back to 1616 in New England.

I did the genealogy of The Honorable Judge Joseph F.  BATTLE of Chester, Delaware Co., PA.

Started research on the THARP / THORPE Families of Delaware & the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 
1992        Started compiling info on all VAULX /VOSS Families dating from the 1600s in Delmarva.

1992-1996   Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Delaware County Community College, Media, PA.

Apr 1992    Purchased RHOADS Family records at Booth's Corner Auction, (found by my daughter).    The RHOADS are ancestors of Jack NICHOLSON "the actor."  They lived in the East Falls section of Phila., PA.

May 1992    I did research on my TUTTLE / TUTHILL / TOOTHILL Family, while
in County Clare & County Kerry, Ireland.

Started research on the FIORELLI, MATTIO, ORFETELL, FAZZIO & ROSELLO / RUSELLO of Delaware Co., PA, Naples, Italy & Sicily.

Oct 1992    Started research on Harriet Lula TINLEY, who married a James N. BLADES, for Stan VALENTIN of CA., (Stan is searching for his mother Harriet, he had been put up for adoption).

Dec 1992    The 2 Bibles I found & purchased at Booth's Corner Auction in Apr
of 1992, belonging to the HALLMAN & MOSES Families of Chester Co., PA were returned to the family, when Harold M. HALLMAN of Chester Springs, Chester Co., PA read an article in the newsletter of the Chester County Historical Society & contacted me.

1993        Started compiling all info on the FRAMPTONS of the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware.

Started research on the McCARTHY, MILLER, CAMUSO, WRIGHT, CAMPBELL, MITCHELL, IRISH, STEFANELLI, CARRIGAN & QUINLIN Families of Onondaga Co., Onieda Co., & of New York. (my daughter-in-law Maria's family).

Mar 1993    I did research on the FIORELLI / FIORELLA while in Naples, Italy.

1990-1993   Completed research & given credit for the genealogy research on the RHOADS, HARPER & WILKINSON of Chester, Delaware Co., & Phila., PA, by Pat McGILLIGAN, author of JACK'S LIFE, (a book on Jack NICHOLSON, "the actor").

Nov 1993    Started lecturing--How to get started in genealogy research!
Glen Mills Senior Citizens Association, Glen Mills, PA.

1993-95 Started research on Clint EASTWOOD, "the actor," for the author, Pat McGILLIAN'S future book.

Jan 1994    Found Alfred TINLEY & James BLADES, Jr., for Stan VALENTIN, petition the courts to open divorce records of Harriet L. TINLEY & James N. BLADES, Sr., petition the courts to open adoption records of Robert Lee BLADES aka Stanley A. VALENTIN.

1994-1996   Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Neumann College, Aston, PA.

Feb 1994    Lecture---Genealogy & How to get started, for Borders Book Store, Springfield, PA, on behalf of DCCC.

Apr 1994    Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Chichester, Jr. High School, Boothwyn, PA.

May 1994    Researched GRAHAM & SMYTH Families of Phila. & Delaware Co., for James A. BRENNAN of Forty Fort, PA.

Sep 1994    Lecture---Genealogy & How to get started, for AARP Chapter 885, Newtown Square, PA

1994-1995   Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Strath Haven, Sr. High School, Wallingford, PA.

Nov 1994    Started research on Cab CALLOWAY, b 25 Dec 1907 & d 19 Nov 1994---is he related to my CALLAWAYS?

Jan 1995    Researched the WILBANK Family of Delaware Co., & Phila., PA for Barry WILBANK of Aston, PA, (family reunion).   (His forefather made the "Bell" that replaced the "Liberty Bell," when it cracked.)

Researched the STEVENSON Family of Delaware Co., PA for Richard R. STEVENSON of Sacramento, CA.

12 Feb 1995  A two page article in the Sunday Delaware Daily Times--Delco double slaying is one for the books: This article was about the research I did on a double ax murder supposedly committed by a George WILKINSON in 1863.  George is related to "Jack" NICHOLSON "the actor."  George & Jack's g-g-grandfather John J. WILKINSON were brothers.  Those murder were Ellen JONES & John BLAIR.  The murder is referred to as "The Murder at Bankcroft Bank" & occurred at the old Bankcroft Mills in Middletown Twp., PA.

Mar 1995    Lecture--Genealogy & How to get started, for Middletown Senior Citizens, Middletown, PA.

Lecture--- "PSYCHIC ROOTS," by Henry (Hank) Z. JONES, Jr.
Upper Eastern Shore Genealogy Society, Easton, MD.

