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business_bakeries_bond.jpg (24098 bytes)
Bond Bakery
November 2002 photo courtesy of "Joker" Jack Chambers, Aston, PA

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:

edgmont_1100_block_sanbe.jpg (24289 bytes)
1100 Block Edgmont Ave.
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Ann's Donuts 1191 Edgmont Ave.


603 Welsh St.


609 Welsh St.

Anne & John Carpenter (1956-1978)

John Carpenter, Jr. (1978-1996)

1956 - 1996 "Everyone stopped there in the mornings."

Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

Thanks also to
Mary Myers, Chester, PA, niece of Anne Carpenter, for exact locations and dates of operation.

business_bakeries_bond.jpg (24098 bytes)

November 2002 photo courtesy of "Joker" Jack Chambers, Aston, PA

Bond Bakery 24th St. Some known former employees:

George Covey (manager/driver)

Frank Garneski, (Frank was my father in law. He drove part time.)

Thanks to
Pete Krasowski 

  Located next to Wetherill School.

After closing as a bakery, the building was used to store voting machines.

  Buemi's Bakery 504 W. 3rd St.     Later Roro's Bakery

Thanks to
Fran DiDomenicis 

  Buono Bros. Bakery


301 W. 2nd St. David Buono &
Emidio Buono
1956 - Present In 1956 David & Emidio Buono purchased the former Testoni Bakery.
  Chester Bakery 2nd & Highland Ave.     David J. Hentosh, david.j.hentosh@lmco.com
  Dalton's Bakery 14th and Walnut Streets


16th and Walnut later

16th and Providence Ave. (? - 1915 - ?)

Isaac Dalton founder (?)

John & Anna Dalton (1890's - ?)

John Franklin Dalton (son of John & Anna Dalton) and his wife Marian Giles Dalton (? - late 1930's)

1864 - 1950's - ? Thanks to Tina Culbertson,

"Dalton's was located in the building which is now the Frog Pond. There were times they would let us kids watch them at work, putting and taking the loaves out of the ovens. Of course that was at night when there were no bosses around. The outside walls were always warm from the ovens."

Thanks to
John J. Flanagan, 

"I am not sure when they retired by I know through my grandmother (Louise Dalton, now deceased) that John and Anna's son John Franklin Dalton and his wife Marian Giles Dalton ran the bakery through the late 1930s. In the 1920 Federal Census, it is noted that John was a salesman at a bakery. My grandmother would reminisce about driving the delivery truck around and attending PMC dances when she was a young girl. After the death of John in the late 1930s I am not sure who took over the bakery."

Thanks to Wendy Cooling,

  Earos' Bakery Palmer St. between 2nd & 3rd John Earo

Dominic DiDomenicis

Jimmy DiDomenicis

  "I happened to see the article about my uncle, Pat DiDomenicis, who was on the Chester Police force. His brother, my dad Dominic, and their brother Jimmy, worked at the Earo's Bakery for years before taking it over after John Earo died. It was a very long running Italian bread bakery between 2nd and 3rd and Palmer Sts. From what my folks said, they were credited in an old Post Magazine (?) article with "inventing" what later was called the Hoagie roll. True? I never saw the article, but it would be great to see if anyone out there knows about it. Could you put this out and see what happens? Dad would have been 86 next month, so most of his contemporaries are probably gone, but who knows."

Thanks to
Fran DiDomenicis 

"Great rolls!", Bob Kertis, kert@bellatlantic.net

  George's Bakery 7th St.

(across from St. Michael's School)

    "Used to have to go over at recess and buy jelly donuts for the kids in the class that had the 5 cents to buy one - - 1950's The smell of fresh baked goods would come in the open school windows - whew!"

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,

"They had the best fruit pies and tarts. To this day I can not find anyone that makes them that way, they had a flaky crust, with a whipped cream, and fruit filling."

Thanks to
Jim "Butch" Bailey, Upland, PA

  Gray's Fancy Bakery 3rd & Kerlin St.   - 1900 -  
  Grieco's Bakery 1100 block of Morton Ave. in Sun Village Ralph Grieco c. 1970 - ? "from about 1945 until about 1970 there was a bakery in the 1100 block of Morton Avenue in Sun Village called Schmitts Bakery. He sold that business to Ralph Grieco and it was then called Grieco's Bakery until it closed."

Thanks to Pat,

Thanks also to "Ralph Grieco's niece, Joe Grieco's niece of Grieco-Miller Printing Co. and  my dad George Grieco , The Needler."
Gerry (Grieco) McClurg

  Haas' Bakery 900 block of Madison St. Mr. Haas

Other known employees:

Mabel -?-

? - 1947-1950 - ? "Haas's was in the 900 block of Madison St.; we had an apt. in the big house at 929 Madison, from 1947-50. I remember a kindly employee, a black lady named Mabel, who'd give me a cookie when I went in with my mother to buy bread. The place smelled so wonderful, like a good German bakery."

Thanks to
Gary Pastorius

  Oeser's Bakery 3rd & Palmer St.   ? - 1917 - ? "Bread, pies and cakes"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Jones Bakery 3rd St. below Hayes     Noted especially for their Cream Putts.

