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Chester Times, W. 8th St.; Photo  August 2004, John A. Bullock III
August 2004 Photo John A. Bullock III.

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Many thanks to Georgia Reber Elliott, (reberjo@citlink.net) for scanning and passing along much of the following history from the 100th Anniversary issue of the Chester Times/Delaware County Daily Times published on November 24, 1976.

The first paper was published on Thursday September 7, 1876.  The cost was 1 cent or 6 cents per week.

The original name was the Chester Daily Times.

By 1889 the circulation had passed the rival Chester Evening News which had been founded in 1874.

The Morning Republic, published since 1895, was taken over by the Chester Times in 1910 and was published as a morning daily until it was discontinued on September 29, 1923.

The first paper was printed in the 8th Street building on Monday May 4, 1931.

The name was changed to the Delaware County Daily Times in 1959.

Publishers: Maj. John Hodgson
Prince & Stowe (the original printers)
John Spencer, 10/20/1877-4/17/1882
The Times Publishing Company
   Col. David F. Houston, President
   John A. Wallace, Secretary & Treasurer
Amos Gartside
        Geof. P. Denis
        Robert Anderson
        William Armstrong
        Josiah C. Ross
        H.C. Eyre
        Orlando Harvey
        Wes. Thomas
        Thomas J. Houston
        August Donath
August Donath & John A. Wallace
John A. Wallace, 1889-
John A. Wallace & William C. Sproul, 3/10/1892-1/1/1910
Wallace, Sproul & Charles R. Long, 1/1/1910-
   Frank C. Wallace, 1913-
   Sproul elected governor of PA in 1918 & no was no longer active.
   Sproul sold his interest to Charles R. Long & Frank C. Wallace in 1924
Alfred G. Hill operated under lease from Chester Times Corp. 8/31/1942
   Ownership was:
Frederick R. Long
Mrs. Charles R. Long
        John R. Hanna
        E. A. Howell
Hugh Wagnon, 1/1/1952-1955
Robert S. Howard, 10/18/1955
John E. Tompkins, 10/18/1955-12/1/1963
Ralph Ingersoll & Central States Publishing, Inc., William B. Sweetland, publisher until August 1968
John R. Corbett, 8/1968-1/1/1969
Ronald A. Hedley, became Acting General Manager 1/1/1969, Publisher 12/14/1972-8/1975
Cove Hoover, 8/1975-?



Jacob Craig
John A. Wallace, 4/17/1882-1915
Charles R. Long - c. 1902-11/1941

Some other known Employees: Victor Cacchione (ad sales, retired in 1974 after 13 years)

George Thomas Carpenter, Sr.

"I don't know the exact period, but I do know that he worked there throughout the depression and until his ultimate retirement. He was well known for his speed and accuracy on the "line-a-type" (spelling?) machine used to set metal type for the press made daily. In those days, a typo was virtually impossible to correct - no such thing as a "delete" key." - 1

Mary Ford Hann (writer)

Bill Schuler (Circulation Director -1950-)


List of Delaware County Daily Times employees c. 1965-1990
courtesy of Josephine Burke

Historical Events: .In 1924 the Chester Times opened an office at 923 Market St. in Marcus Hook, PA.  P.E. West was the manager.
Trivia Questions: 1. Whose ad was always on the back page of the Chester Times?
2. What page were the Obituaries on?
3. Where was the Daily Times published during the flood in 1971?
4. Was the Chester Times a morning or afternoon paper?
5. Where are the offices located today?

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Many thanks to the following for supplying additional information for this page:

1 - Dave Carpenter, grandson















Answers to the Trivia Questions: 1. Speare Bros. Department Store
2. Page 4
3. In
4. Afternoon
5. Primos

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of the Chester Times or the Delaware County Daily Times, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2000, 2002, 2003 John A. Bullock III.

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