Apr 1995    Lecture--GENEALOGY 1995 Spring Conference, Neumann College, Aston, PA.     Sponsored by the Genealogical Society of PA & the Delaware County Historical Society--my topic Research Facilities in Delaware County, PA.

May 1995    Lecture---Genealogy & How to get started,  for Aston Historical Society, Aston, PA

Jun 1995    Started research on the WANDRESS, SWYMELAR, SAURMAN BOSLER, NYCE, Families of Montgomery Co., PA & Hans HEEBNER came with 3rd migration of Schwenkfelders, the ship was the "St. Andrew," arrived in Phila., PA, 22 Sep 1734.  (my daughter-in-law Deb's family).

Sep 1995    Instructed--THE FORM at Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA (a Genealogy Seminar for Elderhostal Institute Network).

Dec 1995    Now on E-World & America Online: HMWEBBER@aol.com

Apr 1996    Lecture--Genealogy & How to get started, Elderhostal Week, for Delaware County Community College, Media, PA.

May 1996    Started research on my BINGLER, SCHLUETER, KEHL, BUCHER, SPATH, SCHNETZ, BULZ in Mudau, Baden, Germany.

Jun 1996    TUTTLE---I had Patrick TUTTLE'S name placed on The IMMIGRANTS WALL at the Delaware County Courthouse, Media, PA, (14 June 1996).

Researched the SPENCER, LANGHORNE, CLEXTON Families, when I received a letter 14 Jun 1996, from Frances JONES of Sidney, Australia--in less then 2 days I found the family living all over the U.S. Frances is a cousin to Princess Diane & Prince Charles.

Aug 1996    Contributed information on The HITCH Family to Michael HITCH of Bowie, MD, for his HITCH Family Newsletter 1994-1997.

Dec 1996    Now surfing the World Wide Web.

Feb 1997    CHORNEY / CZARY--I'm trying to find a Jan CHORNEY missing after WW II for HEIR LOCATORS LTD. of Canada.

Mar 1997    Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Garnet Valley, Sr. High School, Concord, PA.

Received & proofread the first chapter, for Pat McGILLIGAN's book on Clint EASTWOOD.

Oct 1997    Started research on the DERRICKSON Family from the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware, for Barry DERRICKSON of Marcus Hook, PA. (He is related to "Jack" NICHOLSON, they both descend from a John J. WILKINSON.)

Nov 1997    Started research on the WEHLER Family of Baden, Germany

Started research on Margaret BERRY & the BERRY Family of the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware.

Lecture--- "PSYCHIC ROOTS," by Henry (Hank) Z. JONES.
For Aston Historical Society, Aston, PA.

Feb 1998    HITCH--Ginny SNOW lent me a book on the HITCH Family, from which we descend.  I, in return gave her a printed booklet on the HITCH Family genealogy charts.
Mar 1998    Lecture---Genealogy & How to get started, for The Federation of Woman, Aston Library, Aston, PA

Joined the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society (LDGS) in Salisbury, MD.

Started research on the Northampton Co., PA, family lines in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 & the Civil War.

Apr 1998    More PSYCHIC ROOTS, by Henry (Hank) Z. JONES, found my name & story on page 47 in his second book, while at the USGS 25th Jubilee in St. Michael's, MD.
Jun 1998    Compiling the MERION Family of Phila., & Delaware Co., PA, researching & compiling the MANLOVE Family of the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware for Ginny DeNENNO.    I will print her family genealogy charts & prepare a booklet.

Jul 1998    Thomas MOORE---I found this on the web-- Abstracts of   Patriots Graves, buried in Marcus Hook, DE!     I started doing research on all the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 & the Civil War Soldiers buried in St. Martin's Cemetery in Marcus Hook, PA.

This research was done because of this mistake & my grand-children's interest in Thomas MOORE not having a tombstone.

Aug 1998    I contacted the Veterans Administration about tombstones for soldier's unmarked graves.

Sep 1998    I went before the Board of Directors of the Marcus Hook Community Development Corp. with a proposal to help replace the tombstones of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 & the Civil War---I would do all the research & paperwork!

Oct 1998    Lecture--Genealogy & How to get Started, for Chester Nurses Alumni, Springfield Country Club, Springfield, PA.

CHORNEY / CZARY--I'm trying again to find a Jan CHORNEY missing after WW II for the Canadian Goverment's Trustee Office.