Later replaced by Kyj's Bakery.

business_bakeries_kyj.jpg (20701 bytes)
Kyj's Bakery
2702 W 3rd St.

Kyj's Bakery
2702 W 3rd Street
(near Highland Ave.)
Lydia & Wasyl Kyj
Christina Kyj Pluta

Mrs.  Kyj died 3/10/2010

Mr. Kyj died 4/4/1991


1973: Opened the second store in Brookhaven

1984: Opened the Springfield store

1993: Opened the Boothwyn Store

"I worked there several years on Sat during the winter months of 1961 -1965 while attending PMC with my good friend Mike Palamar, who got me the job. Stuffed many a doughnut and cleaned many a bake pan. Used to double fill the lemon ones and remember the breaks when Mr. Kyj would allow us as many as three 
doughnuts to snack on. Worked hard but it was fun. Norbi worked out front."

Thanks to
Gene Mirolli,

[Editor's Note]:
There are still four Kyj's Bakeries listed in Delaware County:

2702 W 3rd St., Chester
23 Brookhaven Rd., Brookhaven
3372 Chichester Ave., Boothwyn
Old Sproul Village Shopping Center, Springfield

All of the baking is still done at the W 3rd St. headquarters.

Their "signature" item is their Strawberry shortcake, a big seller year-round.

Lydia & Wasyl Kyj decided to leave their native Ukraine in 1949.  They first immigrated to Long Island but decided that there was no future there.  Other Ukrainian friends had come to Chester for jobs in the many industries.  The Kyjs also first had industrial jobs before opening the bakery.

"When I lived at 2nd & Thurlow I used to stop there in the morning and get jelly donuts.  They had the best jelly and glaze donuts ever."

Thanks to
Carol Gilbert,

  Liszkiewicz Bakery Shop West side of Second Street a couple of doors north of the corner of Second St. and Highland Ave. A group of Liszkiewicz brothers ? - 1930's - 1960's or 1970's "I was born in Chester in 1932. The Liszkiewicz Bakery Shop is one of my fond, early memories.

Liszkiewicz's (Polish) Bakery was located in the "West End" on the west side of Second Street a couple of doors north of the corner of Second St. and Highland Ave.

It was operated by a group of Liszkiewicz brothers who baked wonderful Polish rye, pumpernickel, rolls, cheesecake, sticky-buns and various doughnuts. On holidays, they made Polish Easter and Christmas Babkas. Also on holidays, they would, for a small fee, bake your ham for you if you had no suitable oven.

Every day, they sent a lot of their product to the many little "mom and pop" grocery stores in the West End.

As the brothers died off, the descendants either went out of business or relocated. I believe this happened sometime in the 1960's or 1970's"

Thanks to
Tony Reczek
  Minka's Bakery Near 7th / 6th & Morton Ave.     Thanks to
Thomas McKniff, Sr.

"Can still smell them making donuts in the garage in back. Used to ride my bike there to get donuts for my Uncle and us kids."

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,

  Prospect Park Bakery 507 Edgmont Ave. near 6th St.

4 E 7th St. (next to Chester YWCA), opened October 1952


1111 Lincoln Ave., Prospect Park, PA

John J. & Bette Lippart

Other known employees:

Tomas Finalyson (1952)
Ruth Beecha (1952)
Theresa Landis (1952)
Nan Mullin (1952)

  "... they had the best cream puff & eclairs according to my mother, now deceased. It was located on Edgemont Ave near 6th St across from Weinberg's)

Thanks to
Margaret Harper,

  Roro's Bakery 504 W. 3rd St.     Formerly Buemi's Bakery

Thanks to
Fran DiDomenicis 

  Schmitt's Bakery 1100 block of Morton Ave. in Sun Village   c. 1945 - c. 1970 "from about 1945 until about 1970 there was a bakery in the 1100 block of Morton Avenue in Sun Village called Schmitts Bakery. He sold that business to Ralph Grieco and it was then called Grieco's Bakery until it closed."

Thanks to Pat,

  Testoni Bakery     1921 - 1956 Purchased by David & Emidio Buono [Buono Bros. Bakery] in 1956.
  David Traub 1713 W 3rd St. David Traub ? - 1888-89 - ? "My ggg grandfather David Traub came over from Germany in 1870. He is listed in the Chester City, Pennsylvania Directory, 1888-89 as a baker and confectioner located at 1713 w 3d St. Chester PA. From family's accounts he owned that bakery, although I'm no longer sure what it was called. I know he sold ice cream there, which must have been a big hit with the grandchildren, because they all remember it."

Thanks to
Rie Traub,

  Wesolowskis Bakery Originally for about 2 years

11th & Saville,


8th & Caldwell St.

  1931 - 1943

1946 - 1950

Wesolowskis Bakery, 8th & Caldwell St. Opened 1931 Previously in Eddystone for appx. 2 years at 11th and Saville. Operated by Father and sons until 1943 when boys and bakers went into service. Reopened in 1946 until 1950, Famous for the pumpernickel bread and other Polish goodies.

Thanks to
ED, Marie, and Francis Wesolowski 



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