Nov 1998    Compiling & researching the SHAFFER Family of Wayne Co., PA for Dr.  Mead SHAFFER of Bethel, Delaware Co., PA, which also, includes the SWINGLE, ENSLIN, CURTIS of Wayne Co., PA & the WOODWARD Family of New England.  I will print his family genealogy charts and prepare a genealogy booklet.

Completed Jun 1999 but will continue researching "Mayflower Ancestry."

Mar 1999    Instructed a Genealogy Workshop--Marple Public Library, Broomall, PA.

22 Mar 1999 Received the first 5 grave stone for St. Martin's Cemetery, Marcus Hook, PA., (2 for the Revolutionary War & 3 for the War of 1812).   This was a big day for me!

May 1999    Contacted by Tim SAMUELSON of Anchorage, Alaska to find his father's Jewish siblings living in Delaware County, PA. His father changed his given name when he was baptized a Catholic. I found them the next day!

Aug 1999     Continuing the "Mayflower" research  for Dr.  Mead SHAFFER of which now goes on from his forefather Paul SWINGLE of Wayne Co., PA to the BUNTING & TILTON Families of Burlington Co., NJ, to the TILTON, ALLEN Families of New England & the "Mayflower Ancestors," John HOWLAND, John TILLY & his wife Joan HURST.

Continuing the TILTON, THORNE, PEARSALL Families of New York, Virginia, & London, England to the Medieval Kings & Queens of Europe.   Going as far back as Rathaerius King of the FRANKS, born about 69 AD!          

Sep 1999    Lecture--Genealogy & St. Martin's Cemetery in Marcus Hook, PA For the Chichester Rotary Club/Chichester Historical Society.

21 Oct 1999 While being given a private tour of "Old St. Martin's Church" by Bruce DORBIAN, (bough manager of Marcus Hook), for all my research work, I suggested to Bruce to have a Revolutionary War Lecture at the church.   Dr. SHAFFER had told me of Ranger Wm TROPPMAN from Valley Forge Park who could speak on what part Marcus Hook played in the Revolutionary War.

Dec 1999    I acquired 55 grave stone for St. Martin's Cemetery, Marcus Hook, PA., to date for The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Mexican War, The Civil War & The Spanish-American War.

13 Jan 2000
The Soldier's Walk Project presented the first lecture at "Old St. Martin's Church," speaking on Marcus Hook at the time of The Revolutionary War by Ranger William TROPPMAN of Valley Forge National Historical Park. Over 100 people attended. I suggested a lecture on the War of 1812 & some lectures on the Civil War.

2 Feb 2000  I coordinated a meeting with Dr. Joseph EDGETTE, Bruce DORBIAN & The Soldier's Walk committee in reference to laying the ground plans for The Soldier's Walk Project.

Feb 2000    I started research on the Vaudeville - Burlesque Career (1932-1938 in NYC) of my mother Helen "Bingo" BINGLER.  I made contact with Chris COSTELLO daughter of Lou COSTELLO of ABBOTT & COSTELLO.   Lou nicknamed my mother "Bingo."

Chris referred me to a Ron PALUMBO of ACQtrly.  Ron found 2 pictures & an article on my mother in the Feb 1935 issue of Fortune  magazine.  Ron told me he is going to do an article on my mother in the next ACQtrly magazine.

Mar 2000    The marriage records (1873-1909), I photocopied (in 1984) from
Immaculate Heart of Mary's Church. (2nd & Norris Sts., Chester, PA), for the DCHS. I am now translating them from Latin to English to be placed on a website.

Apr 2000    All 73 grave stones have been received & I have completed the project concerning St. Martin's Cemetery, Marcus Hook, PA., The stones are for the veterans of The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Mexican War, The Civil War & The Spanish-American War. These veterans are from four different States--Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & New Jersey.

Apr 2000    I started research on The NEWLIN Family of Delaware & / or Chester Counties, PA.   This search is mainly on the mysteries (Andrew, Ralf S., David T., NEWLIN & Joseph NIEHLIN) that have not been connected to The Nicholas NEWLIN Family Line, as yet.

Apr 2000    A committee member: "Make History Come Alive," for the Delaware County Historical Society. (Antique Appraisials, Auction, & Antique Auto Show.)

May 2000    Lecture--How to get started on Genealogy Research.  For Aston's AARP, Aston Legion, Aston, PA

May 2000    Became President & Founder of the Delaware County Genealogical Society, of PA. (DCGS)

Jun 2000    I'm researching & compiling a book on Marcus Hook-- "Genealogy the Heart of Marcus Hook, PA."  I hope it will be completed by this fall.





If you have any information that you would like to contribute about other researchers in the city of Chester or Delaware County, PA, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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